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“Keep it confused. Feed it with useless information. I wonder if I have a television set handy.”
- The Doctor
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Rassilon, Omega, and that Other Guy now has a weekly podcast! Check it out, its filled with Time Lore goodness. All episodes at

Ep 1: Auld Mortality
A look at the Big Finish Audio Drama 'Auld Mortality,' the Great Houses of Gallifrey, the House of Lunbarrow, and the TARDIS Time Scanner.
Ep 2: Full Circle
A look at the TV Story 'Full Circle,' the possible nature of primeval Gallifrey, and the TARDIS Homing Beacon.
Ep 3: A Storm of Angels
A look at the Big Finish Story 'A Storm of Angels,' the nature of the position of Lord President of Gallifrey, and TARDIS Parallel Control.
Ep 4: The Power of the Doctor
A look at the TV Special 'The Power of the Doctor,' the Guardians of the Edge, and Type 70 - 76 TARDISes.
Ep 5: The Stolen TARDIS
A look at the comic 'The Stolen TARDIS,' the Planet Gallifrey, the Flora and Fauna of Gallifrey, and TARDIS Temporal Drift.
Ep 6: The Beginning
A look at how the Doctor left Gallifrey, the Doctor Who audio 'The Beginning,' the reasons the Doctor left Gallifrey, the mystery of his original name, and the TARDIS Switch Room.
Ep 7: An Unearthly Woman
A look at the audio 'An Unearthly Woman,' the Dr's time at 76 Totter's Lane, TARDIS Power Cells, and the identity of I.M. Foreman?
Ep 8: An Unearthly Child
A look at the first story, 'An Unearthly Child'. We also tackle the Gallifreyan process of Brainbuffing, and the TARDIS's Isomorphic Security System.
Ep 9: The Three Brothers Gruff
A look at the Time Lord Fairy Tale 'The Three Brothers Gruff' and early Gallifreyan History. We also tackle Shobogan biology, and the TARDIS's Autocleaning Systems.
Ep 10: Jak and the Wormhole
A look at the Time Lord Fairy Tale 'Jak and the Wormhole' and more early Gallifreyan History. We also discuss Tecteun's great voyage, and TARDIS Vortex Wormholes.
Ep 11: The Star Beast
A look at the 60th Anniversary special, 'The Star Beast'. We also discuss stories that happened more than once, and the TARDIS Desk-Top Theme controls.