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The History of The Time Lords Part VII
The Fall of Gallifrey

“What do we fear, after thirty years of War?
We fear that it was lost in the first nanosecond. We fear that we are fighting something unstoppable and ancient. We fear that we may become what we fight,
or that we have already done so.”
- House Strategist Entarodora
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This Time Line covers the life of the Doctor from the start of the Time War till its end. It is set 2,000,000 years after Rassilon assumes power on Gallifrey (based off the Infinity Doctors and Taking of Planet Five). All dates are given in Gallifreyan years (which are the same as Earth years) and are based off the age of the Doctor.

The following information contains many spoilers.

The Event
The Beginning of the Time War

1151              (401 years after Dead Assassin / The first Battle of the War / local Drornid year 15,367 / the 155th century in Earth terms)
            The Battle of Dronid: The Last Great Time War in Heaven begins.  Lolita is at least partially responsible for getting the Time Lords into the Time War.  The Gabrielidean warships, led by a representative of the High Council (probably the Doctor) arrive at Dronid.  The Doctor is the the first casualty in the War. He dies in an incident involving a security system while fighting the Enemy.   Few people understand the complexities of why and how the Time War was started.  The Time Lords fight their first battle with the representatives of the Daleks.   The Gabrielidean Warships begin orbital bombardment, while a series of small ground battles erupted. The World Processor engines activate devastating the surface of the planet. Due to inexperience, few members of either side survive the Battle of Dronid. This is first time Gallifreyan soldiers see full active service in 10,000 generations. The last time the Time Lords fought a battle this violent was during the Eternal Wars.  For this reason the battle becomes legendary on Gallifrey. The Doctor's body is buried beneath Dronid's capital city. His epitaph might be either "Behind you!" or "He really did the best he could." The Doctor's body is telepathically hyperactive after death (far more then a regular Time Lord's corpse).   Some force or entity keeps ensuring that the Last Great Time War happens. The Time Lords end up naming this force the Catalyst.  Some speculate that the Catalyst was Rassilon, or the Eternal known as Death, or Matrix, but nobody really knows. The Catalyst also worked hard to eliminate the threat of the Doctor.   This could be why he dies in the Battle of Drornid.

Note: These events occur 133 years later for Gallifrey then they do for the Doctor. This is because Romana captured the first version of the Doctor that she could find who had Compassion. It would qualify as a violation of the Protocols of Linearity but Romana would appear to feel that in times of war sacrifices must be made.


While The form of the enemy will keep changing throughout the War, some force or entity keeps ensuring that the Last Great Time War happens. The Time Lords end up naming this force the Catalyst. Some speculate that the Catalyst was Rassilon, or the Eternal known as Death, or the Matrix, but nobody really knows. At the beginning of the Time War Gallifrey is in a state of destruction and un-destruction continuously?

The Intervention Earth Timeline

Omega returns and conquers Gallifrey. His leadership of leads to a horrible time war with the other members of the Temporal Coalition. Braxiatel breaks the Protocols of Linearity and travels back in time to rescue Romana before she is executed by Omega’s CIA. After consulting with her, he agrees to travel back in time to right before her second regeneration and completely change Time Lord history from that point forward. The two of them return to Gallifrey, where Romana has all of the Adherents of Ohm arrested. This prevents Gallifrey from going to war with the

The Ancestor Cell Timeline

1151           (1968 AD)                   
                The Banquo Legacy: Cuthbert Simpson sends the location of the Doctor (from before The Burning from the Doctor's POV) to the Time Lords of Romana's Gallifrey. Not realizing that the Doctor will eventually ally himself with another Gallifrey, Romana orders the commander of Presidential Quadrun 19, the Chancellor of Time Present (probably Theorasdavoramilonithene) , to lead 9 War TARDISes after the Doctor. Since this is much earlier in the Doctor's relative history, the arrest is a violation of the Laws of Time. 

1151            (a few days before the Event)
                   The Ancestor Cell: The Doctor (who is only 1018 at this point) arrives on Gallifrey and offers to supply the Type 102 TARDIS (aka Compassion) to the Time Lords, and to solve the riddle of the Edifice.  The next day Councilor Samax is made the new Chancellor of Time Present.  At this point the Time Lords of Gallifrey still don't know who the Enemy is.   It should be noted that some sources have stated that the events of The Ancestor Cell are merely propaganda.  Others state that the form of the enemy will keep changing throughout the War.

1151            (401 years after Dead Assassin / during the early years of the War)
                   The Event occurs. Under the control of the real enemy (the Daleks) the Ancestor Cells (from which all life in the Universe originated) mounts a poorly executed assault on the Homeworld in an attempt to kill the High Council.  The Casts are ineffective against the enemy and a majority of them are destroyed in the attack.  Most the remaining ones became little more then ghosts.  Several Time Lord weapons systems in the Slaughterhouse (probably including the Great Key of Rassilon) are lost during this attack.  With a little luck Gallifrey's defenses repel the Enemy and the attack fails to reach the Gallifreyan reproductive systems.
NOTE: This is possibly the "alternate version" of the beginning of the War as seen by a renegade Time Lord doped up on Praxis.

The Faction Paradox Virus Timeline

This timeline was created by Doctor's infection by the Paradox Virus on Dust.

??            The Doctor might be living in the middle of a Time War and the enemy might be rewriting the Doctor's Biodata all the time? The Doctor's Biodata could have been rewritten so he might not always have been half-human.

?              (Before the Panopticon is built)
            The four-dimensional mitochondria that Greyjan has infect the Matrix.  This infection begins to alter Gallifrey's history, creating an alternate timeline where the number of Colleges Gallifrey has been reduced till only one remains. Gallifrey had only one founder, the Panopticon was circular, and the eight Gallifreyan Cloneworlds were never cryptoformed.  These alterations also mean that the Doctor's TARDIS never protects him from the Faction's virus so that it slowly corrupts his past and future after his infection on Dust.  This infection paradoxically allows the infected Doctor to go back to arrange for the infection of the Matrix that allows him to come into being in the first place.  Such are the ways of the Faction Paradox.


The Doctor and Zezanne

351             (Before arriving in Foreman's Junkyard)
               The 3rd Doctor's infection by the Paradox virus will rewrite his past history in a paradoxical way - turning his body into a shrine for the skeleton obsessed Faction Paradox.  The Doctor's origin has been changed so that he began life as a crystalline skeleton being named Soul who serves on the Council of Eight.  After the rest of the Council is destroyed he paradoxically absorbs a new form and information from the 8th Doctor.  Soul then take Sabbath's timeship and the Star-Killer Vortex Gun and flees with Miranda's daughter Zezanne. 

351            (1963 AD / Susan is in her teens by the time of An Unearthly Child)
                Sabbath's Time Ship is drawn to I.M. Foreman's Junkyard on Earth.  When it materializes in the yard it takes the form of a 1952 British Police Call Box.  Soul realizes that he is the Doctor and Zezanne takes the name Susan Foreman (inspired in part by a sign on the Junkyard's wall).  The Doctor probably spends 5 months looking for a place to hide the Star-Killer Vortex Gun while Susan and is probably enrolled in Coal Hill School.

The new Doctor (Tom Baker)

737                (3790 AD / after Laika's funeral)
                Interference Part 1: The Doctor's personal timeline is diverted to the planet Dust by I.M. Foreman's One-Species Nongenetically-Engineered Traveling Show.  He is forced to regenerate again and is infected with the Faction Paradox Virus.   Usually this virus is too weak to harm a Time Lord but during regeneration the Doctor was vulnerable to it.  His fourth or fifth subsequent regenerations will turn him into a member of the Faction Paradox and he will lose his shadow.  The virus will rewrite and change the Doctor's past and future.

?             (several decades after the end of the Curse)
                The Faction Agent Mother Tarra infiltrates the Academy by pretending to be the daughter of a councilor.  She gets a group of students to practice the Rituals of the Paradox.

?             (recently)
            The Doctor's Type 40 TARDIS arrives over Gallifrey.  Its interior dimensions are mapped onto its exterior so it appears as a giant flower of remembrance, made of bone.  Its the center of the temporal anomalies that are affecting Gallifrey.  This effect extends throughout all the parallel universes.  The Time Lords use the power of the Eye of Harmony to try to contain the effect.  The energy from the Bottle Universe (within the TARDIS) begins to draw the Enemy to Gallifrey.

1151     (1968 AD)
            The Banquo Legacy (Part 2) Cuthbert Simpson sends the location of the Doctor to the Time Lords.  In response, Chancellor of Time Present (probably Theorasdavoramilonithene) (and commander of Presidential Quadrun 19) leads 9 War TARDISes after the Doctor.

1151     (day 0)
            The Ancestor Cell: The Doctor arrives on Gallifrey and offers to supply Type 102 TARDISes and solve the riddle of the Edifice.

1151    (day 1)
            Councilor Samax is made the new Chancellor of Time Present.  The Doctor gains a new "fake" shadow.  Greyjan is "remembered" back into existence.

1151    (day 2?)
            The Paradox Cult on Gallifrey uses the Chaos Ritual to rescue Father Fitz Kreiner from I.M. Foreman's Bottle Universe. 

1151    (day 3 / Romana has been in power for 150 years)
            Compassion (the first Type 102 TARDIS) deactivates all the TTC's on Gallifrey.  President Romana undergoes her Reaffirmation Ceremony.  This is her first sesquicentenary or "term."  About 70,000 Gallifreyans attend the ceremony.  Greyjan interrupts the ceremony and reclaims the presidency.  The First Strike of the Enemy occurs on Gallifrey, destroying the TARDIS berths.  Greyjan's mind has been modified so it corrupts the Matrix with four-dimensional mitochondria.  This allows the Faction Paradox to use the energies of the Enemy's first assault to overlay the Eleven-Day Empire in the Capitol on Gallifrey.  This overlay kills two thirds of the Gallifreyan s.  Grandfather Paradox arrives.  He looks like the Eighth Doctor but is bald and missing an arm.  He plans to fight the War with Enemy on a much grander scale, destroying most of Space-Time in the process.  The Paradox warships surround Gallifrey and begin transmating troops down. These troops are constantly fed information from the future allowing them to avoid every mistake.  Romana assaults the Citadel to destroy the Faction Invaders.  Grandfather Paradox kills Father Kreiner and tries to kill the Doctor.  The Matrix is completely taken over by the Paradox Virus and Gallifrey is conquered by the Faction Paradox.  Roman orders K-9 Mk I to enter the Doctor's TARDIS and kill the Doctor.  The Doctor fights with his future self but his future self remembers the fight and counters every move .

??            (an alternate version of the beginning of the War as seen by a renegade Time Lord doped up on Praxis)
                Near a prominent chapterhouse in the mountains of Gallifrey the Enemy disables the Time Lords with a telepathic attack against the Noosphere.  All the chapterhouses in sight are destroyed by black fireballs (probably a supercharged chunks of the causal nexus [Web of Time??] itself).  Several stolen TARDISes return to Gallifrey and explode.  Cyborg humans (probably Faction Paradox troops) arrive through portholes in the sky.  The troops self-destruct if captured.  The troops capture a Loom and infect it – causing it to mutate. 

          The original outcome of this battle is unknown.  Possibly the Doctor fled, leaving the Faction to control what could very well have turned out to be a Cloneworld instead of the original Gallifrey.  Possibly the Doctor stayed and pretended to join Faction Paradox to subvert it from within.  It is possible that the Time Lords of the other Cloneworlds learned of this invasion and repelled the Faction or destroyed that Clone World. 

          However this version of events is derailed when the Doctor decides to change his own personal future history as he knows it by destroying Gallifrey.  This creates a new version of history that can be found beneath this boxed alternate timeline in the Post Ancestor Cell Timeline...

A New Grandfather Paradox (aka the Doctor)

"With each breath you take, the virus removes a little more of your old self, a little more of the hero of old...cell by cell...rebuilding and reordering your genetic heritage, each bone in your body transfigured into a shrine to Paradox..."
                                                -Grandfather Paradox

1443                       (292 years older then the Doctor in TAC / older then 1450 but still in his 8th body / around the time of the end of the Last Great Time War in Heaven)
                    The Faction Virus that infected the Doctor finally takes hold.  He becomes a member of the Faction Paradox. With Mother Mathara assistance he decides to become the ruler of the Faction.  By this point the Faction has changed from a group dedicated to breaking the Laws of Time to a terrorist organization dedicated to chaos and destruction in general.  The Doctor declares himself Grandfather Paradox and travels back in time to the time the War begins to create a new version of history by conquering Gallifrey and leading the War himself.  He has
Mother Mathara prepare the way .  By this point the Faction has Uncles (assassins), and Skulltroopers. 

1151       The Ancestor Cell (continued): Faced with letting Grandfather Paradox destroy all of causality and riddle the Multiverse with endless Paradox, the Doctor decides to create his own paradox by changing his destiny.  He triggers his TARDIS’s weapons systems, which is the straw that breaks the camel’s back.  The TARDIS's improvised Paradox Machine gives up holding in the temporal energy of the displaced timeline and Foreman's Universe in Bottle.  When energy is released it erased the future version of Faction Paradox thus preventing them from ever invading the Matrix in the first place.  History is altered to the point where the Grandfather Paradox version of the Doctor can no longer exists, so he fades away.  The Doctor uses his link with Compassion to upload a copy of his memories to her data banks.  He then deletes his memories and places a very compressed copy of the Matrix into his mind.  This includes the minds of 153,841 Time Lords who have existed up until this point.  The energy escapes the TARDIS and destroys the entire Kasterborous Sector.   The destruction of Gallifrey spreads temporal fallout onto other planets killing almost everything on those worlds.  Romana and Mali escape in Romana’s TARDIS.  It should be noted that without the Faction's invasion of the Matrix there should be (once again) a total of 8 Gallifreys. 
            NOTE: The fate of the Time Lords in the Sphinx Bottle, the other 8 Gallifreys, or of any of the extra dimensional Gallifreyan survival teams in not covered in TAC.  Given that Time Lord history was reset at the end of the events of TAC they are probably still out there.  It should be noted that Brain of Morbius probably couldn't happen in this timeline because the entire Kasterborous Sector has been destroyed.

1151         (after the destruction of Gallifrey)
                  In retaliation the Time Lord fleet breaks the Laws of Time by destroying the Enemy's Battle-Worlds before there "First Strike" can be launched.  The Homeworld exists undamaged again.

1151          The Enemy detonates star-killers in the systems with the materials for the Time Lord fleet would be mined.  Thus the Homeworld could (and was destroyed). This cycle continues until local Time itself collapses from the damage. The War then moves on to other fronts.

1151          (From Alien Bodies / before Taking of Planet 5 from Homunculette's POV / early in the War)
                The Battle of Mutter's Cluster / Cluster's Last Stand: The Original of the Nine Gallifreys was "wiped" but the other 8 Gallifrey Cloneworlds survived.  Early in the War the Time Lords lost secret of the most powerful Gallifreyan technology, including the Sash of Rassilon and their more powerful Biodata codes. Some of Gallifrey's weapons were deleted from history during the Time War. Officially the Great Key of Rassilon (which was used to power the D-mat gun) lost at the Battle of Mutter’s Cluster.  But in reality it allowed itself to be stolen, and was biding its time, waiting for someone to try to use it to stop the Time War.  The Eye of Harmony Gallifrey I is neutralized and the planet Gallifrey is devastated

??            Foreman's Universe in a Bottle explodes its continuity into the timeline of the Classic Universe. A hybrid timeline with events from both the Classic Timeline and the Foreman Bottle Timeline is created.

The Time War and the the Post Ancestor Cell Timeline (P.A.C.T.)

This is the version of history the Doctor created by undoing the Paradox version of The Ancestor Cell. Unfortunately the only option for undoing the Faction Paradox's invasion was to release the continuity of the Foreman Universe in a Bottle into the Classic Timeline, which destroys the original Gallifrey. For more information on this Bottle Universe see The Bottle Universe

A side effect of the Last Time War makes it very difficult to research what events the Doctor actually experienced. According to Dead Romance, all the Virgin New Adventures novels (and possibly the Missing Adventures Novels) occur inside I.M. Foreman's Universe in a Bottle. At the beginning of the Time War, this Bottle is emptied into the Vortex in the BBC novel The Ancestor Cell. It contaminates the continuity of all the stories in the Classic Universe. This contamination creates the Post Ancestor Cell Timeline (PACT) - a hybrid timeline with events from both the Classic Timeline (or Time Classic, as the Doctor referes to it) and the Foreman Timeline integrated together. 

        This integration isn't entirely smooth and some events from both timelines have been affected. Some events (Human Nature) appear to have been significantly changed. Others (including scenes from Mind of Evil and several scenes from The Five Doctors) appear to have just been tweaked. This could also explain how Borusa was resurrected on two separate occasions.   Perhaps he was resurrected once in the Foreman Timeline and then the nature of the resurrection changed once exposed to the Classic time line. So that now, in the PACT his resurrection occurs in The Eight Doctors.  The secondary origin of the Cybermen presented in the new series might also be a side effect of this phenomenon as well. 

       The Broadcast episodes of classic Dr Who appear to the stories least affected by this merger. Perhaps these events existed in BOTH Foreman’s bottle universe AND Classic Time Line, and now are be much more crystallized (aka time locked) and inflexible then the rest of the 'expanded universe' material.  It would also appear that the Big Finish Continuity might be superior to the novel continuity since it has been referenced more often and more directly in the series. This could indicate that the 8th Doctor audios are more firmly crystallized in the current timeline then the 8th Doctor novels.

        But in the end, any story (regardless of presentation medium), that isn't from the 2005 TV series, now appears to be a bit uncertain.  However School Reunion, Human Nature, and Night of the Doctor strongly indicate that a majority of these stories (again regardless of presentation medium) survive in some form. The timelines on my site are show my best guess as to what the Post Ancestor Cell Timeline now looks like.  

For what its worth here's a quick and dirty break down of how the two timelines MIGHT have looked before being merged.

Classic Doctor Who (TV Series)
BBC Past Doctors (novels)
BBC 8th Doctor adventures (novels)
Faction Paradox 
Death Comes To Time

Missing Adventures
New Adventures
BF audios: Shadow of the Scourge, Darkflame, Criminal Code.

Benny Adventures (both Audio and Novels)
And maybe some of the Comics (don’t know enough about them to make a decision on that one)

All of the above (but possibly in an altered form) and all of the below

Scream of the Shalka
Big Finish Audios
BF audio: Prisoners Dilemma
New Doctor Who (2005 TV Series)

?               At some point the Doctor is responsible for the temporal slippage that causes the events of the UNIT years to slip from the 1970s to the 1980s and back again several times. This was probably a side effect of the Time War. This could happen if the Doctor changed history so that humanity miss calculate the birth of Christ, so that the Gregorian calendar was shifted by 10 years. 

1151       (during the Event)
The Time Lords of Gallifrey finally believe they have learned who the Enemy is.  The Time Lords come to the mistaken conclusion that the Ancestor Cell IS the Enemy.   All naturally evolving life in the Universe descended from a single Ancestor Cell that existed in a time zone of formative continuum outside the Noosphere of a normal TARDIS's capabilities.   These cells were not the first living things.  But the organisms that evolved from them were.  These organisms spawned all naturally evolving (i.e. non-deliberate) life in the Universe before they died out.  While the first living cells died out, the Ancestor Cells remained and over the next several billion years, the chronon decay created by various Time Travel Capsules and various temporal paradoxes pollutes the Web of Time.  This pollution which feeds the Ancestor Cells, allowing them to grow into a "race" that is completely alien and inimical to the Time Lords.   The Ancestor Cell could well have evolved into the Sirens of Time who can enter the Vortex and feed on temporal chaos and paradox.  Both the Ancestor Cell and the Sirens conquered Gallifrey in an alternate timeline – was this the same event?  The Temperon planned to contain the Sirens forever.
                    The Time Lords believe that the Enemy is much more dangerous then the Daleks and that it originates from Earth. 
Throughout the War their will be extensive rumors among the lower ranking combatants that the Time Lord leadership don't really know who the Enemy is.  This is only reinforced by the fact that many military units are deliberately not informed of the Enemy's nature to keep them from getting over confident.  Many Post Humans believe that the identity of the enemy is constantly changing as the War is fought. 
                    In reality the Time Lord's enemy in the Time War is the Daleks.  In the past, the Halldons had relocate the humans from Earth to the planet Skaro.  These people became the Skarosians and eventually the Daleks.  Thus the enemy did originate on Earth.  They use time-active weaponry and have co-opted many representative species as allies.  These representatives (or Reps as they are known among the Time Lords) fight the Time Lords, keeping the true identity of the enemy hidden.   

            The Doctor and the Time Lord Technician Nivet are rescued by Compassion (Type 102).  The Doctor’s Type 40 TARDIS (having been reduced to the size of an atom) will need about a century to recover from these experiences  To keep the Doctor and the TARDIS safe during this time Compassion takes the Doctor out of the Time War into an area of Gallifrey Relative Time where/when Gallifrey has already been destroyed.  The Doctor is suffering from shock and is dropped off with the TARDIS on Earth in the year 1888 AD.  (for the rest of the Doctor's experiences after this story see the previous timeline)  Compassion and Nivet leave to explore the Multiverse.  Braxietal escaped too, though, by the end of the Time War the Doctor believes his brother is dead.

??                  (After Infinity Doctors)
                    The Time Lords will have to deal with the Faction Paradox, Catavolcus, Varnax, and Timewyrm.

?                  (After Dead Romance)
                    Christine Summerfield will later escape from the Universe in a Bottle and join Faction Paradox under the name Cousin Eliza. 

          In the beginning of the Time War, the Time Lords try to use use more peaceful methods again. The Time Lords assault an Enemy held world using an Attack of Ignorance.  The world was disconnected from the Web of Time so that the Eye of Harmony couldn’t “see” it.  But this had no effect on the world and it is revealed that the Enemy also has their own Eye of Harmony to create, observer, and anchor the Web of Time.

1151-1157    (early in the War)
                  Dronid is abandoned by both sides and the Enemy's armies launch attacks on thousands of planets.
  The Time Lords cause the Cataclysm on Dronid by seeding a clockwork bacteria.  This done so that no one will know about the battle.  Dronid is unsafe for years.

1151-1157     (early in the War)
The Last Great Time War in Heaven, between the Time Lords and their enemies, the Daleks, heats up.  The War Presidency suspends the normal Laws of Time. It is now allowable for Time Lords to violate these minor Laws of Time as long as the proper flexi-time forms are filled out after the violation.   On Gallifrey, those who do not support the War effort wholeheartedly are viewed as potential traitors.  The Time Lords and their enemy send most of their military forces into battle throughout the Spiral Politic, leading to numerous chaotic and pointless battles.   Battles in space almost never happen – space being largely irrelevant to history.    Poorly briefed strike teams of the enemy attempt several major, but apparently random changes to history on several worlds.  Without understanding the enemy’s purpose the Time Lords attempt to correct the changes.  The location of the battles are known collectively as the Time-Front Worlds, and include Dronid, Simia-KK98, and Lethe.   The Brown Star System of Mer is far from all of the fronts.  Every battle of the Time War is fought and re-fought until time itself collapses under the strain.   As a side-effect of repeated exposure, each of these battle sites effectively becomes their own, inaccessible, timeline, sealed beneath a time lock.   A time locked time zone is surrounded by a temporal penumbra which traps anything that tries to enter it in a stasis field.  These places are known as Scarred Worlds. The forward edge of time locked area of space-time (the point at which that physical area is once again accessible and vulnerable to intervention) is known as the moment.   Once a world's history is damaged to the point where it loses strategic value (by becoming time locked), the war moves on to a new time zone.   Eventually every incident in the Time War will become Time Locked by the constant exposure to the ever greater reality quotients of the attackers.   In the entire Time War, there are only three incidents of something being able to escape from a Time Lock.   

1151            (during the first days of the Time War)
                    As part of the Time War, the Zygon homeworld of Zygor is burned and destroyed by the Xaranti.   The Xaranti were probably working as representatives for the Daleks.    

1151            (at the time the War starts)
                    There are rumors and legends of a space-time event which would created peace between the Time Lords and their enemy.  This event is discontinuous in space and time and the very act of observing it will alter the nature of the event and its possible location in space and time.  The Faction believes that the Peace is either protecting itself from the War, or the War is actively protecting itself from the Peace. 

??               (before Alien Bodies / after Homunculette is loomed)
                   All of Homunculette's House are forced to hide in silos on Simia KK98 for months while they wait for Enemy probes to finish scanning the surface. 

??                    (before Final Chapter)
                    Elucidator Ziggy writes
Doctor Who? In Search of the Old Times Fraud.

1151          (less then a year after research into Familiars begins)
                    Ten “animal” TARDISes are created on an abandoned world in the same time zone as the Homeworld.  The Familiars broke free, captured and bonded with the Time Lord technicians and then vanished into the Vortex.  The project was deemed a success and the techniques developed in this project were used in the creation of the 103-Forms.

1151~    (after the start of the War)
                    The number of Houses with active Looms and production rate of those Looms is increased dramatically.  Several Newblood Lines are created and ally themselves with the House Military.  The uniformity of the First Wave will be exploited by the Enemy who are experts at fighting such forces.

??              Homunculette is taught by the War Cardinals at a training complex on Gallifrey XII. 

The Minister of Chance

??            (he is young in Death Comes to Time and was not involved in the Mican Island incident)
                 The Minister of Chance is born.  He is probably a Newblood with 2 hearts in his first incarnation.  He spends his whole life fascinated by probability.  He usually carries a couple of Quantum Dice that never land on a definite side.  He claims his mother was born some time after the year 2000 AD. 

1151?        (before Night of the Doctor / probably during the beginning of the Time War)
                The Doctor didn’t serve in the War and doesn’t consider himself to be part of it.  He helps where he can, but he does not fight for the Time Lords.  The Doctor spent the early years of the time war avoiding it as much as possible.  This is probably why he’s hardly mentioned in the Book of the War.    Despite this, the Doctor will lose several companions due to the Time War .

1151?        (during the opening conflicts of the Time War / the 8th Doctor)
                The Lighthouse: The Doctor travels to the Sigma Alpha Cluster of  the Brown Star System of Mer.  There he finds a dimensionally transcendent timeship of possibly Gallifreyan origin.  The ship is unmanned and its sentience is trying to destroy all life in the cluster.  The Doctor stops it.

??            (during the Time War)
             The Daleks evolve to use temporal radiation (artron energy) as a power source.  This would allow Daleks to heal each other (and repair their travel machines) while in the field.  It could also be a method of quickly undoing and sabotage (detected or undetected).   This might have been a result of Davros's modifications. 

1151    (during the first year of the Time War)
                The Time Lords create and unleash the Nightmare Matrix Child in a lab.  It uses a Matrix door to trap its victims inside a nightmare partition of the Matrix where they live not realizing they are in a simulation.  If desired, the prisoner can be destroyed immediately.  The Child is also equipped with a sanity eater that can strike at those around it.  Those within its range are driven insane.  The only cure is a regeneration.  The Emperor of the Daleks was supposed to have control over the Nightmare Child.  Given that it attacks Davros, and the Doctor was on Davros's side, it seems likely that the Time Lords lost control of the Nightmare Child.  

1151    (in the first year of the Time War)
                At the Gates of Elysium, Davros’ Command ship flies into the jaws of the Nightmare Child. 
The Dalek Prime uses Davros as his puppet emperor in part of his plot to fool the Emperor.   Since the Time Lords believe the Daleks are allied with them against their enemies, the Doctor tries to save Davros.  The Doctor fails and it appears that Davros is destroyed.  In reality Dalek Caan of the Cult of Skaro travels back into the Time War, boosting his reality quotient until he becomes a Bad Wolf.  Using this power, he breaches the Time Lock surrounding the Gates of Elysium and rescues Davros, taking him into the post Time War era.   In the entire Time War, there are only three incidents of something being able to escape from a Time Lock.       

1151?    (After the war begins / before the Remonstration Bureau) 
                    Mrs. Foyle attaches the House of the Rising Sun to the Labyrinth she discovered before the War.  Some of the exits of this labyrinth open to the time winds of the Vortex; others access even higher dimensions, alternate realities, and maybe even the Yssgaroth. 

??                The year 1482 AD on the Earth is full of glitches (probably due to the Time War?)

1152     (before the Devonire incident)
                    The Thousand-Year Battles begin on the planets Kaiwar, Mohandassa, and Utterlost.  Kaiwar is abandoned when its history loses all its strategic value.  Mohandassa drops out of history entirely, and the battle continues to be fought again and again on Utterlost. 
These worlds have their histories damaged to the point where they lose strategic value and become known as Scarred Worlds.   Both Emperor Daleks and the Time Lords will try to use their chaotic limiters to generate a reality quotient high enough to breach these time locked battles but they will all fail.  Fallout from the Thousand-Year Battles can result in some parts of an object being aged hundreds of years more then the rest of it.  

??        (during a Time War)
                    Spur of the Moment: In an alternate timeline, the Great Houses and their enemy fight an epic battle.  While the battle ends up time locked, one of the combatants creates a time loop with enough temporal flux that it allows the continuity of this alternate universe to penetrate the prime War timeline.  Before this can split the Vortex the Time Lords inside the time locked zone draw in reinforcements from the prime time line to re-seal the time lock.  
In the entire Time War, there are only three incidents of something being able to escape from a Time Lock.   

??        (during the Time War / During the First Beak-out / around 5000 AD?)
                    The planet Mercy is the location of a human colony of 150 people.  But the colony is destroyed in a battle between the Time Lords, their enemy, and Faction Paradox.  History was altered and now half of humanity’s records say the colony did exist and the other half say it never existed.

1152?    (Before the first 103)
                   The War King rescues Compassion from a null-probability field.

                    Compassion abandons Nivet, severing his symbiotic link.

1152     (1 year after the War begins / possibly in return for rescuing her / when the Time Lords start worrying about the Enemy)
                    Compassion agrees to help
the War King with 103-Form breeding project.  The male part of 100-Form breeding is provided by specially constructed bull-engines. After mating with one of these Compassion produces her first born son - Antipathy.  Antipathy would be classified as a 103X Form.   Antipathy is horrified to be born and horrified to altered by the Time Lords.  Antipathy experimental, incomplete and unformed.  He was marked for death even before his birth but the Time Lords held him imprisoned until after Compassion left Gallifrey.  They sent him on a "test mission" that was in fact a suicide mission, but he consumed his operators and managed to escape.  He hates Compassion for abandoning him.  Time Lords of the Homeworld begin breeding several Type 103 A War TARDISes to fight the Enemy.  These TARDISes are produced through "organic" mating instead of being constructed in Solar Workshops.   Compassion conceives thousands of 103-Forms and she will eventually learn to love all of her children (with the exception of Antipathy).  All of the thousands of 100 Forms timeships are part human, like their mother Compassion.  All of these War era TARDISes are female, and most are quite impulsive and aggressive.  Almost all Type 103 Operators are male.  The male/female breeding system ensures that each 103-Form has a mutagenic factor to make them less vulnerable to the Enemy.  These TTC’s are direct descendants of the Type 40 TTC (through Compassion) and are bred to be aggressive and sentient.  The capabilities of the Form-103 are (probably) deliberately capped making them less powerful then Compassion.  They are equipped with traditional precision-capable ranged weapons including the ability to cause local stars to go nova and to drain their power.  They can swallow stars and leave them as nothing more then neutronium snowballs.  They can cross the Universe in a day and cover over 300 billion years in an attosecond.  War Era Timeships conceal themselves by embedding themselves into local culture - making it even harder to notice.  If a ship is destroyed while in stealth mode then it will release a cultural shock wave that will be felt by everyone on the planet.  They can create insubstantial perceptual illusions to defend against internal threats. The Time Lord operator’s primary purpose in a 103-Form is maintenance.  A whole new culture and vocabulary has been created to deal with Time Lord TARDIS interaction.  A 103-Form provides an operator with protection and a physical home, and an operator provides a 103-Form with a social/political foundation. These 103-Form TARDISes are the most essential and useful weapon the Time Lords have in the War and they are the most common TARDIS in the War era.   In order to further safe-guard Time Lord secrets, all dead, dying, TARDISes are prevented from traveling to the TARDIS graveyard.  Instead they are held in the vast Under Croft beneath the Capitol.  This area now functions as both breakers and as a TARDIS graveyard.  By the end of the War up to 10,000 TARDISes can be found there.      

??              Homunculette is assigned his Type 103 TARDIS, Marie.  She is a sentient TTC.

??        (during the Time War from the Gallifrey's POV / possibly when the 103 Forms went into production)
            The Diamond World: Automated Gallifreyan Mining ships begin strip-mining Varos thousands of years before humanity began mining it. At this point the planet is far lager and composed almost entirely of Zeiton-7 ore.   The operation is being overseen by well armed Time Warriors.  The Doctor (from the pre-War era) helps them deal with a creature they find buried in world.

?           Several 103-Form TARDISes become renegades over the course of the War.

??         Antipathy learns that Compassion is the City of the Saved.  He tries to breacher the Uptime Gate but fails.  He allies himself with Faction Paradox and even the Time Lords' enemy in an attempt to reach the City. 

1152    (during the early years of the war)
            The Celestis give the enemy the information to create conceptual entities. 
The Enemy invents the Anarchitects based on Celestis technology.  These conceptual entities inhabit architecture itself and rebuilding or "rewrite" buildings, TARDISes or even cities.  The technology used to create them was based on methods used in early types of TARDISes. 

??            (hundreds of years before the 41st century / at the beginning of the Time War)
                A species of paranoid decapedes known as the Yag Haz spend most of their history trying to conquer or destroy all other sapient species in the Universe.  To increase their resources they Yag Haz also sell their weapons to other species.  At this point there are about 50,000,000,000 billion Yag Haz 
and 15,665,346,411,772,370,642½ other sapient beings in the Milky Way.  Each Yag Haz generally carries 12 different weapons when going into battle.  They are eventually driven out of civilized space by humanity.  Afterwards they became representatives of the Daleks during the Time War.  The Daleks begin converting the planet into a massive warship to attack Gallifrey. 

The Face of the War - The First Wave

            The War in Heaven (from the Time Lord’s point of view) takes the form of bursts of activity followed by long quiet stretches that occur last until the Time Lords have cultivated enough Biodata to produce another Wave of soldiers.  Loomstacks fill the air of Gallifrey VIII (aka the Homeworld) with smoke so that it is always dark.  Once trained, the entire Wave is sent to the time-front lines in another flurry of attacks. War TARDISes are often organized into Centuries (100 units).   The War Presidency authorizes the use of weapons of mass genocide from the Slaughter House, including the Omega Arsenal.  The time vaults hold the Slaughter House.  Inside the Slaughter House is the Omega Arsenal where all the weapons that are forbidden by the Laws of Time are locked away.  All of these weapons except the Moment will be used against the Daleks during the Time War.  Typical Time Lord weapons don’t need to be fired, instead they affect everything within a certain area.  In the War, weapons usually attack the targets identity rather then physical matter.  Many tools used in the War are nothing more than ideas.  Some (but not all) can exist outside of a living mind.  The Time Lords often break the Laws of Time by destroying entire cultures or steering societies.  
          Over the course of the War, the Time Lords physically secure millions of planets and secretly garrison numerous world throughout space and time.  Parts of space-time have been booby trapped so that if the Enemy should some how take them from the Time Lords then the Time Lords can destroy those entire Time Zones. 

?            (Before Chris gets a Rassilon Imprimatur / shortly after the war begins)
                    The “Reconciler,” Devonire, negotiates several treaties with Lesser Species and various Houses to create an alliance against the Enemy.  He releases various Time Lord criminals from Shada.   Several renegades return to Gallifrey with full pardons to assist in the War effort.  Even the most corrupt were offered these pardons and reinstated.  He proposes augmenting lesser species and making them part of the House Military.  

1153?      (Sept 2592 AD / Before the attack on Ordifica)
                    The Time Lord deep engineers known as Nechronmancers begin collecting Highest Entropy Matter (HEM) from dead time states (where the universe had reached thermal equilibrium and history/time has ceased to flow).  HEM is a type of anti-energy.  It works by absorbing the ambient energy (probably the zero point energy) of an area so that no chemical or atomic reactions can occur.  HEM was used to shield the Cold from the rest of Universe.  The Remote scavenges HEM any chance they get, and use it to make their armor.
  The Cold is discovered on St Augustine City on the Earth Colony of Ordifica.  Fitz is removed from the Cold.

1153~?    (Some years before Devonire is imprisoned)
                    In an attempt to return the House of Paradox to the Homeworld Devonire becomes obsessed with finding the Grandfather’s Arm. 

1153    (2 years after the War begins)
                    Faction Paradox tests the Remote by have then attack several Time Lords installations.  This cumulates in an assault on Simia-KK98, which is a total failure.  The Time Lords quickly determine that the Faction was responsible for the attack.  This is the last time the Faction uses the Remote in military action.

1153       (2602 AD)
                   The Big Hunt: Braxiatel uses his knowledge of temporal physics to creates a daughter for himself with a genetics engineering template and some of his own genetic material. This would be the Doctor's niece. She is named Margarita Braxiatel Matsumoto (aka Maggi) and she can use her connection with Gallifrey's Eye of Harmony to roll back time over objects and people.  She repairs several temporal messes for her father.

1155             (2594 AD)
                    The Faction will set up on the Earth Colony Augustine City on the planet Ordifica.

1155              (2594 AD)
                    Laura Compassion Tobin is shipped to from Earth to Ordifica by her family.  She becomes one of the Remote.

??            (during the Time War / probably before the Chameleon Arch is developed)
                Crozier's brain transference experiments on Thoros Beta are funded in part by the Time Lords from the War Era.  The Time Lords see the transference process as an effective way to infiltrate spies into other worlds.  They also see it as a means of final escape should they lose the Time War.  As part of this Crozier prepares several clones of Time Lords and keeps them deep underground waiting for the day when the donor Time Lords might need to flee their own bodies and have their minds transferred into the clones. 

1155            (4 years after the War begins / the time of the First Wave)
                    The Time Lords begin actively recruiting Lesser Species into the House Military. 
Not all Time Lords are Gallifreyans.  Some are aliens, such as the Ogrons, who become known as the Ogron Lords.   According to rumor, both the Enemy and the Time Lords recruit from non time active species by convincing the recruit that their entire life history is being presented to everyone on their home planet.  This is so devastating to the recruit 's sense of identity that they beg to serve the High Powers.  These aliens are given the Rassilon Imprimatur, healing machines that allowed them to regenerate, and several other "Biological Advantages."  Despite the fact that Time Lords consider nanotechnology to be so matter dependent that its useless as a weapon in the War some nanotechnology (leftover from before the War) is occasionally used. The First and Second Wave relies on nano-tech to “regenerate” the troops bodies when they are damaged.  They physically age at a rate of one year for ever 3 to 4 that pass.  Troops for Military Regen Missions are primed so that every time that they regenerate they acquire armor and defenses designed to repel known Enemy attacks.  After there first regeneration they lose the ability to reproduce.  There are thousands (if not more) of aliens who volunteer to serve the Time Lords.  The aliens receive a form of brainwashing called a Briefing.  The Briefing convinces the subject that supporting Time Lord objectives and goals is essential to their cultures survival.  If the subject even thinks about betraying the Time Lords his mind will self-destruct.  The field agents are equipped with (at minimum) jammers, a vibroknife, star charts, credit cards with no limit, and a neutron blaster. Soldier sometimes find that their history (past or future) has been altered in such a way to make them incredibly useful in the War.  Depending on the nature of their usefulness they will either be promoted or frozen in stasis until needed.  When field agents lose access to their own TARDIS and Extraction TARDIS is sent to pick them up.

House Strategist Entarodora

1155    (4 years after the War begins)
                    Entarodora becomes Arpexia’s House Strategist.  She concludes that the War in Heaven can only end by total victory by one side or the total deletion of the War from History.

?          (Before the Percival incident)
                    By this point the Kithriarch of the House of Mirraflex (probably the Keeper of the Matrix) wears a Matrix circlet on his head.  On the last Gallifrey, Engin was Keeper of the Matrix.

?          (Early stages of the War)
                    The House Military creates the Killerbots out of old nanites they find in storage.  It then deploys them despite the fact that they are obsolete.  They are designed to destroy the bodies of Enemy Reps cell by cell.  Killerbots are still used by the Fourth Wave.

1155    (4 years after the War begins / before the Lethean Campaign)
                    Mrs. Foyle uses the Labyrinth for delivering assassins from her Remonstration Bureau to various points in space and time.  The Time Lords dislike her operation but as the Bureau is located at the very end of the universe they deemed it not worth the effort to attack.  This fact became a part of the Voodoo Charter that exists between the major powers and the Bureau. 

??         (1462 AD)
                    The Celestis becomes the first war time power on Earth when they establish an outpost at the site of the Wallachia called Gragov.  Valad III makes contact with the Celestis there. 

1156       (2595 AD)
                    Fitz joins the Remote and leaves Ordifica.

1156    (5 years after the War begins / a few months before the Second Wave goes after Ordifica / a few months before the end of the year)
                    The Venue Accords are organized by a human agent of an unknown power (possibly the builders of the City of the Saved), who creates a galaxy sized structure connected to every point in space time.  All wartime powers were invited with the exception of Faction Paradox (but including the Remote).  The Venue computed the agendas and desires of all parties and creates a document that meets both sides needs.  This took less then one picosecond and resulted in the Master Accords, which claimed that both sides would agree to disagree on all points.  All parties present signed the Master Accords but the talks fell apart almost immediately after that.  The Venue was disassembled by the power that organized the talks. 

1156    (5 years after the War begins / shortly before the 2nd Wave attacks the Faction)
                    The House Military releases the Second Wave of Loomspun warriors.  It is the largest and most destructive of the first eight waves. They are the first Gallifreys to be engineered to radically alter their physiology after each regeneration.  It launched attacks against any culture that could be a threat to the Time Lords and was particularly hard on Faction Paradox and other renegade Time Lords.  The Second Wave tendencies to attack non-Enemy targets would later be viewed as a waste of resources.  

1157       (2606 AD)
                     The Crystal of Cantus: In order to maintain his control over his cybermen army, Braxiatel tries to trick Jason into become the new cybercontroller on Cantus.  In revenge, Benny used the Crystal of Cantus (almost certainly the Coronet of Rassilon that Braxiatel stole). Braxiatel is forced to abandon his collection on KS-159.

??               (less then 6 years after the war begins)
                    The Immaculate Formosii allies herself with the Enemy.


1157   (6 years after the War begins / some years after Devonire begins his quest)
                    In search of the Grandfather’s arm, Devonire comes into contact with former Faction member (and current Enemy Agent) the Immaculate Formosii and other Enemy forces.  The paradox anxiety that resulted from the quest’s “completion” drove Devonire insane.  He was subsequently imprisoned on Shada.

1157             (2596 AD / 6 years after the War begins / In the early years of the War)
                    Interference: The High Council
's Second Wave Second Wave of the House Military destroy Ordifica because it has been influenced by the Faction Paradox.  This is done by removing the actual fabric of space time that supported the planet.  T he part of the Vortex that served as a foundation for Ordifica was punched right out of existence.  This is only the second time that the Time Lords have damaged the Space Time Vortex in such a way (the first being when Rassilon released the Yssgaroth).  To prevent another invasion by the Yssgaroth the entire planet-shaped hole was enshelled in Highest Entropy Matter.  The High Council has since officially forbid this tactic.  

1157    (6 years after the War begins)
Survivors from Ordifica (who were evacuated before the attack) are used to found several Remote Worlds throughout the Spiral Politic.  They sell temporal technology ti various species.  Most of the Remote members who escape will set up on the Time Lord Warship headed for Earth.  The colony is called Anathema.  It is supposed to breed and train the Remote to be the front-line troops for the Faction Paradox.  Other organizations founded by the Remote include Order of the Rectangle, the Cult of the Black Sun, and the Luminus.

1157?    (15373 Local dating)
                    Snajira becomes a Temporal Paradox.

1158     (3 years before the Percival incident / after mothering the Type 103s)
                    Compassion picks up the Chinese descendant, Carmen Yeh, at Alaska in 1758 AD who had been accidentally left their by another renegade Time Lord.  She travels with Compassion for almost 3 years.

??                (during the Time War / possibly connected to the Hotel Historia)
                    The time active Graxnix serve as representatives for one of the powers of the Time War.  They have unreliable time travel technology.  

??               (during the Time War / not to long before 4039 AD)
                    The Hotel Historia loses most of its business because time travel is no longer deemed to be safe.  

1158~        (nearly 50 years before Labyrinth of Histories)
                     The Blood Coteries of Siloportum begin monitoring Shada and the Homeworld.

1158          (46 years before Labyrinth of Histories)
                    The Blood Coterie Demetra Kein from Siloportum is tried in absentia by the Time Lords and found guilty of illegal bio-manipulation and sentenced to Perpetuity on Shada.  The Blood Coterie tattoo 4 humanoids with the de-materialization codes and other important block-transfer equations that make them capable of tracking members of Faction Paradox.  They allow the humanoids to be captured by the Time Lords and imprisoned on Shada.  The idea being that they will provide a useful resource when Demetra Kein escapes.

1159       The Second Wave devastates most of Faction Paradox's forces.

1159    (8 years after the War begins)
                    Anastasia leaves Faction Paradox and founds the Thirteen Day Republic. 

1159     (around the time of the War and 409 years after Deadly Assassin)
                    The Doctor’s companion Fitz Kreiner leaves the Remote and becomes a full member of Faction Paradox, known as Father Kreiner he hunted down many renegade Time Lords.

??                The Daleks acquire the weapons technology of the Deathsmiths of Goth. 

1160~?     (Post Human Era)
                    Five different TARDIS disappear while traveling in the Posthuman Era.  Only one of these TARDISes is ever found.  The hideously damage TARDIS was located on an empty planet.  Its operator was still alive, but with all his major organs missing.  He died a few hours after being returned to the Homeworld. 

1160~?    The 103-Form named Percival (aka Percy) is killed on the very edge of the Spiral Politic when on a mission to infiltrate enemy space  for House Mirraflex.  He will eventually be resurrected by Compassion and become another City of the Saved.  

1161~    (a few years after the destruction of Ordifica)
                By this point all but 2 of the original Remote colonies have left their original colony world.  They now cross space in the form of armies and refugees. 
The Sycorax came from the world Fire Trap in the JX82 system and are feared by species all over the Milky Way.  According to legend they would be one of three species left at the end of the Universe.   T he Sycorax are quite possibly a splinter group from the Faction Paradox. 

?            The Time Lords find the Remote’s total lack of agenda, and leadership to be as disturbing as their insatiable desire to overturn any ruling power. 

1161    (10 years after the beginning of the war / almost 3 years after Carmen begins to travel with her)
              While on the very edge of the Spiral Politic (near the Posthuman regions) Compassion discovered the remains of a 103-Form TARDIS named Percival.  She immediately goes to the Homeworld to demand an explanation from the War King.  After a secret meeting Compassion travels to several timezones in the Spiral Politic, probably conducting research on the Enemy.   

Compassion (aka the 102-Form TARDIS) And The War King (aka the Master)

1161    (10 years after the beginning of the war / right after meeting with the War King)
                    After completing her assessment of the enemy Compassion returns to the Homeworld.  Her last trip has left her partially disabled and her companion, Carmen Yah, also requires medical attention.  Compassion believes the Enemy represents a very serious problem for the Time Lords.  The War King claims that the Enemy killed Percival and that the Enemy wants all Time Lords and TARDISes destroyed.  Compassion believes him.  Compassion makes a deal with the War King to open up a “second front” in the War for the Time Lords.  Most (if not all) of the fronts in the Time War will remain the same for the first 50 years.  In return she asks for a set of fertile male and female Time Lords and a loom.  The Matrix assures the War King that Compassion won’t betray them and Compassion is supplied a Time Lord childe of both genders and an old generation loom.       

1161    (10 years after the beginning of the war / right after the Percival incident)
                    Compassion returns Carmen Yeh to her the company of her renegade Time Lord friend.  Compassion probably doesn’t take another traveling companion.  By this point Compassion believes that the Enemy is a mere distraction for the Time Lords.  The true threat is Lolita.

?                 Carmen Yeh writes of her experiences in book titled Fantastical Travels in an Infinite Universe. 

??            (After the War begins)
                   Compassion’s exploits become legendary on the Homeworld.  Some view her as a terrorist and a renegade. 

1161                 (2610 AD)
            Resurrecting the Past: Braxiatel begins using the energy from KS-159 to prepare the planet Maximediras as a possible new Gallifrey. This could become one of the Gallifreys that were created after the original Nine Homeworld Project.

1161                 (2610 AD)
            Escaping the Future: Braxiatel discovers a reptilian species called the Deindum who could develop into the new Lords of Time.  With the help of Benny, Brax prevents them from ever developing time travel.   In the process of this Time War, Irving Braxiatel, the Doctor's Brother, is killed by a Deindum soldier.   

?            (Before the invention of Zero Time)
                   The Time Lords invent the Gravity Spiders.  These retro-pre-emptive weapons travel backwards in time searching for gravitational shifts caused by the Enemy’s time traveling techniques.  The Spiders merge to form a warhead and destroy the enemy time traveler at the moment of materialization.  Though an effective weapon the real reason for their deployment was to force the Enemy to invent Zero Time.  

?             The Enemy invents Zero Time to clean their timeships and thus remain hidden from the Time Lord’s Gravity Spiders.  Zero Time is an artificial form of time.  The Time Lords harvested the bubbles of Zero Time that the Enemy had placed through the Universe and analyzed it to learn the capabilities of the Enemy’s timeships and the movements.  This is one of the only war victories the Time Lords have accomplished in the field of technological development. 

?            Zero Time is added to Utterlost in an attempt to open up a new landing zone for the troops.  This added time is quickly filled by attacks and preemptive attacks.  Attempts to place Time Lord agents in stasis to observe the outcome of the conflict have been unsuccessful (possibly the Enemy is attempting the same thing).

?            The Battle of Planet Deadlock: Time Lord and Enemy Timeship fleets become interconnected in an attempt to reach the surface of Utterlost, forming a giant sphere around the planet.  The Battles carried out within the connected timeships bears more resemblance to urban crime then actual warfare. 

?            The Battle of Nova Majestic: A TARDIS belonging to House Arpexia kamikazes to cause a nova in an Enemy held system. 

?            The House of Mirraflex becomes one of the most violent and ruthless of the House Military. 

?            House Mirraflex destroys a culture that learns of Time Lord activity and then crypto-forms a copy in its place. 

?            The House of Mirraflex might have D-Matted a potentially skeptical neutral culture.  This could have resulted in the anomalous nebula Spancil’s Hypothalamus. 

?            (Shortly after the creation of the Hypothalamus)
               The Battle of the Roar: This battle ranged over Spancil’s Hypothalamus, Kaiwar, the western arm of the M32 Galaxy, the great Carcorthran Void, and “Behind You.”  All locations are now tainted with excessive communication interference and static.

?            (Probably before the 3rd wave)
                    Over the course of the War several Time Lord exiles and renegades defect to the Post Human community. 

?            (Probably before the 3rd Wave)
                    The Time Lords Lamia and Mr. Stipes renegade and become assassins in Mrs. Foyle’s Remonstration Bureau. 

?            (Before the Lethean Campaign)
                    The assassin-automaton Knight Immortal is fired from Mrs. Foyle’s Remonstration Bureau and joins the Enemy. 

?            (Early in the War) 
                    The Time Lords reactivate the remaining Babels.  Several Renegade Time Lords were bribed into returning to Gallifrey.  They were captured, and lobotomized by military psychosurgeons from House Mirraflex.  These renegades were connected to the Babels via a neural link to keep the Babels under control. 

?            (After the War has been going for a while)
                    Several Houses begin developing new sub-Houses for experimentation.  Many abandoned Houses are reactivated to for experimentation and to increase troop numbers. 

(1121)     (Early War era)
                    The House Military branch of House Arpexia attempt to test the “Jungle Children” folktale by creating Kaspar Hauser on Earth in 1828.  Within 3 weeks he had learned to read, count, write, and play the harpsichord.  He also changed the course of German history.  After 5 years of exposure to human culture Hauser was removed and the project was declared a failure.  The research did however lead to the development of the Temporal Vaccinations.      

1162?    (Shortly after the “jungle child” experiment)
                    Entarodora develops her “Disturbance by Mystery” theory which will later be used by Robert Scarratt. 

1162    (11 years after the War begins / after the Jungle Children project / right before the Lethean Campaign)
                    The Third Wave of the House Military is created. 
The biological defenses that Time Lords have against the Great Vampires and the Charon are reconnected in all Gallifreyans.  Troops used by the Time Lords are re-engineered by reprocessing their timelines instead of using nano-tech.  When these non-Gallifreyans are infected with the Immortality Virus they are able to regenerate, but they will have much less control over the process.  They physically age only one year for ever 3 or 4 that pass.  Their cells will "evolve" and "improve" themselves.  With each regeneration the subject's appearance and abilities will get farther and farther from the species norm.  The Time Lords give the agents special drugs that control how they regenerate, turning them into whatever the Time Lords want them to be.    They are re-engineered to regenerate into a more "military" form with each regeneration. These troops quickly lose any semblance of humanoid form.  The first regeneration produces built in armor.  The 12th creates a being that is hardly even organic.  The intermediary officers of the House Military object to these modifications but are overruled.  The Third (and subsequent) Waves use Temporal Vaccinations instead of nano-augmentation to protect themselves from damage.  They work by introducing several small changes in subjects history makes his history resistant to large-scale change.  Soldiers who have undergone temporal vaccinations are sometimes called Hybrids. 

1162?        (during the Time War / probably not before the Third Wave / probably after the High Council funds  Crozier's brain transference experiments )
                    The Chameleon Arch is developed during the Time War, and every TARDIS (even the Doctor eventually) was the equipped with one. 

1162    (by the time of the Third Wave)
                   While Time Warriors can regenerate well over 60 times, 
possibly even 507 times.   But almost all of the Time Lords of Gallifrey are limited to 12 regenerations.  

??                Exact control of regeneration becomes available to all Gallifreyans. 

1162    (11 years after the War begins / early in the War / end of the Second Wave)
                    73 undamaged Casts and the several Babels were sent to the planet Lethe as part of the Lethean Campaign.  This Campaign was the last crusade of the Second Wave and the first of the Third Wave.  The enemy’s time ship eating weapons destroys the Cast’s control platforms leaving massive firestorms on the planet.  The assassin-automaton Knight Immortal is destroyed while fighting for the Enemy in this campaign. 

1162    (during the Lethean Campaign)
                    A group of Walking Dead (sentients with very low probabilities of existing) might have captured a TARDIS during the Lethean Campaign. 

1163 (256 AF)    (one year after the Babels are deployed)
                    By this point in the Lethean Campaign the Babels have proven to be one of the few truly effective fighting forces in the Time Lords arsenal.  Unfortunately they were all destroyed buy the Enemy when someone (probably the Doctor) killed the Renegade Time Lords who were controlling them.  The Doctor was involved in many of the Time War's most important battles.

1163?    (After the Third Wave)
                    Forced military Regen Missions become a standard House Military strategy.  The Regenerated Infantry (Regen-Inf) troops sent on these missions will be forcibly regenerated into forms that will best suit the mission. Forced regenerations are much more painful then regular regenerations.  This is done by introducing mutagens into the regenerative matrix that given them defenses, weapons, and Symbiotic Nuclei  These mutagens also make them sterile.  They serve as frontline soldiers and siege weapons.  Since most of these Time Front troops are recruited from lesser species they often permanently stationed off of Gallifrey.

?            (Before the attack on the City of the Saved)
                   House Mirraflex researches using Forced Regeneration to turn Regen-Inf troops into transports for other Regen-Inf troops.  The experiment if a failure but inspires the development of the Time Beast.

?               A cousin from House Mirraflex spends decades impersonates a messiah-figure on a post-human world to prepare the culture for Regen-Inf recruitment.  This is primarily achieved though use of regeneration to “die” and be “reborn.” 

The New Seal of the Time Lords

?            (after the War begins)
                Gallifrey adopts a new simplified version of the Omniscate, which shows the Ouroboros even more clearly. 

??             Biodata inoculations are given to all members of lesser species who visit the Homeworld. 

(1124)        (14 years after the War begins)
                The Star Chamber uses the Analytical Engine to attack the Eleven Day Empire. 

1166        The Time Lords and the Enemy enter an "entrenchment phase" of the War. 

Captain in Waiting Robert Scarratt

1166         (20 rapid growth years before the 4th Wave)
                    The House of Xianthellipse is a major advocate of diversity and makes extensive use of Biodata from Lesser Species for the Fourth Wave Project.  The House begins actively crossbreeding troops with Lesser Species.  The Fourth Wave of the House Military begins to be "naturally" born.  The Gallifreyan who will become known as Robert Scarratt of the House of Xianthellipse is created (probably by natural childbirth). 

1168     (17 years after the War begins)
                    The Fourth Wave of the House Military is created by the House of Xianthellipse.  The House is a major advocate of diversity and makes extensive use of Biodata from Lesser Species.  The House of Xianthellipse begins actively crossbreeding troops with Lesser Species.  The success of their wartime efforts is quite impressive.  Much to the distress of the High Council, they are capable of breeding with lesser species.    Despite the objections from House Mirraflex the Wave is quite stable and effective.  Robert Scarrett becomes the most successful member of the Fourth Wave (and House Xianthellipse).

1168?    (After the War begins)
                    By this point even the High Council fully accepts and endorses biological reproductive methods. However House Mirraflex is very critical of Newblood House who pollute their biodata with material from Lesser Species. They outright refuse to work with House Xianthellipse.

The City of the Saved

This box covers events that happened in the City of the Saved up until it makes contact with Gallifrey. 

907       (1 AF / After Event 2)
           Compassion V becomes the City of the Saved.  It can be accessed via the Uptime Gate.  The City is a micro-universe within which all the humans (including post and pre-humans) that have ever existed in any version of history have been recreated as Homo Imago using a combination of Biodata and Warp Matrix Engineering.  The Homo Imago are biomemetic structures comprised of the original human DNA, psychological makeup, physical traumas, and awareness of somatic processes.  The City's 10 to 38 power inhabitants live galaxy sized (1,018 kilometers in diameter ) city within a state-of-grace where death, wounds, and pain is impossible.  By this point Compassion V (the City of the Saved) is over 10 million years old.  She might even be a few billion years old.

8th Doctor
Grandfather Halfling (aka the Doctor)

907                (1 AF)
                After dying on Dronid the the first battle of the Time War, the Doctor is re-incarnated in the City of the Saved after his death on Dronid.  He probably becomes the half human, half Time Lord citizen known as Grandfather Halfling.  This could explain why the Doctor is fully confident that there will be other Universes after the death of his own.  

907?            (1 AF / 900 years before Aliens of London)
                    The Doctor starts over counting his age from zero
- probably because his body had been completely recreated from scratch.  He claims that this is the year when he started traveling in time and space.  He also claims that this is how long people have been asking him what his real name is. 
                  The Doctor's age of 900 in Aliens of London presents a problem in that he was explicitly 953 years old at the time of his 6th regeneration but only 900 years old in his 9th incarnation.   Since people age slower when on board the TARDIS this might also be his corrected age when all  "of time and space" is taken into account.  The Doctor's reference to 900 years of time and space could refer to how long its been since he started traveling in the TARDIS.  Or maybe it refers to how long since became a Renegade.    Maybe he can't remember how much time he's been on Gallifrey or doesn't feel he was really born until he left Gallifrey.   Or possibly it refers to when he started calling himself the Doctor.  
                   For the purposes of calculations on this page I'll be using the conclusion that he stared counting his age over again after he was re-created in the City of the Saved. From this point forward I will note this Doctor's age in parenthesis with the AF (After Founding) along with the Doctor's actual age. 0 AF will be the baseline for dating the Doctor's age in the new 2005 series of the show.

??               (aeons after The Aztecs)
                  The Doctor
(who was killed at the beginning of the Time War) goes into Celestial Retirement in the City of the Saved, but maintains occasional contact with the Time Lords.

946??          (before 84 AF)
                  Inside the City of the Saved, House Halfling is established in the Godsdice District by a Time Lord/Human halfbreed known as Grandfather Halfling (almost certainly the Doctor).  Its political goal is to ensure fair and equal treatment of the various half-breeds of the City.

1007~       (100~ AF)
                 Inside the City of the Saved, Grandfather Halfling (probably the Doctor) befriends Amanda Legend Lefcourt.

1115         (208 AF / 700 years before The Doctor's Wife)
                 The Doctor recovers the TARDIS again and sees its Police Box exterior for the first time (since being resurrected).  He begins traveling in time and space once again.

1130        (223 AF)
                Het Linc becomes the City of the Saved’s ambassador to Gallifrey. 

1132       (225 AF)
               Het Linc convinces many Gallifreyans to defect to the City of the Saved.  Unfortunately they are rejected by the City Council and forced to leave.  It is possible they become the City’s Secret Architects.  Het Linc’s position as ambassador is abolished.

The Time Beast Assault

 1169    (262 AF)
                    The Time Beast Assault: Lady Mantissa decides that the City of the Saved would make the ultimate defensive location for the House of Mirraflex.  She mounts an attack on the City with over 100 Type 91 War TARDISes.  After the complete failure of the attack (and the destruction of 11 TARDISes) Mantissa retired from the post of Lady Armorer and relocated to a different clone of Gallifrey.  

1169?    (Scarrett is at the rapid growth age of 20)
                    Captain in Waiting Robert Scarratt is a member of the House Military’s Fourth Wave.  He is assigned to a Xianthellipse monitoring post stationed near a Post-Human world, and is responsible for delivering shipments of psychotemporal agent Praxis to the Homeworld.  He becomes addicted to the drug.  With the help of the Praxis and several Humans, he prevents a violent revolt on the nearby world. 

??                Some factions of the Posthuman human hegemony devote themselves to historical re-enactment.  This combined with their use of the time travel psychotemporal drug Praxis concerns the Time Lords. 

??                In an alternate version of history a race of nonhumans (possibly Time Lords) was supposed to become Praxis.   It possible that the Praxis represents the physical manifestation of the enemy's history intruding into the Web of Time.  

1169?    (After the loss of D-Mat tech / the time of the Fourth Wave) 
                    The Time Lords become desperate enough to whole-heartedly embrace physical technology (often known as burlesque devices) such as nanites, robots, D-mat guns, and other purely mechanical tools.  Robert Scarratt is a proponent of such burlesque as a moral booster.  The Time Lords begin using the word D-Mat as slang to refer to any weapon capable of destroying a planet.  Forced Regen Missions usually carry at least one symbolic D-Mat weapon.  The Fourth Wave makes extensive use of “D-Mat” weapons and Killerbots. 

?            (Shortly after becoming a Captain in Waiting)
                    Robert Scarratt undergoes a series of rapid promotions, demotions, and reassignments.  He is insubordinate and bends the Laws of Time by disappearing in his TARDIS for a year subjectively (but no time objectively).  The near-renegade’s counter culture activities and habits are tolerated only because of his successful infiltrations, assignations and confusions.  Despite not being a Prydonian he wears scarlet.  He might have been created via natural childbirth. 

?            Robert Scarratt, and other Time Lords, have some success with cross-dressing during infiltration missions.

?            The Time Lords erase most of the Parablox toys from Europe in 1998 (or maybe 1987) AD.

?            (During the first 50 year of the War)
              There is an attempt to insert foreign matter in to the Eye of Harmony.  This attempt fails.

??                   (a long time before The Final Chapter)
              The Panopticon is sealed - Probably to prevent easy access to the Eye of Harmony's Power Mast.

?            (sometime after the Percival Incident)
                The Time Lords abandon almost all of their ceremonies and rituals in an effort to focus attention on the War.  The Houses represented by the High Council are no longer stable.  In fact they change frequently.

?                The Battle of Twin Stars’ Pass: While orbiting a black hole around a future version of itself members of House Xianthellipse gets into a fire fight with their future selves. 

1174           (267 AF)
                    Amanda Legend Lefcourt largely handles actual leadership of House Halfling because Grandfather Halfling (probably the Doctor) is rarely in the City.  

??                     (a good deal of time before The End)
                 The Doctor begins creating the Institute of Time.  

??             The Ghost Cluster devices are created by the Time Lords.  These devices work by reducing a beings reality quotient, or probability of existing (and thus the effect he has on collapsing quantum waves).  The end result is that the actions and observations of target (or Walking Dead as they are sometimes called) have almost no effect on history.  Even the slightest change tampering with upstream history can erase the target from existence.  Ghost Clusters are often deployed against members of the lesser species (like the Society of St. George) who know too much about the Time Lords.

??        Earth begins to suffer from numerous random explosions.  These explosions are caused by Time Ships who are targeting points in space time that could have had great significance in the future.  The people killed in these explosions are (probably by design) largely removed from the cultural context of Humanity.  Thus (by definition) nobody important is ever killed.  Thus their actions (even before their deaths) don't matter. 

??        (Before This Town Will Never Let Us Go)
                    A Timeship probably "crashes" on earth and is buried beneath a town.

??        (Possibly during the First Wave / possibly during the 7th Wave when they were sabotaging cultures / possibly after the events of Of the City of the Saved)
                    This Town Will Never Let Us Go: The Faction Paradox attempts to convert pop star Tiffany Korta into a cultural Loa (by immensely boosting her cultural body's size) so that she can pilot the Timeship (probably a TARDIS) crashed under a Town on Earth.  Cultural Loa are organisms made of pure culture that can only be seen from outside of Time.  This Town Will Never Let Us Go: Anthropological Predictions show that Humanity was on the verge of evolving into a non-linear time-active culture capable of processing entire universes of information called Homo Imago.  This is called The Younger World Theory.  Humans and Gallifreyans are the only races whose cultures can not be accurately predicted by these projections.  Humanity would have had a field of comprehension larger then the Time Lord’s Noosphere. 
It might have made them travelers in the 6th and 7th dimensions of Possibility and Imagination.   The human named Valentine is working for the one of the Higher Powers (probably the Enemy) and plans on destroying a Timeship that crashed on earth.  The Great Houses deploy a Ghost Cluster device on him (almost certainly to stop him from detonating the bomb).  Despite this the Timeship is still accidentally destroyed.  An unexpected side effect of this is that Humanity misses its first opportunity to achieve its conversion into Homo Imago.  Instead of making that leap humanity slides into a state of virtual cultural and technological stasis for at least the next 10,000,000 years.  Rumors suggest that this stasis might have been arranged by the Time Lords, possibly using the Jallama Reed and New Young God’s Transmissions.

??          The Houses of Arpexia and Xianthellipse deem the Ghost Cluster Devices to be immoral and officially forbid their use.  

1176       (25 years after the War / 1850 AD)
                    The Time Lords establish the Gauntlet House Military Academy on Sol III in Japan.  The Academy is under the command of Kobe.  Both officers and trooper classes are trained there and dueling is common.  Students and graduates proudly display dueling scars.

1176    (25 years after the start of the War)
                    The Fifth Wave of the House Military is created.  Using the lessons learned on the previous 4 waves the Fifth Wave is carefully created.  They are trained at the Gauntlet.  This proves to be the most stable, reliable, and disciplined Wave to date.  Most of the Wave will still be alive 25 years after creation. 

?       (shorty before The Taking of Planet 5)
                    The Time Lords lost lots of troops battling the people of the Third Zone in the Fifth Time Assault
(or 5th Wave).

?        House Military Officer Robert Scarratt attends the Gauntlet in the hopes of obtaining a permanent scar.

?        Robert Scarratt is quite successful in weakening the mass psyches of some Lesser Species.

?        Robert Scarratt becomes a Fourth Wave Commander.  His unit has amazingly low casualties rates, and high moral. 

?        Robert Scarratt becomes and agent provocateur for the House of Xianthellipse. 

(1138)    Cousin Gable of the Faction Paradox begins work on Mujun: The Ghost Kingdom.  The plot of this story is based on events from the Faction’s future.

?        The Enemy invents the “You” Diversions.  A conceptual weapon that will deliver propaganda messages directly to the target's brain. 

??        (After the “You” Diversions are created)
                    The House Military begins drilling its subjects to differentiate between coincidence and Enemy action.  This is known as the Probability Doctrine. 

?                The Enemy invents Xenoprediction.  In theory it is a way of predicting what a culture will do when faced with a completely original problem.  In practice it might just be a propaganda tactic designed to make the Time Lords behave in predictable, non-creative ways.  This is typical of the tactics used by the Enemy. 

1180            The Faction Paradox attempts to escalate the violence of the War using the Remote.  This attempt fails.

1180            The Faction Paradox severs contact with most Remote groups to give them a few generations to develop.  Several Remote colonies spread throughout space and time.  

1180~?    (Several decades after the War begins)
                    The battles between the Enemy and the Time Lords are now conducted with great subtlety – with an emphasis on disinformation. 

1180?    Cwej enrolls in the House Military Academy on Sol III known as the Gauntlet. 

1180?    Several attempts are made to recycle, and super-cultivate Biodata for use in the War.     


1180    (29 years after the War begins)
                    While at the Gauntlet the Time Lords use Cwej as the template for their Army of One project.  The project (which is a violation of the Laws of Time) is undertaken because the only resource shortage the Time Lords (or the Enemy) have is Biodata  They need troops and agents to fight the War.  216 alternate Cwej are produced by temporally diffracting the timeline of the original.  The Cwej are a complete success but all other attempts fail (in a biologically messy fashion).  The Time Lords claim that the failure is due to not having the right subject.  Damen Cwej takes command of the “Little House of Cwejes.”

1181      (Exactly 30 years after the War begins)
                    House Arpexia’s Strategist Entarodora addresses the Fifth Wave.  She says that their uncertainty about the leadership of the Enemy keeps them from becoming overconfident.  This address becomes known as the Monsters Coda and is adopted as a standards House Military text.   

??        (before the Ancestor Cell flashback)
                    The High Council deliberately keeps their warriors misinformed about who and what started the Time War.  They use Misinformation Camps and Reality Bombs to accomplish this. 

1181    (1 year before the Mount Usu Duel)
                    Cousin Gable (Michael Brookhaven) Aquarius a Celestis’s Meme-Mine from fellow Faction Paradox agent, Chad Vandemeer.   He uses it to create a Genuine Concept Imagineering Processor and programs this device to create false ulterior worlds to film for his movies.  The first Hollow Spectaculars are created.  Brookhaven begins programming the GCI to make his movie Mujun: The Ghost Kingdom.  Gable is targeted by the House Military when it is discovered that he had successfully diffracted himself.  Agent Cwej is sent to destroy Faction Hollywood.

1181            Justine is born.

1182      (31 years after the War begins) (9/3/03 or 1999 AD)
                    Hollywood Bowl Shooting/Mount Usu Duel: Cwej performs his most recent mission for the Time Lords by thwarting Michael Brookhaven’s Faction Paradox activities.  Unfortunately his attempt to destroy Faction Hollywood probably leads to the release of the Enemy from a work of fiction being run on a CGI.  The Enemy appears on Earth in 1999 during the meme-mime/CGI Processor creation of Mujun: The Ghost Kingdom.  This happens because the narrative structure of the story had been destroyed, allow it to appear.  The Enemy takes the form the God of the Ainu.  Chris Cwej observes this event and afterwards takes the CGI Processor. 

1182    (Sept 6th 1999)
                    By this time Hollywood is cut off from the rest of Sol III by barriers of broken, abandoned culture that has been collecting since the 1920’s. 

1182     (2003 AD)
                    Chad Vandemeer assumes control of Faction Hollywood. 

     The Sixth Wave of the House Military is created.  The entire Wave (probably) defects to join the Enemy and is the High Council has the Wave retro-annulled so that in never existed. 

1183    (32 years after the War begins)
                    The Fourth Wave disrupts the North American warrior tribes by delivering pre-recorded messages to them designed to steer their culture in non-threatening (to the Time Lords) directions.  This eventually becomes the Broken Remote Project.    

1184         (Date Index 310639.5 Rassilon Era / long enough after the death of the Doctor that many consider him to have been a myth)
                    The Final Chapter: The 8th Doctor accidentally visits a Gallifrey during it's distant future.   The Doctor prevents the Elysian faction from executing its Final Chapter plan which would have re-written Gallifreyan history from year 0 forward.  This Gallifrey would appear to not yet be involved in the Time War at this point.

1185      (34 years after the War begins)
                    The Time Lords begin the Broken Remote Project to damage the Remote’s culture to the point where it is incapable of becoming a threat.  The idea was to get the Remote to brainwash themselves.  The most effective of the weapons produced by the Broken Remote Project was the New Young Gods program, which worked by allowing the Remote to vote one which Time Lord controlled Remote member came to ‘power.’  The satisfaction the Remote gained from making the choice blinded them to the fact that both choices were identical and selected by the Time Lords.  The Time Lord House Military attack the Remote colony on Fallahal using warfare by banality.  This included the deployment of the Jallama Reed Transmissions and the New Young Gods Project.  The Remote’s culture is utterly smothered in 10 years.   

1187                     (12 years before Of the City of the Saved / 280 AF)
                   Alisheer meets with the Time Lord Handramit for the last time for 12 years.  He will regenerate between now and then.

1189   (38 years after the War begins)
                    The Seventh Wave of the House Military is created by the House of Xianthellipse.  This is the only specialized wave.  Its soldiers serve as elite assault force for tactical missions.  It was trained to deal in psychological attacks and attacks against sentients in general. 

      By this point a schism is developing between the Time Lords on the Homeworld and the House Military in the field as to the proper interpretation of the Laws of Time.  The House Military troops believe themselves to be the active defenders of History and resent the Time Strategists' aloof plotting.  For this reason the Seventh Wave of the House Military are all assigned Officers of the Quintessence whose job it was to act as a go-between between the Time Lords and the troops of the Seventh Wave. 

?            Quintessence Officer Redloom of the Seventh Wave founds the Redemption Cult, which becomes popular among the lower ranks of the Seventh and Eighth Waves.  This Cult sees the War as a test of the Gallifreyans cultural right to be the Lords of Time. 

?            The Seventh Time Assault: Using approbation tactics developed by Robert Scarratt the Seventh Wave seeded disinformation about the Time Lords on Earth.  The Enemy intervened and the Assault degenerated into the Seventh Retro-War.  This is the last Time Assault for many years. 

?           Redloom is promoted to the rank of General. 

??         (before Father Kreiner kills the Rani / centuries after starting her research on Miasimia Goria / probably during the Time War )
            Deniable Operations: The Daleks learn of the Rani's secret bio-weapons research for the High Council and come after her.  She loses her TARDIS.  The Rani finds the Doctor and tries to persuade him to help her break the Laws of Time.  She wants to warn her younger self so that she will never start doing research for the High Council.   

??    (before Fitz is trapped in Foreman's Universe in a Bottle / after the Rani creates the Academy lesson programs)
              Father Kreiner kills two Time Lords and takes their heads as trophies.  One of them appears to the Master (aka the War King) and one appears to be the Rani.  Kreiner believes at least one of them is a clone created by the High Council. 
(Since the War King is see to be alive after this point it is safe to assume that the Master's head was a clone).

     (40 years after the War begins)
                Faction Paradox scales back its attempts to aggravate the Time Lords and focuses on research into weapons and biology. 

1191    (40 years after the War begins)
              The War in Heaven enters an entrenchment phase.

?            (probably before Warring States) 
                Erasing Sherlock: The Celestis provide Jimmy Moriarty with time travel technology so that he can disrupt the life of Sherlock Holmes.  

1192       The Faction decides that the Remote is useless for the time being and abandons it to develop by itself.

1192    (41 years after the War begins)
              Warring States: Faction Paradox Cousin Octavia tries to locate a casket that can grant immortality.

?            A group of Seventh Wave troops are stranded at the forward end of Frontier Time with a Type 89 TARDIS.  Seeing that they would have to cross large areas of temus incognita, Quintessence Officer Hierarchio decided to have the group settle in this local area.  While searching for an acceptable planet near the Anvil Stars they discovered that the Normal Space Universe was spawning new universes.  The spawning of these universe was a deliberate action by some unknown faction from the future.  The development of these universes was being overseen by several “gardeners” who were operating under the guidance of this unknown future power.  Only certain budding universe with the correct specifications were being allowed to survive.  The Gardeners were ensuring that the surviving universes would develop into the Intercreationals known as Leviathans.  (Intercreationals are the organisms that live between the N-Space Universe and the other Universes.)  The idea that someone would create numerous Leviathans inside in N-Space horrified the Time Lords and the information was classified (though the Celestis acquired a copy).  The gestation period of the Leviathans is such that it is unlikely to affect the War in Heaven. 

??               (after they stop freezing the prisoners)
        Second Ordinary Kemble is assigned to a Mover on Shada.  He one of two Ordinaries stationed on Shada.  Neither of them are Time Lords.

1195        (6 years before the Book of the War)
                    The Eighth Wave of the House Military is created.  They serve in defensive positions and as reinforcements for the previous Waves. 

Captain in Waiting Robert Scarratt

?            Robert Scarratt leaves the Fourth Wave and forms a “Hire-for-interest's-sake” mercenary group.

1197            (before Alien Bodies / when Justine is 16)
                Sabbath is appointed Godfather of the Faction's military wing.  In order to secure his own history he and Godfather Morlock proceed to kill his ancestors.  Eventually they work their way back to his Great grandmother, Fiora Van in they year 1899 AD.   While there they meet Justine (who is related to Sabbath).  Justine decides to do what ever is necessary to find and slay Godfather Sabbath.  Because of this Godfather Morlock is sure that he will be given an opportunity to train her.

             (46 years after the War start)
                Warlords of Utopia: A series of alternate universes are discovered.  They include thousands of worlds where Hitler won WWII and where Rome never fell.  13 Time Lords (or possibly 13 bodies of 1 Time Lord) flee to these alternate universe with 13 transportation devices.   It is possible for the Time Lords to use block-transfer computations to create a continuous gateway to an alternate universe or timeline.  These
stabilized quantum dimensional tunnels require tremendous resources to set up and maintain. This area is considered out of bounds for the War in Heaven and both the Enemy and the Time Lords attempt to recapture him.  House Mirraflex sends one of the Cwej to neutralize the 13 transport devices but he fails.  With the help of Faction Paradox all the Universes where Rome never fell are "walled off" and become inaccessible (even to the Time Lords).  Marcus Americanius Scriptor finishes collecting the devices (and related technology) from the worlds where Hitler won WWII and then leaves the alternate universe for the Classic Timeline.  He writes his memoirs and titles them Warlords of Utopia.

??                (during the Time War)
                The Time Lords use Hysteresis Generators to time loop vast areas of space-time.  These truncated timelines are probably placed in the Axis.    

1197?             (after Justine turns 16)
                  Eliza was trained under Godfather Sabbath while Justine is trained by Godfather Morlock.

1197          Little Sister Justine visits Dronid and works with Cousin Snajira.  By this point the Faction has 6 warships constructed from the bones of the Great Vampires.  These warships are used to destroy all the planets which have the remains of unsuccessful Faction operations.

1198~    (About 50 years after the War begins)
                 Lolita becomes the Grandmother of the House of Lolita on the Homeworld.  At that point, she is the only member.  This is only one of the many Newblood Houses that are being founded.  Most are experiments in reproductivity and many have an interest in alien biology and culture.
  Lolita's blood line (which includes the Doctor’s TARDIS ) was unique because they were a hybrids.  She is only half TARDIS on her Mother’s side. As part of the 101-Project Lolita had the Master make special changes to her heart so that she can fulfill her destiny to evolve into a humanoid form. The changes were part of Mother (probably the Matrix)’s plan. Lolita is more of a process then an actual life form. She is a hostile new version of history with biomass and technology attached and, as such, its impossible for her to die.  Lolita takes the Time Lord prejudice against lesser species to an extreme and sees herself as the smartest and most complex being in the Great Houses.  She begins her career as an Academician for Game Logic but will quickly rise through the ranks.  Lolita is at least partially responsible for getting the Time Lords into the Time War, and sees the War as useful for convincing the Time Lords that they are physical beings and vulnerable.  She really doesn’t care who the enemy is.  Lolita is planning to reveal her abilities to the Time Lords when circumstances are such that they can't stop her. It is at this point she plans to take control and fulfill Mother’s plans to create a new form of history. The War King sees Lolita as the future and doesn’t believe he has the power to stop Lolita – only to slow her down. By this point Lolita is no longer linked with the Master.

1198 (291 AF)         (47 years after the Doctor's death / local Drornid year 15414) 
                The Doctor's body is found by the Faction Paradox and is ceremonially sent into the Space-Time Vortex by Cousin Snajira.  Qizotl (Drax) learns of this and tracks the body to the Earth, where he collects it for his auction.    

??             (shortly before Alien Bodies from Qixotl's POV)
                   Several members of the Celestis begin allying themselves with the enemy.  The Time Lord leadership begins to have major doubts about winning the War and are desperate for to acquire some advantage. 

??            Antipathy creates the humankind Manfolk who will be reincarnated in the City of the Saved.

??            The Time Lords realize they need to escape the end of the Universe.  They open a gate to another universe (probably the next one).  A group of them enter this universe and take all the life they deemed worthy.  They leave post-humanity behind.  Humanity views this as a betrayal. 

??            Antipathy leaves this Universe and travels beyond the City of the Saved.  Once there he turns himself into a new universe that will appear to be the Next Universe.

1199?         (2069 AD)
                The Doctor's Casket lands on Sol III (Earth) near the Phoenix Sandbowl.  The United States of America military retrieve it and store it in the Toybox.

1199          Alien Bodies: Justine and Snajira are sent to bid on the Doctor's Body.

??            The colonist Lon Shel is infected by the soul of Antipathy and brings him back from the Next Universe Colony into the City via the Downtime Gate.  The Next Universe Colony is left without any trace of Antipathy's personality. 

1199            (32,631 AD / at the time of the City of the Saved / 385 years after being loomed / 48 years after the War begins)
                Handramit is still teaching a Onesia High Seminary in the Onesia Emirate.  By this point he has survived a dozen assassination attempts.

1199            (48 years of the War / 292 AF)
                Of the City of the Saved: Compassion's first son, Antipathy, begins destroying and re-creating parts of it.  The parts he creates are undetectable by Compassion and thus capable of killing humans.  Every human that dies is recreated by Antipathy.  The Time Lord Handramit visits the City of the Saved but is eventually thrown out when it is learned that he is Councilor Alisheer St. Marx's Father.  Antipathy begins raising an army of Manfolk to go to spread his pain and misery throughout the City.  Godfather Avatar of the Faction Paradox's Rump Parliament destroys Antipathy with an Annihilation Bomb.  Part of the City of the Saved undergoes a Civil War and the Universal Machine sends the last of the colonists to the Next Universe Colony, and the Downtime Gate is permanently sealed.  The Next Universe Colony might be named Home, and it is predicted to last several quadrillennia.

1151-1201?   (after Ancestor Cell )
                    The House of Lungbarrow appears to die/vanish.  Some speculated that they join Faction Paradox.

??     (After Dead Romance)
                    Christine Summerfield will later escape from Foreman's Universe in a Bottle and join Faction Paradox under the name Cousin Eliza. 

??     (probably before The Book of the War is published)
                    Foreman's Universe in a Bottle is acquired by Faction Paradox.   

1201     (50 years after the War)
                    The Ninth Wave of the House Military is created by House Tracolix and deployed. This is the first Wave constructed by House Tracolix and is guaranteed to “surprise” the High Council.

1201       (50 years after the War begins / several centuries after Monster of Peladon / 3790 AD)
                    Interference: The Remote encounters the Doctor (age ~737) on the planet Dust and infect him with a "virus" that will subvert him to the Faction Paradox's will, by his eighth incarnation. I.M. Foreman will become Foreman's World. Father Kreiner is flung into the Space-Time Vortex and trapped in I.M. Foreman's Bottle Universe.

?            (After the War begins / after House Lolita is created)
                    The House of Tracolix becomes ruthlessly ambitions and eventually manages to acquire a seat on the High Council.  They are allied with the minor Newblood House of Lolita.  

?             Lolita becomes a councilor on the Time War Council. 

1201    (50 years after the war)
                    Robert Scarratt might have been assigned to study Intercreationals  However this rumor might have been started to cover up the investigations into Yssgaroth biology at the former location of Ordifica.  Rumors also claim he undertaking a mission near the Anvil Stars.

1201    (50 years after the War begins)
                    The Time Lords realize a weapon that destroys ideas (or memes) would be the most effective weapon in the War.  However they are reluctant to create such a weapon for fear of being destroyed by it. 

Time Warrior

The Face of the War - The Ninth Wave

                    Fifty years after the beginning of the War life on the Nine Gallifreys are still strictly formal. The High Council of the Homeworld is made up of Cousins from the Houses of Dvora, Tracolix, Lineacrux, Arpexia, Xianthellipse, and Mirraflex.   The Inner Council meets in the Black Void – an chamber in the upper levels of the Citadel, cut off from normal space and time.   Below the High Council is the Time War Council (or Council of War) of the Great Houses which meets in the War Room.  The War Room is the nerve center of the entire House Military.  Every active House is represented on the War Council. The Master has known some members of the War Council for several life-times.  House Arpexia, Xianthellipse, and Mirraflex are all members of the House Military.  Most Time Lords view the House of Mirraflex as being dangerously out of control.  Time Lords of these Houses will often wear ceremonial battle forms to major official events.  The Time Lords prefer to use and diplomats to gain allies to fight for them in the war.  By this point Gallifreyan Civil Servants have a psychic tripwire that cause death by psychic seizures if they try to reveal confidential information.   Paradox Anxiety (the fear that one is trapped in a paradox) is now a major problem among the Time Lords and Temporal Vaccinations have become very popular.   All nonmilitary research missions have been suspended. 
                    Very few members of the House Military appear to be remotely humanoid.  To combat paradox anxiety, and other stresses of the War, troops, agents, and officers are given the ability to reboot their personality to an earlier state of being.  This is done by overlaying a previously saved personality matrix on the mind of the psychologically disabled individual.  Though common among the Regen-Inf, the Time Lords rarely use these devices, claiming to be above psychological disturbance.  
At this point almost all off-world Time Lords are either classified as Field Agents or they are assigned to Boundary Posts.  Their battle cry is "Prydon, Rassilon, and Gallifrey!"  There are more 103-Forms in use then any other type/form of TARDIS.  There are at least 59 time-fleets, all numbered.  It is not hard for a moderately sized time fleet to extinguish even a well protected star.  As of this point no 104-Form TARDIS has not been invented but a break through is expected. (By the end of they Time War they won't have reach the Type 110)  The Type 91 is the only other TARDIS breed still in production.  
                The head of space traffic control is now known as the Gate Keeper.  
Some claim that each Homeworld has more defense systems then it has inhabitants. Even for timeships that have permission to approach, the space-time course through all the defenses of the Home World is very complicated.  Under most circumstances homeworld security must have a biodata extract from a potential visitor before they will be allowed on Gallifrey.   The Citadel of the Time Lords (which includes the War Council's chambers, the Eye of Harmony, and its TARDIS womb) is the most well defended location in the Universe. 
By this point the War has spanned millions of years of real history and has cost billions of lives.  The War is being fought on 920 fronts and nearly 500,000 worlds.  Most (if not all) of these fronts have been the same for the last 50 years of the War.  The Time Lords have defensive arrays that are the size of entire star systems.   Both the Enemy and the Time Lords appear to have an unwritten agreement to abide by most of the Laws of Time – perhaps from fear of the consequences.    Due to the time active nature of the War both sides have all the pre-planning time they require.  The Enemy (and probably the Time Lords) can detect any incursion into N-Space by time travelers at a tactically important world.   99% of the Time War involves deception and camouflage and most battles are won but tricking the opposing force into believing that they were the winners.    A major War tactic is checking the future outcome of a battle after the forces have been committed but before the war has been fought.  Then altering the nature of the forces to fulfill history without wasting extra personnel.  A more complex tactic is to plant false history records to thwart the above tactic.  A significant tool in the War are Ur-Boxes.  They broadcast signals into the Vortex that present a set pre-recorded events over a localized area.  Any time scanner that tunes into that time zone will see history unfolding as presented in the pre-recorded files, when, in reality, interventionists can be undertaking a mission to alter events.  The range of a Ur-Box is limited to less then a mile, which can require that the unit to physically re-enact certain nearby events to maintain the illusion.       
             The few lesser species that are aware of the War in Heaven see the Time Lords as the most significant and powerful faction.  And
Gallifrey is almost universally known as the Homeworld.  The intricacies of the Labyrinth are so well know that both the Time Lords and the Enemy take to destroying any entrances they find to prevent them from being used.  This includes severing many (but not all) of the links between various Time Lords installations and the Secure Information Dump (located in the Labyrinth).

1201     (50 years after the start of the War)
                The Book of the War is published by an unknown pro-human faction.  The Enemy manages to censor some entries.   

1201?     (before the fall of the Eleven Day Empire)
                A Story of the Peace: Cousin Dysgenia can place her consciousness outside of of normal causal thinking, allowing her to catch ‘glimpses’ of a way to make a Peace between the Time Lords and their enemies.  She is trained by Godfather Morlock to fine tune this ability.  With her help, the actualizers of Faction Paradox manage to create (probably using block-transfer mathematics) a box that holds the doorway and key to the Peace.  This Peace is then offered to both the Time Lords and their enemy.  Both sides send negotiators.  Negotiator Melmoufex represents the Great Houses in the negotiations and Negotiator Suroboruo represents the enemy.  The Symbiotes serve as the mediators for these peace talks.  The peace was created by both sides bribing the Faction Paradox arbitrator to ensure the other side loses. Thus both sides provided the Faction with vast amounts of resources but the effect of their bribery canceled out, resulting in no peace for either party.  The Peace explodes, destroying Dysgenia, both negotiators, their timeships, and erasing the symbiotes from history.  

1201            (50 years after the beginning of the War / Shortly before the Eleven Day Empire / after TBOTW)
                Lolita begins breeding with lesser species  She gives birth to a baby TARDIS.  Shortly after that she in impregnated with another. 

1202       (51 years after the War begins / possibly after the Cruciform falls)
                The Eleven Day Empire:
House Tracolix, Lolita and other Time Lords team up with the Sontarans and offer Faction Paradox a full pardon if it will ally itself with Homeworld.  The Time War Council approved of all Lolita’s actions against Faction Paradox.  Cousin Justine bonds with the Shadow of Grandfather Paradox.  While the Sontarans do assist the Time Lords in this minor attack on the Eleven Day Empire the Time Lords refuse the Sontarans request to ally with the Time Lords and participate in what they consider to be finest war in History.  This greatly upsets them.  Sontarans refer to the Time Lords as Face Changers (possibly related to regenerative powers of the Rutans?)  

1202        (right after 11 Day Empire)
                The Shadow Play: The newly formed House Lolita who becomes one with the Spirits of the Eleven Day Empire by swallowing the entire empire.  This establishes House Lolita's loyalty to High Council and many other House form alliances with her.  Eliza and Justine are the only inhabitants of the Eleven Day Empire that escape from the Time Lords.  After consuming the 11 Day Empire, Lolita’s power is such that it would take the combined powers of numerous Osirans to restrain her.   

?                (after Shadowplay)
                Lord Ruthventracolixabaxil
of House Tracolix might have been trapped in his TARDIS by an Anarchitects and starved to death.  This might be a rumor spread by Lolita to explain his disappearance.    

??       (before Body Politic)
                Lord Mortegathonlandvora (aka Mortega) of House Dvora becomes Ambassador to the Osiran Court.  He is young compared to the War King.  He has the same voice as Andred of the House of Redlooms
so its likely that they share the same body like the Doctor and Maxil did.  His non-military timeship is named Ilsashatii.  Like most TARDISes of this type is wasn't designed for manual control.  Instead the operator gives vocal commands to various systems, such as the navigator. 

1203        (right before the Year of the Cat)
                 Sabbath Dei: By this point the various Houses on the Homeworld are pretty much at each other's throats.  House Lolita is has become so politically powerful that it will soon control the High Council and all of Gallifrey.  Lolita distributes herself in over 1000 different time zones simultaneously allowing her to influence history on a grand scale.  All of these Time Zones have been directly influenced by Higher Revolutionaries in the War.  She collects an army of cyborgs from the 51st century to assist her in taking over Sol III in 1763 AD.  The Time Agents of the 51st Century have heard rumors about the Time War.   

1203        (52 years after the War begins)

                  The Year of the Cat: Justine is captured by the Time Lords, tried, and sentenced to Shada for the crime of the Grandfather (whose Shadow she carries).  Compassion jokes that she is the second cousin once removed of a God.  Compassion, Eliza, Justine, and Sabbath destroy Lolita's army preventing her schemes in the 18th century.  By this point the Time Lords would likely sterilize any planet that they found Compassion on (regardless of the Laws of Time). 

1203?             (After getting rid of the Faction / before Coming to Dust / 300 years before Coming To Dust? / ~1460 AD)
                 The Time Lords don't like the power the Osiran Court has and begin threatening them.  The Osiran Sutekh organizes armies of
Mal’akh on Earth to attack the Mediterranean (a focal point of Earth History).  Lolita and other members of High Council of the Time Lords approached the Osirans under the guise of diplomacy, but then attacked them.   Lolita tore Geb’s face open in such a way that it could never be repaired.   Sutekh also dominates several Time Lord agents who try to stop him.  In order to prevent this the Time Lords agree to a treaty with the Osiran Court, agreeing to recognize the Court's independence if Sutekh removes the Mal'akh from the Mediterranean.

1203?          (possibly shortly after the loss of Morlock and the fall of the 11 Day Empire)
               Godfather Valentine becomes the Acting Emergency Speaker of Faction Paradox.

1203.5       (6 months after Year of the Cat)   
                  Movers: After six months of trying, Compassion manages to possess Mover Selvynkesh and convince him to release the Blood Coterie Demetra Kein from her chamber on Shada.  He believes that he does this to cause embarrassment to the High Council.  By this point there are 16,000 prisoners on Shada.  Selvynkesh also causes a power failure and releases 200 female prisoners.  Second Ordinary Keeble releases Shuncucker to defeat Demetra Kein.  Demetra's forces throw a Strata Grenade that blows a hole in the cross dimensional nature of Shada jumbling all the dimensions.  Justine escapes from temporal stasis using the Grandfather's Knife.

1203.5       (right after Movers)
                A Labyrinth of Histories:  Because of the Strata Grendade Shuncucker, Justine and Keeble are able to enter the Secure Information Dump located in the foundations of History.  They accidentally set fire to the records and most of the Scarlet Chapterhouse Collection is burned.   Justine meets the Minataur of the Labyrinth and receives a message from Morlock.  The House Military's forces arrive to retake Shada as do the forces of the Blood Coterie.  Justine's stolen TARDIS arrives under Compassion guidance and takes Justine back to Eliza.  By this point the Great House are considered to be falling apart by Post Human societies and the House of Ixion is considered to be a dying bloodline. 

1204?       (after A Labyrinth of Histories / 1763 AD)
                Coming To Dust: Justine and Eliza discover that a copy of the Race Banks of Faction Paradox on Earth.  They have been destroyed by Sutekh at the request of the Time Lords.  Sutekh has enough power to singlehandedly hold of entire time-fleet of War TARDISes.  In vengeance Justine goes to the Ship of a Billion Years. 

1204?       (after Coming to Dust)
               The Ship of Billion Years:  Lucita, is a childe who was rescued from the damaged Faction Paradox Race Banks is being raised by Humans in 1763 AD.  Sutekh attempts to take control of the Court of Osiran Court but Justine uses Lucita to releases Horus who imprisons Sutekh and puts him on trial.  Lucita's lack of a complete Biodata (future) history is fixed by bonding with Horus.  Justine is chosen to represent the Osiran Court to the Time Lords.

1204?       (after Ship of a Billion Years)
               Body Politic:  Lord Mortega wants to form an alliance with the Osiran Court.  He believes that the Osiran Court could be key allies on at least 17 fronts.  Lady Lolita, however, claims that the diplomacy with other species is a waste of time and that lesser species should be forced to fight for the Time Lords.  The War King sees Lolita as the future and doesn’t believe he has the power to stop Lolita – only to slow her down. Justine wants to resurrect Osiris so that he can prevent Sutekh from gaining power.  Eliza ends up having to donate part of her Biodata to filling the missing gaps in Osiris’s Biodata  Justine’s long term goal is to reestablish Faction Paradox as a viable faction.  Lolita allies with Sutekh to prevent this.  They falsify evidence that indicates that Justine and Anubis were going to defile Osiris’s Biodata and commit blasphemy.  This gives Sutekh the support he needs to become head of the Osiran Court.  Just at the Osirans are about to destroy Justine and the resurrected Osiris the 59th Time-Fleet of the House Military arrives and threatens to destroy the 20 mile long Ship of a Billion Years.  Sutekh tries to go to war with Time Lords but the Osiran Court refuses to support him, forcing him to back down.  The War King invites Justine of Faction Paradox to have sanctuary on the Homeworld.  The War King promises to issue her a full pardon. 
Lolita injects Eliza some of her  biodata to the Osirus/Eliza hybrid which will give him the power to destroy Sutek in a fight. 

1205?       (after Body Politic)
                Words from Nine Divinities:  The War King brings Justine to Gallifrey VII to force Lolita’s hand.  She stays there for 5 days polarizing the council into two factions; a pro War King faction, and a pro-Lolita faction.  After Horus defeats Sutekh, Lolita swallows the War King to prevent him from opposing her.  Lolita becomes the new War Queen of Gallifrey VII.  Horus seizes control of his armies of vamperic beasts.  Using the gap in the security systems that Justine had plotted out when she left Gallifrey, Eliza has the armies attack the capitol of the homeworld.  They cause massive damage, even breaching the Panopticon during Lolita’s open address.  Numerous council members are killed.  The attack of the Vampires on Gallifrey sweeps over much of the land outside the Capitol.  Most of Lolita’s forces, and most of the High Council is killed.  

                The battle between the vampires and the Gallifreyans was very long, but eventually most of the Vampires were defeated.  However, the Vampires secure the hole in the Homeworld’s security that the used to enter and hold it. Cardinal Saverie is one of the few survivors from the Council, and he takes the position of Acting-Chancellor, for War Queen Lolita.  

1205?       (6 months after The Ship of Billion Years after Lolita becomes the War Queen)
                Ozymandias:  Horus and Sutekh agree to have a final battle throughout all of Time itself to determine who should rule the Osirans.

1205?       (after Ozymandias)
    The Judgment of Sutekh: Horus travels to Gallifrey and disables Gallifrey’s defenses.  Horus leads 740 Faithful of Horus and their 740 War Barges onto Gallifrey to attack Lolita.  After losing this battle, Lolita is dealt with in such a way that she can never cause a problem for Justine (or apparently anyone else) again.  The War King (aka the Master) appears to escape from Lolita (or is resurrected again) as he continues to rule Gallifrey VII until at least The Taking of Planet 5.   Justine mortally wounds Horus and Sutekh kills him.  This makes Sutekh overconfident enough that he accidentally opens his mind to Justine and she severs most of the parts of his brain responsible for psionics.  He is imprisoned on Mars by the Osiran Court.  

??                (probably during the Time War)
                The Doctor's companion Andrew sacrifices himself to prevent the Sentient TARDIS War.  The Doctor will spend the next year of his life grieving for him.  
The Doctor will lose several companions due to the Time War .

1205??          (334,961,146,600 AD~ / 6-7 thousand years after Mesh is born)
                Mesh Cos and her contemporaries plan to leave a legacy of humanity that will outlast their species.  Over several centuries they created the Universal Machine from skeins of light, thought, and aether.  The almost infinitely complex machine will have the ability to mimic any tool devised by humanity from stone calculators to aethernetic soulware - it is the sum total of all Human knowledge, technology, art, society, and language. 

??            The Time Lords steal weapons from their own future to fight the Enemy.

??                (during the Time War)
                 The Time Eaters are created.  They use time webs to age everything about 700 meters to dust.   Given the area effect, this is probably a Time Lord weapon.  

?                 (before the launch of the Warship)
                 The Time Lords invent the Cold.  A substance that exists as a liquid gateway/buffer between the Normal Space and the Yssgaroth-Space of the Vampires.
  The Cold is probably based on Validium.  When you look closely at the cold you can see the Yssgaroth trying to escape.  The Cold can also hold objects inside itself - keeping them in perfect stasis.  When activated everything in the immediate area is pulled into Yssgaroth-Space.   The Remote will make masks out of Cold.

??                  (After Infinity Doctors)
                    The Time Lords will have to deal with the Faction Paradox, Catavolcus, Varnax, and Timewyrm.

Doctor Who - The Motion Picture Alternate Timeline

This could describe the fall of one of the Gallifrey Cloneworlds.

??                      (before Last of the Time Lords)
                    The Doctor was a friend of Varnax until he proposed making the Time Lord gods of creation.

??                      (before Last of the Time Lords)
                   The Doctor will have an intimate relationship with the Gallifreyan, Zilla.

??                  The renegade Time Lord Varnex and an Earth woman in the 1900's will have a child named Lotte.

1151                  (Date Index 310607)
                     Last of the Time Lords: The High Council devastates Gallifrey to prevent Varnex from taking control of all of time.  The Doctor falls in love with Lotte and meets Zilla again.  Zilla is killed.

??                    (After the Last of the Time Lords)
                    The Doctor begins rebuilding Gallifrey??

??               Iris might form an alliance with the Cyber-Factions and lead an assault on a race from the Obverse.

??               (some time after Real Time)
                   The Cybermen destroy one of the Gallifrey Cloneworlds. 

??            (some time well after the 6th Doctor's era)
                The Doctor devastates the Cybermen.  While several refugees hide within the Vortex, only one Cyberman remains in Normal Space.  That Cyberleader finds an abandoned timeship (of a design more advanced that what the 6th Doctor has encountered) on a scorched and burned world.  He tries to use it to travel back in time, but without a symbiotic nuclei he is badly wounded.    

??              The War King has Garrisons constructed throughout Time and Space.

A devastated Capitol

?                 (before Taking of Planet 5 from Homunculette POV)
                    Even more Gallifreys have been created secretly and placed in Pocket Universes as a last resort.  This brings the total to 12 (though 1 has been destroyed in the Battle of Mutter's Cluster). 
Not all Gallifreyans enter the bottle.  Some form other colonies and a handful of Time Lords stay behind expecting to fight the Gods to the bitter end.  Officially there are still only 8 surviving Gallifreys. 

?                (well after TBOTW is written)
                    The Battle of Anvil Stars: A massive battle is fought, to fulfill history.  Several paradoxes are left on the battlefield.

?                    (before the Pangea incident)
                 The Time Lords begin to lose the War with the Enemy.  

1250~?            (before the launch of the Warship)
                  The Time Lords create an ultimate weapon of mutual assured destruction in the form of a Gallifreyan Warship named Anathema.  The Warship is about 7,000 km in diameter.  It is black and made in the shape of the seal of Rassilon.  It's design is based on prototype left over from the end of the Eternal Wars. 
The Time Lords install the Cold as the heart of Anathema’s weapons systems.  It uses the Cold to remove whole planets from the space-time continuum, and place them in the realm of the Vampires.   The Cruiform was a weapon left over from the Vampire Wars and is probably the Prototype Anathma Warship  It might have had a Z-Neutrino Core – which was eventually used to power the Dalek Crucible. 

1250~?            (about three billion years before the birth of Christ / before the true identity of the enemy is learned / after the Time Lords begin losing the War)
                   The Time Lords will launch the warship from one of their bases towards Earth, with the idea that if the Enemy doesn't fall into line Earth will be destroyed shattering the Web of Time and destroying both the Time Lords and the Enemy.

??                    (just before the Time War begins in earnest / after the  Memento Mori are created)
                On the world of Ragnifrex Major (100 light years from the Earth) the natives rise up and drive out the warlord Kaam.  In order to get revenge upon his people Kaam allies with the Daleks.  Kaam was a technological genius who was stationed at the Daleks' Eternity Citadel to work with the Daleks.  The Eternity Citadel was an isolated world filled with scientists that Daleks had captured or tricked into working for them 
to create many weapons of mass destruction to defeat the Time Lords.  The Citadel is kept outside of time with a transduction barrier and powered by massive amounts of psycho-kinetic brain cells bred from samples taken from Dalek mutants.   In might have been invented by the Eternity Circle.  The Eternity Circle is composed of 5 Daleks in blue and silver casings.  Their purpose is to find a way to spread the Dalek species throughout history.   Kaam conceived of how to create the Temporal Exterminator, but he quickly realized that the Daleks viewed him as little more then a slave. 

1290~?             Interference (Gallifrey): The Remote try to free the Cold but are stopped by the Doctor from the Past.  The Doctor (from the past) assumes control of the Warship Anathema.

??            (before Alien Bodies)
               The Celestis slips the Time Lords some info on the Enemy's Anarchitects (block-transfer viruses).


1290??             (after the launch of the Time Lord Warship Anathema / before the Time Lords learn that the Enemy is not from Earth / most believe there are still 9 Homeworlds and that Earth is the homeworld of the Enemy )
             A Time Lord warrior travels back to Pangea to learn the truth about the beginning of the War from an ancient book.  He learns that almost everything he has been told about the nature of the enemy in the Time War was lies.  The enemy is not from Earth but is in fact. ..the Daleks.   The form of the enemy keeps changing throughout the War, but the some force or entity keeps ensuring that the Last Great Time War happens. The Time Lords end up naming this force the Catalyst.  Some speculate that the Catalyst was Rassilon, or the Eternal known as Death, or Matrix, but nobody really knows.

1290~           (after Alien Bodies from Drax's POV / 400 years before the end of the Time War / possibly after Alien Bodies from the Time Lord's POV / a good amount of time after the start of the Time War)
             The Time Lords learn that the Enemy is in fact the Daleks
and not the descendant of the Ancestor Cell.   The Time Lords go to war with the Daleks.   After learning that the Daleks are attempting to destroy them, the Time Lords send numerous field agents to create minor skirmishes against the Daleks.  This is done to keep them distracted while the Time Lords prepare to launch a major assault. 

??              (after the Time Lords learn that Skaro wasn't destroyed by the Hand of Omega)
                The Arcalian Benncuiq IV writes A Short Treatise on Dalek Justice.  

??            (during the Time War / before War Without End / probably after the Daleks are know to be the enemy)
                 At some point in its history, the Earth becomes the most feared prison world in Dalek held territory.  Numerous high profile Time Lords who have been captured by the Daleks are held there.  

??            (possibly before The Enemies of Time / during one of the most chaotic points in the Time War / probably before The Enemies of Time / after the Daleks are revealed as the enemy)
                War Without End: Veteran Time Warriors sneak deep into Dalek territory and rescue the Valeyard (aka the Doctor) from the Daleks.  
The Valeyard is being held on the Dalek Prison world of Earth.  This is done to prevent the Daleks from having access to his knowledge of how the Time War ends.  It is hoped that he will be able to change history to avert the damage to the Web of Time.    


??         (when it looks like Gallifrey might be destroyed / before Rassilon has a physical body)
                The Enemies of Time: The Doctor is summoned to the Final Redoubt by an ancient program hard coded into every TARDIS by order of Rassilon.  There is a Matrix Adjunct there which holds the brain pattern of Rassilon and every other great Time Lord who has passed away.  
Sacrificing vast amount of resources, the Time Lords resurrected Rassilon to guide Gallifrey during its darkest hour.   They had considered resurrecting Morbius. Rassilon needs the Doctor to collect the 12 cylinders of the Apocalypse Clock.  The Apocalypse Clock is capable of crystallizing and time locking the entire Web of Time at once, so that any time travel or change to history would be impossible.  It was designed to be used if the Time Lords were in danger of being deleted from history, or if they were threatening to use the time travel abilities to destroy the Web of Time.  Rassilon tells the Doctor that the time has come to use the Apocalypse Clock to end the Time War before the Time Lords are destroyed.  The Doctor successfully quests for the missing cylinders that are required to activate the Apocalypse Clock but discovers that one of the matrix projections at the Redoubt is actually the Valeyard from the future.  The Valeyard attempts to blackmail the Doctor into providing him with all of the Doctor's future regenerations.  In return he will use the Clock to stop Gallifrey's fall.  But Rassilon steals the Key of Rassilon from the Valeyard so that he can make himself a physical corporeal being again.   The Valeyard escapes taking several of the Clock's cylinders with him.   Rassilon's new body has two hearts.      

The New Bow Ship design

??              (during the early days of the Time War / after the Daleks have been reveled as the enemy / a good while after the start of the Time War / in the Time Lord's most desperate hour / probably right after The Enemies of Time)
                The Second Age of Rassilon: Rassilon says he will lead the Time Lords to victory. The Castellan now sits at Rassilon’s right hand opposite the dark haired female Patrexian. Rassilon brought with him a powerful arsenal of ancient weapons. This included the Black Hole Carriers and the Bow Ships. He wields the Gauntlet of Rassilon. This weapon only available to the Lord President. At lower settings this ancient weapon disintegrates people with powerful electrical energy bolts. But it is capable of functioning as a short range D-mat weapon. The Time Lords re-discover much of their lost science, and meet most of the requirements of being a level 11 society. Rassilon's Chancellor goes by the title The Second. Engin is the Coordinator of the Matrix at the end of the Time War. The Time War will eventually drive Rassilon insane.

1290                (possibly before the Nestenes lose their protein planets / no more then 400 years before Engines of War)
The Time War might be a major shift in reality that is noticed by Higher Species in the Universe.  But the Forests of Cheem (decedents of Earth from the year 5 billion AD) are one of the few Higher Species who can fully understand the Time War.  The Forests of Cheem will learn, with great sorrow, of the destruction of all of the Time Lords at the end of the War.   They (like many other Higher Species) are horrified at the massive loss of life it causes.  The dead number in the billions.  The retro-dead can never be counted.  The Krillitanes and the Cynrog will also learn the details of the Time War.      

??           (during his 8th incarnation / at the very edge of the forward Time Parameter of the Time Lords / possibly towards the end of his 8th incarnation)
              The End: After spending a great deal of time on the project, the Doctor finally finishes creating the Institute of Time on a planet orbiting a black hole (possibly one of the cloneworlds in the distant future??).  The Institute is a dedicated to the pursuit of abstract scientific truth.  The planet has an artificial atmosphere generator. founders of the Institute of Time is made up of several time travelers, including the Doctor, Radregh the Alsheen, the Hive, Hactrix, Kom, and Reesha.  All of them are friends of the Doctor.  This might be connected to Miranda's people who also hail from that era.  The Doctor nips forward in time and learns that the Institute of Time will last until the end of the Universe, but by that point most of its founders will have taken their own lives.  Now that he is over 1000 years old the Doctor's memory is starting to fade, and the Doctor suspects his regeneration might be coming soon.  

??            (right before Museum Peace / after the Daleks are known to be the enemy in the Time War)

                The Doctor becomes involved with the Time War on the world of Tsan.  He is traveling without a companion and doesn’t want one. 
By this point, the Doctor has lost several companions due to the Time War .

??              (the 8th Doctor)
                Museum Peace: The Doctor realizes that he could destroy Daleks, but to do so would mean destroying the Time Lords as well.  But he struggles with this decision, and eventually gives up on the idea.  He witnesses a Dalek kill a child and commits himself to taking part in the War.  He realizes that he will soon regenerate, but has something he wants do first. 

??            (after he's decided to take part in the Time War / while in his 8th incarnation / after the Medusa Cascade is re-opened)
                The Forgotten: The Doctor is imprisoned in a castle on a planet that might be one of the Gallifreys.  After 37 days of incarceration he escapes and frees the various species inside the prison.  He also steals the Great Key of Rassilon.  With this he could activate the Moment and remove millions of people from time and space.  The Doctor considers using it to close the Medusa Cascade.   Possibly the Doctor was keeping the Key as a back-up in case he couldn't find a way to win the Time War.   

??               The Doctor helps the Glass Men.  

??               (possibly after the Forest of Cheem learn of the Time War / probably before the Doctor becomes the Warrior)
              All of the Nestene Consciousness' protein planets are destroyed as a side effect of the War.  This might have been caused by the Time Lords.  The Nestene's fear the Time Lords and their TARDISes.  The Doctor tried to save these worlds, but failed.  

?                (before Night of the Doctor)  
                The Earth Empire was caught in the crossfire during the Time War and suffered greatly.

??              The Eremites believed that they are on the Hegira Pilgrimage that will lead them to the Redux.  The Redux will occur during the time of Gallifrey’s greatest need and the Eremites will return to Gallifrey to save it.

War Doctor
The New Doctor ( John Hurt / Richard E. Grant )

1390~?? (483~?? AF) ??         (before the Cult of Skaro goes into hiding / after the Time War starts / after the Time Lords know the Daleks are the enemy / before the Doctor serves in the War / before becoming the Warrior / possibly centuries before Engines of War / probably hundreds of years before Day of the Doctor / possibly when the Daleks start to lose the War)
                Night of the Doctor:
Humans can't tell the difference between the ethics of the Daleks and the Time Lords, and some would give their life to kill either one.  They feel that its only a matter of time till they destroy what’s left of the Universe's history (possibly a reference to the reduction in the life-span of the Universe).   By this point time aware humans know that a TARDIS is bigger on the inside then on the outside.   The Doctor blames himself for the Time War, but avoids getting involved because he now feels he can’t have a positive effect on things.   The human Cass was from the Earth Empire.  In the Classic timeline she was a civilian who became the 8th Doctor’s companion.  But now, in the new War timeline she is in the military and hates the Time Lords.  The Doctor tries to save a human named Cass from a gunship but she forces the ship to crash on Karn.   He will later feel that the she betrayed him.  The Sisterhood might have been responsible for causing the ship to crash in the first place so that the Doctor would be killed and ‘forced’ to choose to become involved in the War.  Both of them are killed, but the Sisterhood of the Flame use their superior knowledge of Gallifreyan biology to resurrect the Doctor for 4 minutes.  The Sisterhood explains that the Time War will destroy all of reality unless the Doctor intervenes.  They have created potions that will force-regenerate the Doctor into a variety of specialized bodies and personalities.  The Doctor renounces his name and chooses the potion created by Ohila that will regenerate him into a warrior.  The Doctor regenerates for the eighth time.   The Doctor's TARDIS is nearly destroyed in the Time War and was force to regenerate alongside him.   The War Doctor probably spends hundreds of years fighting the Daleks.    The Doctor has had some bodies and lives that he doesn't admit to.  Of all of these, the one he tries the hardest to hide is the Warrior.   Given the modifications made to Time Lord regeneration tech during the Time War, it's possible that the Doctor's new body is better at absorbing and releasing Artron Energy.   This would explain how he could recharge the TARDIS power cell in Rise of the Cybermen.   Also see the notes in The Christmas Invasion about the Doctor's new hand being improved over the old one.  After the regeneration the Doctor leaves Karn as a Dalek Dreadnought arrives and destroys the Sisterhood of the Flame.

1390~??    (483~?? AF) ??      (shortly after regenerating)
                 Crowsnest Past:

?        (probably shortly after regenerating)
                The Doctor hides the Earth from the Daleks.

?        (probably shortly after regenerating)
                The Doctor becomes member of the War Council on one of the Gallifreys.  

??            (probably during the Time War / before Engines of War)
                   The Doctor's TARDIS is augmented so that it can store far more fuel then any TARDIS from the time of The Infinity Doctors.   This allows the Doctor's TARDIS to travel to the end of the Universe and back again before needing to refuel.  The Doctor has upgraded his TARDIS's shielding to be immune to Time Torpedoes.
By this point the Doctor's TARDIS doesn't like weapons and refuses to have any fitted.  The TARDIS has a Zero Room.   The Doctor modifies his TARDIS so that it can bypass transduction barriers.     The Doctor discovered that Transduction barriers can be breached by modifying temporal shielding to created a state of Folded-Temporal Grace.  It allows one to fold oneself into alternate, but very similar, timelines and time states.  This can be used to flip oneself past a transduction barrier.  

Time Lord Prison Ship

??                (During the Time War / probably before the Time Lords become evil)
                The Time Lords capture several million Daleks but cannot bring themselves to destroy them.  They imprison them (with their Travel Machines) in a dimensionally transcendental Time Lord Prison Ship.   This Ark requires 13 square miles (48 sq. km) of space to release its prisoners.  It would appear that these are most if not all the Daleks captured by the Time Lords during the War.   Once captured by the Daleks the Prison Ship will be know as the Genesis Ark. The Ark has encryption mechanism, life support monitors, an elevation engine, and is held together with vectral frame clamps.   The Ark can only be opened with the artron energy of a Time Lord (with a symbiotic nuclei) or by someone who had the nuclei's molecular stabilization codes imprinted on them by a TARDIS PAST.  The Time Lords don't tell the Doctor about the Genesis Ark.   This Ark will be one of the few pieces of Time Lord technology that will survive the Time War.

1390~?        (300 years before the final end of the Daleks in Evil of the Daleks from the Dalek's POV)
Under the Master's leadership the Time Lords have many great victories.   The Daleks begin to lose the Great Time War for control of the Cosmos.

??                (probably not too long after Night of the Doctor)
                    The Eight Minute War: The Warrior enlists a variety of species from various worlds threatened by the Daleks.  He builds the Army of TARDIS and trains them.  But when he tries to recruit the Hermit the Army is ambushed by Daleks.  The Daleks use the Hermit’s telepathic abilities and the TARDIS to send a temporal pulse back through time, destroying every world that joined the Army of TARDIS. 

??                (during the Time War)
                  Alchemy: House Arpexia sends 3 weapons to the world of Tagonique.  Of the three, the detonator of the group was created using the potential energy of the Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark.  They can reach back through a suitably altered temporal nexus point and release a quasar like blast of energy on various temporal frequencies to reshape that timeline.  Their purpose on Tagoniqui is to ensure that the society never rises beyond its superstitious beliefs and thus won’t become a vast galactic empire that acts as a representative for the enemy in the War.  They do this by re-introducing, on a local level, the cacophony of magic that the Time Lords banished during the Time of Chaos.  Due the rationalizing nature of Eye of Harmony’s observations, this causes the world (and everything within a cubic light year) to be suddenly converted into high energy particles in 73 years.  

??               (during the War)
                    The Mayakai are a warrior tribe has their entire culture primed to serve as a weapon in the War (probably by the Time Lords).  The become a type of weapon and were able to use bones to inflict damage and death on their victims.

??                The Malmooth fought in the Time War (possibly on the side of the Time Lords)

??                Print the Legend: In the time right before Roosevelt took office (look for the assassination that led to this event).  A human named Gault is promised the Presidency of the United States of America if he agrees to give the country over to the control of the Great Houses [does this tie in the Bovine creation of the USA?].  Faction Paradox tries to intervene by killing Gault.  But the Time Lords had already double-crossed Gault, by elevating the physical manifestation of the American Dream to become a Lady of Time. 

??            (not to long before Scream of the Shalka)
                    The Doctor allows an unknown female companion to die.

??               (Before Gallifrey is destroyed / the Doctor is currently exiled from Gallifrey (probably because he's a citizen of the City of the Saved) / at least several years before Rose / the Doctor's 9th incarnation / after a Gallifrey has been destroyed but the Doctor saved the Matrix from it)
                Scream of the Shalka:
By this point the Doctor is has taken the Master's echo that was trapped in the TARDIS (that was consumed during The Enemy Within) and constructed an android body and electronic brain for it that is linked with the TARDIS.  The android appears to be able to only function within the TARDIS and is programmed to prevent the Doctor from getting any female companions.  He chose this form of existence as an alternative to a slow painful death.  This android is dependent on the TARDIS for survival and can be switched off by the Doctor.  The Doctor appears to be working for the Time Lords on a frequent basis.  He appears to have no ethical problems working for the military.

??                (a fair amount of time before Tanton Macoute)
                A Faction Paradox Tracking Knife is used in autopsies to dissect a person’s history at a quantum level.  But Cousin Macoute tried it on himself while he was still alive and discovered that he could cut into his future as well as his past.  He could slice up his possibilities at a quantum level and then examine one’s possible futures.  He then began devouring anything to add to his own possibilities.  He become so dangerous that his tongue and several other body parts were removed and he was imprisoned within a timeloop inside a Cyclon named Tracy.   

??                (probably created after the destruction of the 11 Day Empire)
                    The Faction keeps its prisoners (usually family members who go bad) in the Boulevard of Alternate Brutalities. They are imprisoned within numerous side-steps in time and watched over by artificial intelligence projections. Indeed there are more alternate realities, pocket universes, and side-steps in time than anywhere else in the Universe. The Boulevard is made up of an entire town worth of streets and buildings stuck end to end that loop back on themselves. The Boulevard was created by Carpathian engineers who were paid several Galaxies worth of wealth. The streets were all collected, right before they were destroyed, from various times and places. The Boulevard survives billions of years until the end of the Universe, but is finally destroyed when Iris Wildthyme tampers with its failing systems in Library Pictures.

??                (after the Boulevard is created)
                    Godfather Valentine (the former Acting Emergency Speaker for the Faction), became Director of the Boulevard of Alternate Brutalities.

The Face of the War - The Tenth Wave

                   By the time of the 10th Wave Occupation, Gallifreyan Culture has been majorly restructured.  Most Time Lord agents appear to know that the Original Gallifrey has already been "wiped." There have been at least 12 Cloneworlds created by this point. Time Lord Warriors receive their orders from the High Command.  Another organization connected with the War Looms is the Time War Council of War Cardinals.   The War Council's High Command is made up of the General, Lord Bentham, and Androgar and four other Time Lords.  None of these people are on the High Council.  The General considers dealing with multiple Doctor to be one of his worst nightmares.  An all out assault on Gallifrey by the Daleks is another.  All officers in the House Military must obey the War Rule.  Rassilon makes execution the mandatory punishment for almost all crimes. 
            The War Looms produce hoards of new Time Lords.  Most [of not all] have a moment of conception.  These freshly minted Regen-Inf warriors are called Newborn.   By the end of the Time War the Matrix is linked to almost every Time Lord and every TARDIS in the Universe (including the Doctor’s).  Time Warriors get upgraded vision via a Headcam with built in heads up displays. The Headcam's grid is fused to the warrior's neural receptors. It downloads all of its info into the brain of the warrior using a small part of their brain as a storage hard drive.   The warriors have much of their training loaded directly into their minds.   While many time warriors believe they receive premonitions of the future when the grid is fused to the receptors, the House Military maintained that they were just hallucinatory side-effects of the process.   The Academy side of their training includes torture and fighting in the Death Zone (possibly at the hands of a restored Borusa or War Chief).  30,923 words have been created by the Gallifreyans to deal with the War.   Priority Omega is one of the highest ratings in the House Military coding.  “Change is good.” – “Local situations require local measures.” – These are both mantras from the Academies during the War with the Enemy.  They also teach that there is no skill more important then the ability to get out of tight corners.   The Time Lord troops are able to defy chronology and act faster then would be possible.  They are force regenerated into forms that will blend in on whatever planet they go to.  The veterans of the First Wave are the only officers allowed to keep humanoid bodies.   Only 1 out of a 1000 Time Lords survive more than 15 missions.  If the warrior dies the memory will removed from their cortex and uploaded to their family's drives.  Any events that would be unsuitable for children will be tinted red.  A language filter distorts video and audio whenever swear words are encountered.   By the end of the Time War, trials were rarely used to determine what happend, but instead the investigation focused on the morality and motivation behind the accused's actions.  
                    By this point Gallifrey VIII smells of rendered animal fat and bone smoke.  Most reside in living quarters that resemble grey military barracks and smell of male hormones. 
Within the Capitol most Time Lords still view the Time War as be something that happens somewhere else to someone else.   In addition to the Transduction Barriers and the quantum forcefield, the individual cities of Gallifrey are protected by multiple sky trenches.  Gallifrey's best protected city is Arcadia, which has 400 sky trenches.  Just one of these trenches could resist almost an attack by almost any temporal power.  Up until the Battle of Arcadia, nothing in the Universe had ever overcome more then one sky trench.  
                    Many of the weapons used in the War are created using chronoforges.  As the forge creates weapons of temporal destruction they emit visible radiation from the fracturing of chronons.  
The Parallel Cannon is developed by the Time Lords for use in the War.  It acts as a porthole to a nova an releases a stream of neutrinos capable of burning through 1 kilometer of nickel iron ore a second.   The Time Lords deploy fleets of Bowships, Black Hole Carriers, and N-Forms (all stolen from their own past).   Numerous Bowships will be burned by the endo of the War.  Other Time Lord weapons can insert monkey biodata into its victims timeline.   Biodamper rings are very effective devices that are used prevent the person wearing it from being detected and tracked.   The Time Lords are also constructing Type 103, 104, and 105 TARDIS.   By the end of they Time War they won't have reach the Type 110.    Over a million battle TARDISes are used in the War (organized into over 10,000 Centuries).  It would take a crew of over 6 million to man such a time fleet.  Millions of planets are occupied by the House Military.
                While the Daleks are unable to penetrate more then one of the skytrenches over the cities of Gallifrey, they
have become experts at fighting TARDISes.   A single DARDIS can time ram and destroy the current breeds of TARDIS.   By this point the enemy can detect any grouping of 12 or more TARDISes anywhere in the Universe.  They will immediately mount an attack on that time zone and fill the skies of a planet with their saucers.  When the battles do occur in N-Space, many lesser species find their history's subtly altered and rewritten.    
               By this point the Doctor is considered a peasant hero, a bandit, and the symbol of independent wasteful initiative.  Many illegal “historical romances” are circulated on Gallifrey IX about his adventures.  These include the story “Doctor ? – In an exciting Adventure with the Enemy.”  Most Time Lords like him dead (they think he’s slightly safer that way).

?                (possibly before the Daleks are discovered to be the enemy / shortly before the Daleks vanish into the Vortex)
                    The beginning of the 10th Wave Occupation.

1500??           (centuries after she last sees the Doctor / years after The Ancestor Cell)
                 Tomb of Valdemar: Romana regenerates because of old age and takes Ponch as a companion.

1590?             (300 years after the Daleks begin to lose the Great War / the final end of the Daleks)      
                Evil of the Daleks
/ A Meeting of Minds: Three humanized Test Daleks are created.  The Daleks construct a machine that can introduce the Dalek Factor into any human who passes through it. They plan to create a liquid that can be sprayed into the atmosphere to turn the populations of entire planets into mental Daleks.  The Doctor humanizes several Daleks who go to war with the original Daleks.  The Emperor is severely damaged in this battle, but not destroyed.   The Emperor Dalek probably could downloaded his consciousness into another clone of himself in order to escape destruction.  By this point the Emperor Dalek controls trillions of Daleks. 

(after The Evil of the Daleks)
                Though most of the humanized Daleks were destroyed some escape and set up an underwater city on the planet Korr.  These Daleks might fulfill the Doctor's prophecy that some great good will come of the Daleks.  These Daleks could eventually become the Klade.

??             (almost certainly after Evil of The Daleks / during the Time War)
                The Emperor Dalek authorizes the creation of the Cult of Skaro - Daleks with a sense of individuality and creativity.  They are a group of 4 individualized Daleks, named Sec (a Black Dalek), Thay, Jast, and Caan.  Their purpose is to provide and understanding of how their enemies (the Time Lords or Humanity???) think and imagine.  And then to devise new ways to defeat these enemies. The Cult's existence is kept secret and the Time Lords will hear myths and legends of cult's existence but have no proof that such an organization exists.

??             (after Evil of the Daleks and any other stories set on Skaro / before the end of the Last Time War / sometime after the Hand of Omega attacks Skaro / during the Time War)
                Skaro is devastated and obliterated
by the Doctor.  The planet, and the ruins of the Dalek's city can still be visited after this devastation.   After the Time War, several time aware species will attribute its destruction to the Moment. 

??           (possibly shortly after Evil of the Daleks)
                The Dalek Factor: The Doctor is captured by the Daleks and tortured by having his memory erased and tricking him into helping the Thals infected with the Dalek Factor into escaping into the universe to pass the Dalek Factor to future generations of Thals.

1600??            (before Engines of War)
                The Daleks begin freely converting large numbers of lesser species into Dalek Warrior who are used as front-line cannon fodder in the War.

1600??             (towards the end of the Time War / probably after Evil of the Daleks)
              I am a Dalek: A Dalek is sent to the Earth in the year 70 AD to infect humanity with the Dalek Factor.  The Daleks time travel capsule crashed and only 1 in 500,000 humans were infected.

??        (before Alien Bodies / after Evil of the Daleks)     
                The Dalek forces are now augmented with other species who have been altered to now carry the heart (and in some case the body) of Dalek.   This ‘Dalek Factor’  has become so pervasive that the Time Lords no longer see their enemy as being something that can be summed up with a simple name.  The enemy was spawned by an inherent function of the Universe, and is no longer a single species, but a process sweeping through the spiral politic.  Something far worse than just Daleks of the 22nd century.   

??            (after the Daleks are discovered to be the enemy)
                The Longest Day: The Daleks are using a time-rift as a beachhead.  The House Military attacks and both sides end up trapped in a time loop.  This drives the Daleks mad and they see the eternal battle as their ultimate goal in life.

??            (after the Daleks are discovered to be the enemy)
                Time Bridge over the Planet Q'wai: The Daleks use Time Lord prisoners (led by a member of the High Council) to construct a massive time bridge that will allow a massive Dalek battle fleet to travel to another time zone.

??             The Daleks used small squad carriers with time corridor technology to deliver hoards of warriors to the battlefield.  

??               (probably after the War begins)
                   The Time Lords begin to have serious doubts as to whether the Observer Theory that is the foundation of the Eye of Harmony and the anchoring of History is in fact correct.  Most abandon the Observer Theory, and those that still support it now believe that each observer is in turned observed by some other even higher observer.  In fact the Guardians are dedicated to serving as the observers of the Time Lords.   The supporters believe that this continues until the Ultimate Observer (or God) is reached.  Some Post Humans who know of the City of the Saved believe that humanity might one day become the Ultimate Observer.

??             The Delphon star went supernova and the Time Lords are routed, taking massive losses.  Homunculette was involved in this incident.

1600??            (before Alien Bodies from the Time Lord's POV /  possibly after the Dalek Factor is deployed)
                 The Time Lords begin to lose the War with the Enemy.  

??               (Thousands of years before Bad Wolf / shortly after Evil of the Daleks / after Skaro was devastated / shortly after the beginning of the 10th Wave Occupation)
                 The entire surviving Dalek race (20 billion Daleks) boards 10,000,000 Dalek Timeships and vanish from their home time zone.  Unknown to most species, the Daleks have departed to make direct assaults on the Time Lords as their last stand in the Time War.  The Emperor personally leads this fleet.   The fleet is armed with the weapons of the Deathsmiths of Goth.  

16 5 1         (almost 500 years after the War start from the Time Lords' POV / over 500 years after the War begins / centuries after the War starts / 2169 AD / before the Daleks are discovered to be behind the War)
                    Alien Bodies: The Time Lords learn that the Doctor's body can be found on Sol III (Earth) in the 21st and 22nd centuries.  Desperate for a way to defeat the Enemy they send Homunculette is sent from Gallifrey XII to collect it, but Qixotl
(Drax) has already taken it.

16 5 1         (half a millennium after the war starts from the Time Lords POV / centuries after the War starts / several hundred years after 1192 / before the Daleks are discovered to be behind the War / 2069 AD)
                    Alien Bodies: Qixotl
(Drax) tries to auction the Doctor's body off.  Qixotl thinks that the body isn't exactly what everyone thinks it is.  The invitation list is made up of the Time Lords, the Faction Paradox, the Daleks, the Humans, and the Enemy.  The Celestis wins the auction but the Doctor (in his early 8th incarnation) destroys the body with a Thermosystron bomb on the planet Quiescia (a planet on the opposite side of Mutter's Stellian Spiral from Gallifrey).

?                (After the Last Great Time War begins / during the 10th Wave Occupation)
                   The Time Lords being raiding their own past for fleets of Bowships, N-Forms, Black Hole Carriers.

?                (before Taking of Planet 5 / After Alien Bodies)
                 Time Lords rediscover the secrets of the D-Mat Gun.  D-mat guns are stored only on Gallifrey IX.  
Newer models (the Type 104?) has a Time Vector Eliminator which can d-mat entire planets.  The TVE is rarely used due to the unpredictable butterfly effect of removing something from history.  By the time of Engines of War large scale D-Mat weaponry will be locked away.  

??              (during the Time War / the Master was probably there to witness this)
                   As part of the Time War the Doctor battles the Sea Devils.  It is known that the Sea Devils were involved in the Time War.  

??               By the end of the Time War the Doctor believes his brother (Braxiatel), granddaughter Susan, and the rest of his family are all dead.  He believes that all his Gallifreyan friends are dead as well.

??            (during the Time War / probably after Alien Bodies)
                 The Doctor fought on the front lines of the Time War.  It is because of this that he survived the War. 
He was involved in many of the Time War's most important battles.   He fought hard and fiercely and did things that his previous incarnations never would have done.  Others view him as dangerous and difficult to deal with, but in his own mind he is compromising his own identity as the Doctor.  During the Time War the Daleks devoted their most advanced weapons to destroying the Doctor. 

?               (probably not long before Taking of Planet 5)
                  General Entarlon is whipped for using Omega’s name in vain.

??               Investigator Four, after being banished by the Celestis becomes a hermit.  He realizes that Mictlan will attract the Swimmers that exist outside of our Universe.  He makes a plan to release the Fendahl Predator to destroy Mictlan and the rest of the Celestis.  He puts a Fictional Generator in Antarctica at 12,000,000 BC and gives it a book by H.P. Lovecraft.  He enlists the aid of Hypernaught One, a Celestis Investigator.

?               The Celestis's Investigation Section begins to suspect One of being unreliable.

?                  (shortly before the Taking of Planet 5)
                Due to a mistake made by the House Military the Time Lords take heavy loses in a battle with the Third Zone.   By this point the people of the 3rd Zone are on the verge of inventing Parallel Weaponry.

?                 (after the 5th Wave Time Assault / almost certainly after Alien Bodies from the Time Lords POV)
                The Taking of Planet 5 (Gallifrey): A subcommittee of the Time War Council, believing that the Fendahl are still trapped on the Fifth Planet, send a 13-man suicide infiltration team to acquire the Fendahl (The newly spun Holsred of the House of Redloom is part of the team).  They plan to use it as a weapon against the Enemy.  The President/War King discovers this is a trap.  He has the members of the subcommittee used as material for the War Looms. Despite his failure in the Delphon incident the President sends Homunculette to investigate the Fendahl mission.  By this point the War King's hair has turned white.  One of the 99 Houses of the Celestis goes missing and Hypernauts One and Two are dispatched to investigate.  The Celestis Agent One uses a Time Drill to releases the Fendahl Predator.  The Celestis world of Mictlan is destroyed?  Someone (Investigator Four?) implants a plan in the Doctor’s head to save the Universe from the Fendahl Predator
(The Doctor is probably 1018 at this point).  While the Predator is feeding on Mictlan the Doctor uses several War TARDISes to detach it from this Universe, leaving the Predator and Mictlan adrift in the Ur-Universe.  Agents One and Four escape from Mictlan.  The War TARDIS's used in this attack could become the Sphinxes known as the Kings of Space.

?               While the Memeovore was attacking Mictlan the Shift led a group of servants onto one of the TARDISes that had crashed there.  They then escaped and traveled back in time billions of years (possibly outside the Noosphere, almost certainly before the Intuitive Revolution) to a planet on the edge of a spiral galaxy.   They sent up a civilization there.

??               (during the Time War / the Master was probably there to witness this)
              As part of the Time War, the Doctor battles Axons.  

??            (during the Time War / probably after the Doctor gets the Great Key)
                The Doctor is probably responsible for the death of everyone in the city of Arcopolis.   This might have been done with the Great Key.

??            (during the Time War)
                The Doctor is responsible for the deaths of millions of people.  

??            (during the Time War)
                The Saturnynians know the Doctor let an entire race be turned to ash.

??               (after they have humanoid TARDISes / after the Doctor is considered a hero)
              The Celestial Preservation Agency (CPA) is created.  It is tasked with preserving history and peoples perception of History.  On Gallifrey IX the Doctor's name is a rallying cry for Time Lords of this era.  The CPA takes the actor Daland to the interactive museum in the center of the Capitol to play the Doctor.  
Sontaran legends will tell how the Doctor led the Time Lords in the Last Great Time War.   Omega is a complete joke by this point. 

??                (after Scream of the Shalka)  
               By this point, the 
Warrior (aka the Doctor) believes he has lost the right to call himself the Doctor.

??            (during the Time War / probably a fair amount of time before the end of the War)
                The Time Lords created alternate Daleks by repeatedly try to change Dalek History, but each version of history produces a new version of the Daleks.  The Daleks being harvesting the attributes of these alternated Daleks.  The Daleks laboratories develop Biodata Mutators to create more dangerous versions of Dalek Warriors.  This leads ot the creation of the creation of the Skaro Degradations.   The biodata of each Degradation has been mutated so that they are randomly evolving and de-evolving along their species timeline.   Dalek Gliders, Spiders, and Temporal Weapons Daleks are all produced.  The Biodata Mutator can create Degradations that are infections, generating continuous mutator pulses that transform any who come to close.  The DNA of the victims broadcasts the mutation to others with the range increasing as the number of mutated increase.  A single degradation could quickly mutate the biosphere of an entire world.  The Dalek Mutators were quickly re-purposed as a weapon of mass mutation.   The Daleks created slave armies composed of  the most useful of the resulting mutations.  The Daleks unleash the Skaro Degradations.

??            (during the last days of the Time War / before Ice and Neverwas / after the fall of Arcadia / )
            The Time Lords develop the Memento Mori (aka death remembered).  These near indestructible humanoid creatures are powered by the lost biodata of those who have been killed.  They are dimensionally transcendental and it takes the energies of a black hole or star to kill them.  They attach to the biodata of the target and search their past for other sapient beings who's lives were ended due to the actions of the target.  All of the people who have been killed by the target are simultaneously resurrected as temporal echoes.  These time-shifted ghosts act as a psychic lens to reflect their deaths upon the target.  The Memento Mori have no effect on people who have never caused any one's death, but the more death's a person has caused the greater the psychic energy and the more numerous the attacks.  
If they don't receive a recall command they will keep killing all possible sapients in order or priority until only Time Lords remain on the world .   They are programed to only attack Time Lords if they are a threat to the Memento Mori's mission.  They must have access to the Vortex to summon the echoes and they can not pass through a transduction barrier.  They are intelligent but only communicate when necessary.  When not being used in the Time War, the Memento Mori are stored in the Omega Arsenal.  

??            (after the Time Lords create the Memento Mori / during the Time War / not to long after the creation of the Degradations)
            In response to the Time Lords creation of the Momento Mori the Daleks release the Skaro Degradations.   The Daleks lose control of the Skaro Degradations after their own battle-fleets become infected and accidentally spread the biodata mutation to many worlds.  The Daleks abandon Mutator research as being too dangerous.  

??            (during the later days of the Time War / around the time the Temporal Exterminator was created / after the Time Lords learn that the Daleks are the enemy)
                The Daleks replaced the magnetic core of the current Yag Haz homeworld with an engine as part of their plan to turn the whole planet into a warship.  The begin construction on temporal shielding so that the planet would be able to travel the Vortex.  They cover the planet with numerous bunkers full of weapons - enough  to destroy all life in several Galaxies.  They range from hand-held devices to interplanetary missiles.  
The Daleks equip them with chemical weapons that make a population's skin fall off or detonate one's blood, beam weapons that melt bones.  Weaponized Vashta  Nerada, and anti- time ship missiles.  Anti-Human poisons include gas based viruses that enslave one's mind to the Yag Haz, drive one insane, or render its victims soluble to water.   The Dalek's hope to eventually launch this planet sized warship at Gallifrey.  When the Time Lords learned of this plan, they dispatched Momento Mori to the warship.  The Warship is launched prematurely but ends up freezing in space as the Momento Mori devastate the population.  What the Time Lords don't realize is that the entire warship is a diversionary action to draw the Time Lords attention.  

??                    (before Doom of the Daleks / probably before the Daleks develop true D-mat tech)
                The scientists at the Eternity Citadel develop the Temporal Exterminator.  Any being hit by this weapon has both their future and their past biodata threads unraveled and corroding it away.  This continues until the target is entirely erased from history.  
The weapon draws the victim's artron energy right from the Vortex itself.   The process takes some relative time but as it spreads the future version of the target remembers less and less of their past.  The first thing they forget is that they were hit by the Exterminator.  The weapon is a complex space time event with no real shape or mass.  It uses fragments and echo's of an observer's biodata to present itself as some room from their past.

??                    (during later days of the Time War / possibly before Night of the Doctor / probably after the Daleks are revealed to be the Enemy)
                Doom of the Daleks: The Daleks target their Temporal Exterminator on the Doctor.  One of the human slaves working for the Daleks in the Eternity Citadel manages to slip a message to the CIA.  It explains the details of the Temporal exterminator and tells them that it has been used on the Doctor. A member of the CIA known as the Director dispatches a team of agents to save the Doctor.  The agents have a Temporal Trace Locator that tracks the hyper-dimensional scars left in the Vortex by the Doctor's disintegrating biodata.  The agents locate enough of the scars to quadrangulate on the Eternity Citadel's location.  

??            (shortly after the beginning of Doom of the Daleks)
                Ice:  Once the CIA's agents have located the Temporal Exterminator, the Time Lords place a 
Memento Mori on the world of the Eternity Citadel.  While the  Memento Mori couldn't breach the Citadel's transduction barriers, it does trap the Daleks there. 

??            (shortly after Ice)
            Neverwas: The CIA agents break in to the Eternity Citadel and deactivate the transduction barrier.  This allows the Memento Mori to destroy the Daleks while the agents stop the Temporal Exterminator's attack on the Doctor.  

?            (not too long before Engines of War)
               The New Paradigm Daleks travel machines are developed and deployed.  

?            (not all that long before Engines of War)
                The Daleks develop Stealth Ships are black ovoid shaped timeships.  They have at least as much firepower as a Dalek Saucer but can hide in the Vortex from virtually any type of scan.  The generally wait in the Vortex near war zones waiting to detect the vibrations of TARDISes.  When a TARDIS is detected the Stealth Ships attack.   There super-charged energy weapons can destroy a War TARDIS with a single hit.   

The Cruciform after it was converted into the Crucible by the Daleks?

??        (significantly before the end of the Time War / before the Time Lords become evil /  after the Time Lords discover that the Daleks are the real enemy / when one of the Gallifreys falls / when the Time War reaches its peak / well before 2596 AD)
                The Master witnesses the Dalek Emperor taking control of the Cruciform and the sacrificing of one of the Gallifreys.  The Cruciform was a weapon left over from the Vampire Wars and is probably the Prototype Anathma Warship  It probably also has a Z-Neutrino Core – which was used to power the Dalek Crucible.  This Gallifrey's Eye of Harmony is jettisoned into the system's primary star, causing a supernova.   Because of the Quantum Barrier only the surface of  Gallifrey VIII is burned and is left in ruins.  The planet is barren of life.  This Gallifrey's primary sun becomes a neutron star.   The ruins of the Gallifreyan cities can still be found there in 2596 AD.   The blast from this event can still be seen when viewed from Simia KK98 in the 26th century (which means that Gallifrey much emerge from Inner Time less then 50,000 years from the 26th century).   The remains of the Eye of Harmony might eventually become the Black Hole that Omega tries to return through in The Three Doctors.   The  Warrior (aka the Doctor) is probably not there to witness the fall of the Cruciform.   If the Cruciform is related to the  Crucible seen in Journey's End, then the Daleks might have used its  Z-Neutrino core to combine with the Medusa Cascade and create a Reality Bomb powerful enough to destroy the Multi-verse.   A Reality Bomb works on the same principles as the Time Destructor, by aging matter till the elections and weak and strong nuclear forces crumble and the atoms fall apart. 

??        (after The Taking of Planet 5 / at least 17 years before Utopia)
                After witnessing the Dalek Emperor taking control of the Cruciform, the Master is filled with fear and flees the Time War.  He travels beyond the noosphere boundary to the year 10,000,000,000,000 AD, and uses a Chameleon Arch to make himself human.   It is unknown how many other Time Lords might have used a Chameleon Arch to hide from the Time War.  He is found on the coast of the Silver Devastation in the form of a naked child.  The Silver Devastation is the home of the Face of Boe, and is said to be inhabited by refugees from the Old Time, or monsters from another Universe.  
Could Captain Jack have raised the child and named this human Master Yana (an acronym for You Are Not Alone).  Yana will spend his life traveling from refuge ship to refuge ship.  He will become known as the Professor.  Freed from subconscious pressure of his other selves and the drumming in their heads, the Master quickly reverts to a kind hearted and even heroic nature.  

?            (in the final days of the war)
                By this point there is only one Gallifrey remaining.  It is located at the furthest edge of the War.    

??            (not too long before Engines of War)
                 Rassilon sends the Doctor on a quest to find the missing Master. 

1676~        (probably 15 years before Engines of War)
The Daleks plan to use the temporal radiation of the Tantalus Eye as a massive d-mat based doomsday weapon that will erase Gallifrey from history.   To this end they capture the entire Tantalus Spiral from Humanity.  But first they will need to develop D-mat technology.  

??           (In the final years of the Time War / probably before the Faction Audios / centuries after the the last Seer or Visionary had been active on Gallifrey)

Inspired by the Sisterhood of the Flame on Karn, Time Lords with the ability to see into alternate time and read future biodata began being trained by Minders.  The abilities of these Seers would be honed and focused till the subject spoke only in and endless rambling series of future prophecies.   The Minder would collect all of their statements for analysis in the hope of finding some useful data.  The Visionaries were also used to verify Matrix predictions.  Once their usefulness in the Time War was demonstrated, a 8th position was creating on the Inner Council for a Visionary to serve as an immediate advisor during planning sessions.   This Visionary might have represented the last of the Sisterhood of Karn.

??            (probably not too long before Engines of War or the Doctor would have already heard about it / probably before the plans for the Ultimate Sanction)
The High Council secretly approve Rassilon's construction of the Possibility Engine.  Several dozen Time Lords were specially retro-engineered to have their biodata in a constant retro-evolved state between every incarnation, suspended in the iterative midst of every regeneration simultaneously.  They become Interstitials locked into a constant state of metacrisis.  There were about 50 Gallifreyans who were experimented on before a successful candidate was found.   These prototypes were all dumped in the Death Zone.  In the end, it was former president Borusa who was successfully forced into the retro-evolved state.   Borusa was wired into the Possibility Engine which was connected to the Matrix so that the Vortex could flow through his mind.  The Engine was able to sift through all possibilities of alternate time and find specific desired outcomes.  Rassilon dreams of a future where all Time Lords have these abilities.  The Possibility Engine was created in the Capitol but moved to the Dark Tower because no one but Rassilon wanted to look at it.  

??            (probably after Dalek's take control of the Cruciform)
                  The Time Lords officially abandoned the Doctrine of Non-Intervention (a key point of the First Law of Time).  The Time Lords completely willing to sacrifice any other world to increase the chance that Gallifrey will survive.  

1690??        (during the final days of the War / 2011 AD)
                On the Bubble: The Doctor's TARDIS is trapped by a time bubble orbiting Pluto.  Imprisoned inside of this bubble is one of the horrors of the Time War, the 
Could've Been King.  But the King and his creatures has managed to feed off of  the seconds of time that have leaked in.   With the Doctor's TARDIS now available, the King escapes to devour more time, and escalate the atrocities of the Time War.  

The Never-Weres

??            (after the Master goes into hiding / during the final days of the Time War)
                  The War turned into absolute hell.   It is an all-consuming War of chaos and denial with the whole of creation at stake. The Time Lords burn worlds to ashes, or lock them in time loops. In some cases they disassemble entire Galaxies. The War is fought throughout history, though every Time, but most of the battles take place in the No Time of the Vortex. By this point the Time War has covered a billion years.   The history of the Universe is in a state of infinite temporal flux.   While the war is technically invisible to smaller species (including most humans of the 21st century), many members of these species find themselves experiencing a deep sense of unease on a subconscious level.  By this point numerous monstrous forces have come into being, including the Nightmare Child, the Skaro Degradations, Hordes of Travesty, the Army of Meanwhiles and Neverweres and the Could've Been King. 

??              (during the final days of the Time War)
                The Neverweres of the Army of Meanwhiles and Neverweres were probably the
neverpeople echos from deleted timelines who still existed in the prime timeline.   The were likely recruited from the Anti-Time Universe where such never-people usually end up.    

??               (during the Time War)
                 The world of Perganon falls to the Daleks. The 
Warrior (aka the Doctor) wishes he could undo this.  

??               (during the Time War)
                The world of Assinder falls to the Daleks. The 
Warrior (aka the Doctor) wishes he could undo this.  

??                (when the Time War has begun to make history itself sick)
                Tanton Macoute: By this point in the Time War the fighting is starting to make the spirits and loa sick.  Time itself is sick.  Faction Pardox attempts to get the former cousin, Tonton Macoute to perform a ritual that could cure the Vortex, but Macoute uses the opportunity to ingest two timeships (Demi and Medea) and escape from where the Faction imprisoned him.  He sees himself as a predator who will change (and possibly help) the ecosystem of the Web of Time.  He heads to the City of the Saved to take part in the Civil War. 

??        (During the War)
                Faction Paradox loses almost all of its family members in the Time War.  Most are killed in cross-fire.

??            (before Political Animals)
               The Faction enters a period of inactivity that will last till Political Animals.

??        (A long time before The Christmas Invasion)
                The Sycorax are forced to leave their Homeworld of Fire Trap in the JX82 system when it was destroyed.  Their Armada is feared by species all over the Milky Way. 
The Sycorax are quite possibly a splinter group from the Faction Paradox.  According to legend the Sycorax would be one of three species left at the end of the Universe.   

??           (during the last days of the Time Lords / after the Master went into hiding)
                Rassilon was driven mad by the horrors of the time war.  Some will regaurd him as the most corrupt and evil Time Lord to have ever existed. The Doctor believes that Rassilon sees himself as a god.  The Time Lords compromise all their morals until they are just as evil as the Daleks.  They become monsters.  The Time Lords are considered unpredictable and unreliable by the Lesser Species.

??              The ceremonial armor of Faction Paradox is made of the bones of Vampiric Time Lords.  The Faction claims that these are the bones of Gallifreyans from an alternate universe where the Time Lords lost the Eternal Wars.  Others claim that the contamination happened in this universe during the Eternal War and thus the bones are also derived from the same universe.  The Armor could be the bones of future Gallifreyans who finally (in the distant future) succumbed to the V-Factor in the Immortality Virus.  Whatever the source, these creatures were 6' 3" tall and covered in chitinous bone plates and were some of the most resilient creatures the Faction ever encountered.  

??          (before the end of the Time War / possibly about 20 years before the Unquiet Dead / possibly after Nestenes lose their Protein Planets)
                    The Gelth Confederacy are higher form of life from the other side of the universe from Earth, who claim to have lost their physical bodies because of the Last Great Time War.  They become a gaseous species.  Their are many other higher forms of life that are devastated by the Time War.

??                (durning the Time War)
                    The Hajor Dimension is devastated by the Time War.  

??                  Eve's people were psychic and had the ability to read the timelines, and alter history.  For this reason they are attacked by both sides in the War.  Her Homeworld is destroyed and Eve is the only one to escape extermination by the Daleks. 

                The world of Kolox is destroyed in the Time War.  

??            (possibly after the Gelth incident)
                The Greater Animus is killed in the War and its Carsenome Walls are destroyed.   

??              Despite his best efforts, the  Warrior (aka the Doctor) is unable to save any of the worlds involved in the Time War.

??            (possibly after the death of the Greater Animus)
                 Because of the War, the Time Lord Gods, the Eternals, flee this Universe never to be heard from again.

1690~        (during the last days of the Time Lords)
                 At the end of the Time War Rassilon will claim that the Time Lords have been around for 1,000,000,000 years. 
Just like the 10,000,000 year figure, it is likely that this is War Era propaganda.

1690~          (The center of the Time War / at the end of the Time War /  the final days of the Time War)
                 By this point the War has become so devastating that every second millions are killed and resurrected to die again.   Numerous planets, star systems, and even the occasional galaxies were being destroyed and un-destroyed every second.   Every moment in time and space is burning.  The War is considered to be at a stalemate.  

??            (before the Final Battle)
               By this point in the Time War there are billions of parallel universes stacked on top of each other each separated by the Void.  At this point is quite easy to use a TARDIS to visit alternate universes if you know the correct phase shift.

1690??        (334,961,147,104 AD~ / after spending centuries creating the being / a week before the death of humanity)
                 Mesh Cos stows away on a TARDIS and sneaks onto Gallifrey.  She steals information on the methodologies of temporal scanning but the theft is discovered by cousins of House Mirraflex.  The stolen information is made part of the Universal Machine allowing it to reach into history and copy and record all of the artificial beings humanity has ever had a hand in creating. 

1690??        (334,961,147,104 AD / 8 billion AD?)
                  The Universal Machine is completed as the War TARDISes of Time Lords attack the last human beings.  It takes only a few minutes for the last of humanity to be destroyed.  The Universal Machine becomes Human culture incarnate.  Its first words (and the last words that Mesh hears before her death) are "Mesh Cos, I will remember you."  The Universal Machine escapes the Time Lord's attack but remains on its creator's planet. 
This action might have contributed to the Doctor destroying Gallifrey.   The Machine is the same manifestation of Human understanding that almost occurred in 2001 AD in This Town Will Never Let Us Go. 

1690?        (centuries after the beginning of the War)
                If the Time Lords had survived then by this point the schism between the House Military and the High Council might have grown so large that civil war might be possible.   By the time of the Doctor's 13th deathday, the Doctor will believe that if the Time Lords return they will return in peace. 

1690~        (shortly before Engines of War / possibly after capturing the Eye)
                The Daleks known as the Eternity Circle secretly develop omnicalculator based D-mat technology.  The capture of the Tantalus Eye is key to this discovery.  To create each de-materialization weapon they must continuously mine ruby temporal radiation from the Tantalus Eye.  The Temporal Cannon consists of 3 moons attached together.  They issue a Special Weapon Dalek with this new weapon.  They also alter themselves (or possibly their travel machines) so that they are immune to D-mat weapons.  This might be done using a chaotic limiter.  The Eternity Circle is composed of 5 Daleks in blue and silver casings.  There purpose is to find a way to spread the Dalek species throughout history.    

1691~        (right before the final destruction of Gallifrey by a Daleks attack)
                Planet of Lies: While fighting a War with Humanity the Daleks learn the location of the real Gallifrey.

1691~       (by the time of Engines of War)
                The Great Schism: The Daleks are now attacking Gallifrey at every point along its history.  The Daleks try, but fail, to wipe out life on Gallifrey before the Gallifreyans even evolve.  With battles on so many fronts the House Military is stretched quite thin.  The Doctor believes that the Time Lords are losing on every front, and are being out classed and out maneuvered by the Daleks.  

1691~       (by the time of Engines of War)
Second Diaspora:  Numerous people on Gallifrey begin placing recordings of their thoughts and recollections inside Memory Lanterns and releasing those Lanterns into the Vortex to be scattered across space-time.  They hope that some part of themselves will survive, but most if not all of these are destroyed by the time winds in the Vortex.   Aunts of Iris's House remove Eliot the Tree from the Gallifrey using the Ringpull.  They take the tree to Hyspero where he is protected from the Scarlet Empress by the Clockworkers.   The Master has already fled the War, and the Doctor and his TARDIS will eventually join the Second Diaspora.  

??               (in the wake of the Time War / the High Council existed when the Shadow Proclamation was created)
                  The Shadow Proclamation recovered the Holy Writ of the legendary Time Lords which contained a strict list of rules about time travel and temporal manipulation.  Article 57, Subsection 12 of the Shadow Proclamation is titled “Jurisdiction of the Celestial Intervention Agency.” Viewing records classified by this subsection requires the approval of the Castellan.

1691~       (after the Daleks begin attacking all of Gallifrey’s history)
                Within the Capitol most Time Lords still view the Time War as be something that happens somewhere else to someone else.  

1691~       (Probably in the last days of the Time Lords / possibly when the Time Lords created the Cruciform / when the Time Lords were facing defeat)
               This is a time of conflict and darkness   The Time Lords begin developing the Ultimate or Final Sanction. They plan to bring about the end of time and destroy the entire universe. As the Gods of Ragnarok did with the Universe before this one,  The Great Houses of the Time Lords plan to rupture the Vortex, causing the final inrush of matter that breaks the continuity structures in all of the dimensions. The past and the future will all be simultaneously destroyed. The causal nexus will explode, space-time will collapse in a massive blue shift and the laws of physics will become meaningless.  This will leave the Time Lords to ascend into non-corporeal being who will inhabit the next universe.  The Time Lords would become creatures of pure consciousness, free from time, cause, and effect.  In this retro-evolved state they would be able to sift through all possibilities of alternate time and find specific desired outcomes (much like the Tharils only more so).   It should be noted that the Dimensional Ethics Committee had long ago banned all research into allowing the Time Lords to ascend to Higher Dimensions by evolving into non-corporeal beings.  This would likely have been a fulfillment of the prophecies of the Green and Black Books of Gallifrey (written during the Dark Times).  These predicted that the Timewyrm would devour the first and the last of the Time Lords - which would be Rassilon.  They stated that Rassilon will be crushed in the Timewyrm's jaws during the last moments of the Blue Shift (the final moments of the big crunch).  She will collapse the fabric of space-time and the causal nexus.  The Final Sanction was probably inspired by the Time Lords of the previous universe who used exactly the same trick to end their war with their Daleks. 

1691~        (these events probably end 3 days before Day of the Doctor / 400 years after the Time Lords start fighting the Daleks / the Doctor has seen over 100 years of war)
                Engines of War:  
The Eternity Circle send Dalek Progenitors to 17 different epochs of time.  The plan for these Progenitors was for them to breed vast armies of Daleks in uncontested time zones.   The Doctor leads Captain Preda's Fifth Time Lord Battle Fleet (made up of a century of Battle TARDISes) to Moldox in the Tantalus Spiral.  Over a hundred Dalek saucers are destroyed but all of the fleet is wiped out by a subsequent Dalek Stealth Ship ambush.  The Doctor learns that the Daleks have true D-mat technology and that they hope to removed the final Gallifrey from History using the temporal radiation of the Eye of Tantalus.  When Rassilon learns this he calls for an emergency session of the High Council.  Rassilon decides to use the Tear of Isha (a stellar manipulator capable of collapsing a black hole) to seal the Eye of Tantalus, but t his plan would kill almost 100 billion humans on 12 worlds in the Tantalus Spiral.  The Doctor protests and is arrested.  Between 500 and 1000 TARDISes are dispatched with the Tear of Isha to attack the Tantalus Eye under the leadership of Commander Partheus.  The Doctor escaped escapes, hi-jacks Partheus' War TARDIS and leaves the Tear of Isha near Event 2.  The Daleks attempt to harness the Doctor's creativity by imprisoning him in the Predator Dalek casing.  The Eternity Circle believes that the Predator Dalek will ensure that the Dalek Empire will control all of space and time.  The Doctor takes his teacher Borusa (now the Possibility Engine) and travels into the Eye of Tantalus.  With the power of the Eye, Borusa d-mats all of the Daleks and their resources inside the Tantalus Spiral.  

1691~        (right before the Doctor travels to Gallifrey for the Final Battle)
                Warsmiths: Co-ordinator Ferain manages to travel into Skaro's distant past and prepares to poison Skaro so that life never evolves there.  The Doctor convinces him not to.  The Doctor then sets course for the last Gallifrey.    

1691~        (3 days after Engines of War / probably right before the beginning of Day of the Doctor)
               The Doctor vows that he will end the Time War that very day.

Final Battle

       (at the start of the fall of Arcadia / the start of the last day of the Time War)
                The Last Day: The entire Dalek fleet of 10,000,000 timeships attacks the last Gallifrey in the present.  The Nightmare Child, the Skaro Degradations, Hordes of Travesty, the Army of Meanwhiles and Neverweres and the Could've Been King are all part of this assault.   There are billion billion Daleks surrounding and attacking Gallifrey.  This is the biggest attack the Daleks have ever mounted.   Gallifrey is now on the front lines of the Time War.  The attack begins by overcoming the 400 sky trenches that defend Gallifrey's best protected the city, Arcadia.

Gallifrey Falls
Gallifrey Falls No More (depicting the fall of Arcadia)

1691~      (784~ AF)        (during the Battle of Arcadia / the Doctor is about 800 years old / before the theft of Moment is discovered)
                The Day of the Doctor: The 
Warrior (aka the Doctor) witnesses the devastation and fall of Arcadia.   After the Fall of Arcadia all the Dalek fleets converge on the Capitol, but the sky-trenches hold them at bay.   The mountains of Solace and Solitude and valley between are scorched by numerous Dalek saucers.   The fall of Arcadia, and the events that follow horrifies the Doctor, and it will take him until his 13th incarnation to come to terms with it.  One of his strongest memories from the Time War is the smell of burning metal.   After witnessing the fall of Arcadia the  Warrior (aka the Doctor) swears that the War between the Time Lords and Daleks will continue no more.  It is the discovery of Final Sanction plan that leads the  Warrior (aka the Doctor) to destroy Gallifrey.  He does this because he is the only one who could do it.   

1691~      (before the end of the Time War)
                The Daleks capture the Genesis Ark from the Time Lords, but appear to be unable to open it.  

1691~      (during the final day of the War / right before the fall of Gallifrey)
                Ashes of Gallifrey: The Doctor tries to destroy a Dalek force attacking a human colony using the tachyon accelerator from the Gallifreyan timeship the Black Ark.  The Time Lords send Assault Force Omega to stop the Doctor.

1691~      (784~ AF)           (probably around the time Arcadia falls)
The Warrior (aka the Doctor) witness the Daleks fleeing Arcadia.   The Warrior (aka the Doctor) laughs in the face of the Nightmare Child.  

War Doctor
"Time Lords of Gallifrey, Daleks of Skaro, I serve notice on you all.  Too long I have stayed my hand.  No more.  
Today you leave me no choice.  Today this war will end.  No more.  No More."
                                                        - The 
Warrior (aka the Doctor)

1691~      (784~ AF)        (after all the Dalek fleets begin converging on the Capitol / before End of Time / the Doctor is about 800 years old)
The Day of the Doctor: The Warrior (aka the Doctor) breaks into the Omega Arsenal and steals the Moment.  He uses the Great Key of Rassilon to activate the Moment.   D-mat weapons delete things and people from history and make that deletion a time locked fixed point with an relative temporal distortion level of almost 3. 

1691~      (During the Time War / after the Cult of Skaro is created / possibly about 20 years before Army of Ghosts / during the final days of the Time War / after the Fall of Arcadia )
                The Cult of Skaro, takes
the Genesis Ark, and enters the Ultimate Void between alternate timelines using the Void Sphere (aka Void Ship).  From there they wait out the end of the Time War, but they become trapped in the Void.  Construction of a Voidship is considered to be impossible by the Time Lords.  The sphere appears to have no mass and is not made of atoms.  It doesn't give off any heat or other radiation.  Such a ship could survive the end of this Universe and access the next Universe that came into being.  

1691~        (last day of the Time War)
                Sky Jacks: As the number of dead Time Lords and TARDISes destroyed increases the Matrix begins expanding and appropriating new resources to store the minds.   This threatens to overload the APC Net.  Rassilon decrees that all Time Lords must withdraw from their battle stations and prepare for the Final Sanction. 

1691~        (after the Doctor steals the Moment / before he uses it)
                President Romana recorded an obituary for Gallifrey.  Romana's participation in the Time War leads her to a bad end.  

The Capitol on the last day

1691~       (The day before the Final Battle / after the Doctor steals the Moment)
                     End of Time: The Inner Council meets to discuss the fate of the Time Lords.  The Seer prophecizes that the  Warrior (aka the Doctor) will use the Moment to destroy Gallifrey and the Daleks.  The prophecies of the Dark Times predicted that the Timewyrm would devour the first and the last of the Time Lords - which would be Rassilon.   The Seer also indicates that the Doctor and the Master will be the only Time Lords to survive the Fall of Gallifrey.  The High Council votes to allow Rassilon to violates the Laws of Time and fulfill the Final Sanction.   Only two councilors vote against this.  One of them might be the Doctor's mother.   The two dissenters are sentenced to statue-like immobility as monuments to their own shame.  Rassilon has the drumming sound of a Gallifreyan heart beat inserted into the Masters head when he is only 8 years old.  This will act a link that will let them escape the Time War.  He then uses the link to send a white star Arcadian diamond to the Post-War Era so that the Master can use it to create bring Gallifrey through to the Sol System.  In the entire Time War, there are only three incidents of something being able to escape from a Time Lock.   Unfortunately the Doctor destroys the diamond causing Gallifrey to fall back into the Time War.   

Bad Wolf
The Bad Wolf

1691~      (784~ AF)        (The Doctor is about 800 years old)       
                The Day of the Doctor: Because he is filled with fear, the Doctor returns to the barn (the place where he first faced his childhood fears) with the Moment.  The Warrior (aka the Doctor) walks many miles away from the TARDIS so that she won't have to see him use the Moment.   The Moment appears in the form of the Bad Wolf, and introduces the Warrior (aka the Doctor) to his future incarnations.  With their help, he finally realizes that his Warrior incarnation is worthy of the title of the Doctor.   In Parting of the Ways the Bad Wolf claimed that she was ending the Time War.  This implies that her appearance in Day of the Doctor was arranged by the real Bad Wolf.    

Final Battlec
The Final Battle

            "Long ago,when even far Gallifrey was young, the peoples of that planet fought amongst themselves. They used what they knew of time travel to gain advantage on their enemies. In doing so, they saw many strange and awful things. One mad prophet martyr journeyed too far and saw the Timewyrm.  He saw it in a timeline that he could not be sure of, devouring Rassilon or his shade, during the Blue Shift, that time of final conflict, when Fenric shall slip its chains and all the evil of the worlds shall rebound back on them in war. 
For the Timewyrm is the Addanc, the wyrm that circles the
cosmos, it is sleeping and it wakes, it is good and evil, choice made carnate." 
                                                               - The Doctor

1691~      (784~ AF)        (The Doctor is about 800 years old from the time of his re-birth / 3-5 years before Voyage of the Damned / The Time Lords exist after 150,000,000 BC / over five hundred years after the War begins / Probably less then 250,000,000 years before 2000 AD / Probably long before the 20th century /  the end of the last day of the Time War / after planet Skaro has also been devastated / 114 years before Sometime Never)
                    The Day of the Doctor: The Last Great Time War in Heaven ends at the Final Battle - which the Time Lords lose. To prevent the Daleks from becoming the new Lords of Time the Warrior (aka the Doctor) chooses to destroy both Gallifrey and the entire Dalek fleet of 1,000,000 timeships.  But, at the last moment, the three Doctors come up with a plan to save Gallifrey. This plan might have subtly re-written history.  Using the power of the Moment the Doctor summons his younger and older selves.  13 incarnations (and multiples of some of them) travel to Gallifrey during the last day of the Time War.  The 8th Doctor sets up his TARDIS to work out the temporal mechanics calculations necessary to freeze Gallifrey in a single moment of time.  It takes several hundred years for the calculations to be worked out, but, by the time of the 13th Doctor (if not sooner) they have completed. While the General of the Time War Council seems annoyed at having to deal with 12 incarnations (including 3 incarnations from his own future), he seems shocked at the idea that there could be a 13th incarnation. The TARDISes of each Doctor position themselves in the lower atmosphere at equidistant points around the planet.  With the permission, and assistance of the High Command, and the power of the Eye of Harmony, the entire planet Gallifrey is frozen in an moment of time in a parallel pocket universe.   This situation would qualify as a case of Death coming to Time, so it's possible that the General coordinated the Time Lord intelligentsia and authorized the use of the Power of Creation to assist with the plan. It is also possible that the Doctor could have exploited Rassilon's attempt to shift Gallifrey to Earth in the year 2009 AD to make this plan work. Gallifrey is lost in another universe in secondary space-time, trapped in a single instant, like an incredibly short time loop with a massive area of effect. The world vanishes from normal space, leaving only dust and rocks. The Matrix creates a partition in the memory store of the Doctor’s TARDIS and uploads a compressed copy of the entire Matrix. The horror experiences drives the Matrix mad. On board the TARDIS, the Encyclopedia Gallifreyan contain the whispers of dead Time Lords. The Matrix will spend centuries learning how to manipulate the TARDIS without the ship or the Doctor noticing.
            With the planet gone, the Daleks (and their allies) are destroyed in their own cross-fire.   The disappearance of the Time Lords and destruction of the Daleks (and their allies) occurs in a single second.   Among the forces who were probably destroyed on the day of the Final Battle of the Time War were Gallifrey's moons, the Nightmare Child, the Skaro Degradations, Hordes of Travesty, the Army of Meanwhiles and Neverweres and the Could've Been King.    Unknown to the Doctor, the Dalek Emperor's timeship is knocked into the Vortex and the Emperor alone survives.   One surviving Dalek also falls through time, and landed on the Ascension Islands on Earth.  He spends the next several decades waiting for orders.  

1691~      (784~ AF)         (when the Doctor is using the Moment)
                Timewarp: Before Gallifrey is trapped in the pocket Universe several Time Lords transfer their conscious minds back into specially prepared clones made by Crozier deep beneath Thoros Beta.  
The 6th Doctor teams up with 3 other future incarnations of himself (probably the War Doctor, 10th and 11th Doctors after Day of the Doctors) to stop them.  

1691~      (784~ AF)        (The Doctor is about 800 years old / shortly after the Final Battle)
                Because of the time streams are out of sync the younger Doctors are unable to retain their memories of what really happened to Gallifrey in the Final Battle.   Since the use of a d-mat weapon on Gallifrey itself would remove the reason for ever activating the Moment the Doctor expects to suffer a fair amount of memory loss.   For this reason he does not question his inability to remember using the Moment.   The Doctor believes that he used the Moment to burn and destroy both the attackers and all of Gallifrey, causing the death of billions.   In theory using the Moment should have time locked the final battle, but since it wasn't used the final battle is probably not time locked.  This could explain how the Moment was able to bring the Doctor's future incarnations into the battle.  The Doctor is the soul remaining Time Lord and his TARDIS is the sole surviving Gallifreyan Timeship.  They make up the Second Diaspora.  He is sure that he would know if any other Time Lords had survived.  

1691~     (~5800 AD / after the Time War)
               The Time Lords cease communicating with the Galaxy at large.
The time aware species believe that the Time Lords have been destroyed. They believe that the Moment was responsible for destroying Gallifrey, Skaro, and about 100 other worlds.

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