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The History of The Time Lords Part V
The Doctor's Renegade Period

“Can you imagine silver leaves waving above a pool of liquid gold containing singing fish? Twin suns that circle and fall in a rainbow heaven, another world in another sky?
If you’d like to come with me, I’ll show you all this - and it will be, I promise you, the dullest part of all. Come with me and you will see wonders that no Human has ever dreamt possible.
Or stay behind and regret your staying until the day you die.”
- The Doctor
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The Doctor's Renegade Years

This Time Line covers the life of the Doctor from the Classic TV series and the New Adventure novels. It ranges from when he stole the TARDIS the to end of his 7th incarnation. It is set 2,000,000 years after Rassilon assumes power on Gallifrey (based off the Infinity Doctors and Taking of Planet Five). All dates are given in Gallifreyan years (which are the same as Earth years) and are based off the age of the Doctor.

Once the Eye of Harmony is anchored, time began moving at a different speed on Gallifrey then the rest of the Universe. The Doctor was born around March 30th, 1213 AD and when Greyjan had served one year as President of Gallifrey (and the Doctor was 753), the Earth date was 1752 AD. It should also be noted that this differential isn't constant, but is slowing by about 1 second every hour (so about 1 year for ever 3,600 years).

The following information contains many spoilers.

The Doctor's Mother
The Doctor and his Granddaughter ?

342         (Aeons away from 1963 AD / 60 years before Byzantium / ages after the Doctor was born / when Susan is very young / Susan must be at least 13 years old / Susan is probably less then 14 years old / while in his first incarnation according to the Time Lords / possibly 600 years before the Doctor meets his Type 50 again in Prisoner of Fate / while the reprisals for the assassinations were at their bloodiest)
              The Doctor, Larn and the TARDIS flee Gallifreyan culture and society. The Doctor renounces his Prydonian Birthright and all of Time Lord society.   The Doctor admits that he finds it very hard to act rationally where family is concerned.   In the tradition of Gallifreyan renegades they renounce their names of δ³Σx² and Larn.  The Doctor does this out of despair and believes that there was only one situation that would make him reveal his name.  He will spend his whole life running from his true identity.   The Doctor will often gives the impression that his name is "Who" and signs his initials "Dr. W."  His signature includes a '?' shape.   The literal translation of his name keeps changing, but by the time of The Shadows of Avalon it means "foolish wanderer".  The Doctor might add a new syllable to his name with each companion he travels with.  If this is so, then he 'gives' a 'part' of himself to each of his companions so that death won't 'find' him.   By the time of "Girl in the Fireplace" he will have forgotten what his name was. The Time Lords will continue to refer to him by his Academy designation of Theta Sigma in most official paperwork.  

342           (Right after Susan leaves Gallifrey / Susan doesn't know much about time travel)
The TARDIS begins waking up from its hibernation. Larn (aka Susan) sees a glimpse of her future adventures. Some traveling companions of the Doctor will occasionally glimpse a gray lady standing in the TARDIS engine room. This ghost is a manifestation of the TARDIS sentience. The Doctor will not form a symbiotic link with the TARDIS until after Here There Be Monsters.  Does the Hand of Omega compensate for this? Because Susan's imprint was from the past the Time Lords might not be looking for it. Does she form a link with the TARDIS instead? The Doctor now has to familiarize himself with how to operate this veteran and vintage TARDIS. At this point virtually no one has ever conceived of leaving Gallifrey. At this point, Susan has never danced but she knows what dancing is. 

??            (centuries before The Eye of the Scorpion)
                The Doctor gets the best night of sleep he will have until the events of Eye of the Scorpion.  Despite the fact that it is very rare for Time Lords to dream, the Doctor believes that dreams are whole reason for taking time to sleep. 

?            (probably since he started traveling in time and space)
                Throughout his travels, the Doctor helps lots of people in lots of time zones in visits that are never depicted in any TV episode, novel, audio, or comic strip.  

342         (shortly after the Doctor leaves / right after the second coup attempt)
                Koschei (the Master) learns that that Cardinal Arkendo betrayed him and the other students.  Seeing that the revolution has failed he believes that he will be killed for assassinating Slann, Koschei
(the Master) steals a
Type 45 TARDIS and leaves Gallifrey.  This TARDIS refers to itself as Lolita.  Koschei left Gallifrey because he got bored doing everything the Time Lord way.  At this point he has the same goal as the Doctor.  He believes his personal truth lies in the stars, and hopes to find an ideal society. The Time Lords will declare him an exile.  

342         (within 2 days of the assassination of Pandad VIII)
Useful Idiots...: A presidential election is held.   Several  members of the High Council are offer themselves as candidates.  One faction effectively buys the media by promising them that they will be elevated to Time Lords.  The media services focus their energy of digging up dirt and making false claims about the other other candidates.  The factions candidate is merely a puppet who will pardon Magnus (the War Chief) of all crimes as soon as the candidate is elected.  They sow rumors of voting fraud to stir up riots.  This keeps the Watch occupied while Magnus and his followers perform other illegal actions.  Magnus is finally stopped when the Time Lords notice that Magnus has been using the Time Scoop to frame the other candidates.  

342         (the year the revolution occurs / after the War Chief learns that the Doctor has stolen a TARDIS and left Gallifrey)
                Unable to find any solid evidence against Magnus, Cardinal Borusa has the CIA frame the War Chief for treason.  Desperate to escape, Magnus
(The War Chief) steals  a Type 42 TARDIS and a bunch of spare TARDIS parts, and leaves Gallifrey.

342         (centuries before Mindbomb / a thousand years before Mindbomb /  within 2 days of the death of Pandad VIII )
            The Prydonian Eldhind (aka Pandad IV aka Pandar V) is elected the 405th President of Gallifrey, but it will take years for his inauguration to be arranged. This is the last time a presidential election will be held until the events of Mindbomb.

342?          (after Azmael guns down the High Council) 
                The newly promoted High Council is less corrupt then then the previous one.  Their first act to launch an investigation into how Azmael breached the council chamber security systems. Grateful for a chance at power, they declare Azmael to be Public Hero Number One. 
Azmael is horrified at what he has been forced to do and publicly declares himself to be an outcast.

342 ?             Lord Braxiatel is placed in charge of the “impartial” inquiry into the incident that led to President Pandad VIII 's death.  He made sure that the official report stated that Pandad VIII was killed by a power relay in his office that overloaded.   Brax might have continued to served as Lord Burner?

342-343         (the year the Doctor left / right after the revolution)
                Over the next year or so numerous Gallifreyans will leave the Capitol.  Some become renegades and settle on other worlds, others become outsiders, and live in Outer Gallifrey.  After losing several members of his House in the revolution, Tamozarudaco (Tamozar) becomes a Outsider.  He will become a 
Monk of the Eremite order (just like the Hermit Azmael). 

?             Iris Wildthyme begins following the Doctor in her TARDIS.  Iris is madly in love with the Doctor.

??            (before Shada)
                There is a Time Lady known as The Interfering Nun renegades against Time Lord society.  This might be title used by Iris Wildthyme.

?            (shortly after obtaining his TARDIS)
               The Doctor has his first encounter with a vortex rupture.  

??            (before Unearthly Child)
The Hand of Omega ceases to be the guiding power source for the TARDIS. The Doctor activates the TARDIS's internal power source.  

?            (shortly after leaving Gallifrey)
                The Yearometer on the TARDIS is one of the first things to breakdown after the Doctor stole the TARDIS.  

342         (their adventures have only just begun / the Doctor believes this to be near the beginning of his travels)
                Frayed: The Doctor and Larn (aka Susan) meet human beings for the first time on planet Iwa.  By this time the Doctor only vaguely remembers hearing about the planet Earth.  Upon seeing how similar humans are to Gallifreyans the Doctor decides that Earth might be a good place to hide from the Time Lords.  He is given a medical doctor's uniform to wear and assumes the human title Doctor to blend in.  A young girl named Jill befriends the Doctor's granddaughter and names her Susan after her mother, Susan Helright.  Larn likes the name so much she insists on being called Susan from this point onwards.  After some persuading from Susan her grandfather decides to permanently adopt the title the Doctor as his name.

342?         (well before Harvest of Time) 
                The Doctor weeps every time he encountered a dead world that was once full of life.  He will have stopped this by the time of his third incarnation. 

342        (soon after Susan and the Doctor flee)
                The Doctor discovers the Rose Garden.  It appears to be a Rose Garden from 1913 AD Earth but is in reality
an exact replica of the Other's Estate outside the Capitol that has been created by the TARDIS.  Its filled with Time’s Roses which are gray and scented with memories.  Their smell is strongest in the evening.  For the rest of his life the Doctor will consider the Rose Garden to be his true home.

342?        (after meeting Susan? / before Time and Relative)
                With the help of Susan and the Hand of Omega
the Doctor realizes that he was the Other and remembers much his experiences from the Time of Legend.

??              (A long time before meeting Fenric in 343 AD)
             The Doctor begins carrying a flask with the Seven Shadows from the time before time (aka before Event 0).

342?        (before he finally forms symbiotic bond with the TARDS)
                 The Doctor and Susan begin modifying the TARDIS so that his Rassilon Imprimatur won’t leave “foot-prints” across the Space-Time Continuum.  It is for this reason that the Doctor will not form a proper symbiotic link with the TARDIS until sometime after Here There Be Monsters.  The Doctor replaces much of the block-transfer material of the TARDIS with real matter.  These areas can bypass most of the symbiotic relationship circuits that allow a Time Lord direct control through the power of the Rassilon Imprimatur.  In theory these modifications will allow the Doctor (or even non-Time Lords) to manually steer the TARDIS.  Unfortunately he eventually loses control of the codes that governed the manual control.
The Doctor's TARDIS finds peaceful worlds to be boring and never obeys the Doctor's instructions when he asks her to take him there. The TARDIS doesn't often take the Doctor where he wants to go, but it always takes him where he needs to be.  She ensures that the Doctor arrives in situations where things are falling out of balance and are about to change radically. The Doctor tends to serve as a catalyst for these situations.  This is why 93% of all time zones the TARDIS visit will have situations that will get the Doctor into trouble.  The Doctor does bear a grudge towards the TARDIS over this.   

??            (a very long time before "Silence in the Library")
                The Doctor never materializes on Sundays as he finds them boring.  He does really like Saturdays though.  

 (after leaving Gallifrey)
                The Doctor’s TARDIS develops numerous stealth techniques to evade detection by the Time lords.

?              (probably before Unearthly Child)
                The Doctor constructs a Time Path Tracker (Detector) and a Force Barrier for his TARDIS. 

??            (before Vengeance on Varos)
                The Doctor tried reading the TARDIS
manual once but gives up.
??            (centuries before Dark Eyes) 
                The Doctor stops using 10 different standard safety protocols when he dematerializes the TARDIS.  
The TARDIS bears a grudge that the Doctor doesn’t follow the instruction manual or do things in the prescribed manner when it comes to handling the TARDIS.   The Doctor's TARDIS also gets quite upset whenever the Doctor removes her parts for use in other devices.  She tends to hold a grudge over this for quite awhile and operate unpredictably during that time.  

342~      (centuries before Invasion of Time)
                The Doctor begins making alterations to the interior "floor plan" of his TARDIS.

??          (probably before the 4th or 3rd Docs eras)
                The Doctor designs the Primary (aka Season 14) Console Room desktop theme with wood and brass because he liked the Jules Vern look.

342-344       Susan claims that they stay about 5 months in every time zone they materialize in.   Unfortunately, while the Doctor is very good at handling multiple crisis, he lacks the strength to deal with day to day problems.  He will deliberately avoids facing those sorts of problems (like, jobs, family, etc…) by never sticking around after the immediate major problems have been sorted out.  

342-??     (before Time and Relative)
                The Doctor begins deliberately inducing snarls and contradictions into his and Susan's timestreams to make it more difficult for the Time Lords to track them.  
Susan travels with the Doctor for "years" or "ages."   (These ages might last about 2160 years?)   Depending on how you count it, by the time of The Unearthly Child, Susan might be 15, 38, 50 (older then both Ian and Barbara put together 26+24=50), or even 880 years old.  

??             The Doctor become a complex space-time event. The Doctor's Biodata could have been rewritten so he might have come from the 49th century (AD) fleeing from the Enemy?  This could tie in with his knowledge of Magnus Greel and World War 5.   Things that the Doctor believes to be absolutely true about himself: I'm the Doctor. I'm a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey. I stole a time machine and ran away.  I've been flouting the principal law of my own people ever since. 

??             (during his younger days)
                 The Doctor enjoys spending a lot of time on the planet Ormelia and visits it several times.

342           (before Susan ever visited a beach / shortly before arriving at Foreman’s scrapyard)
                The Doctor and Susan visit the asteroid Tiaanamaat in orbit of the planet Akhaten.   Susan gets the Doctor a 500 year Diary at Tiaanamaat market.  The Doctor thinks it’s silly, so she begins filling it out.

342           ( before An Unearthly Child / after getting the diary at Tiaanamaat / probably before Esto)
                The Doctor and Susan visit Venus.   The venusian lullabies the Doctor often sings are actually very offensive and vulgar.

342             ( before An Unearthly Child / after getting the diary at Tiaanamaat / probably after Venus)
                The Doctor and Susan visit Esto.

343          (1 year after the Doctor leaves)
                Nesbin becomes a Outsider.

??            (several centuries before Deadly Assassin)
               The Patrexian, Spandrell,
becomes Castellan.  He is probably not a Time Lord.

343             ( before An Unearthly Child /  very shortly before arriving Totter’s Lane /  after getting the diary at Tiaanamaat / probably after Esto)
                Quinnis:  The Doctor and Susan visit Quinnis in the 4th Universe via a porthole.  This is the farthest that the Doctor and Susan have traveled from home at this point.  The 4th Universe’s time tracks cross at angle because it doesn’t run parallel to the 3rd Universe.  This causes lots of bumps in the TARDIS. The Doctor claims there are lots of hidden portals connecting to other universes (but Susan questions the validity of this claim).   Getting back to the 3rd Universe is a simple matter of using the Fast Return Switch.  By this point the Doctor is concerned that Susan has no friends her own age.  At some point, the Doctor will train as a ninja on Quinnis.

343            ( before An Unearthly Child / after getting the diary at Tiaanamaat / probably after Quinnis)
The Doctor and Susan visit the planet Dido and win an election.  His memory of the Dido People's ceremonial costume will (for reason that are currently not known) rank as one of the most horrific and fearful inducing images he has ever seen.

343?             (after visiting Dido / Before the Doctor starts looking for a place to hide the Hand of Omega)
              The TARDIS starts randomly arriving on Earth approximately every other space-time jump. Possibly the Hand of Omega is directing it there?

??             (before Urban Myths)
              There is a renegade Time Lady (who is a friend of the Doctor) who establishes a restaurant in Hungary, near the beginning of the time of the Hapsburgs (so around 1440).

??            (1793 AD / Susan's first visit to the Earth)
                The Doctor takes Susan to Earth during the French Revolution.  This is Susan's first visit to Earth (and perhaps the Doctor's as well) and they spend much time there. 
Susan doesn’t think that the Earth is a terribly important planet in the spiral politic.  The Doctor meets Iris Wildthyme.  The Doctor is interviewed by Robespierre's agents, but escapes using a convenient artillery shell as a distraction.  Is is possible that he the witticisms and puns made by the Doctor were actually equations that altered the pattern of events so that the artillery shell was available when he needed it.  All Time Lords can see the pattern of in the apparent chaos of the universe a thus can predict the future with great accuracy.  This time zone of the Reign of Terror becomes the Doctor's favorite period in Earth history.  1727 is also one of his favorite years.  At this point the Doctor appears to be in his thirties if not younger.

343?           (when the Doctor visits Earth for the first time)
                From the time of his first visit to Earth the Doctor becomes fascinated and emotionally attached to humanity.  He realizes that the personalities of some humans are even more eccentric then he is.  He sees the Earth as a source of challenges and rewarding experiences.  
He decides that he likes humans precisely because the cram some many experiences into such a short lifespan.     

??           (probably during the visit to the French Revolution)
                The Doctor will chooses not to remember his first meeting with Iris Wildthyme. 

342         (right after stealing the TARDIS)
                The Doctor realizes that the TARDIS anti-theft protocols are subtly attacking the minds of the intruders.  Because of this, both the Doctor and Susan have been losing their memories.  
Susan isn’t as good at remembering dates as the Doctor is. They begin looking for some place to stop their travels so they might regain their memories.  Susan often ignores the Doctor’s orders when they conflict with her sense of morality. 

343?            (shortly before The Alchemists)  
                The Doctor is looking for some place on 20th Century Earth to do something with the Hand of Omega.  The Doctor makes several attempts to find the exactly right time zone, but none of them are satisfactory.

343?         (after Dido)
                The Doctor and Susan went to ancient Rome, Antioch, Jerusalem.

??             (Before An Unearthly Child)
                The Doctor starts smoking a pipe.

343?             (before City at World's End)
                 Susan learns to pilot simple spaceships while training at an applied science moon camp.

343?             (Doc claims 500 years before All Consuming Fire)
                 The Doctor and Susan visit India and
meet Sigor Holmes.  

343?          Robert Blake becomes one of Susan's favorite writers. 

343?          Susan becomes a fan of William Blake's writings.  

343?          One of Susan's favorite periods in history is the English Civil Wars.  

343?           (during his first incarnation / 1999 AD / after 1971 AD / before Susan and the Doctor have spent any real time apart ) 

                  Bide-a-Wee: The Doctor spends a lot of time on Earth in the 1990s.  The Doctor and Susan visit England when they're using decimal currency.  

343?            A Big Hand for the Doctor:  The Doctor and Susan begin pursuing the children cannibalizing Soul Pirates across space and time.  The smell of the streets of Victorian London is the worst smell the Doctor has ever encountered.  The TARDIS computer selected the Doctor’s Victorian wardrobe so that he won’t be noticed in 1900 AD London. It would appear that he chooses to keep this style for the rest of this incarnation.  Having lost his left hand in a dual with a Soul Pirate, the Doctor gets a temporary bio-hybrid hand while the Xing Surgeon Aldridge grows him a new organic one.  After defeating an entire ship of Soul Pirates, the Doctor’s newly grown hand is re-attached. 

343?            (before Byzantium!)
The Doctor and Susan meet the Cybermen on Mondas.  (this might have been the unmade Genesis of the Cybermen story )

343?            (After the Doctor has visited late 20th century Earth, but before Susan has visited that era / probably after Susan has met the Cybermen / possibly after visiting Quinnis)
               The Alchemists: Susan is strongly tempted to avert World War II but decides not to, and resolves not to change history. By this point the Doctor knows much more about the Earth’s history then Susan does.
Susan seems surprised that 20th century Earth is so sexist.

343?              (1962 AD)
                I.M. Foreman's Junkyard (aka a complex space time event that he travels in) begins to form on Earth
at 76 Totters Lane in the Shoreditch area of London.  The property is owned by a human named Hawkins.   This point in space-time will later become a Time Lord Safe-House as it conceals any TARDIS that materializes there.    

343?            (196 2 AD / Susan is in her teens by the time of An Unearthly Child / before New Years 1963)
The Rag & Bone Mans Story: The Doctor and Susan visit the planet Tacunda.  The Doctor encounters the crystal known as the Blessing Star, which can alter probability around the user to make it more likely their desires will be fulfilled.   The Doctor attempts to use the Blessing Star to get the TARDIS to travel to the Earth in the 20th century.   The Doctor's TARDIS is drawn to Earth by I.M. Foreman's Junkyard.  When it materializes in the yard it takes the form of a 1952 British Police Call Box and the Blessing Star causes damage to several systems - including the navigational systems and the chameleon circuit.  The Doctor will come to appricate the symbolism of the Police Box form as he will eventually see himself as someone people 'call' for help.  The TARDIS now needs an overhaul.  Its possible the reason that Self-repair mode in the Doctor’s TARDIS never works right is that his greyprints are corrupted?  By the time of Unearthly Child, Susan is still filled with tourist like optimism so it seems likely that most of the planets she's visited at this point haven't been that horrible/dangerous. 

343?            (before Time and Relative)
                Under the name John Smith,
the Doctor rents the Junkyard from Hawkins.   The Doctor gets a library card (under the name J. Smith).  Susan takes the name Foreman from a sign on the Junkyard's wall and is enrolled in Coal Hill School.  Her National Insurance number is WHYDGN77P .   Susan hates Earth. A deliberately inducing snarl into his and Susan's timestreams mean that they've spend 5 months in 1963 even though its only March.   The Doctor and Susan continue to suffer from memory loss.

343?             (March 27, 1963 AD -  April 4, 1963 / Susan is probably 14 / she is less than 100 years old / They've spent 5 months in 1963)
                Time And Relative: Susan starts keeping a mind-dictated diary. The ice creature attempts to overtake Earth but the Doctor (at Susan's request) breaks the Doctrine of Non-Intervention by capturing the creature and using the TARDIS to take it off of Earth.

343-346? It probably takes the Doctor about 3 years to make the 17 space time jumps necessary to get to Pluto and back to 1963. During his attempts to get back to Susan the TARDIS suffers a catastrophic malfunction had forced him to rebuild part of the main console.  Among the damage is a burnt-out a filament that is a key part of the TARDIS's Time-Path Co-Ordinator. With this component broken beyond repair the TARDIS navigation is now completely random.

343-346? The Doctor drops the ice creature on Pluto in the future. It probably takes the Doctor about 3 years to make the 17 space time jumps necessary to get to Pluto and back to 1963. This is the FIRST time the Doctor has meddled with the Web of Time. The Time Lords easily detect this change and probably become even more determined to recapture the Doctor. From this point on the Doctor and Susan will knowingly violate numerous Time Lord laws.   This and the other meddling in history that the Doctor causes will erase an infinite number of possible futures.  The pain from those neverpeople will give rise to the temporal loa Gabriel and Tanith.

345~        (centuries before Luna Romana / after Stoyn leaves Gallifrey / possibly the Mark IV the Monk used)
                The Type 54 TARDIS is released.  The Type 54 was the first TARDIS that had a self testing engine capacitor.  This rendered the job of Quadrigger obsolete. 

346?             (probably 350 years before Silver Nemesis / after the TARDIS becomes a Police Box / right before returning to Susan / November 23, 1638 AD)    
            Borderlines: The Doctor meets Lady Peinforte and demands she give up the Validium.  He
engages her in a telepathic battle.  He loses his memories of his time as the Other, much of his knowledge of TARDIS operation, and various other details of his life.   He knows how to take off and land and open the doors, but most of the operation of most of the rest of the TARDIS is a total mystery.   The Doctor will later claim that his first few incarnations weren't very skilled at operating the TARDIS.   He becomes a bit forgetful in general.  The Doctor takes the bow and the arrow from the Nemesis Statue (made of Validium) and launches the rest into space to draw the Cybermen on Planet 14 and Mondas away from Earth.  However he gets his sums wrong and it goes into a 25 year orbit that will lead the Nemesis to crash on November 23, 1988.  The Doctor sets his alarm on his digital pocket watch to remind him to later alter the TARDIS's course to be there when it lands again - he gives it a terminal rating.

346?    (centuries before the TV Movie)
            Most of the Doctor's memories of his family and home are buried and will not resurface until his 8th incarnation.

346?             The Doctor and Susan spend another 6 months on Earth.  Before enrolling for her second year at Coal Hill, the Doctor and Susan visit the European mainland twice.   Susan feels that the last 5 of these months have been the happiest of her life.  For his part the Doctor will later look back on these last 6 months as not only being a happy time, but the last period of stability he will know until at least the events of “Matrix.”   The Doctor takes the Hand of Omega on many happy walks.  The Doctor spends 5 months looking for a place to hide the Hand of Omega ( Possibly because it is interfering with navigation).

346-347?          Season 1 probably occurs during this range.

"That's not his name.  Who is he?  Doctor Who?"
                                            -Ian Chesterton

346?            (October 1963 AD / Susan is 15 at this time / the TARDIS has made only a few trips since the Doctor stole it / The writers guide and unbroadcast pilot indicates Susan might be around 880)
                An Unearthly Child:  The Doctor kidnaps two humans named Barbara Wright and Ian Chesterton and leaves Foreman's Junkyard.  The Blessing Star is accidentally left behind in I.M. Foreman's junkyard by Susan when they leave Earth.  Still lacking the chameleon conversion service, and suffering damage from the Blessing Star, the TARDIS's Chameleon Circuit finally fails, jamming the exterior in the form of a British Police Call Box. The Chameleon Circuit will continue to generate new plasmic shells for the TARDIS for the next several hundred years but instead of being implemented they will be stored in the TARDIS's Shell Room with the previous shells.   Despite the instructions on the Police Box that say the doors should be pulled open, the Doctor will continue to push them to open inwards for centuries.  And for centuries the TARDIS will resent this disobedience.  

346?         The Tribe of Gum: The Doctor acquires his first human traveling companions.  Together, they gives primitive man the secret of fire.   Susan is sure that the Doctor intended to take Ian and Barbara back home immediately.  Unfortunately the Doctor loses his note book of Key De-materialization Codes and is forced to rely on his faulty memory of the codes to initiate de-materializations. Rather then admit to the humans that he doesn't know how the TARDIS navigation systems (and most of the rest of the systems on the ship) work he lies and says their is a fault in the system.

346?             (right after The Tribe of Gum)
                The Daleks (aka The Mutants, aka etc...): This might be the first time the Doctor meets the Daleks.  This is when the Doctor figures out who he really is.  The Doctor resolves to never let himself become like the Daleks.  The image of Skaro's petrified forests will haunt him for the rest of his life. 
Officially, Last Contact occurs - the Time Lords encounter a species known as the Dalek for the first time in recent memory.   The Daleks are keyed into the Universe as a function of it (just like Liz Shaw and the Brigadier).   So no matter how many times history is altered they still come into being.  The Doctor might be the Universe’s Dalek Predator.  Something that keeps universal balance by keeping the Daleks from spreading too far.  The Daleks will eventually be responsible for the events that lead to the destruction of the Time Lords in the Last Great Time War.  

3 46?         (possibly 400 years before The Talons of Weng-Chiang / Susan is 15 at this time)
                Marco Polo: 
Susan is horrified at the idea of anyone getting married at the age of 16. 

3 46?         (right after Marco Polo)
                Keys of Marinus: At this point one of the Doctor's fondest desires is for a fully stocked laboratory with every possible apparatus.  He has also come to believe that a society run by machines will have no true justice. 

3 46?         (after Keys of Marinus / Susan is 15)
                The Fragile Yellow Arc of Fragrance

346?             The Aztecs: The Doctor becomes betrothed to and probably falls in love with Cameca.  He carries the Aztec broach (that he was given as a symbol of this relationship) in his pocket for the next couple of years. 

346?            (Susan is only a few years younger then a human in her twenties)
                    The Sensorites: 
This appears to be the first time the TARDIS has ever materialized on a moving vehicle like a space ship.  At this point, the Doctor and Susan plan - when they have learned all the mysteries and truths of the skies - to stop their wanderings and return to Gallifrey and settle down.   Unfortunately, while the Doctor is very good at handling multiple crisis, he lacks the strength to deal with day to day problems.  He will deliberately avoids facing those sorts of problems (like, jobs, family, etc…) by never sticking around after the immediate major problems have been sorted out.   Susan misses the telepathic communion of the Sense-Sphere. 

346?            The Reign of Terror : By this point Susan is absolutely terrified of rats. 

346?         The Wanderer:  The Doctor and Susan are both exposed to extreme levels of chronon poisoning from a Dahensa Ranger.  This might explain the following age discrepancy:   In Marco Polo Susan is explicitly 15 years old.   But in Here Be Monsters Susan states she is older then Barbara and Ian put together - meaning she is at least 50 and possibly older.  This gap would explain why she is horrified at the idea of getting married at 16 years old but seems okay with it in Dalek Invasion of Earth.   

346?            (after the Reign of Terror /  probably 3 bodies before Ghost Ship / almost certainly during The Witch Hunters)
                The Witch Hunters: The Doctor adopts the name John Smith.  At this point the Doctor’s TARDIS is operating as efficiently as it was when he first stole it from Gallifrey.   This is the last time the Doctor uses the Fast Return switch for "a lifetime or three."  Because of the temptation to change the past it offers (and because of the events of the Edge of Destruction) the Doctor disables his TARDIS’s Fast Return switch (until Ghost Ship).  

347?            (Susan is 8 years younger then Barbara who is 24)
               Nothing at the End of the Lane

347?-403    Season 2 probably occurs in this range. 

347?           The Alchemists: Susan leaves a message for Barbara saying that they shouldn’t let the Doctor change history if she is killed.

347?           ( Right after Planet of the Giants )
                The Time Travellers: Due to the changes in history that the TARDIS is involved with Doctor begins fearing that the Time Lords will find him soon and he begins looking for a permanent home for Susan.   The TARDIS spends 24 years at the bottom of a river but no time passes for the Doctor. 

347?           (shortly before Dalek Invasion of Earth / Susan is older then both Ian and Barbara put together  24+26=50)
                Here there be Monsters: Susan knows that Barbara and Ian are in love and wishes they would just admit it.  The Doctor discovers a ship that is punching holes in space-time and - with the help of a being from the realm of the Yssgaroth - stops it. 
The sound of holes being punched in space-time with continue to haunt Susan's nightmares for years.  Susan decides that she needs to leave her grandfather and start living on her own.  She believed that his worry for her is preventing him from experiencing the Universe like he wants. 

David Campbell and Susan

347?            (2167 AD / after Here There Be Monsters / Susan is 16 / Susan might be 38)
                The Dalek Invasion of Earth: Susan falls in love with David Campbell.   The Doctor believes that Susan will never voluntarily leave him, but he fears the Time Lords will find him soon.  The Doctor forces Susan to stay on Earth.  Both Susan and David are considered heroes of the resistance movement.  They will be responsible for dismantling all the leftover Dalek technology on Earth.    

347?           (begins seconds after Dalek Invasion / 3.5 Billion BC - Possibly synced with Gallifrey Time)
                Venusian Lullaby:
The Venusian lullabies the Doctor often sings are actually very offensive and vulgar.

347?          (very shortly after Dalek Invasion of Earth)
                The Doctor find the 500 Year Diary Susan had been writing in and starts making his own entries.
  To ensure it can’t be read by others, he writes everything in High Gallifreyan.   The Doctor has trouble finding time to keep up with it, and his next entry after the first refers to the events of Dalek Master Plan.  

347?          (shortly before Susan gets married)
                The Book of Shadows: The Doctor collects some gold for Susan's wedding rings.

347?          (20 years before Earthly Child)
                Susan marries David Campbell.  The Doctor might have attended and provided the rings. 
The Doctor thinks its unlikely that Susan could breed with a human.   The Doctor feels that he is letting Susan wait for the death of the man she loves and he plans to return and take Susan as a companion again when she has her first regeneration.  The Doctor is determined to be there for her if she ever needs him.   Despite this, he won't return to meet her until his 8th incarnation.  Susan will be very angry about his failure to come back.    

347?          (probably well before Alex is born) 
Susan and David adopt three orphans from the Dalek occupation.

??            Susan probably finds the journal that Ian and Barbara left for her in the 20th Century.         

347?          (The Doctor spends several years waiting for Ian and Barbara)
                The Revenants (Part 1): After accidentally leaving Ian and Barbara in Scotland in 1956, the Doctor ends up at a point several years earlier. 
  While the Doctor is very good at handling multiple crisis, he lacks the strength to deal with day-to-day problems.  For this reason, the Doctor now views linear (normal) life as a trap to be avoided.  He will deliberately avoids facing domestic problems (like, jobs, family, etc…) by never sticking around after the immediate major problems have been sorted out.  He sees himself as wander. The Doctor spends several years without companions.  The Elders that have been observing the Doctor's life and indicate that he spends a majority of his time traveling alone.   This extended side trip is a possible solution to the problem of the Doctor's age. The Doctor is probably around 347, but is 402 by  Byzantium! 

347?          (after Dalek Invasion of Earth)
                Beginning with Susan, the Doctor will keep and place in stasis the living quarters of every traveling companion he has.  He will keep all of the rooms of his companions on this holding ring (until the end of Relative Dimensions when he jettisons them all).

The Doctor's great-grandson,  David Alex Campbell Jr.

350            (17 years before An Earthly Child )
                Despite the Doctor's predictions, Susan is able to conceive a child with David Campbell.  His name is  Alexander
David Campbell Jr.  He should be 38% Gallifreyan, but, for unknown reasons, is only 7% Gallifreyan and 93% Human.  T his surprises the Doctor and Susan.  Alex  has no ability to regenerate or use telepathy, and  has only 1 heart.  This brings the number of children they are raising to 3 (including the war orphans).  Alex grows up hearing stories of Susan and the Doctor's adventures, but they don't tell him that he's part alien.  

??             (after Dalek Invasion of Earth / before Hermit returns the Diary)
                The Doctor and the Hermit meet.
 The Hermit
Azmael will learn of the Doctor borrowing a TARDIS and leaving Gallifrey.  The Doctor entrusts his 500 Year Diary to the care of his teacher the Hermit Azmael.  

??           (after his last meeting with the Doctor on Gallifrey / before Planet of the Spiders)
                The Hermit
Azmael regenerates for the 10th time.

350           (400 years before Deadly Assassin / a few years after the death of Slann)
                The Prydonian
Eldhind (aka Pandad IV aka Pandar V) is inaugurated as the 405th President of Gallifrey.  His Chancellor is the Prydonian Socra.   He never meets the Doctor.

??            (before Mission to Magnus / after the Type 54 is released)
                Anzor receives a Type 60 TARDIS.   All Type 60s and later timeships have the same scanner, filter, and chameleon circuity improvements that the Type 51 had.  

350          (8 years after the Doctor leaves)
                Drax buys a second-hand Type 63
TARDIS (He will later have a Type 60 if he is Qixotl ) and leaves Gallifrey.  Drax might have later retaken his exams and qualified as full Time Lord as he carries both the title to, and legally owns a TARDIS.   He runs an intergalactic salvage and repair operation, purchasing damaged technology to repair and resell.   He also sells his repair skills to various races in the universe and  specializes in computers but also does cybernetics, guidance systems, and occasionally armaments. 

351~         The Prydonian, Lord Deliavatsud, becomes one of the Tribunal of the CIA.

354          (18 years after the Doctor steals the TARDIS / after declaring Aznaek a public hero, )
                 The High Council gives Azmael permission to leave leave Gallifrey.  The Hermit Azmael leaves Gallifrey using only his mental powers. 
Azmael spends many years traveling.   One wonders if Koschei (the Master) would have been regarded as a hero if he too had stayed on Gallifrey? 

361~        The Professor is loomed.

363?            (16 years after Susan and David adopt Barbara)
                A Time & a Place: The 7th Doctor returns the shoes that he said he would mend for Susan.  He does not meet Susan but does meet her adopted granddaughter, Barbara.  By this point, Susan is quite happy on Earth with David, and hates to travel.  She feels she has found the time zone she was looking for.

?               David Campbell holds a position on the Earth Council.

365?          (2185 AD, so 18 years after the Dalek occupation ended)
                The Master substitutes a Kamelion Robot for David Campbell, in an attempt to change Earth’s History by making it into a dictatorship.  The CIA sends the 1st Doctor and another incarnation (probably the 6th) to defeat the Master.  David is presumed dead but in reality he has been kidnapped by the Master. 

365?          (before Earthly Child)
                Susan Campbell starts working for the Earth Council. 

367?         Alex Campbell majors in Architecture at Bristol University.   Alex will grow to hate all aliens.    He joins the Watch, a group of vigilantes who police Earth to ensure no aliens are on the planet. 

367          (after David is killed / 20 years after the Dalek occupation ends / after The 5 Doctors from Susans POV)
An Earthly Child:   Desperate for some help with the reconstruction of human civilization Susan tries to contact an aliens she can find.  The 8th Doctor's TARDIS detects Susan's request for help and the Doctor meets up with Susan and his grandson Alex.  He offers to have Alex trained at the Academy on Gallifrey but Alex chooses to stay with his mother.

367          ( Alex is 18 / 6 months after Earthly Child / probably no more then a few years after Legacy of the Daleks from Susan's POV)
            Relative Dimensions: The Doctor and Luci celebrate Christmas with Susan and Alex Campbell.  Lucie leaves with Alex to see the world of the 22nd century.  The Doctor plans to give Alex his TARDIS at some point in the future.  

370        (right after Prisoner of the Sun / takes 3 years from Alex's POV)
            Luci Miller / To the Death:
With the help of the 22nd century Daleks, the Monk will recovered the Dalek Time Controller.   The Daleks invade Earth again.  The Dalek Time Controller has discovered a point in space-time when all of the Amethyst Viruses will concentrate into one cloud.  The Daleks of the 22nd century plan to install a time warp engine on the Earth so that they can use it collect and transport the Amethyst Viruses.  They will then be able to infect and destroy all life on any world they wish.  The Monk is working to save all of Earth's greatest artifacts so that the can become the richest man in all of creation.  Susan doesn't recognize the Monk.   Alex Campbell is exterminated by the Daleks, and Lucie Miller dies destroying the Time Engine the Dalek’s were trying to place in Earth’s core.  The vengeance filled Doctor asks Susan if she wants to travel with him but she refuses.  

370?            (probably after To The Death / probably a few years before Legacy of the Daleks)
                The real David Campbell finally escapes from the Master and returns to Susan on Earth.  

379          (32 years after Dalek Invasion of Earth from David's POV / after The 5 Doctors from Susan's POV / not very long before Relative Dimensions)
                Legacy of the Daleks: The Master (from Gallifrey's future) kills David Campbell.  Susan Campbell steals the Master's Type 45 TARDIS (though he gets it back at some point).

381      (Matrix Date 6101 / 700 years before Lies)
Commander Hallan begins serving Escort Duty for the Chancellery Guard.  By the time of Spirit he will have held this position for 700 years and visited Devidia 43 times.

??             The Doctor spends 26 years organizing the books in the TARDIS's library.

??             (first Doctor?)
                The Doctor gives up smoking.

??            (after the Dalek Invasion of Earth)
                The Revenants (Part 2): The Doctor comes to fears traveling on his own.   He predicts that some day all his friends will be dead leaving him, in the end, alone.  At that point he will settle down on Gallifrey to live as a Time Lord .  And he will face the end of his life – all alone.  Secretly he fears this future.   Realizing that he is happiest when he has a “family” of companions.   The Doctor decides resume traveling with Ian and Barbara.  So he chooses to wait till 1956 when they will arrive in Scotland.   The Doctor might have considered this a multi-decade vacation (see Androids of Tara).
                The Doctor continues to be fascinated and emotionally attached to humanity.   The Doctor likes humans because they cram so many experiences into such a short lifespan and they help him "see things" that he no longer is able to see because of his age and travel experience.  The Doctor hates to see his companions age.   The Time Lords believe that the Doctor travels with human companions to remind himself that he is mortal.  The Doctor admits there might be something to this theory (Note: Interestingly Faction Paradox wear skull masks for the same reason).    Its is possible that the TARDIS is responsible for selecting companions based on their Reality Quotient / Charisma rating. 
                   The Doctor will later admit that it might be for the best that he can't properly control the TARDIS, because if he could he would keep dropping in on his previous companions and interfering in their lives.   The Doctor will develop a calendar like system to keep track of the times of death of each of his companions.  Despite this, he dreads dropping in on his friends and finding then extremely aged and nearer to death.  He calls this the curse of the Time Lords.   All of the Doctor’s companions cause a small telepathic itch in his head when they are on the same planet as he is.  Despite the fact that Time Lord science can not explain this itch the Doctor feels certain that he would know if one of them had died.   The Doctor will later come to realize that extensive exposure to a Time Lord might cause a human to become "infected" with Time Lord DNA in some way.  The effects of this would not be obvious to a human, but it might explain the telepathic itch.  

?              Mortimus (the Monk) is betrayed by the High Council.  He also becomes infamous for double crossing the CIA.  

392              (50 years after the Doctor leaves Gallifrey / before Empire of Glass)
                Right before leaving Gallifrey the Monk regenerates for the third time.
  He gives up on politics and devotes his life to hedonism and fun. Mortimus (the Monk) leaves Gallifrey, in a new Mark IV TARDIS with a team of 5 other anthropologists.   The Monk  heads for Earth.  Once there, he steals the TARDIS, stranding the others them in the Dark Ages.  He travels the cosmos providing lesser species with advanced technology and science.      

?                 (Before the Time Meddler / after leaving Gallifrey)
                The Monk meets Leonardo da Vinci and discusses powered flight with him.

?                 (Before the Time Meddler / after leaving Gallifrey)
                The Monk puts 200 pounds in the London Bank in 1968 and collects loads of interest 200 years later. 

?                 (Before the Time Meddler / after the Monk leaves Gallifrey)
                The Monk uses an anti-gravitational lift to help the Britons build Stonehenge. 
The 8th Doctor and Sam observe some of the building of Stonehenge but fail to notice the Monks influence on things.  Given that this is also where Tannis chooses to attack Earth in DCTT is it possible that something of great significance to the Time Lords exists at Stonehenge?  Possibly the Gravity Control Unit?  If so then the Unit might be the anti-gravitational lift used by the Monk.

400        (the Doctor's Nameday / the Doctor's 300th or 400th birthday)
                This might be the last time (before The Nameless City) that the Doctor got a present.  

400??                 (at least several centuries before Spiral Scratch)
                    Rummas the Time Lord leaves Gallifrey to see the universe. He collects books - often by thievery. 
Rummas steals the Spiral Chamber from the Time Lords and takes it to the Carsus Library.  The Carsus Library is a library that contains every book ever written.  The Time Lords claim to have created it but there is no evidence to support this.  Rummas lives on Carsus for several centuries. 

400 ?         (Centuries before Earthlink Dilemma)
                Discussion begins on Gallifrey concerning the possibility of the ARTEMIS.

400??             (before Invasion of Time / ~1460 AD?? )
                The Vardans invade the Matrix when the Matrix attempts to collect data on the planet Varda.  

??            (probably after leaving Gallifrey)
Iris Wildthyme erased all records of herself on Gallifrey so it appears that she never existed.   Because of this Iris is never bothered by the Time Lords.

400~                 ( probably 500 years before Trial of a Time Lord / centuries before Trial of a Time Lord / Possibly when the Vardans Invade  / ~1460 AD? )
                The Sleepers from Andromeda (possibly the Monans of Andromeda) infiltrate the Matrix and begin stealing the secrets of the Time Lords. 
The Andromedans all have a single galaxy-spanning consciousness.   The Andromedans might have been working for the Daleks when they stole the Matrix secrets.  Over the next few years they acquire Tapes 3, 4, 5, and 6 - which cover topics like facts, figures, formulas, FTL tech, anti-gravity power, and dimensional transference.  The Sleepers are based on Earth.  

402          (The Doctor spend several years waiting for Ian and Barbara)
                The Revenants (Part 2): The Doctor is reunited with Ian and Barbara and they depart in the TARDIS. 

402?           (right after Venusian Lullaby)
The Book of Shadows: The Doctor briefly encounters the The Ancient and Worshipful Law of Gallifrey

402         The Rescue: by this point the Doctor's hand writing has gotten so bad that he can't read it himself.  This handwriting will remain more or less the same throughout all of his future incarnations. 

402            (60 years after the Doctor fled Gallifrey / after the Rescue / 1 year after Unearthly Child from Barbara and Ian's POV)
                Byzantium! / The Romans: By this time the Doctor has faced the "58 Terrors of the Universe."  He considers religion worthy of study.

??            The Doctor probably helped write a Bible verse that started with something like “In the Beginning…”  

?            (before The Chase from the Dalek's POV)
                The Daleks discover that the Time Lords attempted to avert their creation. 
When the Daleks discover what the Time Lords attempted they will begin planning the Last Great Time War.   In fact the Daleks will reguard the  Deliavatsud Intervention as the first action in the Time War.    The Daleks begin carefully plotting to destroy the Time Lords via a Time War.

403         (approximately 2 years after Unearthly Child from Ian and Barbara's POV)
                The Chase:  As and early part of their secret war with the Time Lord the Daleks dispatch a DARDIS to destroy the first Doctor.  
By this point the Doctor realizes that the TARDIS's Main Time Mechanism is in such bad shape that it would take months or even years to repair even with access proper tools and parts.   The Doctor does admit to a fear or traveling on his own.   Every time one of his companions leaves him he feels like he ages 100 years, but this pain does not last long (this will change after the Time War). He finally stops carrying around the Aztec broach Cameca gave him.   He won't wear it again until White Darkness (his 7th incarnation).  

?            (after The Chase from the Daleks' POV) 
                After the failure of the DARDIS to destroy the Doctor and their failure to re-invade Earth in the 22nd century, the Daleks begin researching how to better fight Time Lords and other time travelers.  The Daleks devote all of their resources to advancing their technology and military forces so that they can defeat the Time Lords in a time war.   By the time of Death to the Daleks, the Daleks will be the most sophisticated and advanced species in the Galaxy.

403           The Time Meddler: The Monk knows the Doctor from their time at the Academy.  The Monks attempt to accelerate human development are thwarted by the Doctor.   The Monk’s meddling in England in 1066 AD indicates that this is probably a temporal nexus point.  The Monk (Mortimus) is temporarily stranded by the Doctor who steals his TARDIS's Dimensional Control.   The Monk escapes the Earth before the end of 1066.  At this point the Doctor enjoys mead but by The Gunfighters will have sworn off alcohol.   The Doctor builds and installs a sensor in the TARDIS that can detect attempts to alter History.  

403           (right after the Time Meddler)
                  Frost Fire: The First Doctor meets Jane Austen in London.  He has read all of her novels.

403            (right before Empire of Glass)
                The Three Doctors: The first Doctor is collected by the Time Lords using a transparent capsule.   Afterwards, he is given an invitation to chair the Armageddon Convention by Braxiatel, but the Time Lords wipe his memory.  

403          (right after Three Doctors from the 1st Doctor's POV)
               The Empire of Glass: The Doctor works with the Time Lord Irving Braxiatel to organize the Armageddon Convention. They ban several doomsday weapons, including cyber-bombs, cobalt bombs and temporal disruptors.

403-404    The first part of Season 3 probably occurs in this range.

403          (probably right before the Myth Makers)
                The Suffering: The Doctor has not lived in one place for a year or more for several centuries.

403           The Myth Makers: The arrival of the TARDIS might have awoken or enhanced Cassandra's powers of pre-cognition.  By this point the Doctor is capable of creating the designs for a glider (with launcher), and a giant wooden horse in under a day.  By this point the Doctor appears to believe that his visits and actions on other planets are a natural part of history and the Web of Time.   It seems unlikely that Vicki's ability to understand the Trojan language would persist after the TARDIS left.  

403           (after The Myth Makers / Before Dalek Masterplan)
                Scribbles in Chalk: The Doctor realizes that he will need to regenerate soon.  

403           The Dalek Master Plan (Part 1): the Daleks build a Time Destructor which can accelerate or reverse time over an entire planet.  It can actually age matter till the elections weak and strong nuclear forces crumble and the atoms fall apart.  It is also capable of rupturing the exo-shell of a TARDIS.  The Daleks are probably planning to use the Time Destructor on Gallifrey at some point in the future.  The Time Destructor requires one emm of Taranium (a mineral only found in small amounts on Uranus).   A full emm of Taranium contains enough temporal energy to power a hundred DARDISes.  Taranium is the rarest mineral in this universe (but can be found relatively easily on Gallifrey's moon in the Universe of Inner Time).  The Doctor decides that stopping the Daleks in more important then even the safety of his TARDIS.  The Monk is stranded on an ice planet by the Doctor again. The Monk will continue to do freelance work for the Daleks, off and on, over the centuries.   

403-404    The Doctor spends quite a bit of time traveling with Sarah Kingdom and Steven.   

404           The Dalek Master Plan (Part 2): The Doctor is caught in the field of the Dalek Time Destructor and begins to age rapidly.   The Doctor is aged about a hundred years or so and then regressed an indeterminate number of years.  After this point the writers of the show are able to write Hartnell's ill health into their scripts.  This might be the cause for his early regeneration, and could explain unaccounted for 51 year age jump he makes between Byzantium and Tomb of the Cybermen.  The Doctor's earlier attempts to "snarl" his timeline might also be responsible.  

404           (the Doctor is nearing the end of his first incarnation / while traveling with Steven / right after Dalek Master Plan)
                Roses / The Five Doctors: The 1st Doctor is taken to the Death Zone.   The Doctor is allowed to take Susan back to Earth.   Afterwards it would appear that he spent 44 years traveling before returning to Steven in the Rose Garden.  

404-448?     The Doctor spends several years without companions.  The Elders that have been observing the Doctor's life and indicate that he spends a majority of his time traveling alone.   The Doctor hates having to use his TARDIS to transport lots of people (especially if he doesn’t know them well).   Aside from emergency situations, the only people the Doctor offers to share the inside of the TARDIS with are his friends.  The Doctor generally doesn’t let children travel in the TARDIS, but he does keep a chest of toys in the TARDIS just in case. 

??            (The 1st Doctor)
                Cambridge Previsited: The Doctor stops in to visit Professor Chronotis who is living in St Cedds College.  This encounter is out of sequence for Chronotis, who has already met the 4th Doctor and Sarah Jane.   

??            The Doctor gets a doctorate in Cheese-Making

??            (before The Moonbase)
                The Doctor picks up a medical doctorate under Joseph Lister in Glasgow in 1888.  The TARDIS might have taken the Doctor back

??            (before the Gunfighters / after The Daleks)
                Despite his dislike for weapons, the Doctor makes an Earth six-shooter pistol part of his favorite collection of Earth artifacts.  This gun might be a prop. 

Chancellor Socra, Goth, and Adelphi
The Tribunal of The CIA

411            (699 years before the War / right after Morbius is executed / shortly before House Paradox is formed / 1468 AD? )
                Due in part to the events of the Imperator Presidency, the new interventionists believed that interference with the lesser species was the best defense against them. 
They feel that the Guardians of Time have become apathetic.  The CIA becomes proactive in its attempts to prevent other races from traveling through time.  Prydonian Chancellor Socra of the High Council is Coordinator and First Speaker of the CIA.  High Cardinal Gothaparduskerialldrapolatkh is Second Speaker and the Arcalian Councillor Adelphi is the Third Speaker .   Goth's movement up the Time Lord rank structure is quite fast.  Lord Ferain is Director of Allegiance in the CIA.  Professor Ralenitumistagidav is Director of Engineering Studies.  Dr. Vanideliumistada is a Doctor of Sociology.  Prof Landinalakallinian is Assistant Sub-Chief of Militant Intervention Research.  Lady Rowellanuraven (almost 10,000 years old, 10th incarnation) is the CIA’s specialist on Earth History.  Lord Palmac is in charge of assigning Field Agents to intervention missions.  Lord Rollonovaradnashir (Rollo) is their highest ranking Field Agent (he has been offered the position of Speaker but turns it down to stay in the field).    

??             (before World Game)
                A sub-committee of the High Council made up of the Prydonian Ragnar, the Arcalian Milvo, Sardon of the CIA, oversees the Temporal Scanning Service at Temporal Scanning HQ. 

302-525  (200 years before Speed of Flight, probably after Time and Relative)
                The Doctor spends 12-24 years piloting a Martian Explorer.

313-549   The Doctor finishes his stint with the Martian Explorer.  

420?         (decades before Dark Heart)
                Koschie begins exploring Mutter's Stellian Spiral Galaxy.  By the time of The Dark Path he will have explored many many of the sytems from one side of the Galaxy to another. 

??            The Monk escapes from the ice planet.  He gives up on hedonism and devotes himself to the greater good of the Universe.  He now believes that, with enough planning, the ends do justify the means.

??             Mortimus serves as a technical advisor to the Moroks

??             Mortimus serves as a technical advisor to Yartek, leader of the Voord.

??             Mortimus once allied himself with a Martian Military Nest.

??            (The 1st Doctor with no companions)
                The Invasion from Space: The Doctor saves the Mortimer family from the Great Fire of London, and travels with them for a time.

??             (during his younger days)
                 The Doctor enjoys spending a lot of time on the planet Ormelia and visits it several times.

??              For several incarnations, Nocturne is one of the Doctor's favorite planets.

??             (1700s AD)
                The Doctor rules Taunton for two weeks and is very bored.

448           The second part of Season 3 probably occurs in this range.

448           The Doctor  returns to Steven in the Rose Garden.  

448           The Massacre of St. Bartholomew's Eve: By this point the Doctor occasionally thinks about returning to Gallifrey but knows it would be a bad idea.  He doesn't believe that anyone (including himself) can truly grasp how History works, and appears to think there is a grand design to the Web of Time that he dare not tamper with.  

??            (while traveling with Steven and Dodo / before Logopolis)
                The Doctor visits Logopolis. 

448           The Ark: The Doctor implies that he might be human or part human. 

??            (while traveling with Steven and Dodo)
                The Golden Door: The Doctor sees a television broadcast about Mondas' return to Earth.  He remembers these events and use this knowledge to his own advantage in The Tenth Planet.

448          (~1496 AD?? )
                The Celestial Toymaker: The Doctor realizes his first regeneration is coming soon and is more afraid of it then death.  This regeneration probably happens earlier than it is supposed because of all the exotic environments and dangers the Doctor has been subject too.

448          The Gunfighters: The Doctor appears to be more scared of a dental procedure then he is of the Daleks or the Celestial Toymaker. 

448          The Savages: The Council of Elders know of the Doctor as the Traveler From Beyond Time and have tracked his movements for many light-years of space and time.  The seem surprised that he has any traveling companions, indicating that the Doctor has been traveling alone during most of their observations.  They believe he is the greatest specialist in time-space exploration.  (They might have a Time-Space Visualizer.)  By this point the Doctor believes that the sacrifice of even one individual is to high a cost for progress.  The Doctor's life-force is far more powerful than any other humans.  The life force drain the Doctor suffers might be the cause for his early regeneration.   The Doctor might have deliberately got Steven to leave so that he could be alone during his upcoming regeneration.  

448          (probably no more then several months after Scribbles in Chalk )
                The Man in the Velvet Mask: The Doctor is afraid of losing himself during his upcoming regeneration.  

448          The War Machines: By 1966 AD the Doctor name appears to be recorded in Earth records as being Doctor Who.  The Doctor believes that he has learned to detect psychic emanations of evil beings like the Daleks from the goosebumps he gets on his skin.  However he admits it might simply be an magnetic field.  It is possible that the Doctor goes off and meets his second incarnation (who is also in London at this time dealing with The Faceless Ones).  This might explain his foreknowledge of the next several stories causal acceptance of Jamie.   

448-450    Season 4 probably occurs in this range.

448          (right after The War Machines)
                The Smugglers: The Doctor attempts to alter his role in history.  

448          (right after the Smugglers)
               The Doctor gets fed-up with the silly accents that the translation mainframe of his TARDIS is giving people in pre-20th century eras.  He resolves to do his best to avoid historical Earth time zones and is largely successful in this endeavor.   Journeys to the Earth's pre-20th century time zones will often be a lot rougher with the TARDIS throwing its crew members around a lot.  

448            (after The Five Doctors from the 1st Doctor's POV / while traveling with Ben Jackson)
                    The Witch Hunters (Part 2): As a reward for his actions in the Death Zone, granted a favor by Rassilon who allows him complete control of the TARDIS to show Rebecca Nurse that her death in 1692 will not be in vain.

448           (probably shortly before The Tenth Planet)
                The Three Paths: The TARDIS uses the loophole in the back time field buffers to travel into his own relative past and arrive on Gallifrey the day he stole the TARDIS and left.  It materializes on Mt Cadon near where the Hermit Azmael used to live.  He meets his old mentor and they discuss the Doctor's future.  He could re-enter Gallifreyan society and nobody would ever know he'd left.  The Doctor decides to continue his travels, and his teacher returns the Doctor's 500 year Diary that he'd been keeping.  

The New Doctor (Patrick Troughton)

448        (25-50 years before Spearhead from Space / around 600 years old / before turning 450)
                The Tenth Planet: Despite his knowledge of Earth's, future the Doctor decides to see how far the Laws of Time can stretch when he tries to convince the Cybermen to leave the doomed Mondas and settle on Earth.  After being exposed to an outside influence (probably Mondas' power drain) The Doctor regenerates for the first time and gains a second heart. The Doctor's heart beats are distinctive, even by Gallifreyan standards. The console room shrinks 15 centimeters (probably converting mass into energy for the regeneration).  This regeneration probably happens earlier then it is supposed to because of all the stresses his body has been subject to.  
Despite this, the Doctor's first body lasted significantly longer then his 2nd-7th incarnations.   This is not the first time the Doctor has regenerated.
                The new Doctor has brown eyes.  Despite the Doctor's wish, he doesn't have ginger colored hair.  The Doctor will continue to want ginger colored hair for the rest of his regenerations.  With his regeneration he has suddenly gained the knowledge of how to play the recorder (possibly something the Morbius Doctor's knew?)  He thinks best when music is playing.  He enjoys sherbet, roast pork, carrots, potatoes, pat-a-cake biscuits, and ice cream.   He hates UNIT tea.  This Doctor dislikes using computers.   The 2nd Doctor views the Earth as being akin to his train set. It mostly runs fine on its own, but he has to tweak things, and put thinks back on track from time to time.   This Doctor will commit more grievous violations of the Doctrine on Non-Interference then any of his next 6 incarnations.

??          (when the Doctor is young)
                The Doctor’s pockets are dimensionally transcendental.  At this point in his life he carries so many things in them that that he could build a holo-field scrambler within 5 minutes.

(right after The Tenth Planet / before he turns 451 / over 750 years after the Doctor left Gallifrey / the Doctor is 750 years old)
                Power of the Daleks: The Doctor decides that he must stay and fight the Daleks on general principle. 

??           (a long time before Keeper of Traken / during Power of the Daleks)
The Doctor begins keeping time logs in his first 500 year diary.  The tenses of these logs are recorded based on the Time Zone he happens to be in at the moment.   To ensure it can’t be read by others, he writes everything in High Gallifreyan.  The Doctor has trouble finding time to keep up with it.  

?            (after Here there be Monsters / Probably before The Five Doctors )
                The Doctor finally forms a symbiotic bond with his TARDIS.   From this point on, whenever the Doctor inside the TARDIS he feels like being hugged by his mother.  
Now that he has a primary symbiotic link with a TARDIS the Doctor is a full and proper Time Lord .   Because he stole the TARDIS, the Doctor does not have a normal symbiotic bond with the machine.  Because of this, and because he has lost control of the codes necessary for manual control,  It will take the Doctor and the TARDIS working together to have a system of precise flight control.

448       (3 weeks after The Tenth Planet)
                Invasion of the Cat People: The Doctor ties four knots in his handkerchief to remind his fourth incarnation to reconfigure the TARDIS to prevent the control room from shrinking with every regeneration.  

448       (after Power of the Daleks / before The Highlanders)
            The Murder Game: The Doctor resolves to build a permanent reliable sonic device that can unlock doors. 

448       (before Dreams of Empire  / probably before Wonderland / after The Murder Game / before Fury from the Deep)
            The Doctor builds a sonic screwdriver.  

448       (after Power of the Daleks / before The Highlanders)
            Wonderland: By this point the Doctor has constructed his Mark I Sonic Screwdriver.  

448?       (more then a year before The Abominable Snowman)   
            The Doctor's first meeting with Padmasambhava occurs.  

??         The Doctor stores all of his keys inside shoes.  He owns 800 pairs of shoes. 

448      (after Tenth Planet / before the Highlanders / before War Games)
                Venusian Sunset: The Doctor takes a refresher in Venusian Aikido on Venus. 
The Doctor will later claim to be a tenth dan master in all the major martial arts disciplines - Venusian Karate, Venusian Aikido, Saturnian Kung-Fu, and training as a Ninja on Quinnis in Galaxy 4.   The Venusian lullabies the Doctor often sings are actually very offensive and vulgar.

449      The Highlanders: By this point the Doctor appears to have found a way to feed the TARDIS crew without using the pills and wafers issued by the food machine. 

449      The Moonbase: The Doctor fully embraces the idea that some corners of the universe have things that must be fought.  From this point on he will rarely hesitate to confront Evil in anyway that wouldn't be a direct violation of History.    He feels it is his duty to search through the shadows and chase evil doers away.  The Doctor believes that one could not 'be good,' one can only only 'do good.'   The Doctor sees good and evil as a processes and believes that evil is an actual force that needed to be fought.   He believes that there are split second nexus points where the balance between good and evil can be tipped the wrong way.  He will spend most of his life trying to find those moments.   The Doctor fights darkness, evil, pain, death, and sorrow but he can never defeat them utterly for fear that himself or others will become evil. He becomes well know on Gallifrey for this black and white thinking.

449        (the Doctor is 750 years old)
                The Underwater Menace

449       (300 years before The Android Invastion)
           The Doctor take pride in his abilities of recall up until the Time Lords capture him and inflict their mind block on him.  Even after the block has been removed he still feels his memory was better before this point.  

450      (a very, very long time after after leaving Gallifrey / after Macra Terror / before The Faceless Ones)
            The Roundheads

450      The Faceless Ones: By this point the Doctor has given up on going back to Gallifrey though he's not happy about it.

450      Evil of the Daleks / A Meeting of Minds: Three humanized Test Daleks are created.  They are named Alpha, Beta, and Omega.  The Daleks construct a machine that can introduce the Dalek Factor into any human who passes through it. They plan to create a liquid that can be sprayed into the atmosphere to turn the populations of entire planets into mental Daleks.  The Doctor humanizes several Daleks who go to war with the original Daleks.  The Emperor is severely damaged in this battle, but not destroyed.   The Emperor Dalek probably could downloaded his consciousness into another clone of himself in order to escape destruction.  By this point the Emperor Dalek controls trillions of Daleks.  By this point the Doctor would consider returning to Gallifrey in order to escape the Daleks.  The CIA (possibly with the aid of Jelpax) predict that the Daleks are the only race (besides the Humans) who could threaten Gallifrey's supremacy over Time with a Time War. 

450-451        Season 5 probably occurs in this range.

450              (the Doctor is 450 Terran years old)
             Tomb of the Cyberman

450        The Abominable Snowmen

450         Enemy of the World: The Doctor keeps trying to program the TARDIS for a variety of different locations but is always ends up on Earth some time after the 1960s.  

?              The Doctor notices that, in his efforts to get Barbara and Ian back to 1960's Earth, he accidentally hardwired the coordinates for Sol III in the Humanian Era into the TARDIS programmer.  The unfortunate side-effect of this is that it vastly increased the probability of miss-jumps landing the TARDIS in time zones that were within a few thousand miles or few decades of England in 1960s.   While he continues to see the Earth as a source of challenges and rewarding experiences, he will, over the coming centuries, find the repetition a rather dull.  It takes him several incarnations to get this problem under control, but eventually, after learning to properly control the TARDIS, he will install a single switch that will instantly enable Sol III coordinates.

450              The Web of Fear: The Doctor defeats the Great Intelligence.  He begins to suspect that someone is manipulating his actions.

450             Twilight of the Gods: A Menoptra taught the Doctor how to control his pheromone emissions.

??              For several incarnations, Nocturne is one of the Doctor's favorite planets.

??                (Before The Dark Path)
                    Koschei (the Master) encounters the Chronovores.

?                  The Time Lady Aillia is placed on 28th century Sol III (Earth) by the CIA , to meet Koschei (the Master).  Her job is to investigate Koschei's mental stability.  She posses as a human and sends occasional reports to Gallifrey.

?                  Ailla falls in love with Koschei, but this is not a sexual attraction.  


450              The Dark Path: Aillia and Koschei investigate the Darkhart (Aillia has heard of the Doctor long ago).  Aillia regenerates for the first time.  When Koschei realizes Ailla (whom he might have fallen in love with) was a spy from the CIA the evil that the Eternal Death has been filling his head with finally consumes his soul.  Koschei becomes the Dark Lord of Time and he chooses the name the Master.   The Master considers Koschei to be dead, and plans to use the Darkheart to become one with the Vortex which would make him a all knowing and all powerful vengeful god.  He plans to make a universe of ordered peace and harmony.  The Doctor tricks him and the Master is trapped in the Darkheart black hole

??                (after he becomes a criminal)
                While trapped in the black hole t
he Master regenerates for the first time.  It will take almost all of his lives to escape.        

?                 While trying to escape from the black hole, The Master discovers a crack between universes.

The Master aka Koschei (notice the new 9th body?)

?                 Koschei escapes from the Dark Heart black hole.  It has taken almost all (8~) of his lives to escape.  The Master probably uses the re-set healing trick (like the Doctor did in the Stolen Earth) to keep his same appearance in all of his incarnations.  Under the influence of the Gallifreyan God Death, Koschei is now Death's Champion, the Dark Lord of Time known as the Master - a being of Evil.  The Master doesn't acknowledge his position as Death's Champion.  He became known as an amoral outlaw, who was interested in satisfying his own desires above all.  He believes that envy is the beginning of all true greatness.  He hates the Doctor and Aillia for betraying him and is obsessed with gaining the Doctor's respect and fear.  The feud between them will become known as the legendary Enmity of the Ages.  Deep down the Master sees himself as an agent of chaos, disorder, and corruption.   The Master often interfered with Lesser Species to gain power, pleasure, and amusement.  The Master rarely creates new problems.  Instead he tends to make existing problems worse. He gets a thrill out of using and discarding people, because thats how he was treated.  He enjoys smoking large cigars.   The one thing the Master values above everything else is his own life.  He will never take a course of action that will result in his death and has no desire to seriously damage his own timeline.  He admits that his desire to control the Universe stems from paranoia, but believes that everyone feels the same way as he does.  Though he plans to take over the Universe by undermining several key civilizations he has no real motives.   The Master would often spend years preparing his plans.  Everywhere he goes he brings death and Death wants to use him to bring death to everyone.  The Master becomes the second most wanted Time Lord criminal.  The Master is never imprisoned for any length of time.  Lolita lets the Master form a symbiotic bond with six other TARDISes.  The Master never has a companion. 
    Thoughts on taking over the Universe:  The Master appears to be attempting to change history in almost all of his stories.   But the Doctor's TARDIS is boosting local temporal inertia to the point where he can't succeed.  With each battle the Master assumes that he's managed to reduce the inertia (or boost his own reality quotient) enough to affect History.  And each time the Doctor's TARDIS compensates to the point where the Doctor wins.  If so then the Master probably plays merry hell with history whenever the Doctor (or some other Time Lord) isn't present.  Any time his plot failed he could just nip back in time and alter things so he would succeed.  This would explain how he could be so incredibly dangerous and yet have such a difficult time dealing with the Doctor's interference .   The ONLY time the Master even has a chance to fail would be when another Time Lord with a TARDIS shows up to stop him.
     Another Thought: The Master might somehow know that the Doctor's death would damage the Web of Time.  The various half hearted attempts to kill him might just be his own private way of annoying the Doctor.

?                 The Master returns to the crack between universe that he found while escaping.  He constructs a hidden base on a small planetoid he finds there.  He calls it Merast and uses it as a HQ and bolt-hole for his various plots.

??            (well before Terror of the Autons, as the Doctor recognizes the TCE)
                 The Master begins using a Tissue Compression Eliminator, because it makes himself bigger then anyone of his victims.  

450        Season 6 occurs in this range.

450          (about 2 years before War Games from Zoe's POV / but no more then 1 year before War Games from the Doctor's POV)
                The Wheel in Space: by this point it appears that Jamie still hasn't had to eat any pill or wafer food out of the TARDIS Food Machine.
It would appear that a corrupted version of these events becomes part of Gallifreyan fairy tales with the title The Scruffy Piper.

??                (before the Mind Robber)
                The Gods of Ragnarok create the Land of Fiction outside Time and Space beyond the normal reach of a TARDIS.  This area of space-time is forbidden and even Time Lords won't venture there.  This Void is filled with Fictional Energy.  
Ionic energy can convert fiction into reality and vice versa.   This fictional energy can be disrupted by McAllerson's Radiation.   The Sixth and Seventh Dimensions are Possibility and Imagination.  With Bracebridge Hemyng to serve as a Master of the energy, the Land of Fiction is formed out of human creativity.   The Land has every work of fiction that will ever be written by Earthmen.  Some people believe that anything that can be imagined must exist otherwise you wouldn't be able to imagine it.   The Master Brain is a computer with power higher then even a Time Lord can imagine.  It monitors and controls the human Master.  The Gods eventually grew bored with the Land of Fiction and abandoned it.  Spandrell claims that the Land has always been part of the Matrix.    

450            (not much more then 19 days after Tomb of the Cybermen  / 1497 AD?? )
                The Mind Robber: the Doctor enters the Land of Fiction.  This is a realm outside of space and time.  He frees Hemyng rendering the Land of Fiction a void of Fictional Energy again.  There's a possibility that Hemyng is left wandering the deep interior of the TARDIS after this story. 

450          The Invasion: By this point the TARDIS definitely needs an overhaul.  This is probably why the Dimensional Stabilizers have sounded different almost every time their is a materialization. 

450~        Shadow of Death: The Doctor spends a few years in an accelerated time frame, but this seem not to count towards Gallifreyan Relative Time.    

450~        (300 years before The Shadow of Weng-Chiang from the Doc's POV / probably between The Invasion and War Games )
                Fallen Angel

450         (while traveling with Jamie and Zoe)
uPVC: A double-glazing salesman sells the Doctor a window that shows outer Gallifrey.  The Doctor spends lots of time staring into it longing for home but eventually walls up the room it's in to prevent himself from getting homesick for his childhood.

450?      (Shortly before World Game)
               The CIA invents Psychic Paper which appears to be whatever the holder wants it to be. It is supposed to be water proof but isn't. Water causes it to malfunction.

The War Games Deleted Timeline

The Warlords are erased from history so that their actions never happened. Thus the War Games now only exist in an alternate timeline.

450??         (Before The War Games)
                War Chief (Magnus) contacts the War Lord Aliens.  The War Lords might (given their name) be higher evolutionaries, but they are much less powerful then the Time Lords.   T he Master and the War Chief form an alliance with them.  They plan to raise an army to take over the galaxy and eventually crush the Time Lords.   The War Chief reasons that the Time Lords would never interfere with events happening in the outside Universe if the didn't know that that a Time Lord was involved. The Master provides the materials and technology, and the War Chief constructs the first SIDRAT (Space and Inter-Time Dimensional Robot All-Purpose Transport) Time Travel Capsules for the War Lords.  He then shows them how to operate (but not create) them.   These time travel capsules can be remotely controlled.  However this drastically shortens the life of the green crystal time control units which are part of the dynomorphic projectors.   The War Chief oversaw the War Games.

450            ( The games take place about 500,000 years after humans start killing each other)
                The War Games (Part 1): The Doctor stops the War Chief's plot.  
Magnus is captured by the War Lord Aliens and is forced to regenerate from his injuries. The Doctor decides that returning numerous human soldiers home is more important than his freedom.  He sends a message to the Time Lords telling them everything about the War Lords' plans.  The second use of the TARDIS recall circuits occurs.   The Doctor and the War Lords face the High Malfeasance Tribunal, made up of Prydonian High Cardinal Tribune Goth aparduskerialldrapolatkh, Prydonian Chancellor Tribune Socra (from “3 Doc”), and the Arcallian Tribune Adelphi.  Lord Deliavatsud serves as Valeyard.   Goth servers as Inquisitor.

450             (the trial is at Date Index 309906 - so 450 year after the Doctor's birth / the games take place about 500,000 years after humans start killing each other)
The War Games (Part 2):  
The Doctor sends a message to the Time Lords telling them everything about the War Lords' plans.  The second use of the TARDIS recall circuits occurs. The Doctor and the War Lords face the High Malfeasance Tribunal, made up of Prydonian High Cardinal Tribune Goth aparduskerialldrapolatkh, Prydonian Chancellor Tribune Socra (from “3 Doc”), and the Arcallian Tribune Adelphi.  Lord Deliavatsud serves as Valeyard.   Goth servers as Inquisitor.  This Tribunal deals with Time Lord criminals and answers to the High Council.  Officially it is not linked with the CIA - not even President Eldhind (Pandad IV) knows of this connection.  One of the tribunal was at the Academy with the Doctor.   The War Lords and their planet are dematerialized using temporal dissolution - erasing them from History.   The Doctor's companions have their memories of all their adventures with the Doctor (save the first one) erased and they are returned to their homes.  Zoe begins to remember her adventures in the form of dreams and nightmares.  This memory erasure might not be permanent because Time Lord don't understand the strength of the human spirit.  The Doctor is charged with stealing a Type 40 TT Capsule and violating the 1st Law of Time.  The violation of the 1st Law is considered to be the more serious crime.  The Doctor is found guilty of aggravated temporal interference and a Warrant of Termination is issued for his execution.   There will be many more tribunals such as this over the next few centuries.   
                NOTE:  Its worth observing that the images recovered by the Gallifreyan Mind Probe are black and white.  Its possible that all of the black and white era of Doctor Who could be seen as video files extracted from the Doctor's mind at his trial.

The Exile Alternate Timeline

450          (2000 AD / at the end of the trial)
              Exile (Part 1): The War Lords and their planet are dematerialized using temporal dissolution - erasing them from History. 
The Doctor's companions have their memories of all their adventures with the Doctor (save the first one) erased and they are returned to their homes. The Doctor is charged with stealing a Type 40 TT Capsule and violating the 1st Law of Time. The violation of the 1st Law is considered to be the more serious crime. In this timeline the Doctor is found guilty of aggravated temporal interference and a Warrant of Termination is issued for his execution. The Doctor escapes from Gallifrey and hides on Earth.  The Doctor commits suicide by jumping off a pylon.  This causes a sex-change regeneration, making her a Time Lady.  She takes the name Susan Foreman and uses her old National Insurance # WHYDGN77P.  The tribunal realizes that catching the Doctor could get them promoted to the Supreme Council.  By the time of War Games the Doctor has spend most of his life (or maybe just his life as a renegade) on Earth.

700         (The Doctor is 700 years old)
               Exile (Part 2): The Tribunal finds the Doctor and charges her with having a Sex Change Regeneration.  She is locked inside her TARDIS forever.  Her only escape is to activate the de-materialization switch with will remove her from History turning her into a neverperson. She does this and a new version of events is created where where the Doctor failed to escape from Gallifrey.

450            Magnus is forced to regenerate from his injuries but the regeneration aborts, leaving him with white hair, several extra limbs and a distorted skull. The War Chief (Magnus) survives the Doctor's interference and blames the Doctor and the Master for its failure.

450?        The Prydonian Rozinelastorameth (Rozinel) assists in the long term investigation of the War Lords' activities.  The Master secretly provides him with much needed information and he is promoted to the position of CIA Agent. 

450           (begins in the final scenes of The War Games)
                World Game (Part 1):   The case for the Doctor's defense reveals several new threatening cultures to the CIA, especially the Daleks.
After hearing the Doctor, Goth and Deliavatsud are very concerned.  Deliavatsud speaks to the Supreme Council about increasing the CIA's ability to interfere.  He points out that billions of lives have been lost due to the Doctrine of Non-Interference.   Before the Doctor's sentence is carried out, the CIA diverted the Doctor and have him help them with one or two 'jobs.'  T he CIA will make extensive use of the Doctor in the coming centuries for two reasons.  First he isn't an official representative of Gallifrey so the CIA can always deny their involvement.   Second, very few Time Lords will stoop to interacting with the vulgar and primitive Universe outside of Gallifrey.  The Doctor is made the Assistant Time Lord to Lady Serenadellatrovella of the House of Dellatrovellas and travels with her aboard her Type 97 TARDIS.  The Doctor thinks Serena looks absolutely stunning.  The Doctor's first intervention involves facing the mysterious Players on Earth.  During this adventure Sarena is killed.  After completing the mission the Doctor does not immediately return to Gallifrey.   By the time of War Games the Doctor has spend most of his life (or maybe just his life as a renegade) on Earth.

??            (before Genesis of the Daleks)
                The Time Lords secretly beleive that it will be useful to allow the renegade Time Lords to remain free.  It is thought that they will keep each other in check and be a useful intelligence gathering resources.     

450           (shortly after War Games)
                Supporters of the CIA in the Supreme Council arrange for several TT Capsules to be left unguarded so that members of the CIA can borrow them to undertake unauthorized missions to protect various species and the prime timeline.  The Inner Council and the Lord President eventually come to see the CIA as a useful way to eliminate dangers and threats while still having plausible deniability.    

451-500        A possible solution to the problem of the Doctor's age (he's 450 in Mind Robber but he's 500 in Spearhead from Space) is that of the idea of Season 6B.  This that the 2nd Doctor spent some time working for the CIA before regenerating into the 3rd Doctor.  This could explain the missing 50 years.  Ghost Ship implies that the Doctor had companions for much of this time. 

??             (possibly after War Games / before the Time Lords send the Doctor to J7)
                The Time Lords invent a Stattenheim Remote Control that doesn't damage a  TARDIS's Time Control Unit.  This allows a Time Lord to summon his TARDIS to his current location at the push of a button.  The Rani will eventually acquire a Stattenheim Remote Control for her TARDIS.

451             (299 years before Deadly Assassin)
                After the Doctor raises the difficult issue with the Tribunal
a popular protest movement forms on Gallifrey, which supports the ideas of intervention in history.  For the first time in millions of years large numbers of young Gallifreyans question whether stagnation is required.  The existence of the CIA becomes publicly known.
  The interventionists become the first political movement on Gallifrey in millions of years. 

Space - Time Station Zenobia
??            (before Curse of Peladon / probably after War Games)
                The CIA purchase the Super Orbital Time Station
Zenobia.  They will occasionally use it as their headquarters, but for the most part it is left empty.  It is Gallifrey’s largest off word Time Station. The Time Station is moved to the Storm Belt (a graveyard of abandoned spaceships) orbiting a red giant on the edge of the Constellation of Kasterborus. The Oubliette of Eternity Dispersal Chamber is found there.  It was originally used on Gallifreyans who committed high treason.  Those placed in the chamber would have their time line erased creating a new timeline where they would never have existed.  Officially this practice had been discontinued and the chamber is disused, but the CIA continued to use it for dispersal of Gallifreyan troublemakers.  Thousands of people have been dispersed by the CIA. These dispersed people become the Neverpeople. Creatures of Anti-Time forced to live in the Anti-Time Universe.  When they eat the time of a life-form the person is erased from history and becomes a Neverperson.  There are thousands of Neverpeople.

452          (during Season 6B / a significant amount of time after defeating the Players on Earth / after his hair starts to grey / right before The Two Doctors)
                World Game (Part 2): The Doctor finally returns to Gallifrey after completing his first mission.  The Doctor also uncovers a Time Lord working for the Players among the CIA.  After the the success of the first mission the Doctor makes several demands for his future missions.  The Doctor's TARDIS is removed from the register , given a teleport control that is operated by a Stattenheim remote-control, and given a complete (and badly needed) overhaul.  It is now a TT Type-40 Mark-II capsule.  Jamie is returned to the Doctor with his memory adjusted so that he believes that Victoria is studying Graphology.   Given Chancellor Socra's attempts to keep President  Eldhind (aka Pandad IV aka Pandar V) from investigating the Doctor's past it is possible that the President might have had no knowledge of these interventions.  The Doctor acquires a TARDIS homing device that can be worn on his wrist.   The official records state that while the High Malfeasance Tribunal, had originally planed to execute the Doctor and delete all record of his existence they change their minds upon hearing his justification for his actions.

452          (at least 5 years before Time Warrior / 298 years before  Deadly Assassin )
                The Two Doctors: The Time Lords detect a 0.4 disturbance on the Bocca Scale in the Space Time Continuum.  This is caused by the research on Space Station J7.  The station was built by the people of the Third Zone, an area of space where an Untempered Schism has allowed Vortex energy to accelerate the Zones development of temporal science.  They are a time aware species and eager to become time active and, eventually, a temporal power to rival the Daleks.  The CIA installs a Stattenheim Remote Control on the Doctor's TARDIS and unofficially send him to the Camera (or Chimera) J7 Space Station to recommend that they stop their time travel research.   This is done to prevent the Sontarans from creating a fully operational Time Travel Capsule.   Dastari was planning to frame the Time Lords for the death of everyone on the Camera Space Station but, presumably, the Doctor alerted the Time Lords to this so they could remove the planted evidence.  The Time Lords probably clean up the alien artifacts left on Earth as well.   Despite the mind blocks the Time Lords place on him, Jamie will remember all of his adventures with the Doctor thanks to some mind tricks the Doctor teaches him. 

??                (possibly during Season 6B / before Solenti is sent to Caresh / a long time before Suns of Caresh)
                The Doctor meets the Time Lady Solenti.  She probably works for the CIA  He doesn't trust her, but she has talked him into doing favors for him on numerous occasions.  Solenti loves the sea.  

??                    (before Recorded Time and Other Stories) 
                The Phylesians breed temporal phoenixes and use their feathers to create quills that can re-write history.  The Time Lords do their best to eliminated these quills.  

??             (before Delta and the Bannermen)
                The Time Lords allows the Navarinos to have access to limited time travel technology because their culture is so frivolous and and harmless.  The Time Lords do however tax them heavily for their use of timetravel. 

??            The High Council of Gallifrey makes contact with the People of the Home Galaxy.  The Council fears the technological capabilities of the People which could threaten Gallifrey itself. 

??            The Time Lords create the Blackstar - a weapon designed to crack dyson spheres. 

462        (12 years after The Dark Path)
                The Doctor and Ailla stop the Drahvidians from obtaining time travel technology.

??            (probably the second Doctor)
                The People sign a treaty with the Time Lords (with the Doctor as one of the representatives of the Time Lords).  It states that the People will not try to develop time travel technology, nor threaten Gallifrey, nor make contact with its enemies or other Higher Evolutionaries.  The People are forbidden from making contact with Mutter's Stellian Spiral Galaxy.  The High Council gives the People full control over the Home Galaxy and agrees not to interfere with that Galaxy in any way.  They agree to extend the Protocols of Linearity (3rd Law of Time) to the People, synchronizing the passage of time between the two races.  The High Council also agrees to prevent other species from being temporally active in the Home Galaxy.  The Doctor is exempt from the treaty and unaffiliated with Gallifrey.  Any violation of the treaty can be regarded as an act of war.  While both sides will occasionally ignore minor treaty violations, the Time Lords' fear of the People is such that they would be willing to break the treaty for the safety of Gallifrey.

453-686        (several centuries before Bang Bang a Boom)
                    This is the last time the Doctor will have sex for several centuries.

462             (506 years before Lungbarrow)
                Luton of the House of Lungbarrow dies trying to escape up a chimney.

??            (second Doctor)
                The Doctor has fillings put in his teeth.  They regenerate with the rest of him, but never settled properly.  These fillings will still be there in Resurrection of the Daleks.

466         (130 years after the Doctor leaves Gallifrey)
                The Doctor's Water-Sligs plant/animal experiment escapes his room in the House of Lungbarrow and begin breeding.

            (after The Invasion / before Spearhead from Space / probably after War Games)
                The Three Doctors: the Doctor is taken forward in time to meet his third incarnation.

??            (After the treaty?)
                The Time Lords genetically engineer some of the beings in the Mutter’s Stellian Spiral so that they are time-sensitive.  The chromosomes of these beings are incompatible with the People.  This is done so that these beings can serve as an early warning system if the People try to manipulate time.

??             (before Terror of the Autons)
                The Master causes several interplanetary wars.   

The Master (notice the new 10th body?)

??               The Master regenerates for the 9th time.   This regeneration might be due to pressure, danger, or as a disguise.  The Master probably uses the re-set healing trick (like the Doctor did in the Stolen Earth) to keep his same appearance in all of his incarnations.

?                 (before Terror of the Autons, but after the Master becomes evil)
                The Doctor gains a lot of experience on how the Master thinks and what his reactions are.

??             After interfering in Earth's history at the Lake Regulus affair, and being mistaken for a god, CIA Operative Jonuratanandrusa (Joe) is re-assigned to a desk job to coordinate CIA operations in Earth and the entire Sol system.  He probably works under the CIA’s specialist on Earth History, Lady Rowellanuraven.  Eventually his old mentor, the Master will contact him and he will begin feeding the Master information under the false belief that the Master is no more dangerous to History then the Doctor.    

?              (after War Games)
ime Lord Scientist-Philosophers who study the case of the Doctor, come to realize the interference in the parts of the Web of Time that have yet to be crystallize is, inherently, part of the Web of Time.  The Doctor's interference is both part of events, as well as being a meaningful part of how history changes.  Repeated interactions boost the Relative Temporal Distortion (RTD) of a time zone making it more of a Fixed Point in time.  They call this the Nexus Intervention Paradox Theory.  Goth is a supporter of this theory and believed it justified interventions to limit the Daleks and other temporal marauders.  

??               (once every 1000 years)
                The Co-ordinator of the Matrix (possibly Zon?) gives the Key of Rassilon to an
Elzevir technician named Nilex so he can perform some basic maintenance.  The Master hypnotizes Nilex who is supervisor of the Matrix maintenance teams.  Nilex makes a duplicate of the Key of Rassilon for the Master.  This copy allows him partial access to the Matrix and allows his TARDIS to physically enter the Matrix.  

??                (during Season 6B)
                The Five Doctors:
The Doctor is en route to Earth when he gains temporary control of the TARDIS and diverts its course so that the TARDIS lands in 1983 and the Doctor is time scooped by Borusa.

??            The Doctor escapes from the watchful eyes of the CIA. 

480            (probably 30 years after Web of Fear / the second doctor)

482            (20 years before The Three Doctors)
                Irving Braxiatel begins organizing the Armageddon Convention (an arms limitation conference) with several species that are at war in 1609 AD.  The conference is to be held on Earth.  The Daleks and Cybermen refuse to attend.

??              (after the Doctor leaves Gallifrey but some time before The Empire of Glass / centuries before  Where Angels Fear )
                Irving Braxiatel is given permission to leave Gallifrey and serve as a
permanent off-world representative of the Great Houses.  

488            (13 years before Terror of the Autons)
                The Doctor becomes a member of the Progressive Club.

451-490     (during Season 6B)
                The Doctor goes to Darron and becomes a student under the Mind Monks.

462-500     (about 10 years after arriving)
                The Doctor leaves Darron.

500             The Doctor finishes his 500 year diary and starts another 500 year diary.

??                (after Dark Heart / possibly Matrix Date 5892.9 / before Terror of the Autons)
                The Master sneaks on to Gallifrey and steals several files from the Matrix including the Doomsday Weapon file. 
The CIA might have a Doomsday Archive with info and locations on potential weapons and resources throughout the cosmos that they might need someday.   The Time Lord's file on Uxarius is just as big as the file on Sol III.  The Time Lords might have deliberately arranged the poisoning of Uxarius to stop the use of the Solar Manipulator. The CIA might have interfered to prevent the Rutans from gaining control of the Doomsday weapon on Uxarius. 
                The Master will have learned a lot by the time he meets the Doctor in Terror of the Autons.  He also steals files on the Psychic Parasites of Bellerophon, Azal of the Daemons, the Silurians, the Sea Devils, the Crystal of Kronos, the Dalek army on Spiridon, the Source of Traken, the Cheetah people, the Midnight Cathedral, the Godengine, the Deathworms, the Gods of Volvox, the Amentethys, the Proculus, the Scerbulus, and the secrets of Kirbili.   He locates evidence of
Cardinal Arkendo (Arkendolirunahain) of the Arcalian Chapter part in the failed student revolutions, and uses this information to blackmail Arkendo.   This is probably when the Master acquires the Necronomicon.  

??            The Stattenheim remote-control in the Doctors TARDIS breaks. 

500            (shortly before The Nameless City)
                A damaged Time Rotor means the TARDIS will have no temporal perception and no defenses. 

500            (probably during Season 6B / the Doctor is at least 500 years old / after Dark Heart / after the Master acquires the Necronomicon from the Time Lords / it has been a long time since the Doctor has last seen the Master)
                The Nameless City:  The Master traveled to the Great Desolation and, in orbit over the Nameless City.  He makes a deal with the Archons to deliver a TARDIS to them as long as he gets to rule several Galaxies when the Archon Empire is re-created.   He communicates with them using the Atlanian language and is using the same alias that he did in “The Time Monster” so these events might take place then from the Master's POV.  The Master knows the Doctor's TARDIS is broken.   The Master delivers the Necronomicon to the Doctor and it takes him and his TARDIS to the Great Desolation.  The Doctor encountered the Archons.  The Archons plan to use the Doctor’s TARDIS to re-activated the timehenges and raise and army that will destroy Gallifrey before the Time Lords ever come into being. The Doctor stopped them and appears to kill the last 7 Archons.  At the end of the story the well fed TARDIS is fully restored and almost like new. While the Doctor now posses the Necronomicon, by the time of The Quantum Archangel, the Master's TARDIS library will hold the book once again. 

?                 (not too long before being released in Prisoners of the Sun / sometime after The Nameless City)
                The Master is captured by the Time Lords. He probably faces the same Tribunal the Doctor did.  While his crimes should have warranted the reversal of his time stream, so that he never existed, he is instead imprisoned on an asteroid. 
The Master's title of Time Lord is revoked, and he is cast out of the House of Oakdown, leaving him with now family.   

500             (5 years before The Three Doctors)
                    Action in Exile: The Time Lords capture the escaped Doctor. 
The official records state that while the High Malfeasance Tribunal, had originally planed to execute the Doctor and delete all record of his existance they change their minds upon hearing his justification for his actions.  The Doctor receives a single lifetime of exile to Earth in the 20th century to protect the Gravity Control Unit.       They disable his Reflex Link that would allow him to achieve telepathic contact with the Time Lord Intelligentsia.    The CIA put a memory block on some of the procedures, theories, laws, and codes necessary to to operate his TARDIS, and some of his memories of Earth's future.   His knowledge of the existence of parallel timelines is probably blocked from his mind at this point.   Without these blocks it would be easy for the Doctor to use 20th Century technology to bypass some of the deficiencies in the De-materialization Circuit.   This is probably done with chemicals that break down his memory acids.  He loses vast chunks of his memory about his early life at this point (either because of the Time Lord's memory blocks, the stress of the regeneration or alteration to his biodata).  All these memory losses will annoy the Doctor deeply for the next few incarnations at least.  Despite his eventual pardon, and elevation to the rank of Lord President, the Doctor will still refuse to re-connect his reflex-link to the Time Lord Intelligentsia.  This lasts at least until his 7th incarnation if not later.  Because of this, his mind can not be remotely downloaded into the Matrix if he was to die.  The CIA must have also deleted his memories of meeting his Sixth incarnation.     
The Doctor's TARDIS is also punished for her own disobedience. The TARDIS is immobilized by  installing an Inhibitor which alters the isomorphic security system so that the controls won't respond to him.  They also sever his symbiotic link with the TARDIS.   Because the Doctor's TARDIS has a symbiotic bypass they change the De-materialization Codes.  The also install a Return Circuit (to bring him back to Earth) and an Over-ride (to give the CIA control) in the De-materialization Circuit.  
        The Doctor's exile to Earth begins.

500          (300 years before Well-Mannered War)
                The TARDIS's 14th bathroom begins leaking.

??            (After The Massacre fo St. Bartholomew's Eve / centuries after the Doctor last spoke French)
              The Time Lords visit the Doctor while he is in a garden.  They question him on his actions in France in 1575 AD, trying to determine if he changed history.  They conclude that he didn't and leave.   

500        The Mark of Terror: By this point the Doctor is quite famous on Earth.  

??             (after visiting Earth's future and taking human companions)
                The Doctor refrains from making major changes to human political structures (especially in the 20th and 21st century) because he's seen the future and knows that he didn't intervene.  Thus history is crystallized from the Doctor's point of view.  He can only meddle to ensure that that history comes to pass.  The Doctor doesn't know for certain if the few changes in History he has caused have really made Earth a better place, but he likes to think they have.

500~??        The Monk escapes the ice planet.

500         (the Doctor is 500 years old / after the Exile begins but before his regeneration)
                The Brotherhood

The New Doctor (Jon Pertwee)

500~          (not more then a few years after The Brotherhood / 125 years before Planet of Spiders)
                The Night Walkers: The High Malfeasance Tribunal has one of the Doctor's lives confiscated. 
The Doctor regenerates for the second time.  For one instant the Doctor's minds opens and he sees his entire past and future.   He probably hopes to regain his memories as a regeneration can often unblock memories. Its possible that he remembers more of his pre-Hartnell lives because of these blocks and/or the regeneration?   Once he becomes acclimatized to life on Earth, this incarnation is more likely to open up to humans about deeply person events in his past then virtually any other incarnation.  From this point forward, the Doctor will develop a a habit of obsessively wearing clothes identical or similar to the first outfit he wears after regenerating.  This habit will continue for most of his lives.  He also develops a taste for fine cheese and fine wine.  He likes his tea with 5 or more lumps of sugar in it.  The Schlenk blossom produces his favorite smell.  He finds some types of insects to be be beautiful.  The Doctor sculpts statues and creates oil paintings.  Unlike his previous incarnation this Doctor doesn't know how to play a recorder - none of his future incarnations will bother to learn how to play it either.

500-501     Season 7 probably occurs in this range.

??            (Centuries before Max Warp / possibly referring to his 3rd incarnation's propensity to get involved in fights and drive fast cars)
                The Doctor experiences a mid-life crisis.  

500           ( October UNIT year 1)
                Spearhead from Space:  The Doctor is shot in the head.  By the time his body is found, the wound is only a graze to the scalp.  But, if the damage occurred in the first 15 hours of a regeneration, then it could have been a much worse wound that had quickly healed.
  The Doctor gets a job working for the United Nations Intelligence Taskforce (UNIT).   The Doctor's unspent UNIT salary will, eventually, (due to accrued interest) give him access to a significant amount of money on a debit card.

501           (winter UNIT Year 2)
                Doctor Who and the Silurians:  The Doctor has no qualms about trying to get the Silurians and Humans to share the Earth, even though he's never seen or heard of them in Earth's relative future.   He might be that he hopes that the small numbers of Earth Reptiles won't have had a noticeable affect on the parts of History he has witnessed or perhaps he is deliberately trying to break the Laws of Time to get revenge on the Time Lords.  

501           (late July UNIT Year 2) 
                  Inferno: An attempt to breach the Earth's crust releases and infectious agent.  From this point on the Doctor has had a mild fear of fire.  Watching the destruction of the alternate Earth appears to re-motivate the Doctor to help humanity instead of just trying to escape.  The Doctor realizes that the ruler of the alternate Earth is himself in one of the other bodies offered to the Doctor during his trial.  In this Universe Koschei (the Master) never became evil, but the Doctor did.  The Timewyrm might have created the Inferno Universe.   If so, she probably arranged for the Doctor's deal with Death to coming out differently.  It is possible that this infectious goo could be connected to the Racnoss that sleep at the Earth's core.  

?               (probably sometime before Claws of Axos / possibly before Prisoners of the Sun)
                The Doctor constructs a Z-Battery to try to jump-start the TARDIS console and bypass the limitations the Time Lords have placed on it. Z radiation is produced by the slow decay of
alpha, beta and Omega isotopes in a flux-limited temporal field.  It doesn't work and he leaves it stored in his lab.

501 -502      Season 8 probably occurs in this range.

502           The Third Doctor’s understanding of the TARDIS increases by leaps and bounds when he all but total disassembles and reassembles her.   With the help of Liz Shaw, the Doctor finally properly fixed many of the faults in the TARDIS. 

502           (right before Terror of the Autons / before Liz leaves)
                Prisoners of the Sun: Gallifrey is attacked by Terrans who are using time travel technology obtained from the Doctor when he was exiled to Earth. They are lead by Helios the Last of the Solarians.  The attack is erased from history by the Time Lords who declare a Time War on Helios by sending a message to Elizabeth Shaw.  A minor revolution sweeps through the Gallifreyan government, but the CIA uses the clergy as a scapegoat, and the Supreme Pontiff of Time (the Time Pope) is killed along with several Cardinals during the fighting.  To keep the Doctor busy the Master is 'allowed' to escape from the prison asteroid.  The Nestenes might have had a hand in his escape. 
The Master in his twelfth incarnation steals a Type 40 Model B Mark II TARDIS and heads to Earth to have his revenge on the Doctor. 

502           (April UNIT Year 3) 
Terror of the Autons: Chancellor Socra sends a High Council member to Earth to warn the Doctor about the Master.  The Master is stranded on Earth by the Doctor when the Doctor steals his Mark II De-materialization Circuit.  He also steals a key to the Master's TARDIS.  By this point the Master has killed many of his enemies and he misses all of them.  He expects to miss the Doctor once he has been killed.   The series of plots the Master instigates are probably all designed to gain control of the Lamia's Gravity Control Unit (which is hidden on the Earth).   With this he could alter the gravitational constant of the Universe and make all time travel impossible.  

502 ~            (during the 1970s)
                Marnal's son (probably the Master) visits on him on Earth and tells him that the Doctor stole his Type 40 TARDIS.

502         (probably after Terror of the Auton / probably not finished until after the Master gets his demat circuit back)
                The Doctor begins reconfiguring his TARDIS console, probably so that it can use the Mark II de-materialization circuit he stole from the Master.  The Doctor removed the Time Vector Generator to repair it.  When the TVG was re-installed the interior re-grew according to its new Mark II appearance.  The Doctor beings to refer to the TARDIS as a 'she' instead of an 'it.' 

502           (October UNIT Year 3 / some time after Inferno) 
                Mind of Evil: The Master's greatest fear is the Doctor.  The Doctor's list of greatest fears do not include the Master.   The Master regains his his de-materialization circuit and his freedom.  The Master might use a fear inducing creature (or the knowledge he learned from it) to create the fear inducer use in Frontier in Space

503           (Spring? UNIT Year 4) 
                The Claws of Axos: The Master is temporarily captured by Axos.  The Doctor traps Axos in a time loop.

503           (the Doctor is hundreds of years old)
                The Mega

503           (right before Colony in Space)        
                The Master visits several planets, probably looking for something.

503           (2472 AD)
                Colony in Space: The coordinator of the Matrix finally discovers that the Master has stolen the files on the Doomsday Weapon.  This coordinator was probably named Zon, given that Zon had spent thousands of years serving as coordinator sometime before Engin took over.  On Lord Deliavatsud's recommendation, the CIA send the Doctor to Uxarieus to protect the Doomsday Weapon from the Master.  The Doctor is probably choosen because, as a known renegade, he gives the Time Lords plausible deniablity.  One of these CIA agents will later server in the Temporal Scanning HQ during The Three Doctors.  The Time Lord's file on Uxarieus (or Exerius) is just as big as the file on Sol III (Earth).  The Doomsday Weapon can radiate anti-matter at millions of times the speed of light and destroy suns.  It is even capable of eradicating Gallifrey's future and its past.  The Doomsday Weapon might be a D-Mat weapon – which would explain how it is
capable of eradicating Gallifrey's future and its past.   Even though he has the Doctor at his mercy the Master still offers the Doctor the chance to help him rule and bring peace to the Universe.  Apparently the Master is willing to forgive the Doctor and renew their friendship?  

503          (right after Colony in Space)
                The Master reconfigures the control console of his TARDIS. 

503           (April-May UNIT Year 4) 
                The Daemons:
The Master tries to control the Daemon Azal by invoking the name of the Unspeakable One (Fenric). The Master is captured by the Doctor and the Humans of UNIT.     It is possible that the Master wanted the power of Azal so that he could control Kronos.   The Master begins sending a telepathic distress call to his other selves throughout time and space. 

503           (shortly after the Master is imprisoned / centuries after he starts committing crimes)
                The Harvest of Time:
Beyond the Epoch of Mass Time Travel, the people of Praxilion find the Gallifreyan Consolidator and accidentally release the Sild.  The Sild capture over 700 incarnations of the Master, from throughout time and space.   Some are children, some are female, some are aliens.   The brains of all the trapped Masters are enslaved on the Consolidator and put to work solving the most difficult advanced time engineering equations.   The collection of Masters is known as the Assemblage.  It can solve time equations as they change continuously from temporal flux and chronosynclastic feedback patterns.  With this totality they are capable of using block-transfer equations to create massive time corridors and work other massive temporal manipulations. The Sild view the imprisoned Master, whose distress signal they detected, as being the master coordinator for the Assemblage, and the Sild try to conquer the Earth in order to capture this incarnation of the Master.  The Doctor and Master are pulled by the Sild time corridor to a point billions of years beyond the Epoch of Mass Time Travel.  There they find that the Consolidator had survived and been found by the Sild.  The Master uses the Infinite Cocoon on himself and upgrades his mind’s ability to resist mind control till he is virtually impossible to dominate.  All of the imprisoned Masters are dumped back into time, probably returning to the original time zone they were taken from. 
                During this process the Master is freed for a few minutes from the dark psychic pressure that drives him to be a force for chaos.  He pleads for the Doctor to help him but the Doctor, believing it to be a trick, ignores him until the dark force seizes control of him again.  The Doctor will later regard this as possibly the worst mistake he’s ever made.  The Doctor is forced to leave the Master beyond the EMTT.  But the Master will later claim that he found an abandoned Type 40 with only one previous owner.  The Type 40 had a damaged chameleon circuit which the Master repaired.  Given that the Doctor’s TARDIS DID have a previous owner (Marnal) 
this TARDIS is likely some other Type 40.  This Type 40 must have been recovered by the Time Lords and de-registered along with all of the others by the time of The Deadly Assassin. 
                By this point, the Doctor considers the Earth to be the nearest thing he has to a home.  By this point the Master
has been committing crimes for centuries and has gotten to choose all of his incarnations.  There have already been authorized violations of the First Law of Time before the events of Harvest of Time.

503           Season 9 probably occurs in this range.

504        (September UNIT Year 5)
                 The Day of the Daleks: The Doctor eliminates a version of history where the Daleks became the masters of Earth.  It is possible that the primary reason the CIA place the Doctor on Earth in this time zone was to prevent the Daleks from gaining control of the Gravity Control Unit.

504          (During Curse of Peladon / a long time after Dark Path)
               The Face of the Enemy: The Master meets his alternate self from the "Inferno Universe." This Koschei never became the Master and was captured by the Conclave on Earth.  The Master terminates the mutilated Koschei and defeats the Conclave's attempts to invade this universe.

504           (3885 AD)
                The Curse of Peladon:
The Matricians (possibly with the help of Jelpax) predict that when the Galactic Federation is destroyed, the Daleks will rule Mutter's Stellian Spiral Galaxy.  The Time Lords (probably the CIA) send the Doctor to Peladon to ensure the stability of the Federation.   The people of Peladon might be a lost Skarosian colony.

504            (September UNIT Year 5) 
                The Sea Devils: The Master escapes from the Humans.

504            (between Colony in Space and The Three Doctors)
                Rags: Fearing that the Ragman could eventually threaten Gallifrey the Time Lords intervene and assist the Doctor in breaking the Ragman's mind control. 

504           (2990 AD)
                The Mutants: The Time Lords
(probably the CIA) assist in evolution of the Solonians.  They Time Lords might be trying to strengthen the future Federation against the Daleks. Or possibly Time Lord observers of Solos were so impressed with the Solonian life-cycle that persuaded the CIA to perform an intervention.  More simply, it could be a case where the Matrix recorded that the Doctor delivered the tablets to Ky and the Time Lords are forced to send the Doctor or violate the first Law of Time.  

504           (September UNIT Year 5) 
                The Time Monster: The Master attempts to capture the Chronovore, Kronos.  He also seduces a human Queen named Galleia.   Given his seduction and abuse of Lucy Saxon in Last of the Time Lords, its possible that he actually enjoys having power over women.   

504         (before the Master abandons Earth / after The Sea Devils)
                A Deal with the Devils: The Master attempts to recover the massive Gallifreyan timeship the Black Ark from the ocean floor of Earth.  The Doctor stops him and acquires the Black Ark's tachyon accelerator that can rip large areas of time and space apart.  

505           (May UNIT Year 6 / a long time after Omega first began creating time bridges) 
                Verdigris: This is when the story occurs from the Doctor's point of view, but not Iris's.   The Master abandons his plans to attack Earth and makes contact with the Daleks.  
Under advice from Verdigris Omega creates a time bridge that touches the Eye of Harmony and begins draining cosmic life (artron) energy from the Time Lords, stealing their Power of Creation.   His initial plan is to destroy Time Lord culture and use their power to escape the Universe of Antimatter.   Omega realizes that his world and the time bridge will only survive for a few microspans if he abandoned control. 

505-725    Season 10 probably occurs in this range.

505           (UNIT Year 6 / 5 years after his exile to Earth begins)
                The Three Doctors:
(The Omega Crisis) Omega begins draining cosmic life (artron) energy from the Time Lords.  Even the Matrix does not predict this attack.  Omega sends a Time Bridge to Sol III and converts the Doctor (and his TARDIS) so that he can exist in both the matter and antimatter universes.  Omega then attempts to return to the matter universe by persuading the Doctor to take his place but hi s plan is thwarted by the Doctor (with the help of his first and second incarnations).   Omega gives no indication that he recognizes the Doctor as the Other.  Omega is trapped in a crimson bubble of time and the black hole turns into a supernova the provides the Time Lords with yet another energy source.  One of the technicians serving at  Temporal Scanning HQ during this crisis is one of the CIA Agents who sent the Doctor to  Uxarieus.  At the intercession of the CIA, the Inner Council gives the Doctor a complete pardon, a new De-materialization Circuit, and his exile is ended.  Though they remove the mental block on his memory..   Despite the fact that the Time Lords assure him that all the damage was repaired, he still suspects that they left some memories inaccessible and will long for the days when his powers of recall were as strong as they were before the mind blocks.  He is now legally considered a Time Lord.  The CIA still consider the Doctor to be their free agent and plan to expand his use to points throughout space and time.  Now that he's no longer attempting to hide from the Time Lords, the Doctor takes a much more active role in interfering with affairs on other planets.  The new Circuit allows the Doctor much more control over his TARDIS, despite this he still has trouble navigating the TARDIS because the Space/Time Coordinate Programmer is almost completely worn out.   


505?         (right after Three Doctors / 1609 AD )
                Irving Braxiatel convinces the High Council to let him use the Doctor as the Chairman to the Armageddon Convention.  They send him the first Doctor (age ~356).  The High Council also declares Earth from 1589 to 1609 AD closed to outsiders for the Convention.

505           (right after The 3 Doctors)
                The Doctor's role in the Omega Crisis appears to have been covered up (possibly because the President broke the 1st Law of Time).  Omega is no longer considered a hero by Gallifreyans.  They now believe that he was alway a dangerous lunatic.  Loomlings in brainbuffing are told that if they don't do their homework Omega will come out of a black hole and turn them into antimatter.  

505          (his first trip in the TARDIS after The Three Doctors)
                The Wages of Sin

505 -725    This is a possible location for the missing 220 years is between  Spearhead from Space and The Green Death.  While six months passed on Earth (before the Time Warrior) the Doctor traveled to other worlds for a great deal of time.  Ghost ship would imply that the Doctor had traveling companions of some sort for much of this time. 

505?          (right after the Armageddon Convention / Some time before creating the Braxiatel Collection)
                Braxiatel begins secretly (and illegally) collecting works of art and literature to preserve them.  He makes over 4,700 transactions.  It should be noted that the Doctor also steals works of art right before they are destroyed.


??            (before Romana graduates)
                Brax returns to Gallifrey and takes a position as tutor at the Prydon Time Academy.

505??       (a few hundred years before Weapon of Choice / when Narvin is a young technician / shortly after Brax returns from several ambassadorial missions / 1540 AD? ? / shortly before leaving to found the Braxiatel Collection)
                Project Alpha is undertaken to build a Timonic Fusion Device which could erase parts of the Web of Time. This is to become a new era in Temporal Engineering. Braxiatel protests this project believing that once the prototype is detonated its effects will spread beyond control. The High Council refuses to listen to him.

Project Alpha - Alternate Timelines

Note: Both of these versions of history are recorded by the Matrix.
505??         In the first version of events the Timonic Fusion device was detonated inside the Vortex its effects breached the temporary transduction barriers designed to contain it.   The timonic wave spread beyond control and destroys Minyos before finally collapsing.

505??       (after the bomb goes off)
                Braxiatel places a Data Bomb in the Matrix to expose everything about Project Alpha to the public.

??                 In the second version the device was stolen by Torvald's servitor robots from Gallifrey's future. Rather then admit that the device was stolen the CIA claimed that the device was dismantled. Braxiatel and Narvin are the only Time Lords involved in the project who survive until The Inquiry.
505??       (the end of Project Alpha)
                In the final version of events robot servitors working for Torvald (from the future) attempt to steal the Timonic Fusion Device right before detonation but they are stopped by President Romana from the future (both of these events are violations of the Protocols of Linearity). The Timonic Fusion device was detonated inside the Vortex its effects breached the temporary transduction barriers designed to contain it. The timonic wave spread beyond control and destroys Minyos before finally collapsing. Braxiatel places a Data Bomb in the Matrix to expose everything about Project Alpha to the public. Braxiatel and Narvin (aka Narvinectralonum) are the only Time Lords involved in the project who survive till The Inquiry.

??             Coordinator and First Speaker of the CIA Socra is replaced with a new Coordinator.  

??           (after the CIA purchases Zenobia)
                Sentris becomes the 217th Coordinator of the CIA.

??              (after Colony in Space)
                Engin becomes Coordinator of the Matrix.

The Master (notice the new 11th body?)

??              The Master regenerates for the 10th time.   This regeneration might be due to pressure, danger, or as a disguise.   The Master probably uses the re-set healing trick (like the Doctor did in the Stolen Earth) to keep his same appearance in all of his incarnations.

??              The Doctor has an intimate relationship with Marie Curie.

??              (before Invasion of the Dinosaurs)
                The Doctor meets Professor Aaron Blinovitch.

??            (before The Doctor’s Wife)
                The Doctor has rebuilt a TARDIS.  

??            The 3rd Doctor might have gotten rid of the Gallifreyan style sleep quarters and replaced them with more human style bedrooms. 

?                (after Wargames, but before Frontier in Space)
                The Doctor finally replaces the filament in the TARDIS that burnt out in Time and Relative.   This greatly enhances his control of the TARDIS.

?                The Time Lords begin sending the Doctor new pieces of equipment for him to test.  This lasts at least until The Creature from the Pit.

??              Due to modifications the Doctor's TARDIS acquires dimensions within itself.  This is why he claims that TARDIS stands for Time And Relative Dimensions (note the plural) In Space.

505-640?    (centuries before Logopolis / after gaining control of the TARDIS)
                The Doctor decides to repair the TARDIS's Chameleon Circuit.  Having made this decision he then puts off doing it for centuries. 

??               The Doctor acheives a degree in Philosophy in Vienna.

??               (before Medicinal Purposes) The Doctor works as an actor on stage for a time.

511             Verikasdroverka (Verika) is loomed.  She will spend several decades studying medicine. 

300-530~        (200 years before Suns of Caresh)
               The Time Lord lawyer Remish discovers that the scientists of Dassar have crated a device that can see the future of the planet Caresh.  He convinces the High Council to rule that it is a violation of Time Lord regulations.  Lady Solenti, Lord Roche (and probably Jess) to shut down the Dassar project.  But the two become obsessed with helping the people of Caresh using a neutron star to alter the orbit of Caresh (a Class I Intervention of the Doctrine of Non-Interference).  

540?                (40 years after Jamie last saw the Doctor)
                The Glorious Revolution: The CIA detects a shift if Earths history and meets with Jamie to resolve the matter.  

5 37                 (200 years before “Paradise of Death”)
                    The Doctor learned the Maldrevian Roll maneuver.

550~?           (over the course of a few centuries after War Games)
                    Their will be several CIA tribunals convened.   

549~              (200 years before Return of the Daleks)  
                    Shazar is half Gallifreyan, and has access to Gallifreyan Technology and science.  He was once a Time Lord who renegaded in the name of power.  He tried to conquer the Earth but the Time lords stopped him and sentenced him and his TARDIS to diminutisation.  He was trapped inside the disabled shrunken capsule and left on Earth.  As punishment he would only be temporarily released when a human found the bottle shaped TARDIS and opened it.  But Shazar would be bound to obey his rescuer or be pulled back inside the diminutized TARDIS. 

553~              ( three centuries before the Doctor Mark of the Rani  / Date Index 3-1-0-1-7-6 )
                Ushas (the Rani) becomes the Rani of Miasimia Goria as a planet sized laboratory.  She has finally found a place where she has a sense of belonging.  For the most part the CIA doesn't interfere with the Rani's operations.  She might have secretly volunteered to work for the High Council and CIA in the hopes of developing a way to convert humanoids into warriors for a possible Time War.  
The natives of Miasimia Goria were know as graceful poets.   She controls her servants by having them ingest a maggot-like parasite that is infused with a chemical.  The Rani tries to use her skills to boosts her subjects' awareness but this has the unfortunate side effect of making them unable to sleep.  This causes chaos, warfare, and brutality.  Many other worlds try to help, but can find no solution.  It becomes known as The Planet that Never Sleeps and the natives became known as the Restless Ones.  The Rani begins stealing a neurotransmitter from human brains that can be used to calm her workforce on Miasimia Goria.  She is known to have visited the Trojan Wars, the Dark Ages, The American War of Independence, the Luddite Riots, and the American Civil War in her search for the neurotranmitter.   Her interference actually caused the Trojan War, the Luddit Riots, and initiated the Dark Ages.  It would also appear that she (somehow) keeps up the numerous confrontations between the Master and the Doctor and reguards the Master's schemes as being mad. 

570~        (a little over 300 years before the Type 89 is released)
Professor of Temporal Physics Verostephocalen (Veros) of the  Arcalian Academy begins publishing numerous papers on his revolutionary theories about temporal physics.  After about three centuries, this will cumulate in the construction of the first Type 89 TARDIS.  

580               (530 years before the start of the War)
                Post-modernism is an unthinkable concept for the Gallifreyans.  The idea of a cultural construct is incomprehensible to them.

581        (Matrix Date 6301.2? /  500 years before Fractures)
            Commentator Gerber was a political commentator for Public Register Video and omni-media campaigns for centuries.  His commentary is considered to be largely responsible for the downfall of the weak President Eldhind. 

591             Leoradrusendalular is loomed.  She is a cousin of the Colonel and will become a Prydonian

591             Volusagashanisam (Volusa) is loomed.  He is a Cousin of Kelner, and will become one of the Chancellery Guard.

600~?        (A few hundred years after the Morbius Crisis)
                Time Lord society is forming and reforming internal alliances and political parties every few decades. 

600-650     (400 years before Vorzarti's son Eton is born)
                 Vorzarti is loomed.  He will later become Castellan

608?              (350 years before stealing a Type 102)
                Epsilon Delta is Loomed.  He calls himself the President, but he never achieves the position.

200-430~        (300 years before Suns of Caresh)
               The planet Caresh's temperature begins to drop.  A machine to view the future is created by the scientists of Dassar.  

415-634         (91 years before Suns of Caresh)
                The Time Lady Solenti is blinded.  She plans to regain her sight when she eventually regenerates.  Her assistant is a Labrador named Jess (who is probably a Gallifreyan wearing the body of dog).  Jess can speak and can regenerate into other breeds of dog.  Her other partner is the Arcalian Time Lord Roche.  She is currently stay on the planet Lanare.          

635~            (125 years before City of Death + 30 from Heart of TARDIS)
                The Gallifreyan who is to become known as
Romana is loomed.  She is a Newblood from the House of Hartshaven (and thus can control their regenerations).  Romana carries the Imperiatrix's Imprimatur as a cumulation of the Imperiatrix's manipulation of her House.  Romana doesn’t believe in gods and doesn't like castles.  Romana’s father didn’t approve of anything she did. 

Romana is taught Shakri nursery rhymes.  These told of a mythic species that served as pest controllers of the Universe.  The Shakri were led by the Tally and were supposed to exist at all moments in time and space.  They considered 7 to be a very important number.

641            Maranodulandur is loomed.  She is from one of Founding Houses (probably not Heartshaven).  One of the older cousins of her House works for the CIA.

643~            (when she was 8 years old)
                Romana becomes a Prydonian and receives her name Romanadvoratrelundar at the Prydon Academy.   She was probably known as Romie by most people.  

649            Maranodulandur attends the Arcalian Academy.  

650~?          (over the course of a few centuries after War Games)
                    Their will be several CIA tribunals convened.  

650~?          (over a hundred years before the original Shada /  when she very young / while living in the Citadel)
                Romana’s mother used to tell her to go to sleep or Salyavin will come to get her. The legend of Salyavin terrified her.

?              Romana's parents threaten to leave her in the outlands if she doesn't behave. Romana’s father didn’t approve of anything she did.

Romana's Deleted Timelines

??                 (while Romana is young)
                In an alternate universe Rorvan and Tarris’s parents, Majos and Telsar, were student rebels who performed unlicensed and unsponsored researches into mutagenic breeding.  When they were caught they were dispersed by the CIA in the Oubliette of Eternity erasing them from History. The product of their illegal breeding project, Rorvan and Tarris, become orphans in the new version of history.
698~            (when she’s was a little over 60)
                In an alternate universe Romana had two friends named Rorvan and Tarris who accessed classified document to learn why they were orphans. They were caught by the CIA and dispersed in the Oubliette of Eternity erasing them from History.
??            Romana wins the Academy Marksmanship Trophy for her year. 656 ~            (after all the Type 40s have been classified as Vintage and Veteran Vehicles)
                Romanadvoratrelundar begins attending the Time Academy.  Her tutor is Braxiatel (though memories of him will later be blocked).  She specializes in science and technical disciplines,
majors in history, and studies the life cycle of the Flutterwing. She takes socio-psychology of underdeveloped societies as a core subject.  Her knowledge of Intergalactic History surpasses the Doctor's.  She spends her free time studying harp playing, telepathy, learning waltzes, and attending seminars on “What to do when confronted with hyperactive, unstable, dangerously wealthy children.”  She also learns the Seven Strictures of Rassilon.  Roman seems to be surprisingly well versed in insect life but is awful at geometry.   Romana isn’t very good at reading Old High Gallifreyan.  

657~            (her 2nd year at the Academy)
                Romana was a star pupil in her psionics class.

658~            (during Romana’s 3rd year at the Academy)
                Cardinal Verona discovers that positronic fields can be used in 5 dimensional array manipulation.  This breakthrough allows one to re-configure the technology that can create a tear in space time into a functional and stable time corridor. 

671                (400 years before Infinity Doctors)
                The historian Hedin (Possibly the son of Hedin) begins writing a biography on Omega. 

698~             (when she’s was a little over 60)
                Romana’s family would spend most summers in a house on the shore of Lake Abydos. She would go swimming and collect Zinc Hawthorns. 
Romana hates running but enjoys swimming. She tried sensory replications of speed-skating on Plattos and volcano climbing on Ignos and found these activities to be moderately enjoyable. At this point she was an only child and didn’t have many friends.  

482-705~   (about 20 years before The Suns of Caresh)
The Doctor obsessively organizes all the papers in a hanger bay sized room in the TARDIS that is filled with filing cabinets. 

??            (before Legacy of the Daleks)
               The Master accidentally destroys a Dalek hatchery on Sayomin 3.

681~              (Over 80 years before A Dalek Problem is published / right after Genesis of the Daleks)
On his own initiative Professor Qualenawitvanastech begins researching the Daleks. 

695??       Romana passes her Basic Time Travel Proficiency Test with a double alpha score, honors, and an advanced level.  She is expected to achieve a very high rank in Time Lord society. 

705 ~              (when she turns 70)
                The Gallifreyan who is to become
Romana receives an air-car for her nameday.

?                   (While Romana is at the Academy)
                The Time Lords begin to study how to regenerate circuitry by linking it to a Molecular Stabilizer.   

?                (while at the Academy)
                Romana really wants to see the Universe

??             Kelaphaludner joins the CIA and becomes a field agent.

?              Most of the functions and duties of Order of the Weal are taken over by other intervention groups such as the CIA. 

710~            (~400 years before the war  / ~1713 AD?? )
                The "Golden Age" of the CIA:
The CIA reaches the height of its power and becomes proactive in its attempts to prevent other races from traveling through time.   The CIA erases several hostile and aggressive species from history. These humanitarian missions are not undertaken for compassion but rather to fulfill procedure.   This Age might last about 2160 years??  Sentris is probably Coordinator and First Speaker of the CIA.  High Cardinal Gothaparduskerialldrapolatkh is Second Speaker and the Arcalian Councilor Adelphi is the Third Speaker.  Lord Ferain is Director of Allegiance in the CIA.  Professor Ralenitumistagidav is Director of Engineering Studies. Dr. Vanideliumistada is a Doctor of Sociology. Prof Landinalakallinian is Assistant Sub-Chief of Militant Intervention Research.  Lady Rowellanuraven (almost 10,000 years old, 10th incarnation) is the CIA’s specialist on Earth History. Lord Palmac is in charge of assigning Field Agents to intervention missions.  Lord Rollonovaradnashir (Rollo) is their highest ranking Field Agent (he has been offered the position of Speaker but turns it down to stay in the field).    

??             The Corsair stole the Callisto Pulse from the Callistan Kleptocray. Unofficially this mission was done for the Time Lords (probably the CIA).  

??            (before the 8th Doctor)
                The Threllip Empire have had dealings with the Time Lords.

??            The Time Lords probably sabotage the time travel experiments of the Imperial Clans of Trion. The Imperial Clans are aware of the Time Lords and their policies.

??            (Probably not more then a few hundred years before Fractures - see note)
                The CIA has the Anomaly Vault is constructed underground in an area to the north of the Capitol. The chambers within are in a micro-universe that are made of Neutral Reality. The keeps it outside Time itself. The CIA uses a being that sits outside of Time and is in fact older than Time to control the Vault. The Vault is used by the Time Lords to store dangerous temporal anomalies. It is accessed by a transmat, but normally androids are the only ones to enter or leave the Vault. The Vault is controlled by telepathic circuits. Given that its architecture reconfigures to show visitors the chamber they wish to see (a fairly recent innovation on Gallifrey) it seems likely that the Vault was built within a few hundred centuries of Fracture. 

?              The Doctor takes a hayfever tablet.  It gives him a nasty 'trip' and he has flashbacks for decades. 

505-725         (right after Carnival of Monsters)
                 The Suns of Caresh: The vortex dwelling Curia of Nineteen. They are a temporally active species know to the Time Lords. The Curia develop the vortex dwelling Furies as a defense force. They live in the Vortex and can only be remembered by their intended targets (and Time Lords). The existence of the Furies is kept secret because the Time Lords probably punish the Curia if they found out. Like other Chronovores they feed on temporal energy from the Vortex. They can only survive 1,300 years without sustenance. Lord Roche is hit by a bus and regenerates into a body identical to the Doctor's 3rd incarnation. After 200 years of preparation, Solenti and Roche's plan to shift the orbit of Caresh is altered by the Doctor.  

505-725         (2540 AD)
                 Frontier in Space: The Master allies himself with the Daleks.
 The Master might have created his fear inducer using the fear inducing creature (or the knowledge he learned from it) from Mind of Evil.   In response to his request for help, the Time Lords  (probably the CIA) send the Doctor to Spiridon to defeat the Daleks.   This might indicate that the Masters instigation of the events of Frontier in Space/Planet of the Daleks represent deviations from the original version of history.  The fact that Planet of the Daleks is considered by the Daleks to be part of the Time War could support this claim.

The Master (notice the new 12th body?)

505-725         (right after Frontier in Space)
                The Master Regenerates for the 11th time.  This regeneration might be due to pressure, danger, or as a disguise. 
The Master probably uses the re-set healing trick (like the Doctor did in the Stolen Earth) to keep his same appearance in all of his incarnations.  

505-725         (2540 AD)
                Planet of the Daleks:
The Doctor meets Iris Wildthyme again.

?               (before The Green Death) 
                It is around this point in his life that the Doctor begins taking a significant interest in the scientific development of Earth in the late 20th Century.  He becomes very familiar with the work of numerous Human scientists.  

502-725         Hidden Talent: The Master releases several songs from Earth's future in the 1970s to change history.  The Doctor claims that this is the first time he has tried to change history (in this manner).

592-725         (probably at least 200 years after Time and Relative)
                Speed of Flight

592-725     Catastrophea: the Doctor grows tired of solving other peoples' problems.

??            (decades before Ghost Ship)
                The Doctor visits a brick wall inside the TARDIS and pounds it in frustration over the people who died because he ignored a danger.  

720~                   (after 3 Doctors / but before Legacy of the Daleks / about 30 years before Deadly Assassin)
                The Prydonian
Gothaparduskerialldrapolatkh is made Chancellor.   His movement up the Time Lord rank structure is quite fast.  

721          (Otherstide)
                The Doctor goes ice skating for the last time until his 10th incarnation (The Frozen).

725                 (UNIT Year 6 / The Doctor is 725 / about 300 years before Genocide)
                The Green Death: The Doctor finally acquires one of the
blue sapphire of Metebelis III.  He doesn't realize it but this sapphire is the one last perfect crystal of power making it the last source of fluon radiation in the cosmos (the Time Lords destroyed the others).   It's so unlikely that the Doctor would happen to find this specific crystal that one wonders if it wanted to be found.   

725-737       (stated in Deep Blue) It is know that between The Green Death and The Time Warrior the Doctor spent a great deal of time traveling to other worlds.  Ghost Ship implies that he had a companion of some sort during this time.  This is another possible location for the missing 12 years is between The Green Death and Planet of the Spiders.  During this time he might have overcome his depression that was seen in Catastrophea.

730               (30 years before Shada from the Doctor's POV)
                The Doctor places some milk in stasis in the TARDIS kitchen.

??             The Doctor hears that Drax is selling fake TARDISes to the Andromedans (possibly the Monans of Andromeda) .   The Andromedans all have a single galaxy-spanning consciousness.  

??                  (probably before Medicinal Purposes)
                 The Nekkistani acquire and begin selling second hand Mark 70 TARDISes with chameleon circuits.  One of these will be sold to a human being named Knox.

735            (120 years before his death in the Outsider rebellion)
                  Ronsord is loomed.  He will become a Prydonian Commander of the Watch but will never advance beyond that point due to the taint of his House's involvement in the Prydon Student Revolution.  He will work as an agent of the Master and allow him to steal modern TT Capsules.  

??              Drax is put on “parole” for going renegade (he is still is on parole as of Search for the Doctor.)

737          Season 11 probably occurs in this range.

737                 (UNIT Year 7)
                The Time Warrior:  Sarah Jane Smith begins traveling with the Doctor.

737                  (UNIT Year 7 / The Doctor is over 723 years old)
                Invasion of the Dinosaurs

737                   (UNIT Year 7 / The Doctor is over 700)
                The Paradise of Death

737                    (UNIT Year 7 / The Doctor is over 700)
                The Ghosts of N-Space

737                (shortly after Paradise of Death)
                Neptune: A future incarnation of the Doctor chases the Doctor off of Neptune by threatening to Eigen Ram the TARDIS. 

737          The Monster of Peladon

737            Amorality Tale: The Doctor installs a new Directional Finder in the TARDIS, which greatly increases his navigational control.  He feels that his current body is getting old.    

737          Alien Bodies (flashback): The Doctor and Sarah hold a funeral for Laika the first dog to be sent into space by humans.

The Paradox Virus Timeline

7 37               (Right after the Alien Bodies cutaway / 3790 AD / after Laika's funeral)
                Interference Part 1: The Doctor's personal timeline is diverted when his 8th incarnation changes his time state. After being diverted it is drawn to the planet Dust by I.M. Foreman's One-Species Nongenetically-Engineered Traveling Show. The Doctor is forced to regenerate again and exposed to a Faction Paradox Virus.

The following events occur because of the interference of the Faction Paradox. The affects of this interference are withheld from history by the Doctor's TARDIS which contains the paradox timeline until it is released in The Ancestor Cell.
For more information see
The Post Ancestor Cell Timeline

737               (Right after the Alien Bodies cutaway / 3790 AD / after Laika's funeral)
                Interference Part 1: The Doctor's personal timeline is diverted when his 8th incarnation changes his time state. After being diverted it is drawn to the planet Dust by I.M. Foreman's One-Species Nongenetically-Engineered Traveling Show. The Doctor is forced to regenerate again and is infected with the Faction Paradox Virus.

737                 (right after the third Doctor regenerates)
               Doctor Who and the Daleks in the Seven Keys of Doomsday: The Daleks invade Karn and try to capture the seven keys of the Crystal of All-Power.  They enslave the people living there.  In response, the Time Lords send the Doctor to Karn.  The last Master of Karn is killed.  The Doctor stops the Daleks, and arranges for the ultimate weapon to be destroyed. 

NOTE: Usually this virus is too weak to harm a Time Lord but during regeneration the Doctor was vulnerable to it. His fourth or fifth subsequent regenerations will turn him into a member of the Faction Paradox and he will lose his shadow. The virus will rewrite and change the Doctor's past and future.  Eventually the Doctor's origin will changed so that he began life as a crystalline skeleton being named Soul who serves on the Council of Eight.  After the rest of the Council is destroyed he paradoxically absorbs a new form and information from the 8th Doctor.  Soul take Sabbath's timeship and flees with Miranda's daughter Zezanne.  They are drawn to I.M. Foreman's Junkyard and land there in 1963.  They take on the names Doctor and Susan Foreman.

737               Due to their amazingly strong empathic bond the Doctor's TARDIS realizes that he has been infected with the Paradox Virus. It takes the Doctor's infected "shadow" into itself by acting as a Paradox Machine.  The timeline is held in temporal orbit.  This kept the Doctor's new body (and subsequent bodies) from being tainted by the Paradox and ensures that his future remained unchanged.  The energy required to contain the diseased timeline is massive and increases as time goes by.  In the new timeline Planet of the Spiders doesn't occur but the rest of history unfolds in more or less the same way.

737                 As the Faction Virus slowly infects the TARDIS the potential of the contained timeline leads to a build up of temporal energy.  This buildup causes the timelines of the Universe to become twisted and malleable.  Whole regions of space-time begin warping until they are almost parallel universes.  These regions are connected to each other and the rest of the Universe by an enclave of time corridors known as the Obverse.  The Panopticon Records have information on the Obverse.  The Enclave is located in the Obverse, a hidden “boil” located in the “underbelly” of the Universe.  In the Enclave, time and space are not connected and the physical laws are different and variable.  The Time Lords know little about the races that inhabit the Enclave.  The Enclave will not attract the Swimmers to the Multiverse.  These regions begin to spread.  By the time of "The Ancestor Cell" it will be strong enough to destroy half of the galaxy.

73 7           (UNIT Year 8 / shortly before Planet of Spiders)
                    The Doctor builds an Image Reproducing Integrating System (IRIS) Machine to study Human ESP.  Psychic powers are dormant in most humans and some are capable of psychometry, telepathy, clairvoyance, and even (rarely) psychokinesis.    

The Hermit

73 7           (UNIT Year 8)
                   Planet of the Spiders (Part 1): The Doctor meets the Hermit Azmael again and confronts the Spiders from Metebelis 3 (who the Hermit claims are mere demons of evil created by humans meditating on power. Its also possible that the fears of the humans on Metabelis 3 were amplified by the colonists to create the Spiders). The Doctor is terrified of the Great One's ability to control his mind but faces his fear and the consequences of his own greed for knowledge.  The cave of the Great One becomes filled with such astronomical levels of fluon radiation that nothing can ever enter it again. The Hermit Azmael regenerates for the 11th time, and absorbs his Watcher. The descriptions the Doctor gives for the Hermit and Azmael are so similar that it is likely that the Hermit ( the Doctor's teacher and guru) and Azmael ( the finest teacher the Doctor ever had ) are the same person.  After being irradiated with fluon radiation the Doctor is lost in the vortex for 10 years.  
Its worth noting that the Spiders were probably Lawrence Miles original plan for the identity of the Time Lords enemy in the Time War - before the events of Dalek revealed otherwise.

743        (17 years before the English Way of Death)
                     The Doctor's TARDIS functions at 39% efficiency.

745         (2067 BC / 101,193 from Gallifrey's POV / the beginning of Cavor and Loribet's rivalry)
                After a major argument with CIA Field Operative Cavoristaliteras (aka Cavor), CIA Field Operative Loribetcazistanopilain (aka Loribet) succeeds in stopping the Dalek invasion of Liiliti System returning history to its original course.  She is awarded high honers by the CIA for her actions.

746            (a decade or so before Invasion of Time)
                  While studying wavelength broadcast power transduction Surgeon General Gomer of the Time Lords notices that an enormous fluctuation in relative wavelength over a particularly narrow band.  This fluctuation will last at least until The Invasion of Time.  By that point Gomer believes that the cyclic burst ratio might explain it.  Its probable that this fluctuation is a side effect of the Vardans' continued invasion of the Matrix.

??        (3805 AD / before Genesis of the Daleks)
                Daleks use a time corridor to visit the planet Bav in the Marli system of the Milky Way in the year 28703 BC.  They attempt to convert the local Ka into Daleks.  They capture and exterminate the CIA Investigator Lord Drasilinilevitaz.  The Daleks realize that the Ka Daleks will renegade and destroy the Imperial Dalek Faction in the future.  The attempt to destroy the planet but Time Lady Loribetcazistanopiliain of the CIA stops them and removes the all Dalek technology from Bav. 
This is the Daleks' first used of Time Corridors as a tool of conquest.  Anti-Dalek sentiment among the CIA begins to build.

??        (After the Liiliti Incident)
            The 666 Plot: Daleks from the year 3958 AD travel back in time to the planet Teth to learn the secret of the Bruul Hypnotism.  The CIA realizes that this could prevent the Klevits from evolving and change the history of the Milky Way.  Senior Field Operative Cavoristaliteras attempts to put history back on track but ends up creating an even more deviant version of events.  Cavor  is recalled to Gallifrey.  Chief CIA Field Operative Time Lady Loribetcazistanopilain travels to Teth to mend history but is betrayed by Cavor who has done a deal with the Daleks.  Loribet is stranded in the Vortex.  She is rescued by her cousin CIA Trainee Alistanathcalebiviteth.  Loribet undertakes another trip to Teth and succeeds in mending the timeline by defeating the Daleks.  She returns with the captured Cavor who escapes, steals a TARDIS and goes renegade.  Lady Loribet retires from field operations, leaves Gallifrey, and becomes a permanent Inter-temporal Observer for the CIA. 

??                  Iris regenerates for the fourth time.

747-748        (1-2 years before Brain of Morbius)
                    Iris Wildthyme enrolls in the Sisterhood of Karn.

74 7?            (many long years before Ghost Ship)
                    This is the last time the Doctor will be angry and frustrated enough to cry until the events of Ghost Ship. 

The new Doctor (Tom Baker)

747         (UNIT Year 8)
                    Planet of Spiders (Part 2):
After being lost in the vortex for 10 years, the TARDIS finally takes the 3rd Doctor back to Earth because she is bored.  The TARDIS thinks about taking him to Gallifrey but realized she’d never get to leave if did that.   The Doctor chooses to regenerate for the third time.   He weighs 210 pounds. This incarnation will become a very powerful hypnotist - almost up to the Master's level.  He will also love adventure and badgers and will fear very little (except spiders).  He loves tea, muffins, ginger pop, salami sandwiches, fruit cake, pickles, and doughnuts.  The new Doctor develops a taste for beer - especially ginger beer.  He hates celery.  Baudelaire is one of his favorite poets.  He will often visit the Tantalus Eye because of its breathtaking beauty.  He's not very good and judging the age of humans who are under 50 years old.  

747?        (probably the 4th Doctor) 
                The Doctor intentionally leaves a sonic screwdriver in his UNIT laboratory in the hopes that humanity will figure out how to create more of them.

747            (101195 TL / before Genesis of the Daleks)
            Deliavatsud accesses the Matrix to begin gathering data about the Daleks. 

748           Season 12 probably occurs in this range.

748        (2 years before The Deadly Assassin )
                The CIA develops enough behind the scenes power to manipulate the High Council.  The Order of the Weal attempts to prevent this, but without success.

Ferain and a Dalek

748                 (4000 BC)
                Genesis of the Daleks:   The CIA Coordinator of Gallifrey's future, Narvin, diverts the 4th Doctor to Skaro at a point before the creation of the Daleks.   He then sent the Time Lord Valyes (Valyestriandriluma) back in time to warn the Doctor that that the Daleks could conquer all of time and space.  Valyes' transmat beam was likely intercepted by the CIA of the 4th Doctor’s era, but, upon hearing Valyes’ warning from the future, the CIA of that era have the Matricians check the Matrix predictions about the Daleks.   The Time Team of Matricians (led by Recorder Jelpax) predict that  the Daleks will become the Enemy that will threaten the Time Lords in a massive Time War.   In one possible future the Daleks defeat the Time Lords and destroy all other sentient life forms in the Universe.   The Deliavatsud Intervention is commission by the CIA.  This is largest change to established history that the CIA has ever undertaken and only the highest ranking members of the CIA know of it.   In deciding to conduct this time war, the Time Lords violate their deal with the Daleks.   Lord Ferain meets with the Doctor on Skaro and tells the Doctor to stop them from ever being created, reduce their aggression, or find a weakness.  By this point the Doctor's feelings about the Daleks are such that violating the First Law of Time to preventing their creation is a feasible and even justified action.  
                 Davros perfects the Mark III travel machine known as a Dalek.  The first 20 Daleks become fully operational. 
Because of the Doctor's interference the Dalek brain modifications that Davros planned are never completed.  Instead these Daleks are controlled by an on board computer program.  The First of these 20 has a minor mutation that allows it to relizes that with the current programming that Daleks will exterminate all other life in the universe.  They will also be incapable of choosing a leader because all Daleks will be viewed as equal.  The First Dalek alters the programing in the embryos that are still developing to ensure that they will view him as their leader.  He also programs them with a desire to enslave (rather then exterminate) lesser lifeforms.  Davros betrays his people and the Kaled people are exterminated.  The Daleks rebel against Davros and are entombed by the Thals.  The Doctor feels that his personal mission to find a weakness in the Daleks is a success.  For he now knows that hatred of the Daleks will unite the universe, producing a great good.
This is the first time the Doctor changes established history (in a major way).   The results of the Doctor' intervention sets the Daleks' development back by about 1000 years and makes significant alterations to their timeline.   From his place in the Matrix, Rassilon observed these events.  He would have preferred it if the Doctor had prevented the Daleks from ever being created.   The CIA theorizes that the Doctor's failure was due to the massive amount of temporal inertia that this point in history carries.  When the Daleks discover what the Time Lords attempted they will begin planning the Last Great Time War. They will observe the Doctor's actions and conclude that mercy must be eradicated.

The Pre-Genesis of the Daleks Intervention Timeline

The entire Dalek history is significantly altered by the Doctor (working for the CIA). The results of the Doctor' intervention registers as 4.6 on the Rassilon Scale of time distortion and sets their development back about 1000 years. In the new timeline the Ice Warriors ally themselves with several other species to combat the Daleks.   This considerably weakens the Dalek Empire in the future, but, unknown to the Time Lords (due to the events of War of the Daleks), the intervention doesn't prevent the Daleks from becoming the Enemy of the Time Lords.   Indeed it inspires the Daleks to focus their efforts on mastering time travel so that they can defeat the Time Lords at their own game. The CIA had hoped that millions of worlds would be saved from the Daleks but the planets saved only numbered in the thousands. Well many of the stories listed below still happen, the details were probably changed. In the original version of the Web of Time the Daleks were involved in the following situations:
  • The Daleks (aka The Mutants)
  • The Dalek Invasion of Earth: It has been confirmed that the events of this story do occur (see Remembrance of the Daleks, Legacy of the Daleks, and War of the Daleks)
  • The Chase: Still occurs as part of the preparations for an eventual Time War
  • The Dalek Master Plan: The Matrix confirms that some version of these events still happened.
  • Power of the Daleks
  • Evil of the Daleks
  • Day of the Daleks: Already negated by the Doctor's actions.
  • Frontier in Space: The Matrix confirms that some version of these events still happened.
  • Planet of the Daleks: While the Thals had been forced to flee Skaro by this point in the new timeline, the Matrix confirms that some version of these events still take place.
  • Death to the Daleks: The Matrix confirms that some version of these events still happened.

748                (the Doctor is 748 / it takes weeks for the Doctor to get back to the Nerva Beacon)
                A Device of Death
: Time Lords send the Doctor to the Adelphine Cluster where his actions lead to the creation of a robotic race which will cause the Daleks a great deal of problems. 

748       ( 12 years before Creature From the Pit / probably while Romana isn't on board / Probably during the closing moments of Revenge of the Cybermen / Possibly when the Doctor upgrades to a Mark III Console)
                The Time Lords send the Doctor a Mark III Emergency Transceiver with a note to "Install immediately."   This possibly happened while the TARDIS was being guided back to the Doctor in Revenge of the Cybermen.  

748             (shortly after A Device of Death) 
                Revenge of the Cybermen: The Time Lords might have interfered in Vogan culture to ensure that the fall of the Cybermen or the survival of the species at the end of the cyber wars.

748             (right after Revenge of the Cybermen)
                The Doctor probably uses the new 
Mark III Emergency Transceiver to home in on the Brigadier's psionic beam from the Space-Time Telegraph.   Afterwards (possibly due to how far off course he materialized) the Doctor feels that Transceiver doesn't work properly and never uses it again. 

748        (12 years before Creature From the Pit / but while Romana isn't on board)
                The Doctor uses the TARDIS's gravity tractor beam.

748           Planet of Evil: The Mutagenic effect of the "antimatter" could be connected to the mutations seen in Inferno.  Perhaps this planet is a sealed dimensional hole as well? By this point the Doctor sees himself as as a scientist and believes that the price of performing experiments is that one must have total responsibility for the consequences of ones actions.

?            (during the early 4th Dr era / before The Android Maker of Calderon IV) 
                The Sonic Screwdriver was re-made by the Doctor with more functions

?             (While traveling with Sarah)
                The Android Maker of Calderon IV: By this point the Doctor has built an improved sonic screwdriver. 

749              Season 13 occurs in this range.

??                  The Doctor realizes that everyone who travels with him becomes a being willing and capable of committing massive amounts of violence in his name.  Despite the fact that they are trying to (and usually succeed in) helping.  This horrifies him to his very soul.  This is why the Doctor never stays in any time zone very long.  He can’t stand to see what people will sacrifice and do in his name.  

749~        (arround 750)
                    Pyramids of Mars: By this point the Doctor has started taking his responsibilities as a Time Lord seriously. 

749~             (right after The Pyramids of Mars)
                   The Scarab of Death: The CIA gives Sarah Jane Smith information to save the Doctor's life because he is their best agent.  

?                   At some point the Doctor is responsible for the Temporal Slippage that causes the events of the UNIT years to slip from the 1970s to the 1980s and back again several times. This might have been a side effect of the Time War. This could happen if the Doctor changed history so that birth of Christ (based Gregorian calendar) was miscalculated by 10 years.

??                (at least several years before TimeWyrm Exodus)
                   Dr Mehendri Solon begin selling a version of the Elixir under the name, "Dr Solon's Special Morbius Lotion. Guaranteed to Contain Genuine Elixir of Life. Manufactured Under License by the Sisterhood of Karn."  The Sisterhood release only one pot of this salve every 100 years. 

749              The Android Invasion: the TARDIS is due for its 500 year service.  The Doctor tries to get the TARDIS serviced whenever he is on Gallifrey - if he remembers.  

749                 (takes place in a time considerably after the 20th Century / centuries after the first Diaspora)
                    Brain of Morbius: The Time Lords 
(probably the CIA) send the Doctor to Karn to either deal with the shortage of Elixir or to deal with the potential resurrection of Morbius.  Morbius's brain is discovered and presumed destroyed.  By the end of this story there a 70 members of the Sisterhood of Karn. 

749               (immediately after Brain of Morbius)
                    High Priestess Ohica recovers Morbius' Brain and leads the Sisterhood to the Death Zone to help Morbius obtain immortality.  Ohica and Morbius use the Time Scoop to bring
seven of Iris's incarnations (some of them from the future) to the Death Zone and force them to fight several aliens (including Voord, Zarbi, and Mechanoids).  Iris defeats Morbius and Ohica sends her to Makorna around the year 970 AD.  While there she learned that the Doctor had been exiled to Sol III by the Time Lords.  She uses Green Magic to create the Verdigris to "rescue" the Doctor.  

749~              (early 4th Doctor and Sarah-Jane / 200 years after Shazar was diminutized by the Time Lords)
                    Return of the Daleks: Having escaped his diminutized TARDIS, the half Gallifreyan Time Lord renegade named Shazar allies himself with the Daleks and captures the Doctor’s TARDIS.  The Daleks attempt to make a fleet of TARDIS clones but the Doctor and the Lord President sabotage his plan.  

??                 (after Return of the Daleks) 
Eldhind (aka Pandad IV aka Pandar V) regenerates.

750~?          (over the course of a few centuries after War Games)
                    Their will be several CIA tribunals convened.   

??          (after the CIA purchases Zenobia / before Vansell becomes coordinator)
                Sentris discovers that she has authorized the dispersal of over 200 people in one year.  She enters the Oubliette of Eternity and has herself dispersed.

749        (1 year after Genesis of the Daleks)
                The Great Purge: The High Council begins greatly restricting the CIA's autonomy because of the failure of the Deliavatsud Intervention.  Deliavatsud is executed (probably in the Oubliette), and much of his research is destroyed.  The actions of the CIA will be publicly condemned from this point on forcing Agents to form small cells and communicate via messengers who leave secure delivery capsules.  Some on the High Council turn a blind eye, but most agents have no idea who they can trust.  Careless agents whose mission is a failure suffer sever punishments.  It becomes much more common to manipulate and blackmail renegade Time Lords into performing missions for the CIA.  
Professor Qualenawitvanastech becomes the new Chief of Multihistorical Research for the CIA.  He begins trying to replace the information about the Daleks that was seized by the High Council after the Deliavatsud Intervention.  As part of the Qualen Commission, he will collect over 140 papers, narratives, and reports.  While needing to keep out of the lime light, the CIA continues to have a major effect on the Spiral Politic.  But it will take 12 years before the CIA has recovered enough from the Great Purge to once again be an active force in the spiral politic. 

??            (after The Brain of Morbius?? / less then 12 years before Creature from the Pit)
                 The Doctor ends up disconnecting his Mark III Emergency Transceiver because he's sick of the Time Lords asking him to do things for him.   

749            Evolution: By this point the Doctor has lost his TARDIS manual so long ago he can't remember which incarnation was responsible. 

749           The Doctor's TARDIS is due for its 3000 year checkup.   The Doctor tries to get the TARDIS serviced whenever he is on Gallifrey - if he remembers. 

?               Old Flames: Iris proposes marriage to the Doctor.  He refuses.

?                   (Iris is over 900 / after Brain of Morbius)
                Verdigris: From Iris Wildthyme (and Gallifrey's) point of view this is when the story occurs.

??                 (During the 4th Doctor and Sarah era / before Legacy of the Daleks for the Master)
                The Duke of Dominoes: The Master's plans are accidentally (and unknowingly) thwarted by the Doctor.

749                 (UNIT Year 8)
                Seeds of Doom: The Doctor reverts to using the old Yale TARDIS Key. 

749                (1 year before Deadly Assassin / 1749 AD? / almost certainly after the Doctor leaves Gallifrey)
                The Voodoo Priest of the House of Lungbarrow challenges the High Council claiming that the Laws of Time should be completely changed.  He believes that change is good for its own sake.   He breaks away from the House of Lungbarrow and forms House Paradox.  He takes the traditional title of a House founder, Grandfather. 
This is the first new House founded in at least 10,000 years.  By watching the patterns of the Universe, the Grandfather learns that he can change his own past.   The Grandfather favors alternative and nonlinear time structures and believes that change was the most important tool of any culture.  The Grandfather also begins to experiment with lesser species' reproductive methods and begins wearing the armor of Yssgaroth Time Lords.  President Eldhind is afraid to take any action against House Paradox and the Gallifreyans call for his replacement.

?                (Before the Eleven Day Empire is created)
                The Grandfather reformatted Time (the 5th dimension???), inserting alter-time mechanisms into the Web of Time so that it would respond to Paradox rituals – including the creation of the shadow weapons. 
Shadow weapons exist in the gap between the universal timeframe and the perceptive timeframe of the individual. Scientifically shadows are merely the absence of light.  But all sentients find meaning and patterns in shadows, thus they become a mimetic reservoir free from the bounds of matter.

749               (the same time House Paradox is created  / 1749 AD?)  
               Greyjan the Sane conducts studies of Paradox Theory and discovers that the fabric of the Universe could be distorted to accommodate time and its impossibilities.  He lectures at the Academies on the Origins of Life.

750                 Season 14 occurs in this range.

750~               (shortly before Invasion of Time)
                The Type 70-6 TTC is considered to be a modern TARDIS.

750~        (after War Games but before Deadly Assassin /  probably after Romana enters the Academy / when the Type 70 is released)
                304 Type 40 TTCs are de-registered and made non-operational.

?                    (before Goth goes to Tersurus)
                Rodan starts working as a monitor in Space-Time Traffic Control.  

?                    ( shortly before Deadly Assassin )
                Borusa is made a High Cardinal.  Borusa has been offered the Presidency twice before but each time he refused.

The Master's 13th body

750              (a few days before The Deadly Assassin / Matrix Date 6241.1 / centuries after the Master turned evil / 63rd Century AD)
                Legacy of the Daleks: Susan forces
the Master to regenerate and devastates his 13th body.  She takes his TARDIS leaving him stranded him on Tersurus. Working for the CIA, Goth investigates the signal from the Master's TARDIS and rescues the Master from Tersurus and helped him stabilize his decaying body.  The Master convinces Goth that they share the same goals of making the Universe a more peaceful place.  The Master deletes his Biodata extract from the Matrix.  By this point the Doctor believes the Master is the most evil genius in the Universe.  By this point the Doctor has accumulated lots of Artron Energy from his frequent trips through the Vortex.  He rates a 6 or 7 on the Gallifreyan psionic scale.   At this point, most Time Lords don't even remember Rassilon's name (unlike Omega who is still remembered as a hero).  The very idea of Gallifrey having a history is viewed as vulgar and primitive by the Time Lords.

750                 (after Goth meets the Master / 30 years after Goth becomes Chancellor)
Eldhind (aka Pandad IV aka Pandar V) tells Chancellor Goth that, upon his retirement, he plans to nominate Borusa for President instead of Goth.   Eldhind had originally hoped to make Goth President, but Goth's growing ambition and political ruthlessness convinced him that Borusa would be a better choice.   This might also be related to fallout from the Deliavatsud Intervention.   Cardinal Arkendo informs the Master that Goth will not be the next President.  The Master convinces Goth that, using his knowledge of the secrets of the Old Times, Goth could become President and lead the Time Lords to bring peace to the Universe.  

750          Hand of Fear: The Doctor receives a summons to Gallifrey that even he feels he must obey.  He leaves Sarah on Sol III to protect her from having her memory erased.  He claims he never drops in on her again because he hates seeing his friends age and know how short their lives are.  Despite this, Sarah's aging will be slightly slower then the human norm do exposure of artron energy during her travels with the Doctor.     

750              (Possibly LD 6241.1)
                The Deadly Assassin: The Master assassinates President
Eldhind (aka Pandad IV aka Pandar V) .  This assassination will be remembered far longer then the President's actual name.  The Doctor becomes President Elect.  The Sash of Rassilon is damaged and no one on Gallifrey knows how to repair it.  Over time Presidents will stop wearing the Sash.  More then half the Capitol is left in ruins.  Chancellor Goth aparduskerialldrapolatkh is killed, as is Commander Hilred of the Chancellery Watch and numerous other Gallifreyans. The Colonel's Cousin is killed in this incident.   The Colonel leaves Gallifrey and settles on Earth as UNIT/North America's Scientific Advisor in 1979.  He eventually joins the CIA. The Doctor begins to suspect that he might be the Other.   The Doctor probably has the TARDIS serviced while it on Gallifrey.   The Master steals Goth's TARDIS and uses its CIA enhancements to evade Gallifreyan security systems.  In order to prevent a loss of faith in the Time Lord leadership, the Inner Council issues a story stating that the Master killed the President and accessed the Eye of Harmony and that the heroic Chancellor Goth died saving Gallifrey.  After learning of the true uses of the Presidential symbols of office the Time Lords keep them under guard at all times.  Because of these events the position of Co-ordinator of the Matrix gains a great deal of power.   Rassilon was not seen as a Time Lord messiah until after the events of The Deadly Assassin.

750?             (before Timewyrm Exodus)
                The Doctor "borrows" a Gallifreyan Army Knife from Castellan Spandrell.

?                  (possibly within 48 hours of the end of Deadly Assassin)
                In the absence of the President Elect, Borusa becomes Acting Chancellor.

??          (he is in charge during some of the 5th Doctor era / possibly shortly after The Five Doctors)
                Vadrestolodur becomes the new Coordinator of
the CIA.  He is very politically motivated, and on good terms with Flavia.   Valnar and Rommtest might be the 2nd and 3rd Speakers.  

750              (shorty after Deadly Assassin)
                    Ghost Ship: By this point the Doctor considers the Space-Time Vortex to be his true home.  Knowing how his life works he secretly expects the worst case scenario to occur most places he goes.  He sometimes wonders is he should just become a fisherman in a Cornish village like Mousehole, Mylor, or Mullion Cove.  He also thinks about serving as a trooper in John Lilbourne's Leveller or the New Model Army.  This the first time in many incarnations that he hasn't had at least one companion, and the first time in a very long time that he has missed them. 
This is the first time the Doctor uses the Fast Return switch for "a lifetime or three" (probably since Ghost Ship).  For the first time in decades the Doctor visits a brick wall inside the TARDIS and pounds it in frustration over the people who died because he ignored a danger.  This is also the first time he's cried in many years.  

?                  Andredloomsagwinaechegesima (Andred) of the House of Redlooms becomes Commander of the Chancellery Guard.  He is an Arcalian.  The House of Redlooms has been producing military Ordinals for a long time.  His Biodata Extract number is 9-0-13-Alpha 2.

750              Face of Evil: The Doctor might have been trying to find and pick up Sara-Jane Smith again when he lands here.  Leela begins traveling with the Doctor.  Her primitive thought patterns appeal to the Doctor's TARDIS. 

?                  (after Deadly Assassin but before Invasion of Time)
                The Panopticon is rebuilt. 

??                (after 3 Doctors but before Arc of Infinity)
                The Time Lord Broadcaster and Professor of History, Whedol Ertikus, writes and publishes "Omega, the blackest star of them all".  The book is released among the lesser species.  

750          The Robots of Death

750?            (Leela's first visit to Earth)
                Psi-ence Fiction: the events of this story are erased from history. 

750?         The Talons of Weng-Chiang: Oddly the Doctor actually dresses to blend in on this visit to the Victorian Era.  Something he almost never does in other stories. 

750?          (the Doctor's first encounter with the Master since Deadly Assassin)
                Trail of the White Worm/The Oseidon Adventure: The Master helps the Kraals invade the Earth in an attempt to recover the Z-Battery that the Doctor had left with UNIT.  The Master hoped to use the Battery's Z-radiation in combination with Oseidon's O-Radiation to renew his body.  The Doctor programmed a robotic Master to kidnap the real Master in the Masters own TARDIS.

750?          (Between Face of Evil and Invisible Enemy / before the Master visits Logopolis)
                Light at the End: The robotic Vess exist in a pocket dimension and sell extremely powerful weapons to the Sontarans, Cybermen and the Daleks. The CIA sends Straxus of the House of Kotris to purchase weapons from the Vess to defend Gallifrey from other Temporal powers. The Master discovered Straxus' mission and threatened to expose it to the High Council. To prevent this, Straxus let the Master purchase a single weapon from the Vess that he would use on the Doctor. The Master uses the newly acquired Conceptual Bomb on the Doctor.

The Bob Dovie Alternate Timeline

The bomb seized upon the conception that Bob Dovie had when he first entered the TARDIS - that this was impossible - and made that thought reality. With the TARDIS erased from history, she never would have stolen the Doctor and left Gallifrey. This caused Time to fold in on the Doctor as it erases him from history. Everything the Doctor ever did ever did was undone. The Dalek invasion of the Earth in the 22nd century was never repelled, and Magnus' (The War Chief's) armies conquered most of the Galaxy.
It should be noted that the jonbar hinge of the Master's intervention is basically the same as the one depicted in Auld Mortality and there could be many similarities between those two timelines.
The folding of time caused by the conceptual bomb allowed all of the Doctor's first 8 incarnations to interact with each other and they were able to change history so that Dovie did believe in the existence of the TARDIS. This prevented the Doctor from ever being erased from history and most of everyone's memories of these events were lost.

751-758      Season 15 probably occurs in this range.

752             (5 years after Deadly Assassin / 4 years before the Invasion of Time / 1751 AD?)
                Greyjan becomes the 406th Lord President of the High Council of the Time Lords.  This happens by chance when the other two candidates withdraw at the last moment.

752              (4 years before Invasion of Time)
                The Time Lords no longer attempt to hide the fact that the Looms are not producing stable Gallifreyans.

?                 (after Deadly Assassin / before Invasion of Time)
                Borusa regenerates.

753?            (right before Invisible Enemy)
                 Empathy Games: A fire totally destroys the primary control room, forcing the Doctor to switch to the #2 Control Room.  

753?          Image of Fendahl: The Doctor discovers that the Time Lords timelooped Sol V to stop the Fendahl.  By this point the Doctor has adjusted and repaired every part of the TARDIS. 

753              (3 years before Invasion of Time / the period of Greyjan's history spans the relative time of September 1752 AD/GRT)
                The Grandfather
of House Paradox secretly creates the Eleven-Day Empire. 
It is a dynamic time structure constructed of symbolic logic.  The creation of Alter-Time Structures (violations of the Laws of Time) are necessary to enter the Empire but it is vulnerable to the correct penetration by the correct musical key.  Greyjan finds (and perhaps helps construct) the home of the Faction Paradox, the Eleven-Day Empire.

753?            The Sunmakers: The Doctor's attempts to paint the TARDIS interior frequently jam the TARDIS's systems. 

??           (sometime before Invasion of Time)
                The Doctor plants a "man-eating" Quercus
Rubra plant in his TARDIS's gardens. 

755              (1 year before Invasion of Time)
                Greyjan believed that all life in the Universe descended from a single Ancestor Cell.  There was a significant body of evidence to support his claim.  These cells were not the first living things.  But the organisms that came from them were.  These organisms spawned all the life in the Universe before they died out, but the Ancestor Cells remained.  The chronon decay created by Time Travel Capsules pollutes the Web of Time.  Various temporal paradoxes add to this pollution which feeds the Ancestor Cells.  They grow into a "race" that is completely alien and inimical to the Time Lords.

755             (1 year before Invasion of Time)

considers making 8 or 9 Gallifrey "clones" or colonies to defend against the Enemy.  

??             Azmael regenerates for the 12 and last time.   Azmael realizes that a Time War is in Gallifrey's future.  He undergoes a Time Lord retirement and takes the option to live out his days on Jaconda.  Azmael settles on the beautiful world of Jaconda and is eventually made President by that world's inhabitants.   Given that he doesn't seem to have a TARDIS he might have invoked the same retirement clause that Chronotis did.   There is an old Time Lord device hidden in Jaconda's sun.  It is known as the Forge, and it can enhance and alter any living matter that is put inside it.    

755              (1 year before Invasion of Time  / 1754 AD?)
                President Greyjan dies after being president for 3 years.  His theories on the Enemy from the Future War drive him to commit suicide.  His is the shortest presidential term in the whole of Time Lord History.   Greyjan's discoveries and research are declared arcane and are outlawed.  He is known as the Great Sage of the Paradox.

?                  (After prewar panic sets in on Gallifrey)
                The Order of the Weal begins to focus exclusively on determining the identity of the Time Lords' enemy in the forth coming War in Heaven.

751-755       The Mark IX TTC is the most modern TARDIS available.

755~          (1754 AD?? / 100,000 years after the destruction of Minyos from the Minyans' POV)
Underworld: By this point it appears that Leela has been with the Doctor for a long time. 

756              (right before "The Invasion of Time")
               Spandrell retires and Kelner becomes Castellan.

President Doctor?     A Vardan             A Sontaran                   Leela and Andred

756         (2 or 9 years after Deadly Assassin / at least 3 years before Ribos Operation / 7th Segment  / 1755 AD / Probably before 2280 AD from the Sontaran's POV)
            The Invasion of Time: The Doctor becomes
the 407th Lord President of Gallifrey.  This is confirmed to him by Councilor Flavia.  It is probably at this point when he receives a Signet-Ring of Rassilon.  The Doctor probably has his TARDIS serviced.  The Vardans and the Sontarans invade Gallifrey.  This is the first time the Citadel of the Time Lords has ever been invaded by aliens.  The Chancellry Guard proves to be useless in repelling the invaders.  The Doctor is very surprised to learn that Borusa respected him and expected him to do well.  The Vardans and their planet are time-looped.  The Doctor steals a Portable Temporal Link from the Black Collection of the Prydonian Academy.  The statue of Omega in one of the Academies is damaged by the invaders.  Lord Tebediatroculozan was feeling quite ill during the invasion.  The First De-mat Gun in 10 million years is built and used on a Sontaran Trooper and General Stor.  The elimination of General Stor from history probably deleted the entire invasion from history so that only those inside the TARDIS fully remember what happened.  As part of the wisdom of Rassilon, even the Doctor's memories of these events and the Gun itself are removed.  For this reason, Romana was not directly affected by these events. Because of his cousin, Kelner's actions, Volusagashanisam (Volusa) resigns from the Chancellery Guard and joins the CIA.  Despite the elimination of these events, the President's quarters will continue to be lead lined until at least Appropriation. The Great Key is now hidden in a Matrix partition beneath the Panopticon.

756      (right after Invasion of Time / before Arc of Infinity  / 1754 AD)
                There is a formal change in police and aliens are now allowed on Gallifrey.  Leela might have stayed behind because she found natural and religion free lifestyle of the Outsiders to be attractive.  Leela is
pair-bonded (aka married) in a wedding with Andred who is from the House of Redlooms.  Leela is now Leelandredloomsagwinaechegesima.  Andred might have been a Time Lord at this point.  Because of the active bio-fields of other Gallifreyans, Leela live for centuries on Gallifrey will hardly aging.  However she does not heal at anywhere near the rate of a normal Gallifreyan.  By this point "everyone" on Gallifrey knows that the Doctor's favorite planet is Earth. 

750~     (about 200 years before Project: Lazarus)
                The Doctor stops amazing himself.  

?           (between Invasion of Time an Ribos Operation)
                The Doctor becomes less brooding and more of a clown. 

?           (His fourth incarnation)
                The Doctor learns of the existence of the Faction Paradox.

??         (before Keeper of Traken)
                Perhaps because the Doctor has been President, the Master believes the Doctor has a much better knowledge of the deeper mysteries of Time. 
The Doctor could build his own Source Manipulator ( an enormous computer matrix grafted on to a sun ) but it would take him a century.  The Master is apparently unable to complete such a task. 

756            (right after Invasion of Time)
               The Doctor builds K-9 Mark II.
It has more processing power and longer battery life then the Mark I, but an unreliable vocal unit.

??               (before Timecrash from the 5th Doctor's POV)
                By this point the Doctor has become aware that he has several fan clubs like LINDA. 

?                Kelner is tried for his crimes, and Spandrell becomes Castellan again.

756            (after Invasion of Time)
Due to the time-proof memory of the Time Lords, there is an immense cultural effect from having so many Time Lords temporarily exiled to the outer wilderness.   Gallifreyan civilization stops viewing its history as something vulgar and begins to re-examine historical texts, mythology, and ancient artifacts.  The Co-ordinator of the Matrix is given a new title - Keeper of the Matrix.  With some effort the Time Lords rediscover large amounts of their history from the Dark Time and the Time of Legend.  This leads to the first renaissance in Gallifreyan culture and technology in the last million years.  It also begins to learn of the corruption of its past leadership.    

??              In the wake of the Sontaran invasion, the Celestial Intervention Agency is allowed to become an official part of the Gallifreyan government.  The CIA Coordinator now reported directly to the Chancellor, providing the President and the High Council with plausible deniability.  

757            (one year after the Invasion of Time / 2 of Qixotl's generation's before the Doctor dies / several hundred years after setting up power / 1756 AD?)
Heresiarch of Drornid (formerly Cardinal Thorac) on Dronid (or Drornid as it is actually known) in  Galactic Quadrant 5 assembles an army in the hopes of  peacefully overthrowing the High Council of Gallifrey.   Some of the natives of Trion are transplanted to Drornid.   By this point Drornid is an early Level 10 society.  The Time Lords on Gallifrey force the Renegade President to return to Gallifrey by totally ignoring him.  They set the Eye of Harmony (and thus the Web of Time) to ignore the renegade council.  This attack of ignorance devastates Dronid's chronosphere and the Heresiarch is forced to return to Gallifrey.   The Renegade President of Drornid is sent to Shada.  The leaders of this renegade presidency are captured but the minor followers were left on Drornid along with significant amounts of Time Lord knowledge and technology.  
                The pacification ray the Heresiarch used to control the natives of Drornid was deactivated and the centuries of repressed aggression caused the natives to nearly destroy their planet.
 At the recommendation of House Dvora, defensive systems were installed on Dronid to prevent the natives from using the time-technology that was scattered across the planet.  Vast World Processor engines were inserted into the planet to detect any large temporal disturbances.  If any were detected massive "natural disasters" would occur.  
Eventually the world of Drornid recovered and developed into one of the top holiday destinations of Galactic Quadrant 5.  Drornid becomes a level 11 society and becomes known as the Planet of Fun.  The people of Drornid have genetic engineering down to a fine art.  They can quickly grow new bodies for people based only off of their telepathic fields.  Its primary export was beachwear, and its primary import was ice cream.   Numerous criminal organizations set up on Dronid to exploit the leftover time-technology.  This is the first time the Time Lords have become directly involved in the politics of the outside universe.  Romana studied these events in her history class. 

?                (shortly before Romana leaves)
                A new traditionalist faction springs up on Gallifrey. 

757             (one year after the Invasion of Time / before Salyavin wipes everyone's memories of Shada before the Loom of Paradox has produced any offspring  / 1756 AD?)
                Grandfather Paradox is arrested by The Time Lords and imprisoned on Shada
because the Time Lords are afraid to kill him.   This reduces the House of Paradox to a few minor recruits from other Houses.  At this point there are thousands and thousands of prisoners in Shada.

757??           (300 years before the events of Shada from Chronotis's POV / 1679 AD / before Leisure Hive / after spending many years in the Panopticon Archives / after the Master is released in Terror of the Autons / possibly before Romana left Gallifrey / after Grandfather Paradox is imprisoned)
                Salyavin (Chronotis) decides to retire from being a Time Lord.   To ensure that his deception on Shada is never discovered, Salyavin steals the Worshipful And Ancient Law of Gallifrey from the Panopticon Archives on Gallifrey.  He probably left a copy of “The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy” in the display case in the Panopticon Archives.  However nobody notices the book is missing.   He also takes a copy of Our Planet's Story (a Gallifreyan nursery book) and perhaps five other books.  Salyavin illegally rescues an ancient Type 12 Mark I TARDIS from the scrap heaps.  He then materializes above Gallifrey and linked the Eye of Harmony directly to his TARDIS's telepathic circuits.  With this extra energy he was able to boost his mind powers to cover the entire planet.   To ensure that his deception on Shada is never discovered, Salyavin uses his mind powers to wipe all the Time Lords' memories concerning Shada.    In this new version of their memories Salyavin is dead.  The mental power necessary to blank the minds of generations of Time Lords is tremendous, beyond even the power the High Council.  Salyavin did complete his task but th e strain of this forced him to regenerate.   This was probalby his last regeneration.  After this he swears he will never use his powers again and deliberately  chooses to forget that he ever was Salyavin, remembering only his identity as Chronotis.
                Officially, Chronotis chooses to fulfill the rarely used Time Lord custom retiring to the outside Universe on Sol III in 1679.  He gives up his TARDIS.  
On the Earth, King George III makes Urban Chronotis Regius Professor of Chronology.   He becomes a Don at St. Cedd's College in Cambridge.  By this point he is in his final incarnation.

758            (after Drornid become the Planet of Fun / possibly 32 years before Shada)
                Skagra is born on the planet Drornid.  Doctor Skagra the becomes a Geneticist, Astro-engineer, Cyberneticist, Neurostructuralist, and Moral Theologian.  He lives in a fortress is located at galactic north 9655 by galactic east vector 913610.

758                (while a she is Brax's student at the Academy / 1 year before graduating)
                Romana travels down in to the vaults and meets the Imperiatrix via a link to her partition in the Matrix.  The Imperiatrix makes an offer to Romana to make her the new Imperiatrix of Gallifrey, but Romana turns her down and tells Braxietal everything.  Braxiatel realizes that the Imperiatrix wants to posses and live again through Romana.  Braxiatel gets one of his future incarnations to hypnotized Romana and put in a mind block to prevent her from remembering her meeting with the Imperiatrix or the time she spent with Braxiatel.  This will prevent her from fulfilling the Imperiatrix's plan. 

756-759        (Between Invasion of Time and Ribos Operation)
               Romana meets K-9 Mark I on Gallifrey.
K-9 judges her to be considerably more capable then the Doctor.

??                 (two regenerations before Twin Dilemma for the Doctor)
                The Doctor and
Azmael meet and go drinking.  Azmael drinks a vast amount of alcohol and the Doctor ends up dumping him in a fountain to sober him up.

??              (loosely around the time of the original Shada / after the Corsair has left Gallifrey)  
                The Doctor gets drunk with the Corsair (in her female 5th incarnation) and  the two of them wake up in jail.

759                (probably not to long before Ribos Operation)
                Romanadvoratrelundar scores a Triple-Alpha in Temporal Engineering/Mechanics (the best in her class) and graduates from the Time Academy with a Triple First. 
By the end of her time at the Academy she will be an expert in temporal technology, physics and psychoanalysis.   She scores a 98% on programming short hops in a TARDIS.   She is a fully qualified Technician.  As an Apprentice Time Lord she works in the Bureau of Ancient Records.  While doing this she pursues a thesis with an advanced degree, and will later consider using the Doctor as a subject.   She will never get around to finishing this thesis.  

??                  Epsilon Delta graduates from the Academy with a double beta in cybernetics.  He becomes a Time Lord and serves as an aide to Gold Usher.   Epsilon Delta begins calling himself The President. 

759            (no more then 2 decades before the Doctor turned 761)
                    The Arcalian Maranodulandur graduates from the Academy.  Right after graduation, a cousin from her house gets her a position in the CIA.  

759~              (at least a few years before the Doctor turned 761 / after Chronotis retires to the Earth / after Mara joins the CIA)
                A cousin from Salyavin's House (who probably worked for the CIA) realizes that Chronotis is in fact Salyavin.  Eager to recover his lost family member, he travels to the Earth but arrives in the 1920s.  On her first field assignment, CIA  agent,
Maranodulandur (Mara) discovers him there.   Realizing that the CIA is now observing him, he stays in that time zone for some time, rather then risk leading them to Salyavin.   Eventually the Don will teams up with Mara to work for the CIA.  

759              (before Romana leaves Gallifrey / at least 3 years after the Doctor becomes President)
                Borusa becomes
the 408th President of Gallifrey.  The Time Lord Jelpax is one of his biggest supporters.  

750              (probably shortly after The Deadly Assassin / after becoming President)
                Using his new power as President, Borusa is able to find the Black Scrolls of Rassilon in the vaults that were built during the Old Time.  He focuses most of his research on Rassilon. The atrocities of Rassilon horrify Borusa, but the changes and genius of the man leaves Borusa with an overall favorable impression. The Other Scrolls have a prophecy of a Time Lord who will find the Lost Scrolls of Rassilon and will lead Gallifrey from darkness.  

??               (almost certainly sometime after Deadly Assassin)
writes Rassilon the God.   Borusa is considered to be Gallifrey's foremost expert on Rassilon.  

??                (after becoming President / after reading the Black Scrolls of Rassilon)
Borusa plans to lead the Time Lords to a new stage of evolution. Borusa makes several major changes including reducing the size of the High Council and increasing Gallifreyan Security. He also protests the decadent lifestyle of the Capitol.  He makes the Arcallian Thalia his Chancellor (a change in the rules, as the President and the Chancellor's chapters must match).  Also on the Council is Prydonian Cardinal Zorac and Patrexes Cardinal Hedin.  The Castellan is not a Time Lord. The stress of these reforms forces Borusa to regenerate. 

??               (Between Invasion of Time and Arc of Infinity)
                The interior layout of many buildings in the Capitol (including the Security Compound) is changed. 

??                Presidents no longer have the right of veto over the High Council.

759             Season 15 occurs in this range.

The Key to Time and Romanadvoratrelundar

759                (Romana says the Doctor is 759, but he claims to be 756 / Romana tells the Doctor that she's almost 140 but this is an exaggeration and she later admits to being only 125)
                The Ribos Operation: A point of instability is approaching (from Gallifrey's POV?) that (over the coming millennia) will cause the Universe to collapse into chaos.  To counter this the White Guardian gives the Doctor the mission of collecting the Key to Time.  The Doctor is almost certainly picked because he has just been President of Gallifrey and knows of the Guardian's special relationship with the Time Lords.  The White Guardian is one of the few people in the Universe whom the Doctor automatically calls sir.  Once assembled the Key will freeze Time allowing the White Guardian to restructure the universe and avert the coming chaos.  The Guardian says that if the Doctor doesn't take the mission then nothing will every happen to him again (a fitting punishment from the Guardian of Order).  However the Doctor appears to take this mission to ensure that the balance between the Guardian of Order and the Guardian of Chaos is maintained.   Apprentice Time Lady Romanadvoratrelundar is assigned as a new assistant and given a Locator or Tracer that also acts as the core of the Key.  This is the first time she has left Gallifrey.  Given it is the Core to the Key to Time the Tracer might have be stored on Gallifrey and an artifact. 
By this point the Doctor isn't sure if he even remembers his real name.

??                   At some point the Doctor learns that Leela and Andred had a wedding, and he regrets missing it.  Possibly Romana told him about it. 

759                The Pirate Planet: By this point the Doctor is describing K-9 (and not Romana) as his best friend.

759                 (after The Pirate Planet / on Otherstide / the Doctors 751's Birthday)
                The Stones of Blood

759                (right after The Stones of Blood)
The Shadow of Weng-Chiang

759-789        (the Doctor doesn't count this towards his age for some time)
                Heart of TARDIS: The Doctor and Romana spend 30 years adventuring in a dimensional corridor.  The TARDIS is not included in this adventuring and both the Doctor and Romana don't count it towards their age for some time.  

759?             (after Invasion of Time)
                K-9 Mark I is authorized for independent missions in situations classed as too dangerous for Time Lord intervention. 
K-9 sent on many missions for the Time Lords.  It is around this time that the CIA stops sending the Doctor on missions, and it is possible that K-9 has replaced this role for him.  

759~?            (at least a few years after Invasion of Time)
             The Time Trap: After a few years of work, the Time Lords finish designing and constructing the spaceship K-NEL for K-9 (the Doctor came up with the name).  Omega draws more than tens thousand warships into his crimson bubble of time.  He plans to use them to launch an attack on Gallifrey.  K-9 stops Omega by destroying Omega's control ship.  the crimson bubble of time.  

762?                 (after Invasion of Time / probably right after The Time Trap)
            Zeta Rescue: The Time Lords send K-9 to investigate explosions around Zeta 4 and prevent them from destroying the galaxy.  He discovers the last survivors of a war between the Megallan Empire
(the Megallan Empire have sworn to destroy the Time Lords) and the people of Telios fighting aboard a Megallan Prison Ship.  K-9 prevents the ship's destruction, saving Zeta Cancri from going nova and destroying the galaxy. 

762?              (after Invasion of Time)
             The Beasts of Vega: K-9 reveals that the Vegans are responsible for terrorizing the humans who are trying to build a planet. 

762?              (after Invasion of Time)
             Missing Planet: One of Tellac Incorperated's mining planets has vanished and K-9 investigates.  By this point Tellac Inc has turned the Earth into a planet sized weapons factory.  While gathering data, K-9 falls through a star-lock into another dimension.  He finds the missing planet and its miners.  They had discovered star crystals on the planet and used them to shift the planet into another dimension to escape the Tellac corperation.  K-9 agrees to keep these events secret, even from the Time Lords.  

756                (after Invasion of Time)
                K-9 Mark I becomes a celebrity on Gallifrey and a statue of him is placed in the Panopticon.  

760~              (shortly before Iytean Menace)
                Lord Bregos recruits
Lady Verikasdroverka (Verika) into the CIA as a computer technician.  She keeps stowing away on the TARDISes of field agents.     

761                (101209 TL)
                The CIA releases A Sourcebook for Field Agents.

761                (after Genesis of the Daleks from the Time Lords' POV / 101209 TL) 
                The Dalek Problem: A Symposium is published by the Chief of Multihistorical Research for the CIA, Professor Qualenawitvanastech (Qualen).

??            An Alternative History of Skaro: The Daleks without Davros is written by a Time Lord.

762?             (after the Teth Incident)
            Tabby Cat's and Time Lords: CIA Field Operative Alistanathcalbeiviteth prevents the Master from using an artifact to dominate the minds of the Time Lords and begins traveling with the human T.C. Fellows. 

762?             (2145 AD / after the Tabby Cat's and Time Lords)
            Having enslave the Velianavi to produce a toxin in mass quantities for them, the Daleks use the Velianavi Toxin to successfully conquer 5 planets. The blight that the Daleks use to control the Velianavi runs wild and nearly wipes out the population.  The CIA Field Operative Alistanathcalbeiviteth arrives on Moli Veliane and assists in the destruction of the Daleks and the genocide of the Velianavie.

762?         The Iytean Menace: Discovering evidence of advanced technology on the Earth in 1885 AD, the CIA dispatches Lord Rollonovaradnashir (Rollo), Lord Vo6lusgashanisam (Volusa) and Lady Verikasdroverka (Verika) to that time zone to deal with escaped Iytean criminals. 

762?         The Hartlewick Horror: The CIA detect a psionic energy field on the Earth in 1923 and dispatch Lord Kellaphaludner (Kelly) to investigate.  He deals with the Serad-Dur who have awakened there.  

768~?          (200 years before Lungbarrow)
                Farq disappears in the House of Lungbarrow.

Chatalain Thessalia

772              (22 years after Deadly Assassin / while House Paradox is still a House)
                Thessalia becomes obsessed with repelling an invasion from the Enemy.  She tries to see the future by researching Violent Unknown Events (VUE).  While researching the VUE at Zo la Domini she encounters a research team from Faction Paradox from the War Era.  Most of the Faction agents flee, but two Little Brothers are captured, interrogated, and killed by Thessalia's team.  She learns about the Future War and the Enemy and sends a message to Gallifrey demanding that the Time Lords run a spectroscopic analysis of Gallifrey’s sun.  Thessalia and her TARDIS are destroyed by another VUE after she sent the message.  In an alternate version of history predicted by the Praxis Manuscript there might have been something inside the skin of the sun.

772?            (After Thessalia’s death but before the destruction of the Order of the Weal)
                The Order of the Weal concludes that
Greyjan 's predictions about the Future War are correct.  Chatelaine Thessalia’s personal notes are (posthumously) published under the title The Little Book of Absolute Power.  Thessalia’s predictions about how to fight the enemy are surprisingly accurate.  The Order of the Weal becomes inactive after the death of their Chatelaine, Thessalia.   

772~            (about 22 years after Deadly Assassin)
he Order of the Weal is disbanded due to political competition from the CIA and House Paradox.  House Ixion is abandoned.   

772?            (After Thessalia’s death)
                One of the few remaining leaders of the Order of the Weal becomes a renegade.    

780??          (at least several years before Shada)
                Skagra captures one of the Sisters of the Flame and starves her to find out where the Worshipful and Ancient Law of Gallifrey was.  After several years without food or water she reveals that Chronotis stole the book and took it to Earth.  He then dumped her into space. 

781.0?        (Date Index 237 .4 Relative)
                Braxiatel buys Corozo Del Anganza (a famous holo-color)

??              (Before Armageddon Factor)
Drax’s TARDIS’s hyperbolic laser drive breaks down and Drax tries to steal the crown jewels to get two crystals to repair it.  Drax spends ten years in prison in Brixton Prison on Earth for attempting to steal top secret equipment.

??              (Before Armageddon Factor)
                Drax regenerates for the first time.

784            (five years before Armageddon Factor)
                Drax builds the Mentalis on Zeos for the Shadow, and gets stranded on the Shadow's space station.   When the Time Lords learn of his interference with Atrios and Zeos Drax will become a wanted renegade.  His skills, and lack of self-discipline is considered to be a danger to cosmic stability.  

785~         (5 years before Shada / ~1782 AD??)
                    Doctor Skagra leaves Dronid and sets up the Think Tank.  He is from the planet Dronid and learned of Salyavin from the rival president who set up on Dronid.

789                (400 years after his last 50 year vacation)
                Androids of Tara

789                 (claims to be 759 +30 )
                Power of Kroll 

789                 (after Power of Kroll )
                The Armageddon Factor: The location of Atrios and Zeos in the Helical Galaxy is important enough to have been covered in the Academy Curriculum on Gallifrey. The Doctor meets Drax again and completes the Key to Time. For a short time, the Doctor is the most powerful person in the universe. The other 5 segments to the Key to Time are damaged when the Doctor assembles the Key with a false 6th Segment.
While Time is frozen the White Guardian returns the Universe to a state of balance. Because one of the segments is damage (due to the false segment the Doctor used earlier. This damage allowed the Black Guardian to create a tailored virus while the Universe is stopped.  This virus creates an imperfection in the White Guardian's re-balancing of the Universe causing entropy to begin unceasing at an accelerated and even exponential rate. The White Guardian might have arranging for the Watcher to help the Doctor save the Logopolitan entropy draining project. Romana is badly tortured by the Shadow and during this time she remembers her experiences with the Imperiatrix. The Doctor builds and installs a Randomizer in his TARDIS.   Drax had only regenerated once before this story. 

790                (Doctor claims to be 760 +30 / after Armageddon Factor / before Destiny of the Daleks)
                The Justice of Jalxar

760-800         Season 17 probably occurs in this range.


790            (the TARDIS is due for its 1000 year service soon)
                    The Destiny of the Daleks:
To prevent the Imperiatrix from gaining power Romana initiates a regeneration to scramble her memories but uses a meditative technique to delay her regeneration.  The TARDIS generates an identity and body called Iraj and imprisons Romana.  She does this because she is jealous of the relationship the Doctor and Romana share.  After pretending to be Romana, trying several bodies out, and assisting the Doctor on Skaro Iraj/TARDIS releases Romana.  The TARDIS pushes Romana into regenerating into her second body and erases her memories of the Iraj encounter.  Unbeknownst to her, Romana became the 6th Segment of the Key to Time when she regenerated, which is why she chooses to look like Princess Astra.   K-9 judges Romana’s 2nd incarnation is 3.7% less efficient then her first.  By the time of her 2nd incarnation, Romana has come to agree with the Doctor that the Doctrine of Non-Intervention doesn't mean that she shouldn't help the people she meets.   She hopes the Time Lords will forget about her.  Romana is pleased to realize the Doctor finds her more attractive in her new body.  She will later claim she regenerated out of pure vanity.    The Doctor reads Oolon Colluphid's Origins of the Universe (indicating that there's some sort of connection between the Doctor Who universe and the Hitchhiker's Guide universe).

??                 (before City of Death)
                   Romana builds a
Mark Two Sonic Screwdriver.  This sonic screwdriver has 17.3% more functions than the Doctor’s.

760          (Romana give her age to be 125 but probably isn't counting the 30 years in Dimensional Corridor)
                   City of Death: By this point the Doctor believes that Paris is the one place in the Universe where one can relax absolutely.  

??           The Jewels of Time: The Doctor hides the sixth segment of the Key to Time (presumably after Astra has died of old age).

789-791         (50 years after his previous visit to Tigella / after escaping from the dimensional corridor)
                The Doctor visits his friend Zastor on Tigella. 

790             (the Doctor claims to be 750)
                  The Creature in the Pit

??                Jelpax becomes Co-Ordinator of the Matrix.

??             (4th or 5th Doctor???)
            Qixotl meets the Doctor (who is much younger) for the first time (while he's dealing with some dark multidimensional god thing??)  Qixotl was intended to be Drax.

790             The Romance of Crime

790             The English Way of Death: the TARDIS functions at 39% efficiency.

790             Nightmare of Eden: It is possible that the Mark 3 Emergency Transceiver was responsible for detecting the Empress's distress signal.  The CET machine might use technology similar to the banned Miniscopes.   The Doctor and Romana spend some time returning all 12 CET Projection to their native planets.     

790             The Horns of Nimon

??                  (1976 AD / 4th Doc and Romana)
                The Doctor performs with David Bowie at Find The Lady.

??                (while traveling with Romana)
               By this time the Doctor almost never uses the TARDIS's kitchen.

790             Festival of Death: By this point K9 believes that the Doctor has 0.1% chance of passing a Gallifreyan Time Travel Proficiency Exam.

           (ages before 1976 from Chronotis' POV / Possibly over 5000 years before Shada from Chronotis' POV?? )
                Professor Chronotis is nearing his final Deathday and sends a signal to the Doctor to collect The Worshipful and Ancient Law of Gallifrey.

790             (after Chronotis sends his signal / the Doctor claims to 760, but probably isn't counting the 30 years in Dimensional Corridor / Professor Chronotis has heard all about Romana's future / shortly before Leisure Hive / 29 years before Arc of Infinity / Romana thinks the Doctor has been traveling space and time for 525 years / Romana estimates the Chronotis is 12,000 – 13,000 years old )
                Shada: The Doctor is time scooped by Borusa while on his way to answer Chronotis' message.
By this point, the Doctor believes that massive amounts of Gallifrey's history has been distorted and exaggerated.  He also believe that the Time Lords over-react to everything. Romana believes that she and the Doctor are just friends, but the Doctor might be in love (or at least be very attracted to) her.

The Unfinished Shada Timeline

The following events were deleted from history when Borusa pulled the Doctor out of Time in The Five Doctors. The 8th Doctor would later remember that he never answered Chronotis' message. He collects President Romana and fulfills most of this part of history.

Shada: The Doctor misses Chronotis' mean time and arrives ages late. Skagra tries to find Salyavin and take over the Universe but the 8th Doctor stops him. Salyavin is killed and revived by his TARDIS (possibly making him an immortal fixed point in time like Jack Harkness). The Doctor returns the Ancient Outlaws to Shada.  He also sends a report to Gallifrey detailing events and claiming that Salyavin is was killed. The Doctor keeps The Worshipful and Ancient Law of Gallifrey and sends it back in time to his 7th self.   The Time Lords rediscover Shada. There are thousands and thousands of prisoners in Shada at this point.
??                   (before Well Mannered War)
The Darkness of the Onemind make several attempts to penetrate the Vortex but fail due to defenses created by the Time Lords. 

??                  (before Well Mannered War)
                Time Lord Interventionists use their Time Fleets to destroy hundreds of hives of the Onemind of Flies.

800               (around Otherstide)
                The Doctor visits Gabby's World.

800              (~10,000,000,000 AD / Centuries beyond the Noosphere / the Doctor’s mind is 800 years old)
                The Well Mannered War : The Doctor kisses Romana on the cheek.  The Doctor enters the Land of Fiction to escape the Black Guardian.  By this point the Doctor doesn’t believe he has a proper name.  Romana has yet to do her postgraduate thesis.  By this point some of the Doctor’s best friends are blobs of gas held together in exoskeletal shells.  

807??           (50 years after Salyavin steals the book)
                The Worshipful and Ancient Law of Gallifrey is discovered to be missing from the Academy's Library.  
When the book's disappearance is finally noticed, nobody really cares.  

??                 (centuries before Theater of War)
                  The Doctor attends the theater for the last time in centuries.

??                  (before Warriors Gate)
                The Doctor believes that there was a God who plotted the course of evolution.  He has great respect for the products of evolution because of this. 

??                 (before Spiral Scratch)
                While spending 4 months on Mars, the Doctor writes a book on Gumblejack fishing in the 8th Galaxy.  The proceeds from this book go to charities all over the Universe.

??                (before Arc of Infinity)
               The Doctor visited a Lurman colony outside the Stigoran asteroid belt and inadvertently destroyed the Scintillan race.

810               (300 years before Storming of Avalon)
                The Patrexians scanning the future discover a new development in Time Lord technology. This will be the last new development they detect for the next 300 years.  This might be the
more advanced fusion booster element referenced in Arc of Infinity.

814           (93 year before Alisheer dies)
                The time-tot Handramit is Loomed in the House of Mirraflex.

                While still a childe the time-tot Handramit leaves Gallifrey because of the biodata purge of the House Mirraflex.

815-839       Season 18 probably occurs in this range.

815 -839     (Romana claims to be 150, but is ignoring the 30 years form Heart of TARDIS.  The Doctor claims to be 750)
                The Leisure Hive: 
By this point the Doctor is sick of how random the TARDIS travels are.  He is glad to have the Randomizer removed from the TARDIS.  It appears that the Generator in Leisure Hive regressed the Doctor to no younger then 839 years old.  This would help explain his age of 850 in Planet of Fire.

??                Andred goes to one of  the Time Academies to become a Time Lord?

??               (before the Master arrives on Traken)
                The Master's TARDIS (Lolita) allows
the Master to symbiotically bond with several other TARDISes.  One of these other TARDISes will become the Melkur.  This TARDIS is keyed to the Master's biological rhythms so that if anyone else attempts to move inside it, they will be destroyed. 

820             (about 20 years before Keeper of Traken / 1816 AD??)
                The Master arrives on Traken and is trapped there.  It might be during this time that he plots out the traps and tricks he will use on the Doctor in Logopolis and Castrovalva.  By this point his face appears to have healed significantly from its appearance in Deadly Assassin.  He still doesn't seem to regard himself as being a Time Lord any more.     

824~         (probably 20 years before The Prisoner of Fate)
                After about 600 years of 
cycle of self abuse, the Doctor's abandoned and rejected Type 50 TARDIS leaves Gallifrey and  goes after the Doctor.   Nothing like this has happened to a TARDIS before.  (The Doctor must have left a symbiotic print in the briode nebulizer).   The TARDIS burns up 90% of her mass ripping through Gallifrey's quantum force field and transduction barriers and materializes in a severely wounded state on the world of Valderon around 3540 AD.  The human prisoners of that world call it the Chronoscope and use it to predict crimes.  The timeship slowly saves up power to drag the Doctor's Type 40 TARDIS to Valderon.  

??                (not too long before Arc of Infinity)
                Spandrell retires and the Castellan replaces him.

833~?         (years before Omega)
               The Time Lord Broadcaster and Historian Whedol Ertikus begins planning how to get on to Omega's ship, the Euridice.

?                   (the Doctor is traveling with Romana)   
                Doing Time: Shepard, Adams, and Morgan attempt to steal the Doctor's time rotor and the Time Lords trap them in time loop that constantly decreases in size. 

839     (right before Meglos)
                Separation Anxiety: The current leaders of the CIA (
Valnar and Rommtest ) discover that Romana and the Doctor have a great deal of affection for each other.  This affection could prevent Romana from becoming President of Gallifrey.  For this reason she is recalled to Gallifrey.  

839      (50 years after his previous visit to Tigella)
                Meglos: The Time Lords want Romana to return to Gallifrey to complete her final training to become a full Time Lord.   Romana realizes that her new point of view on the Doctrine of Non-Intervention means that she wont be able to fit back into Time Lord society.

The Exo-Space Universe

839       (~1794-1795 GRT/AD)
                    Full Circle: The TARDIS falls through a Charged Vacuum Embodiment and ends up in the Exo-Space Time Continuum (aka E-Space).  This could be the same CVE he stabilizes in Logopolis.  The Doctor lands on the planet Alzarius which has the EXACT same coordinates (only negative) as Gallifrey.

The King Vampire

839         State of Decay: The Vampire King is killed. After this incident, Romana is a walking antidote to vampirism (due to her exposure to the Great One). Any vampire who bites her while become very ill within minutes. A direct Child of the Yssgaroth can fight off this antidote – but it takes hours.

839         Given how much time the Doctor has spent educating Adric in later stories, the TARDIS probably spends several months or more in E-space.


839       (probably a noticeable amount of time after State of Decay as Adric has learned a lot from the Doctor by this point)
                      Warriors Gate: The Doctor and Romana encounter the Time Sensitive Tharils at the Gateway which sits at zero coordinates between Normal-Space and Exo-Space. The Doctor returns to Normal-Space while Romana and K-9 stays in E-Space to help the Biroc free the Tharils.  The Doctor believes that by permanently allying with the Tharils she's breaking the First Law of Time and will never be able to return to Gallifrey.  The Doctor considers Romana to be the only companion who actually understood him and the only one he might have settled down with. 
By this point K-9 has complete plans for the Doctor's TARDIS and could (with Romana's help) construct another one.  Romana claims that half the shelves in the TARDIS stores are empty.   The Doctor leaves E-Space, via a different CVE then he entered. 

??                     Romana stays with the Tharils until they have freed themselves from slavery. 
K9 becomes Biroc's Lord High Administrator.

??                   (Romana claims to be 487 years old / before Romana leaves E-Space)
                      The Choice

840        (after the Mark II is left in E-Space / before the events of Logopolis)
                K-9 Mark III is built. The Doctor leaves it for Sarah Jane Smith.

The Master's 14th body.

840        (shortly before Logopolis / ~1835 AD?)
                Keeper of Traken: The Master attempts to take control of the Source Manipulator of Traken.  The Source is an enormous computer matrix grafted on to Traken's sun.  He plans to use it to regenerate his body and construct an army of Traken piloted Time Travel Capsules.  His plan fails but he
does steal a 14th body .  The Doctor doesn't think he's ever visited Traken before - possibly because he was worried that the Source would try to use its evil calcifiying tactics on him.
A Traken generation is 25 Traken years and their total life span in very close to a human's, however the Master's Trakenite body shows only moderate signs of aging in Survival (which appears to be over a century after he stole it).     Its also worth noting that the Trakenite body the Master steals lasts so much longer then the human body he steals in the TV Movie.   The Master's body will have two hearts by the time of Mark of the Rani, but Nyssa has only one heart.  It is possible that the numismaton gas in Planet of Fire allows the Master to grow a second heart in his Trakenite body. 

840        (During the events of Logopolis / ~1835 AD?)
             Jealous, Possessive: Leela and Andred are expecting a child.  But the pregnancy is a failure. 

840        (during the events of Logopolis / probably after The Five Doctor’s from Sarah’s POV?)
               K-9 explains the imminent heat death of the Universe to Sarah Jane and predicts the Doctor’s death. 

840        (1981 AD / ~1795 GRT/AD from Logopolis POV?? / 2 years before Terminus from Nyssa's POV / 3 years before Crystal Bucephalus from Tegan's POV / aeons after they started the CVE Project / billons of years after they started the CVE Project??)
                Logopolis: The Master uses the similarity between his mind and the Doctor's to predict exactly where and when the Doctor will travel too.  The Master stops the block-transfer computation on Logopolis which causes the Universe to begin dying of heat death.  The Time Lords might have moved Gallifrey outside of space and time to escape these events.  Vast numbers of stars are extinguished, and
the shadow of entropy comes within hours of destroying Mutter's Stellian Spiral Galaxy (the Milky Way) before the Doctor and the Master stabilize the only remaining Charged Vacuum Embodiment in the constellation Cassiopeia.  This stops the destruction of the Universe by allowing the entropy to continue to drain out.  It is possible that the appearance of the Watcher might have been arranged by the White Guardian when the Key to Time had been assembled in "The Armageddon Factor."  Certainly the White Guardian claims he was going to use that time to balance the Universe against the forces of Chaos.  The Master attempts to blackmail the Universe by threatening to destabilizing the CVE but the Doctor stops him.  This leads to the Doctor (with the help of a Watcher) regenerating for the fourth time.  Unbeknowst to the two Time Lords the entropy is now draining into a pocket extra dimensional anomaly called the Dominion.  Before their extinction, the species that lives there (called the T'hiili) describe this flood of entropy as the Blight.  After these events the Master becomes obsessed with continually plaguing the Doctor until the Time War.  

The Dark Dimension Timeline

??             The Creature creates an alternate timeline by stopping the Fourth Doctor from regenerating and wiping his memories. The Creature escapes to the Earth and creates another alternate time line.  Later the Fourth Doctor regenerates trying to destroy the Creature.

?               The Fifth Doctor fights the Cybermen on Earth.

??             The Sixth Doctor works as an intergalactic lawyer.

851-900    The Dark Dimension: In an alternate time line where the Fourth Doctor never regenerated the Creature attempts to destroy humanity.  The Doctor sends it back in time to be destroyed by Event 1.  This collapses the alternate time line so that it never existed.

840-843        Season 19 probably occurs in this range.

The new Doctor (Peter Davison)

840        (3-4 years before Caves of Androzani / the Doctor is not yet middle aged / 140,000,000 BC??)
                Castrovalva: The Doctor regenerates for the fourth time.  He wears spectacles because he claims he is short sighted in his right eye but in fact he thinks they make him look clever.  The spectacles have poly-directrix lenses with circular polarizing filters.  They reduce spectral reflection by as much as 75% without any distortion.  The 5th Doctor is allergic to certain gases in the praxsis range of the spectrum and occasionally suffers from a bad back.   He views celery as a sign of civilization and takes to wearing a piece to alert him to gases in the Praxis range.
  By this point the fifth doctor has forgotten large chunks of his life from before his first regeneration and is never entirely certain about his life during previous incarnations.  Those who know the Doctor's future claim that this in one of his early corporeal incarnations (strongly implying that he has many more incarnations that some of them will be non-corporeal).   The Master seems to be growing more and more insane since he acquired his latest body.  The Doctor shows no regret or sadness of the apparent death of the Master.  He gives up drinking for Cricket.  He begins carrying a cricket ball that is specially adapted, vacuum-resistant and propulsion-powered.  25% of the TARDIS interior is deleted.   The TARDIS will keep creating the Doctor better and better swimming pools in the hopes that he will use one of them – but he never does.

840    (Before the Master escaped Castrovalva)
                Smoke and Mirrors: The Master tries to reconstitute his body in Normal Space, after bing trapped in Castrovalva.

840    (before Time Flight / after Smoke and Mirrors)
                The Dynamorphic Generators in the Master's TARDIS are exhausted from escaping from Castrovalva.  He also burns out his temporal limiter, which prevents his TARDIS from traveling through time.  He goes to Earth to seak out the power of the Xeraphin.  

840        (3 days after the Doctor regenerates)
                Cold Fusion: The Doctor meets his future self on Salomon.  They also discover Patience.  She regenerates for the first time.  By this point the Doctor has forgotten if he ever had sex and in fact can't remember much of his life before his second regeneration.  

840?      (5th doc)
                The Doctor loses his spare
Mark 2 Sonic Screwdriver under the TARDIS console.

840         (no more then a few weeks before Time Flight)
                Kinda: The Doctor seems quite fond (and even slightly awkward) around Todd.

840        (centuries before Alien Bodies)
The Visitation: the Mark One Sonic Screwdriver is destroyed.

840        Black Orchid: The Doctor suspects that the High Council of Gallifrey might have arranged his interference with events in this story. 

840        The Doctor, Tegan, Nyssa and Adric celebrate Christmas with Iris in her bus/TARDIS.

840        (~1836 AD??)   
              Divided Loyalties: the Doctor’s friend the Time Lord Rallon dies at the end of his 13th regeneration. 

840        Earthshock:  The Doctor doesn't hesitate to use weapons against the Cybermen.  For the first time one of the Doctor's long time traveling companions is killed.  The Doctor's reaction to Adric's death appears to be bewilderment and disbelief.  Adric's death causes the Doctor to make some major re-evaluations of how he lives his life.  He stops seeing his travels as a great adventure.

840        Time-Flight: The dynomorphic generators on the Master's TARDIS need replacement.  While he does seize the nucleus of the Xeraphin, and obtain the Doctor's space Temporal Limiter, he is sent back to the planet Xeraphas.

840?             The Xeraphin presumably escape from the Master's TARDIS.   The Master acquires the block transfer robot Kamelion on the planet Xeriphas.  Kamelion might be able to control and even boost his own reality quotient, which would make him very effective at altering history.   He uses Kamelion on a number of different worlds and plans to undermine the civilizations of the Universe to create chaos so that he can become Emperor. 

840        The Doctor travels with Nyssa for some time.  Probably 2 years from Tegan's point of view.  Its possible that during their travels the Doctor took a 2 year side trip.  This could explain the age of the Doctor in Ultimate Treasure.  

840        (after Timeflight / before Primeval)
                Empire of Death: By this point the Doctor has a walnut
paneled room in his TARDIS known as the place of remembrance.  This is where he keeps mementos of his former companions.  Susan's memento is a copy of The French Revolution. 

840       (a few weeks after Kinda)
                Primeval: The Doctor visits Traken in the distant past.  He becomes the first Keeper of Traken (but only for a short time).  The Kwundaar "marks" the Doctor.  This allows higher powers to track his movements.  The Doctor could build his own Source Manipulator but it would take him a century.  The Master is apparently unable to complete such a task.

840       (shortly before Circular Time / ~1836 AD??)
                Prydonian Cardinal Zero is one of the Council of the Great Mother and a specialist in the politics of regeneration.  Zero is well on his way to achieving a seat on the High Council when he leaves Gallifrey to live on a planet inhabited by sentient bird creatures.  He disguises his TARDIS as lake.  Temporal projectionists on Gallifrey discover that Zero will vastly accelerate the creatures' technological development. 

840        (While traveling with just Nyssa / ~1836 AD??)
                Circular Time: The Time Lords send the Doctor to convince former Time Lord Cardinal Zero not to damage the time stream and return to Gallifrey.  Zero tricks the Doctor manipulates the Doctor into forcing him to regenerate into the avian people's messiah.  The Doctor is forced to flee with his mission incomplete.  By this point everyone on Gallifrey knows that the Doctor is used by the High Council for various missions.  He is seen by some as their token rebel.

Melanicus' Alternate Timeline

850~          (probably during Circular Time / ~1836 AD??)
             Tides of Time: Melanicus gains control of the Event Synthesizer and fires a mantric bomb at Gallifrey. The Doctor prevents Melanicus from keeping control of the Event Synthesizer.  The Prime Mover uses the Event Synthesizer to prevent this story from ever happening.  By this point the Doctor is planning to retire back to Gallifrey someday (in the distant future).
??               (before the Stockbridge Horror)
               The Time Lords modify the Doctor's TARDIS so that it will summon Shayde in an emergency.

??            (possibly during Circular Time)
                The Stockbridge Horror: The Doctor is put on trial for altering Earth's History, but Shayde destroys all the evidence.  Because of this fiasco Tuba Cain is demoted to run the asylum the Quantum of Solace.

(While traveling with just Nyssa)
                Renaissance of the Daleks: The Doctor's TARDIS finally creates a new Zero Room.  The Doctor stops an alternate Dalek timeline where the Daleks never invaded Earth in the 22nd Century.

840-841       ( takes 1 year from the Doctor's POV / While traveling with just Nyssa)
               The  Haunting of Thomas Brewster: The Doctor spends 1 year living in 1866 AD, and the TARDIS spends 34 years waiting for the Doctor.  Thomas Brewster steals the Doctor's TARDIS. 

841       (after Haunting of Thomas Brewster)
               The Boy that Time Forgot: While using block-transfer mathematics to try to locate his stolen TARDIS the Doctor's subconscious rescues Adric by preventing the crash of the freighter.   This creates an alternate timeline that lasts 500 years until the Doctor and Adric collapse it.  Adric retrieves the Doctor's TARDIS and dies of old age. 

841      (takes 4 months from the Doctor's POV)
The Demons of Red Lodge and Other Stories: Doing Time

841       (While traveling with just Nyssa)
                The Parliament of Rats: The Doctor destroys a Validium staff on the planet

841-843       (While traveling with just Nyssa)
                1001 NIGHTS The Doctor spends 2.74 years on Earth

??            (probably after Logopolis / before Blood Harvest)
                Universe of the Daleks: Romana repels a Dalek invasion of E-Space.  

?                  (5th Doctor)
                Kyreth: The Doctor undergoes the Time Lord ritual of Kyreth.

?                  (not to long before Arc of Infinity)
                The Gallifreyans begin experimenting with a more advanced fusion booster element. 

843-849~    Season 20 probably occurs in this range. Turlough traveled with the Doctor for 2 years from his point of view.

843~            (right before Arc of Infinity)
                The Doctor and Nyssa begins repairing some of the TARDIS systems.  

843~            (5 days before Mawdryn Undead / after a billion years of Gallifreyan History / ~1838 AD)
                Arc of Infinity:  Hedin tracks the Doctor down due to Kwundaar's marking of him.  Omega attempts to create a matter based body for himself by forming a temporal bond with the Doctor.  The Doctor is chosen because he his the only suitable candidate.  This is possibly due to him have Ancient Gallifreyan biodata but more likely due to the fact that he was conditioned to exist in both matter and antimatter universes in The Three Doctors.  Doing this requires the power of the Matrix.  Cardinal Arkendo convinces the High Council to have the Doctor executed.   The third use of the TARDIS recall circuit occurs.  Hedin is killed and Omega's new body appears to be destroyed.  However, Omega's stolen body reforms and the Time Lord Broadcaster and Historian Whedol Ertikus (who is researching Omega actions in Amsterdam) accidentally takes him to Alkonol where Omega meets and falls in love with Sentia.  Because of the stolen biodata Omega is sharing his body with a replica of the Doctor's consciousness.  Leela and Andred are still alive and doing well at this point (which would make Leela over 100 years old).  Hedin was a member of the Adherents of Ohm and was considered a martyr after his death. 

843~          (while traveling with Tegan and Nyssa)
               Blood Invocation: The Doctor is summoned to Gallifrey by Cardinal Hermal to track down the followers of the the Cult of Rassilon the Vampire.  A vampire Time Lords is destroyed by sunlight.  The Doctor might have had the TARDIS serviced.  

843~           (After Arc of Infinity / before The Five Doctors)
                Flavia joins the Inner Council, replacing Hedin.  This probably happens before the Doctor leaves Gallifrey as he (and the Master) seem to know about it in The Five Doctors.  

843~           (the Doctor is pushing 900 / Right after Arc of Infinity / ~1838 AD)
                Omega: Omega returns to the universe of anti-matter.  By this point the Doctor has already sent several messages to himself (probably breaking the Laws of Time).  The Doctor meets the Celestial Preservation Society from his own future.  She's trying to prevent enemies of the Time Lords from learning that the Doctor destroyed the Sentillons.  They take the actor Daland to the interactive museum in the center of the Capitol to play the Doctor.

843~            (between Snakedance and Mawdryn Undead from the Doctor's POV / before Romana returns to N-Space from Romana's POV)
                Goth Opera:  The Doctor defeats the Vampire Messiah.  

843~           (At least 2+5 years before Planet of Fire)
                Mawdryn Undead: The Black Guardian tracks the Doctor down due to Kwundaar's marking of him.  He enlists Turlough to kill the Doctor.  The Black Guardian gives him communications crystal.  Mawdryn and his fellow Kastrons finally die to the shorting out the time differential of the two Brigadiers.

843~           (2 years after Logopolis from Nyssa POV / 3482 AD)
                Terminus: The Doctor discovers that the Terminus time station is responsible for creating the entire Universe.  Just like in the previous Universe one of the Guardians (in this case the Black Guardian) tries to destroy this Universe by creating an instability in one of the time station's reactors.  Fortunately the Doctor is on hand to stop it. 

843~            (1838 AD?)       
                Enlightenment: The gift of enlightenment is made of the same crystal as the Key to Time, the Crystal of Chronos and the guardian communicators. It is possible that the glow structure seen at the finish line could have also been made of the same substance, and might be the dwelling place of the Guardians.    Enlightenment could be used to alter time streams and the events within them. 

844~           The Doctor, Tegan, and Turlough celebrate Christmas with Iris.

844~        (possibly about 600 years after last seeing the Type 50 / during the 5th Doctor’s era)
                The Prisoner of Fate:   After 20 years, the Doctor and his Type 40 are pulled to Valderon by his old Type 50 TARDIS.  The Type 50 tries to create a series of paradoxes and feed off the energy from them but, in the end the ship is thwarted.  The Type 50 is destroyed when it became trapped in its own paradox.  

844~        The Kings Demons: The Doctor acquires the block transfer robot Kamelion  from the Master.  Kamelion might be able to control and even boost his own reality quotient, which would make him very effective at altering history.  

844~           (6200 AD / 3 years after Logopolis from Tegan POV)
                The Crystal Bucephalus (Part 1): the Doctor is stranded on the planet Pella Satyrnis.

??            (some years before Twin Dilemma)
                Mestor and the Gastropodes conquest of Jaconda might have been arranged the CIA who wanted them to protect the Forge located in Jaconda's sun from being seized by the Daleks.  
The Forge is an old Time Lord device that can enhance and alter any living matter that is put inside.    

848-893~      (IIRC 3 years before Synthespians[TM] from Matheson's POV)
                 The Nestene Consciousness develops a form of time travel that uses
super-heated plumes from the substrate within the vortex.  This causes major disruptions in the Vortex and the CIA begins using Type 70 Military TARDISes to blockade the Nestene Consciousness' homeworld, Polymos.  Type 70s are very well designed (with more capabilities, better telepathic circuits than the Type 40 and weapons) and are still considered "new" at this point.  The Nestene's begin to die. 

849~           (right before The Five Doctors)
                Borusa comes to believe that he is the Time Lord from the prophecy who will find the Scrolls of Rassilon and lead his people out of darkness.   He wants to change things so that the Time Lords can finally reach the next stage of their evolution, but he knows that the current members of the council are too old and too traditional to allow it.  Knowing that he can't remain President for ever he worries that he won't be able to finish the changes he plans after his retirement (but he's probably only in his 5th incarnation).  Borusa regenerates again
(possibly because of his investigations into the secrets of the Old Time.)   He begins trying to find a way to out live the old guard of the Council so that he's plans for Gallifrey can come to pass.  He knows he will have to play the Game of Rassilon to achieve immortality.    

849~           (right before The Five Doctors)
                Coordinator of the Matrix Jelpax locates several objects from the Dark Time for Borusa.  Probably including the Harp of Rassilon.  It has been centuries (or millions of years) since any Time Lord has had access to the Time Scoop.  

??                 (while Borusa is President)
               The Corsair steals the Portrait of Rassilon.  He is formally censured for this by the High Council.  

849~           (6205 AD)
                The Crystal Bucephalus (part 2): the Doctor leaves after working at the restaurant Tempus Fugit for 5 years.  The TARDIS Control Room is destroyed. 

849~           (right before the Five Doctors / 1844 AD?)
                The Doctor upgrades the TARDIS console.   This might have been done so that the TARDIS would be easier to use by his companions.  The Death Zone is reactivated.  High Council members Cardinal Zorin and Chancellor Thalia are sent to investigate and killed.   "Thalia's bones!" will become a curse in Gallifreyan culture.   Flavia becomes Chancellor of the High Council.   The use of the Time Scoop causes massive power drains on the Eye of Harmony.  

849~          (possibly 150 years before Flavia's re-inauguration in Blood Harvest)
                The Five Doctors: The Master is asked to rescue the Doctor in return for a new cycle of regenerations.  The Doctor meets versions of his previous selves who appear older then they should be.  The Doctor later decides that they were ghosts, but it was probably more likely that the shorting out of the time differential caused the ageing. 
The Black Scrolls of Rassilon appear to be destroyed, but Borusa almost certainly had made a copy of them.  The Castellan is killed. Borusa is imprisoned by Rassilon. Rassilon releases the Master, stating that he will eventually suffer for his sins. Despite having tried his best to save the Doctor, the Master is not given a new cycle of Regenerations.  The Cybermen returned by Rassilon might carry knowledge of Gallifrey to the Cyber-Race.  The Doctor becomes the 409th President of Gallifrey. This promotion might have been seen by the High Council, as an attempt to harness and domestic the Doctor. The Doctor goes on the run from the Time Lords again and now considers himself an exile.
        NOTE: It would appear that something in the Last Great Time War altered history so that Sarah-Jane did not meet the Doctor in the Death Zone. Or possibly Rassilon wiped her memory - but why?

849~           (right after The Five Doctors)
                Jelpax is demoted from Co-Ordinator of the Matrix to Traffic Controller. 
Engin probably replaces him as Co-Ordinator.

849?             (during the 5th Doctor's era)
                The Time Lords know of the Shadow Proclamation and their Judoon troops.

849             (while the Doctor is traveling with Tegan and Turlough)
               Birth of a Renegade: The question of who rules Gallifrey is in turmoil. Some Gallifreyans wish to revive Rassilon's Law which would mandate that the Head of the Presidency was a descendant of Rassilon himself. TheMaster captures Lady Larn (Susan) after recovering the TARDIS she stole. The Master attempts to use her to rule Gallifrey because Susan is the only surviving descendant of Rassilon. He plans to use the Cybermen as a military force to secure his position. With help from the Doctor, Susan severely damages the Master's TARDIS and escapes with the Doctor.

849             (almost certainly between The Five Doctors, and Warriors of the Deep / the Doctor's incarnation is not stated)
                Time, Love and TARDIS: The Time Lords bring the Doctor a more modern fully functional TARDIS to replace his Type 40.   Royal Timeships have a Regeneration Facility that can pull your mind into a computer while the body is restored.  The Doctor's TARDIS admits that she loves the Doctor.  The new TARDIS convinces her that that she will be abandoned by the Doctor, and that the Doctor doesn't really care about her at all.  
The Doctor could have acquired a Type 57 but decides to stick with his Type 40.   The Type 40 realizes that the Doctor does love her.  

849??         (shortly after the Five Docs / before Trial of a Time Lord)
                Spandrell is made Castellan again.

??                (while Flavia is President)
                The Corsair's censure is officially revoked by President Flavia (it is likely the two of them were having an affair).    

849~           (shortly before the Legacy of Gallifrey is written)
                Acting-President Flavia requests an intelligent CAT.  She names the cat Doctor. 

849~          (probably before the Two Doctors)
                The Legacy of Gallifrey is compiled and written by Postar the Perfidious based on the Scrolls of Gallifrey. 

850~          Season 21 occurs in this range.

850~          Warriors of the Deep: The Doctor claims that he regrets not acquiring a Type 57 TARDIS when he had the chance. 

850~          The Awakening.  The Doctor takes about a month to get Will back to his home time zone.  

850~          (probably after Awakening)
                    Catalogue of Events: The Doctor is horrified to discovers Rassilon's Events Libraries and learn from Librarian 367 that the Library is being used to re-shape history on a massive is subtle scale.  Rassilon tells the 367 to alter history so that the Doctor never discovers the Events Library, but the Librarian ignores to order.  The Doctor reports his discovery to the High Council of the Time Lords, but it is unlikely that Rassilon would allow the Libraries to be shut down.  

850         (10,000,000 AD / ~9,000,000 AD / 30,500 AD / 10,000,000 AD / 10,000,040 AD )
                 Frontios: The setting of these events is the same point in time in which the final Gallifrey is destroyed in the Time War.  By the time of Frontios the Doctor is still planning to return the TARDIS to its rightful owner…at some point.              
               (During Frontios)
                Excelis Dawns: Iris insists that the Doctor has proposed to her several times by this point.  When asked if he loves Iris the Doctor dodges the question. 

850              (less then a year before Fixing a Hole)
                Resurrection of the Daleks: The Dalek's plot to send duplicates of the Doctor, Tegan, and Turlough to Gallifrey to assassinate the High Council of the Time Lords is thwarted by the Doctor.  This plan was enacted to give the Daleks increased freedom to use time travel and to show the Universe that the Daleks can threaten even the Time Lords.  This might also be an act of revenge for the events of Genesis of the Daleks incident.  The Time Lords decide that the Dalek Duplication process doesn't threaten them, but the Supreme Council begins to take a direct interest in Dalek activities.  The Time Lords (even the historian Benncuiq IV) don't know where the Movellans came from.  There are rumors that they were created by the Time Lords or maybe even the Daleks. 

??                (after the Daleks develop their duplicate clones)
                 Search and Rescue: The Daleks capture a Time Lord researcher on Gleise 581d.  The Daleks duplicate him and try to get the rescue team sent by the High Council to take the duplicate back to Gallifrey.  

The Doctor and The Savant

850           (While traveling with only Turlough / the Doctor is 850)
                Zeitgeist: The Doctor encounters The Savant, a version of himself that never left Gallifrey.  The Savant is created by temporal reflection and is probably destroyed in the creation of a Time Rift.  The Time Rift registers as 8+ on Gallifrey.

850           (while traveling with Turlough)
Singularity: the minds of the last Post-Humans try to escape by transferring their minds into the bodies of people in 21st century Earth.  The Doctor's TARDIS is caught in a massive temporal explosion that takes it 100 years to recover from.  The Doctor stops them and witnesses the death of the last human (a man named Xen) on the planet Ember.  By this point the Doctor knows that there will be someone to watch over the last humans after they die. 

850            (centuries before Storm Warning)
                Imperial Moon: The Doctor stops the TARDIS in the vortex for the last time for centuries. 

??               (before Planet of Fire)
                The Master upgrades his TARDIS Console.

850           Kamelion fathers an android child with the TARDIS.  The child isn't born until The Reproductive Cycle

850            (before Planet of Fire)
                While trying to design and build a more deadly Tissue Compression Eliminator the Master accidentally shrinks himself.  He then travels over a billion light years through time and space to find the Doctor and Kamelion.

850             (2 years after Mawdryn Undead from Turlough's POV )
                Planet of Fire: 
The planet Sarn might later become known as Karn in the future.  By this point Turlough knows enough about TARDIS operation to slip it forward 6 months in time. At this point the Doctor believes that the Master's Trakenite body should last several more years. The Doctor deliberately tries to kill the Master despite his desperate pleading. The Master's body is left hideously burned at the end of this story.   The Master's body will have two hearts by the time of Mark of the Rani, but Nyssa has only one heart.   It is possible that the numismaton gas allows the Master to grow a second heart in his Trakenite body.  

850              (Right after Planet of Fire)
                The Earthlink Dilemma: Turlough creates the first ARTEMIS (Artificial Rotation Through Energetic Muons In Series).  The Magician observes this.  ARTEMIS II (Artificial Relativity Through Entropy Mechanisms In Sequence) is created.

850            (shortly after Planet of Fire)
                   A Town Called Eternity: The Master heals his burned body.

850            (the Doctor is about 800 - he's probably not counting the 30 years from Heart of TARDIS)
                Superior Beings: Doctor carries a golden TARDIS key.  The TARDIS Temporal Grace Circuits still aren't working.  The TARDIS occasionally leaves Peri welcome aboard gifts.  The TARDIS doesn't give the Doctor such gifts anymore.  The Doctor believes that the Khorlthochloi's achievements outweigh even Rassilon's.

850             (the Doctor is about 850)
                The Ultimate Treasure:  By this point the TARDIS has regenerated most of the missing mass that was jettisoned in Castrovalva. 
By now the Doctor IS counting the 30 years from Heart of TARDIS as part of his age.

850            (after Planet of Fire)
                   Urban Myths: The Doctor cures the CIA agents Inquisitor Auron, Commander Edge, Commander Harom, and Ketto, who have been infected with the Tule-Oz virus.  By this point (to insure the existence of back up copies) and top secret message sent from Gallifrey is routed through the TARDIS closest to the receiver.

850-851      (takes 12 months)
                Warmonger: The Doctor spends 12 months dealing with Morbius in his owr relative past.

851            (Erimem joins the TARDIS crew)
                The Eye of the Scorpion:  While recovering from being poisoned the Doctor gets the best night's rest he's had in centuries. 

851            (between Planet of Fire and Caves of Androzani)
                No Place Like Home: The CIA has Shayde install a Remote Operation Module that will allow the Time Lords to secretly steer the TARDIS to various trouble spots.  Because of this device a Rovie Mouse that's lose in the TARDIS mutates into a hyper intelligent temporal monster.  The Time Lords predict it could threaten all of space time and send Shayde to deal with it. The Mouse is taken back to Gallifrey to reformed, and the Remote Operation Module is removed. 

851            (while traveling with Peri)
                Hot Ice: The Doctor stops a Ventrosian thief. 

851           The Church and the Crown: by this time the Doctor has accepted a that all of his actions are not interferences with history but part of history.

??               (probably shortly before Axis of Insanity)
                The Time Lord Protok is dispatched to the planet
Pangorum to prevent Jarra To's temporal experiments from damaging the Web of Time.  Protok is killed and (as is standard procedure when a Time Lord is captured or killed) the Time Lords remove that version of Pangorum's history and place it in the Axis. 

85 1            (shortly after Erimem joins the TARDIS crew / 1846 AD?)
                Axis of Insanity: Jarra To escapes from her looped timeline and takes over the Axis.  She tries to release all of the truncated timelines back into the Prime Timeline but the Doctor arrives and defeats her. 

85 1            (after Erimem joins the TARDIS crew)
                Nekromantia: The Doctor is killed by beheading but his life essence is trapped in a time loop inside a pocket of eternity.  The creator of this pocket, a being named Shara, creates a new body for the Doctor and transfers the Doctor's essence into that body.

85 1            (
shortly before The Key 2 Time)
                Due to the Doctor's attempt to use a false segment, the Segments to the Key to Time are decaying and their powers are warping space and creating holes in time.  As the segments get closer to imploding they form a gravity well that can create a singularity. 
Time itself is disappearing and all the dimensions are collapsing.  Because of this the stabilized CVE will not be enough to save the universe. The decay of the Key to Time will eventually collapse the Universe.  The Grace was deathly afraid of the reality coming apart.   In response to this the Grace created two Tracer Constructs in a flash.  Though they appear humanoid they have no genes.    The Grace decided their form and chose to make them vulnerable to other peoples motivations and personality.   The Grace dispatches two agents to find the six Segments to the Key to Time again.  By this point the Guardians can only access the first 5 dimensions.  This causes their powers to fade drastically.  

85 1            ( after Erimem has left the TARDIS)
                The Key 2 Time: With the help of the Doctor, the two tracers, created by the Grace, finish tracking down the segments to the Key to Time at the Chaos Pool.  The Chaos Pool can be found on the Chaos Planet which exists in a fold in Time between the end of the Universe and the beginning.   Princess Astra sacrifices herself to become the 6th Segment, freeing Romana of her deterioration.  The Time Lords realize that destroying the Key to Time would save the Universe, just as effectively as fully assembling the Key.  When the Grace manifests within the segments to oversee the assembly the Doctor (horrified at the Grace’s callous behavior) throws the Key into the Chaos Pool.  This disperses the Key throughout the cosmos and returns the Guardians to the howling void of the Six-Fold Realm .   One of the Tracers, Amy, joins Romana on her return to Gallifrey.  Romana sees a storm coming in the Universe's future but the Doctor doesn't.  Romana hopes to reduce Gallifrey's parochial attitudes by opening the Time Academy up to non-Gallifreyans.  Amy plans to attend the Time Academy and become a Time Lady.

The new Doctor (Colin Baker)

851            (The Doctor is still around 850~ when he regenerates)
                The Caves of Androzani / Circular Time - Winter:
The Great Intelligence might have ensured that the Doctor contracted spectrox toximia.   The Doctor considers keeping the cure for himself and letting Peri die, but decides against it.  Instead the Doctor reaches out across time and space to his recent companions so that their energy can help him to regenerate for the fifth time.  This would be his 13th regeneration if the bodies seen in Brain of Morbius are counted - which could explain why he's so doubtful about his survival.  It’s possible that the Doctor deliberately copied Maxil’s face and body.   The Doctor will be suffering from post-traumatic-stress disorder for sometime after this adventure.  The lack of exposure to a TARDIS Zero Room prevents the Doctor's personality from every truly stabilizing.   Unlike previous incarnations, this Doctor tends  to make jokes about the deaths of his enemies rather then expressing regret.  He hates carrot juice and is superstitious about saying Macbeth aloud.  In this incarnation he only drinks alcohol on special occasions, like his birthday and Christmas.   The CIA will find this incarnation so unstable that they will be very reluctant to use him as an agent. 


85 1            Twin Dilemma: Due to post-traumatic-stress disorder, the dark side of the Doctor's mind momentarily escapes, and attacks one of his companions and tries to kill her.  For a short time he plans to atone for his crimes by becoming a hermit on Titan III.   Titan III is legendary place of isolation for Time Lords who have been lost to the insanity of their own dark designs.  In truth the planetoid is an ancient Time Lord relic designed to serve as the final quarantine post for Time Lords who are dangerously insane or who carry a dangerous plague.   The Doctor starts wearing a very "loud" jacket so that people will recognize and remember him when the meet him on multiple occasions.  This dress sense is inspired by some ideas he had in his youth.  He also witnesses Azmael's death when he tries to regenerate for a thirteenth time.  The Doctor begins carrying a Sonic Lance.   The descriptions the Doctor gives for the Hermit and Azmael are so similar that it is likely that the Hermit ( the Doctor's teacher and guru ) and Azmael ( the finest teacher the Doctor ever had ) are the same person. 

851-900     Season 22 probably occurs in this range

??               (after Invasion of Time / before Paradise Towers)
                The Doctor jettisons the TARDIS's 14th bathroom because it is leaking.   The TARDIS will keep creating the Doctor better and better swimming pools in the hopes that he will use one of them – but he never does.

85 1            (1985 AD)
                 Attack of the Cybermen:  The Doctor undertakes a major servicing of the TARDIS and partially repairs the Chameleon Circuit. 
I.M. Foreman's junkyard again draws the Doctor to it.  A fully functional Time Capsule from the planet Hatre Sedtry in the Repton’s Cluster is captured by the Cybermen and its crew (including Bates and Stratton) are enslaved. The Time Lords manipulate the Doctor into destroying a time capsule obtained by the Cybermen.  The Doctor's Sonic Lance is destroyed.   The Doctor secretly enjoys blasting the Cybermen with a cyber-gun, because it makes him feel like a hero.   

851            (less then a year after Resurrection of the Daleks from the Doctor's POV)
                 In a Fix With Sontarans /
Fixing a Hole.

851            Vengeance on Varos: In attempting to repair the TARDIS the Doctor causes a total power failure and later jettisons 75% of the Storage Holds in the TARDIS. He acquires fresh Zeiton-7 for the TARDIS from Varos. The Doctor secretly realizes that Varos was going to realize how much their Zeiton ore was worth sooner or later.  

851-855      (possibly around the time of Mark of the Rani)
The Master acquires a Biodata Receptacle in the form of a pocket watch.  Some claim that this watch hold a copy of his past or future incarnations.  Other sources claim that it holds the essence of another Time Lord who the Master has trapped in it.  

851-855    (1832 AD)
               Mark of the Rani: The Doctor's work on the TARDIS continues.  The Master attempts to capture and harness a bunch of human geniuses but the Doctor stops him.  He also stops the Rani from stealing a neurotransmitter from human brains in this time zone.  This neurotransmitter is used calm her workforce on Miasimia Goria.  By this point the Doctor claims to have given up using guns.  The Rani was probably inspired by the Master's idea to harness geniuses and use it in her Time Manipulator plan.  

851-855      (right after Mark of the Rani)
                The Master and Rani form an alliance.  The Master appears to learn the Rani's secret for remote TARDIS control. 

851-860     Another major time gap occurs.  The Doctor ages 9 years and Peri ages less than 1.  Peri says she only wanted to travel for 3 months, so it possible that he returned her after the agreed upon time.  And then picked her up later.  The Doctor's control of the TARDIS is such that he could have left her for a side trip and then returned.

??            ( before the Master acquires the Ring of Shaitan)
                After several failed attempts to alter Sol III history the Rani abandons the Master.  The Master is rescued by his Time Lord ally Rozinel (aka Rozinelastorameth).

?                  (right after the Master/Rani alliance is over)
                The Master attempts to control a Daemons by using the Ring of Shaitan.

855??              (probably after The Five Doctors / possibly part of the Masters plan to use the Outsiders to revolt against the Time Lords)
                The Most Dangerous Game: The Outsider Saroff leads his tribe into the Death Zone and they gain access to the Dark Tower.  Saroff tries to train the Outsiders in combat so that they can overthrow the Time Lords.  

855             (6 years after the Five Doctors / while Flavia is still a Acting-President / after the Ring of Shaitan incident)
                With the help of his allies on the High Council (specifically Cardinal Arkendo, Commander Ronsord, and CIA agent Rozinal), and the manipulation of Tmozar, the Master stirs the Outsiders up so that they attack the Capitol.  In retaliation the Watch counter attacks.  This leads to a civil war on Gallifrey.  The Doctor and the CIA team up and stop the Master and the war.  The Master's ally, Commander Ronsord is killed.  

??                (after the 5 Doctors, before the Valeyard was discovered / Trial of a Time Lord will be the next major scandal)
                By this point the people of Gallifrey see the High Council as being filled with corruption.  It is believed that one more major scandal could lead to revolution.  

??                (Possibly after Separation Anxiety /  Before Synthespians / after Sirens of Time / at least a few months if not more after Caves of Androzani)
Sevansellostophossius (aka Vansell) become Coordinator and First Speaker of the CIA.   He probably replaces Vadrestolodur who was Coordinator during the 5th and 6th Doctor eras.  Vadrestolodur might have become Chancellor.    

8 60       (Peri claims the Doctor is 760, but might have miss remembered, about 2 years before Worldshapers from Peri's POV)
                    The Two Doctors: The Doctor encountered his past self after a mind time slip in their subconscious links them together (indicating that his Reflex Link might have been restored when he became President?)  The absence of the 2nd Doctor's TARDIS on the J7 Station or in Spain, might explain why he was able to cross his own time stream so easily.  He also becomes a vegetarian.

??                  (Before Apocalypse Element)
                    CIA Coordinator Vansell is using a Type 70 Military TARDIS. Type 70s are very well designed (with more capabilities and better telepathic circuits than the Type 40) and are still considered "new" at this point.

The Valeyard's Story

The Valeyard claims that, at the end of his final life, the Doctor collected forbidden secrets from the Dark Times and traveled to the moon of Eta-Rho to try to find a way to continue to regenerate and to prevent himself from becoming the Valeyard. Eta-Rho (one letter off from Theta-Sigma) is a gas giant planet with nameless mud-ball planet. It has multiple orange suns. The Doctor had learned that Rassilon deliberately engineered the symbiotic nuclei to become unstable and decay after dividing (regenerating) 12 times. By distilling a corrupted nuclei the Doctor hoped to bypass Rassilon’s death trigger. The Valeyard was created in an attempt to remove this artificial limit. The Valeyard is a form of Watcher that has been crystallized and become his own entity. This is the first time such a thing has been known to happen.

859-867??       (possibly a long time before Trial of the Valeyard / several months before meeting with the High Council)
                    The Valeyard was discovered by some time aware space travelers on the moon of Eta-Rho. 
Eta-Rho (one letter off from Theta-Sigma) is gas giant planet with nameless mud-ball moon.  The system has multiple orange suns.  At this point the Valeyard was a mute, feral 20 year old child e.  When he was turned over to the Time Lords it was found that  his biodata was a perfect match for the Doctor's.  The Valeyard is a form of Watcher that has been crystallized and become his own entity.  This is the first time such a thing has been known to happen.  Considered to be an abomination, the childe was almost certainly imprisoned in  the black nurseries of a Shadow House.   He usually wears black robes.   While in the House of Shadow, t he Valeyard spends a lot of time with a Time Lord who has traveled back in time and tried to prevent his regeneration, causing him to regenerate into state of paradox – neither one incarnation or the other.  Because of this he was hard to visually focus on.  The paradox convinced the Valeyard to study the science and history of Regeneration.  The idea was to get revenge on the Time Lords for trapping all the childeren in the house.   The Valeyard dedicated all of his energy and creativity on the study of Regeneration.   The Valeyard believes that the Doctor could have affected massive changes to the Universe while he was Lord President of the Time Lords.  He is disgusted that the Doctor fled the position.  The Valeyard sees the Doctor as a small stain upon the Universe.  

860-868??       (several months after the Valeyard arrives on Gallifrey / before the tribunal begins their investigation of the Doctor)
                Using his credentials as a Doctor from the distant future, the
Doctor (known as the Valeyard of the House of Shadow) met with the Lady President and the High Council.  He revealed that in the future, Gallifrey would eventually fall, but he claimed that by apprehending all of the renegade Time Lords this fate could be averted.  The Valeyard presents himself as a tragic survivor from the future, who has traveled back in time to save Gallifrey.  The High Council requested Matrix predictions that showed several possible futures where the Time Lords were destroyed.  These included the surface of the planet being destroyed by a Sontaran fleet, Gallifrey becoming the center of the New Cyberiad empire, and the planets complete destruction at the hands of the Daleks.  The Valeyard proposed converting the CIA's super orbital time station , Zenobia, into the Justice Station for apprehending, judging, and incarcerating the renegades.   The station would be capable of traveling time and space to find and arrest the renegades.

Super Orbital Space - Time Station Zenobia

860-868??       (after the High Council approves the Valeyard's proposal)
                Work begins on refitting the super orbital space-time station into the Justice Station.  
Zenobia is Gallifrey’s largest off word Time Station, and is probably a Class 7 .  It had been  located in the Storm Belt (a graveyard of abandoned spaceships) orbiting a red giant on the edge of the Constellation of Kasterborous. The station was refitted in orbit over Gallifrey.  The station has multiple real world interfaces embedded inside its exo-shell.  Many of the chambers and rooms (such as the restraint cells) aren't actually inside the TARDIS's micro-universe but are merely part of the exo-shell.  All of the walls and doors of these sections have the same invulnerability as a TARDIS's exo-shell.  Locations found inside the TARDIS include the living quarters, engines, and courtrooms.  The Oubliette of Eternity Dispersal Chamber is found there.  Those placed in the chamber would have their time line erased creating a new timeline where they would never have existed.  Officially this practice had been discontinued, but the CIA continued to use it for dispersal of Gallifreyan troublemakers.  In addition to the already existing Oubliette, the Justice Station would have multiple courtrooms, several Matrix links (in each court room and counsel quarters), a time scoop, re-education centers, and living quarters for the accused.  A Hostile Action Displacement System is installed and the scanner is upgraded to be better at tracking Timeships and other temporal anomalies.  It is specifically programed with the signatures of several TT Capsules known to be in renegade hands.  The time scoop was designed to collect the capsules from the Vortex and deliver them to a point near the station where a tractor beam would bring them in to one of 6 ports.  The stations sapient matrix is given governor circuits that make it obsessed with the Laws of Time and is specifically programed to try to resist commands from the Doctor and the Master.   The time station was capable of trying up to 6 renegades at once.  The crew for the station were made up of the most intelligent and promising of all of the Houses of Gallifrey.  The Justice Station Guard were some of the youngest, highest scoring, and morally flexible from Gallifrey's Police Academy.  Because of the number of people serving on it, rumors about the station were rampant on Gallifrey.  Some claimed that the time station was to become the personal TARDIS of the Valeyard, others believed it was a project for the CIA.

860-868       (shortly after Vengeance on Varos probably sometime after the Two Doctors due to the Doctor's attitudes about Time Lord violence)
                    Synthespians[TM]: The entire Nestene Consciousness is trapped in a malfunctioning Auton body the continues to repeat the same actions over and over.  Coordinator Vansell of the CIA gets fed up with the interference of the Doctor and orders the High Tribunal to investigate the Doctor's actions.   The Time Lords might hate the Doctor because he never behaves in a god-like fashion in front of the lesser species of the cosmos.  His constant refusal to take power (over other worlds or the Presidency) frustrate and confuse the Time Lords - filling them with suspicion and miss-trust.  
The Valeyard might very well have revealed to the CIA that in the future, the Doctor would be responsible for destroying Gallifrey twice.  The decisions to investigate the Doctor might also have been done to foster good will among the other temporal powers.  The Tribunal is ordered to appoint an Inquisitor and a Valeyard.  This inquiry takes a long time to organize (probably because they wait for Zenobia to be re-configured first).  Unbeknownst to the CIA this inquiry will eventually lead to the possible exposure of Operation Ravolox.  To prevent this the Council will take major steps. 

862?             (2 years after The Two Doctors from Peri's POV) 
                World Shapers: The Doctor discovers that a Time Lord agent on Marinus has been killed.  Jamie McCrimmon dies in battle with the Voord.  The Doctor stops the Voord from gaining control of a Worldshaper.  Another group of Time Lords stop the Doctor from preventing the creation of the Cybermen so that in 5 million years they evolve into the salvation of sentient life in the Universe.

??               (a long long time before "Infinite Requiem" / probably sometime after Warriors Gate)
                After seeing too much conflict, the Doctor gives up on all religious faith. 

860-868        (Probably before Flavia becomes President, as the Bandrils recognize the Doctor as being Lord President of Gallifrey / ~1848 AD??)
                    Timelash:  The time aware Bandrils promise to apologize to the High Council of Gallifrey.   The Doctor could have taken a side trip without Peri while taking H.G. Wells home.  This could account for the missing 40 years.

860-900     Another major time gap occurs.  The Doctor ages 40 years and Peri ages less than 1.  The Doctor's control of the TARDIS is such that he could have left her for a side trip and then returned.

?             (before Goth Opera)
                The Type 90 TARDIS is new and in use.

??             Romana stays with the Tharils until they have freed themselves from slavery.  K9 becomes Biroc's Lord High Administrator.

868     (over 3 years before Trial of a Time Lord / probably after Timelash / over 6 years after The Five Doctors /  13 years after the Outsider revolt)
             The Doctor is deposed from the position of Lord President for neglecting his duties

?           The Prydonian Rath (Goth's cousin) becomes Chancellor of Gallifrey.

868     ( from Gallifrey's POV / when Flavia is being inaugurated)
             Blood Harvest:
The Prydonian Flavia undergoes a ceremonial inauguration and becomes the de facto 410th President of Gallifrey .  The Doctor and Romana deal with Vampires. The Committee of Three is made up of the Patrexian Elar, the Arcalian Morin, and the Prydonian Chancellor Rath (Goth's cousin). They try to kill Rassilon, rescue Borusa and take over the Galaxy. The Committee of Three is executed. Romana returns to Gallifrey. Ruath destroys the Time Scoop.  

868     (from Gallifrey's POV / right after Blood Harvest / After the events of Goth Opera from Romana's POV)
            Goth Opera: Romana meets Lady Ruathadvorophrenaltid
(probably of House Dvora) and discuss the Vampires.   The Doctor defeats the Vampire Messiah.   As a reward for stopping the Committee of Three Romana is offered a seat on the High Council by Flavia.


868     (right after she gets back from E-Space / before Key 2 Time from Gallifrey's POV)
            Key 2 Time: When Romana got back from E-Space She discovered that her body was degenerating. The Gallifreyan Medics can do nothing for her and tell her even regeneration was impossible. The reason for this is that her Second Incarnation is the 6th Segment of the Key to Time. And (due to the Doctor's jiggery-pokery with the other 5 segments) the Key to Time has become damaged and the segments are decaying. The Doctor disperses the other 5 segments of the Key throughout the cosmos after the Grace repair them.  Romana is restored, and takes the sapient Tracer, named Amy back to Gallifrey to be enrolled in the Time Academy.  She hopes that Amy will be the first of many non-Gallifreyans to attend.  

?            (possibly shortly after getting back from E-Space)
            Romana can not comprehend how the Doctor could be so irresponsible as to walk away from the Presidency.  

??         Parjtesa-Kalayethzor Rodan writes Communication Networks and Temporal Rectification.

880                (32,312 AD / when Handramit is 93)             
            Allisheer St Marx is born in the Onesian Emirate.  He mother is Dr. Lewu St. Marx and her father is the Time Lord Handramit.  Due to her inherited temporal lobes, she has the ability to see the time traces of people when she concentrates.  For Alisheers whole life, the Time Lord Handramit is her friend and educator but they both keep secret that he is her father from the rest of the Onesian Emirate.

871-886?    (after The Five Doctors / at least 3 years after the Doctor is deposed / after the Valeyard proposes incarcerating all of the renegade Time Lords / 21 years after the Doctor is deposed / 68 years before Trial of a Time Lord)
                 Flavia investigates the Sleeper's invasion of the Matrix.  After a great deal of back-tracking, it is discovered that the Andromedans had been stealing many of the Time Lord's most important secrets from the Matrix and storing them somewhere on the Earth.  Shortly there-after, at the behest of the Council, she steps down from her position and offers herself up for a formal election.  She loses the election and Niroc becomes the 411th President of Gallifrey.

?                 (before Mission to Magnus)
                Anzor acquires a seat on the High Council.

886          (possibly centuries before Trial of a Time Lord /  after Niroc becomes President / several centuries before Trial of a Time Lord / Date Index 310342 / 1880 AD??)
                After the High Council debates the issue for several days, the CIA is authorized to undertake the Valeyards proposed plan, known as the Ravolox Stratagem.  
Niroc creates the Secret Security Committee, which handles Gallifreyan security matters for the CIA.   The CIA uses the super orbital time station Zenobia as HQ for Operation Ravolox.  The station (probably a Class 7 ) is moved back to the Storm Belt (a graveyard of abandoned spaceships) orbiting a red giant on the edge of the Constellation of Kasterborous.   With the permission of the High Council (under President Niroc) the CIA use the Magnetron to move Earth and its constellation 2 light-years and rename it Ravolox.   Shifting the orbit of a temporal nexus point is an example of a Class 1 Intervention.   This scorches one one side of the planet and devastates the other.  This causes a major change in Humanity's history and prevents trillions of humans from ever being born.   A few members of the Council protest that ever the Daleks would have used an atmospheric shell to protect the planet's life-forms - but they are overruled. The robot relief ship from Andromeda fails to find Earth and (despite their survival chamber) the Sleepers (possibly the Monans of Andromeda) die.  The secrets they stole from the Matrix remain buried.  This is the first time the Magnetron has been used in centuries.  By this point the Valeyard could have had a seat on the Council if he wanted it.

888                 (Date Index 310344 / after Ravolox Stratagem)
                  Engin is promoted from Keeper of the Matrix to the rank of Councillor.   The new Keeper is a very respected Time Lord named Zon (but might infact (secretly) be the Valeyard.   Zon is very proud of the Time Lords and the Matrix.  Given that he has held the Key of Rassilon for thousands of years he is very likely the Coordinator of the Matrix who preceded Engin.  He has only regenerated once by the time of Trial of a Time Lord.   

888                (
32,320 AD / when Allisheer was 8)
                Alisheer becomes an archemathicist (ie block transfer math), and a chronic theorist. 

?               The Time Lord Scientist Lord Verostephocalen develops the theory that the Back Time Field Buffers could be penetrated by using the Star of Rassilon and two Type 89x TARDISes working in tandem.

??           (after the High Council the Justice Station is completed)
                In order to foster good will among the other temporal powers, the Time Lords being using their new 'Justice Station' to collect and judge several renegade Time Lords.  Some of these renegades are executed for their crimes.  Some of the crew members occasionally try to help the accused renegades.  

??                (long before Death Comes to Time / but probably after State of Decay)
            The Time Lords imprison the vampire assassin Nessican on a phantom sun.  He later escapes.  The Doctor knows of him.

889             (11 years before Trial of a Time Lord)
               With the help of the
Prydonian Lord Rozinelastorameth (Rozinel), The Master uses Ogrons to kidnap several Time Lord scientists from Space Station Zenobia.   The CIA recovers all of them.  One of them, Lord Verostephocalen (Veros), had been hypnotized to steal a Type 89x TARDIS for the Master.  The Master then acquires The Star of Rassilon.  Lord Dorvios succeeds in rescuing Adric from death.  The only other Type 89x TARDIS is destroyed to prevent the Master from stealing it.  Rozinel was captured, but escaped.  The Master placed him in charge of his base on Merast.  

895                (32,327 AD / while in her teens)
                 Alisheer creates her fist micro-universe using archemathics.  

??                  (before Trial of a Time Lord)
                    The Master hires Sabalom Glitz as a 'business partner.'  They undertake several ventures together.  

900             (Otherstide)
                The Doctor makes 3 wishes when he blows out his birthday candles.  He wishes for better control of the TARDIS, peace throughout the galaxy, and more manageable hair.  The Doctor keeps a
champagne cork from the party as a souvenir.

900             Excelis Rising

900              Revelation of the Daleks:  The Doctor secretly realizes that it was mostly down to Imperial Daleks that Davros was defeated. 

??                (probably some time after Revelation of the Daleks)
                    The Arcalian Benncuiq IV writes The Movellan-Dalek War.  

900              The Missing Season occurs in this range.

900               Nightmare Fair: The Doctor confronts the Guardian of Dreams (the Celestial Toymaker).  The Doctor carries a sonic screwdriver.  By this point the Crystal Guardian (the Toymaker) believes he is the last of his kind. 

900~??           (while the Corsair was in a 7th female incarnation)
                    The Corsair was probably responsible for making an obscene sculpture of Dalek manipulator arms on Clarkor Nine.  She claimed she never encountered the Daleks.  

900               The Ultimate Evil: The Doctor finally finishes repairing every single system and circuit on the TARDIS.  This state of affairs does not last long.

900              Mission to Magnus: The people of Magnus petition the Time Lords for permission to use time travel to defend themselves from the colonists of Salvak.

?                  (after the Type 89x incident)
                 The Master kidnaps three of the Doctor's companions to try to find a weakness to exploit.  He learns of the Blue Crystals of Metebelis III and attempts to steal one.  His mind is temporarily taken over by the Great One.

?                  (after the companion kidnapping incident)
                The Master invents the Time Field Projector which can break down the barriers of the Matrix.  He tries to use it on Sol III but is stopped by the CIA.

?                  (after the Time Field Projector incident)
                The Master rescues Davros from the Daleks and attempts to gain control of the Daleks but fails.

900             (sometime after the Doctor turns 900 / he is traveling with Peri / before Trial of a Time Lord)
                    The Reproductive Cycle: The android child of Kamelion and the TARDIS is born.  It assumes Peri's form and personality and is left on earth to take up Peri's life.

900            (the Doctor is 900 years old)
The renegade Time Lord Vipod Mor prevents the Doctor from stopping the Big Bang from happening. 

900-953      Season 23 occurs in this range.

900             (before Trial of a Time Lord / while 900 years old)
                    The Mysterious Planet: The Master hires Sabalom Glitz to steal the secrets of the Matrix from Sleeper on Ravolox/Earth.  The Doctor visits Ravolox.   The Time Lords detect his arrival and panic.  They assume that he must know what they did to his favorite planet, and why.  The data stolen from the Matrix by the Sleepers is destroyed.  At this point the Doctor admits that even he hasn't figured out what the purpose of life is. The Doctor secretly realizes that only the Time Lords could have move the Earth and arranged for it to become known as Ravolox.  He decides that someday he will investigate the matter.  

900            (possibly one of Peri's lasts adventures)
                The Reaping: A Gallifreyan Time Pod is stolen by the Cybermen.  The Doctor ensures its destruction.

Inquisitor Valeyard
Inquisitor Darkelandrothur and the Valeyard

900               (the year of the Trial / after the Doctor had visited Ravolox)
            At the request of CIA Coordinator Vansell the High Tribunal
appoints  Darkelandrothur
of the House of Jurisprudence (aka Darkel ) as  Inquisitor to oversee an inquiry into the actions of the Doctor.   Darkel is a gifted Time Lord who became interesting in the Judiciary at a young age.  By the time of Trial of a Time Lord she believes that Gallifrey is headed towards its darkest hour.   Using his knowledge of the Ravolox Stratagem, the future Doctor (known as the Valeyard of the House of Shadow), blackmailed the Tribunal to apoint him as Valeyard.   The Council promises the Valeyard the Doctor's remaining incarnations if he prevents Operation Ravalox from becoming public.  The Valeyard believes that the Doctor could have affected massive changes to the Universe while he was Lord President of the Time Lords.  He is disgusted that the Doctor fled the position.   The Valeyard has arranged all of this so that he can acquire the Key of Rassilon and have unlimited access to the Matrix.   He begins researching the 6th Doctor and composing  The Dark Scrolls of the Valeyard.  The Valeyard obtains a copy of the Key of Rassilon from the Keeper of the Matrix probably by replacing him with his own future self.   
                In the meantime CIA hires
the Master to start a revolution on Gallifrey.  The Master is promised that he will be the new ruler of Gallifrey with the CIA using him as a puppet.   The Master elists the help of Cardinal Arkendo for this plan.   It is possible that it is the Master's intervention (at the CIA's request) that changes history and prevents the Doctor from becoming the Valeyard.  Certainly the Valeyard seems quite flustered by his interference.  Preventing the Doctor from being found guilty at the trial could constitute the biggest affect that the Master has ever had on the future of the Cosmos.

900              (right before Trial of a Time Lord)
                Mindwarp: The Doctor stumbles across Crozier's brain transference experiments.  Officially the High Council fears this research as it could disrupt life and death throughout the Universe.   But, unknown to the current Time Lords, Crozier experiments are being funded in part by the Time Lords from the War Era.  The Time Lords see the transference process as an effective way to infiltrate spies into other worlds.  They also see it as a means of final escape should they lose the Time War.

Time Station Zenobia and the Doctor

900 ?            (Doc is over 900 / 1895 AD?)
                Trial of a Time Lord: The Doctor is put on trial
by the Secret Security Committee.  The Doctor faces the Ultimate Court of Appeal (the Supreme Guardians of Gallifreyan Law) on the Zenobia Time station.   Most of Zenobia is left unused during th trial.  Only Section 5 is inhabited. This court is made up of the Supreme Guardians of Gallifreyan Law and includes Inquisitor Darkel, the Valeyard and Half the Inner Council (who serve as Members of the Court).  By this point in his lives the Doctor has been involved in several Gallifreyan Inquiries and has learned not to accept legal aid. The data from the Matrix has been altered by the Valeyard. By the end of the Valeyard's prosecution the Inquisitor probably knows all about Operation Ravolox (if she didn't know before hand) making her complicit in the cover-up.  By order of the High Council, Crozier and Kiv are assassinated.  Officially this was done to prevent Crozier's consciousness transference knowledge from becoming public, but in reality the Council feared Peri's testimony and wanted her eliminated. The Doctor is furious when he thinks that Peri has been killed. This is the last time that the Doctor will feel like the situation is truly under someone else's control until No Future. A splinter group of Time Lords arrange for Peri to be saved and marry Yrconos.  In his defense the Doctor is allowed to use the Matrix to predict several of the adventures of his future (assuming he isn't convicted).  The Master interferes the Valeyard attempt to assassinate the entire court using a particle disseminator (a device capable of destroying even quarks and gravitons). This cause major damage to the Matrix. The Valeyard hopes to someday destroy all of the Time Lords, the Daleks, and the Cybermen, and then harness the power of humanity. The Doctor doesn't seem at all reluctant to leave his future self to die. The Doctor loathes and despises the Valeyard because his very existence is proof of his ultimate failure to be the Doctor. Many of the Doctor's memories of the trial (pertaining to his future) are deleted.  If he later recovered these memories, it would explain why 7th Doctor has such omnicient understanding of his various adventures.  The Doctor learns that, though he has been deposed, he will be allowed to retain the titles of Defender of the Laws of Time and Protector of the Gallifrey. He now has formal authorization to travel through time and space and intervene to protect the Laws of Time and Gallifrey. 
     Interestingly the Valeyard doesn't bring up the Doctor's interference on Frontios despite it being outside the noosphere.  This might mean that the surveillance system installed "on his last visit to Gallifrey" was installed on some missing adventure to Gallifrey set after Frontios and not during Arc of Infinity, as is traditionally thought.
     It could be argued that all of the Doctors fought to prevent the "catharsis of spurious morality."

900?           (during Trial of a Time Lord)
                The Doctor's mind is secretly scanned by the Time Lords.  A copy of this scan well end up in the hands of the Hoothie.

President Flavia

900?              (during Trial of a Time Lord / 1895 AD?)
                The Eight Doctors: The Master exposes the Ravalox Stratagem by presenting a recording of the entire trial to every home, recreation center, library, and university on Gallifrey. A Committee of Inquiry is started by the Doctor. The Master and the CIA try to take over Gallifrey. Master enlists the aid of his supporters on Gallifrey, including CIA Operative Jonuratanandrusa (Joe) and Cardinal Arkendo. CIA commandos stage a revolution by pretending to be Outsiders. The old High Council is deposed and Gallifrey began to collapse into chaos. Large amounts of the Capital are damaged. The events of the Imperator Presidency, and every crisis since then has led up to the revolution that happens here. Flavia kills Cardinal Arkendo with a staser. Joe realizes that the Master is a force for evil, and renounces his alliance with the dark lord. Joe will remain with the CIA. It is at this point that Borusa returns and held the Presidency temporarily until a new High Council is elected. Flavia becomes the 412th President of Gallifrey and Borusa disappeares. The Master and Glitz are captured. The Master escapes in his TARDIS after killing some technicians. Glitz is released from Gallifrey. The Valeyard secretly assumes the role of the Keeper of the Matrix.    

900?              (right after Trial of a Time Lord)   
                    The Ghosts of Justice:  The Zenobia time station is put in orbit around Gallifrey. At the 
decommissioning ceremony the station time scoops the Doctor and dematerializes with the Master and Inquisitor Darkel still on board.  The Doctor discovers that the brain patterns of the Time Lords who were executed on the station live on in an Adjunct to the Matrix that is installed on the station.  One of these deceased Time Lords has escaped the Adjunct and is navigating the station into Dalek territory.  In exchange for providing the station, and the Doctor to the Daleks, the renegade brain pattern hopes to get the Daleks to clone him a new body.  The Doctor discovers the Valeyard is still alive and the two of them have to work together to regain control of the station.  

900                   (right after the Master's revolution on Gallifrey)
                One of the Master's allies,
Rozinel, is captured and leads the Time Lords to his Merast Base.  Merast is destroyed but the Master escapes. The High Council has Earth returned to its original coordinates.  The Prydonian Rozinelastorameth (Rozinel) is executed by order of the High Council. 

The Valeyard's Alternate Timeline

This Universe might have come about if the 8th Doctor didn't travel back in time and help his 6th self at the trial.

901?       (shortly after Trial of a Time Lord / a few hours after the new President is inaugurated)
           He Jest's At Scars...(part 1): In an alternate universe the Doctor went back into the Matrix to try to save the Valeyard.  They become trapped inside fighting each other.  The Matrix predicts that battling Doctors might fight for centuries.  But eventually the Valeyard defeats the Doctor (because of the contract the Doctor signed and the promises made to him by Niroc) and the two Doctors merge into one composite Doctor who has all the experience of all 12 Doctors.  His Chronic Energy (Reality Quotient) and Artron energy is so amazing that he became immortal.  A Time Lord with large amounts of chronic energy is capable of using a TARDIS to change his own history and other hyper crystallized events on a whim.  The authorization from the previous High Council allows the Valeyard to escape the Matrix.  Once he escapes the Valeyard begins collecting tools that will let him access or wield great power.  The Valeyard uses the Doomsday Weapon on Uxarieus to destroy Gallifrey.  This eradicated the Time Lord's past and future.  The Valeyard deletes his own past by murdering his past self.  He uses his TARDIS's Eye of Harmony to create a new Anchor Point for the Web of Time at the center of the Vortex.   Being the last Time Lord he has complete access to the Power of Creation.  He can travel through time and space just by thinking about it and create alternated universe as he pleases.  His every movement alters history whether he wants it to or not. 

911?      (10 years after the Valeyard escapes)
           He Jest's At Scars...(part 2): Mel Bush finally confronts the Valeyard.  The Valeyard has the TARDIS keep him completely immobile for the rest of time to prevents him from further damaging the universe.  It will take the universe 100,000,000 years (or more) to repair the damaged he caused.
900        (probably right after Trial of a Time Lord)
                Timewarp: The Doctor returns to Thoros Beta to check on Peri but finds that in the lower levels of the cave system Crozier has placed clones of Time Lords from the end of the Time War.  The minds of these Time Lords have escaped from the Final Battle and are transfered into the clones.  The 6th Doctor teams up with 3 other future incarnations of himself (probably the War Doctor, 10th and 11th Doctors after Day of the Doctors) to stop them.  

                      (right after Trial of a Time Lord / 1895 AD?)
                    Time of Your Life: The Doctor decides to become a recluse on the planet Torrok to ensure he never becomes the Valeyard, but the CIA
sends him to Meson Primus.

900~            (after the revolution in Trial of a Time Lord)
Niroc and his coherts are d-mated removing them from history. It takes a long time to restore order on Gallifrey. By this point the  cultural viewpoints and objectives of most Gallifreyans have changed. The idea of adhering to the Doctrine of Non-Interference is viewed as being naive or even absurd. The events of the Ravalox Incident lead to a mandate that all Matrix projections used in court had to be backed up by physical evidence and witness testimony.

  900                (shortly after Trial of a Time Lord)
                    Wormery: Iris Wildthyme encounters her last incarnation  in the form of Bianca who is running a cross time pub.  Bianca wants to steal Iris’s regenerations but the Doctor stops her.

900?             (shortly after Trial of a Time Lord)
                    Peri and the Piscon Paradox: In accordance with CIA policy, President Flavia orders Peri to be pulled from her current time zone and to have her memory wiped.  She is then returned to her native time zone.  Unfortunately, this, and other manipulations by the Time Lords, have fractured Peri, creating at least 5 alternate version of her at various points in space and time.  

900               (the Doctor is 900)
                    The Crimes of Tomas Brewster

900?                     (Frobisher claims the Doc is
900 / The Doc claims to be almost 1000)
                    Mission: Impractical:
By this point the TARDIS' state of temporal grace is currently functioning.

??                         (Frobisher is the companion)
                    The Maltese Penguin: By this point the Doctor detests reality shows, quiz shows, and soap operas. 

??                  From roughly this point on the Doctor's personal time isn't necessarily directly connected to Gallifrey's. 

??                 Trying to avoid the future he saw in Terror of the Vervoids (an thus becoming the Valeyard), the Doctor travels for a long time with several companions. (this is probably where the missing 50 years are), while explicitly avoiding Earth in the late 20th century (where Mel Bush lives).  

901-910?       (The Doctor spends several years trying to cure Charley)
                    Patient Zero:
The Doctor's attempt to destroy the Dalek Time Controller leaves it drifting through the vortex witnessing the beginning and ending of all things.  With the help of the 22nd century Daleks, the Monk will recover the Dalek Time Controller.

903            (Date Index 310358 / 1898 AD?)
                   The High Council of Gallifrey appoints the Gallifrey Examining Commission to stop the Great Famine which has affected hundreds of worlds.  This Great Famine is probably not part of the original Web of Time.  The Time Lords begin shipping refugees to other planets and set up a sector of outer Gallifrey (just north of the city of Prydos) to serve as a refugee camp called Riff Town for millions of starving refugees.  This includes Zagaroth, Yumi, Muselians, Irrs, Shua, Spicans, Fomulhaut Amphibians, Adharan Mammoth Hybrids, Achernari, Deneb Clusters, humanoids from Altair, Zeta Cancri and thousands of humans from Earth in the year 2359.   The food stuff Promaze is created - a food almost any species can live off of.  It tastes like green pond slime.  The Malian provide security in Riff Town, using stun guns and armored skimmers. The Gallifrey Examining Commission even selects some aliens to attend the Academy.

??                (probably during the 6th Doctor era)
                The Sleeper Wakes: The Andromedans contact the Doctor hoping he can meet with the Time Lords so that they can negotiate a non-aggression treaty.   The Andromedans all have a single galaxy-spanning consciousness.   The Doctor arranges for a group of Time Lord ambassadors to meet with the Andromedans on Tital III.  Shortly after the negotiations begins all of Titan III dematerializes and rematerializes above Mutter's Spiral's galactic plane.  They discover that Titan III is a Gallifreyan relic from the Dark Times. It was designed to serve as the final quarantine post for Time Lords who are dangerously insane or who carry a dangerous plague.  The central computer of  Titan III is programed to detect unhealthy Time Lords and then shift the asteroid outside of the Stellian Galaxy to keep them isolated.  The computer had detected the Andromedans' nano-technological mind link and triggered automatically.    

??                 The Mind Probe is banned on Gallifrey. 

909~                (a couple of decades before the One Doctor)
                    The Doctor forgot to celebrate his birthday for a couple of decades.  He uses this an excuse to lie about old he is. 

??                Gandarotethetledrax (Gander) begins dressing like the Master because he wants to kill the Doctor.

??                 Gandar (with Cavis’s help) kills his father (probably Drax) because of his anti-CIA position.  Gandar has a reputation as a vicious CIA agent.

901-952        The Marian Conspiracy: By this point the Doctor doesn’t believe he has ever been married.  

901-952        (From the Doctor's point of view)
                    The Apocalypse Element : The Daleks invade Gallifrey and create their own Galaxy.  To prevent the Daleks from taking over Gallifrey the TARDIS's (and indeed all of Gallifrey's) security matricies are reset  function with human retina scans instead of Gallifreyan ones.  Though this is rest once the Daleks have left the retinal scanners used on the Doctor's TARDIS remain programmed for humans, possibly because he isn't synced with Gallifrey's Mean Time.  From this point on, the Doctor’s TARDIS will respond better to humans then Gallifreyans. 

?                  Project: Twilight: By this point the Doctor has given up being a vegetarian.

?                  Medicinal Purposes (the Doctor's POV): The human, Knox acquires a Type 70 TARDIS on Gryben from a Nekkistani.

?                The Nowhere Place: The Doctor keeps putting off building a new sonic screwdriver. 

?                  By this point the Doctor sees his TARDIS as the only fixed point in his life.  The only person or thing that has never let him down.

923            (Date Index 310379)
                    Garden of Evil: The Maker's plot to replace all organics with cybernetic organisms is stopped by the Doctor and the human Wings (Gallifreyan designation Delta-Delta).  Riff Town is disbanded.

924             (300 years before The Final Chapter)
                     Luther forms secret society known as the Elysians on Gallifrey.  They rejected their Houses and the First Law of Time and planned the Final Chapter.  Their aim was to take over Gallifrey using an army of clones.  Uriel's first clone was named Xanti and when Uriel sees him he can not go through with the plan.  He enlists Xanti in a Chapter house and incarcerates himself in the Quantum of Solace.  Luther however continues to raise his army of clones. 

?                   Paper Cuts: The Doctor currently has 31,684 unanswered messages in his TARDIS's in-box.

929                 (3 months before Terror of the Vervoids from the Doctor's POV) 
                    Business Unusual: Despite his best efforts the Doctor ends up with Melanie Bush as a traveling companion. 

929                   (approaching 930)
                    The One Doctor: By this point many Time Aware species know the Doctor would NEVER kiss a girl.

929                 (probably shortly before Time and the Rani / over 900 years old / 3 months after Business Unusual from Mel's POV)
                    Terror of the Vervoids:
The Doctor destroys the Vervoids.

930            (Date Index 310386)
                     Search for the Doctor: Omega has learned to project himself outside of the Black Hole and carry the Black Hole around within himself – contained.  Earth’s Fusion Energy Research Network (FERN) Spacelab’s experiments into Antimatter attract Omega’s attention.  He plans to use it to turn Earth into a mini-sun to power his attack on Gallifrey.  He is defeated by the Doctor and Drax.  

932                (probably the same year as the trial)
                        While hacking into the Matrix, the Valeyard might have discovered an archaic subroutine that showed a Matrix door on moon of Eta-Ro.   The Valeyard attempts to kill the Doctor and Supreme Court, by allowing himself to be arrested and put on trial. 

932                (After the Valeyard was arrested /  before Trial of the Valeyard)
                    The Time Lords went back centuries into Gallifrey’s own time stream and changed the standard sentence for hacking into the Matrix.  Before the intervention, hacking the Matrix was a crime that has a prison sentence of 500 years (200 with good behavior).  In the new timeline, hacking the Matrix is now a executable offense.

932                (Year 47, Day 336 Local Dateline)
The High Council feared that it might expose their part in bringing the Valeyard to be the prosecutor of the Doctor’s trial.   The Valeyard’s identity is classified according to the ruling of Special Judicial Hearing of 4-7-336.  All details of Ravalox Stratagem are also classified under the same ruling.  

932                (Year 47, Day 337 Local Dateline)
                     The details of the Valeyard’s crime are classified by Special Judicial Hearing of 4-7-337. 

932                (probably the same year as the crime was committed)
                    Trial of the Valeyard: The Valeyard selects the Doctor to be his defender at his trial.   The trial takes place in the same courtroom that the Doctor’s trial took place in. The Valeyard pleads guilty to his crimes and  Inquisitor Darkelandrothur   (aka Darkel ) tries to have him executed.  The High Council trans-located the moon of Eta-Rho through space and time to prevent the existence of its Matrix Door becoming known.  The Valeyard uses the trial to lure  the Doctor, and the rest of the Supreme Court of Gallifreyan Law down to the moon of Eta-Rho and then tries to kill them.  He fails, and the Inquisitor launches a judicial investigation to determine which Time Lord helped the Valeyard set up the trap.  (The trap was probably arranged by the Keeper of the Matrix – who is, in fact, the Valeyard.)

??                (during the 6th Doctor era)
                The Other Doctors: The Sontarans obtain a copy of the stolen Matrix files from the Sleepers just after the Magnetron moves Earth.  They uses these files to hack into the Matrix and infect it with a computer virus that starts destroying the brain patterns of the deceased Gallifreyans.  The Matrix requests the aid of the Doctor, who tracks the virus back to Ravolox and, with the help of three of his future selves, manages to find the cure.  

??                (probably some time after Trial of the Valeyard)
                    The Arcalian Benncuiq IV writes The Fall of the High Council.  

940??                    (less than 1000 years before Infinity Doctors)
                    Larna is loomed.  She is a Prydonian.

9 51??        (Doctor claims to be 991, he is in his 6th incarnation, Otherstide)
                A Wee Deoch An...?: The Doctor celebrates his 991st birthday. 

??                          (sixth doctor)
                    The Library of Kar-Charrat is created.  It stores copies of every piece of literature ever created.  The volume of information it contains is almost equal to the Matrix.  The Time Lords install a Defense Grid around the Library of Kar-Charrat. 
The Doctor witness the construction this grid, which projects an image of destroyed Library from 3500 years in the future.  They also conduct routine maintenance checks on the Grid. 

953                       (Mel has been traveling on the TARDIS for 2 years from her POV / shortly before Quantum Archangel)
                    Millennial Rites: The Doctor's subconscious realizes that the imbalance of the sixth Doctor will lead to the creation of the Valeyard. 
The Doctor loathes and despises the Valeyard because his very existence is proof of his ultimate failure to be the Doctor.  

953                        (over 30 years after Twin Dilemma / after Terror of the Vervoids, very close to Time and the Rani)
                    The Quantum Archangel: The Doctor becomes a Transcendental being briefly in order to defeat the Quantum Archangel.  Kronos dies and the Mad Mind explodes.  By this time The Master's TARDIS library will hold the Necronomicon once again (it was in the Doctor's hands at the end of The Nameless City). 
The Necronomicon is the book of dead names.  It describes the activities and powers of the Old Ones and also speaks of the time before this Universe.  The Necronomicon cause severe bruises on a Time Lord’s skin (but not a human's skin) if they touch it.  The Master has always been obsessed with the book. 

953-992                Season 24 probably occurs in this range.

953                     (around the time of the Time and the Rani)
                    The TARDIS is due for its bicentennial refit.  The Doctor is concerned about a temporal flicker in Sector 13, wants to visit Centaur 7, and then take a holiday.

953             (right before Time and the Rani)
                  Time’s Champion: The Breakdown occurs. The Sixth Doctor is so scared of become the Valeyard that he refused to plan, anticipate, or make a pre-emptive strike against evil. The Doctor's subconscious realizes that this is causing lots of deaths.  Abbadon invades the Matrix.& The war in the Six-Fold realm shortens the lifespan of the universe. Time chooses the Valeyard for her Champion. The Doctor and the Valeyard fight until the Valeyard causes his own creation, ending his life in the process. Death then chooses Melanie Bush as her Champion. The Doctor's subconscious makes a deal with the Eternals (Death, Pain, and Time). The Doctor agrees to become Time’s Champion in part to avoid becoming the Valeyard and in part to prevent Mel from becoming Death’s Champion. In the meantime Kronos becomes Life’s Champion (until the TV Movie). Using his powers the Doctor re-writes history so most of the events of Time’s Champion never happened. (Continued in the entry below)

953           (right before Time and the Rani /'after' the events of Time's Champion / 1949 AD?)
                  The Spiral Scratch: With a little help from the Watcher of his next regeneration, the Doctor stops a threat of the Lampreys to all of the timelines.  At this point there are over 117,863 different timelines but only one of them is the Prime Timeline (from which the others spawn from and eventually rejoin).  By this point the Time Lord Rummas is in his final incarnation. The Doctor's body is ravaged by massive amounts of chronon energy which is going to kill him.  He materializes in space for one last look at the Universe.  (Continued in the entry below)

Time's Champion, the new Doctor (Sylvester Mccoy)

"I've done so much. Saved entire races whose names I can't even remember. And why? Because of reasons. Because of principles. Truth, love, and harmony. Peace and goodwill. The best of intentions. Whatever I've done, I've done for these reasons. And there's been a price to pay. Sacrifices. People close to me have died. Four of my companions, hundreds of the universe's supporting cast. I could fill whole volumes with their names. Bystanders who helped me, perhaps for just a moment or two, and suffered for it. I've died myself, six times over. I have a responsibility. To every one of them, the living as well as the dead."
                                    - The Doctor

953                        (1949 AD??)
                    Time and the Rani: Because the Doctor violated the contract with Time, by changing history on such a massive scale, his 6th life is forfeit. Fenric claims to have had a hand in the death as well.  His subconscious causes him to regenerates for the sixth time by ramming the TARDIS into the Rani's navigational guidance distorter tractor beam.  A room with no doors is designed (by Verity?) to protect the 6th incarnation from Death. The Doctor's sixth personality hates his seventh self for this and goes insane. By this point the Doctor's mind carries the misery of a hundred thousand worlds and species.
        The Doctor becomes Time's Champion
and Time tells the Doctor that he will become the Guardian of Justice upon his final death day. His new goal in life is to manipulate history to the point where the Last Great Time War can't happen. By this point the Doctor knows that the Universe has a purpose, and that after completing that purpose, and proved itself, then it will be time for the Universe to pass away to make way for something new.  He sees himself as the keeper of the Laws of Time and focuses more on the big picture rather then making quick impulsive moral decisions. Whenever someone is in danger his his left knee hurts.   He has the same precognitive ability to see alternate futures that the 8th Doctor has but he keeps this talent to himself and uses it to shape events.  These glimpses of possible future are probably caused by the numerous time spurs that would form during the coming Time War. This Doctor's telepathic/hypnotic powers seem much stronger and he will often instantly put people into trances by touching their foreheads or staring into their eyes.  The 7 th Doctor (and perhaps all the Doctors?) can subtly manipulate locals (and probably his companions) so that they are accepted by everyone they meet as being part of this world (even if that sometimes means they are spies).  People will almost never accept that they are from completely outside their sociological system (even if they try to tell people this).   It is hinted that this ability is related to his TARDIS's telepathic translation system. It appears that the 7 th Doctor can actually use this to seamlessly change the topic of conversation. It could also be a side effect of a greatly boosted reality quotient.
        While he good with remembering faces, he's bad at remembering the names that go with them. He might have a dust allergy given how often he sneezes. He has no idea why the TARDIS gives him a Scots accent.   When concentrating hard on a problem the Doctor often creates little sculptures of wire, metal, and glass (occasionally adding gears and antenna) and leave them lying about.  He has periods of hyperactivity followed by days of sleeping while the TARDIS is in Limbo mode.  The Seventh Doctor enjoys chaos, big explosions, and rebellions. The Doctor's favorite key is E flat minor and he finds getting his hair cut to be very relaxing. The Doctor loves to eat strawberry drinks and oxtail soup at the same time. His favorite flavor of ice cream is boysenberry ripple.   The Doctor prefers 5 - 7 sugars in his tea.  He hates burnt toast and carrot juice and swimming.  
          The Doctor stops the Rani from using kidnapped geniuses from creating a Time Manipulator that would give her complete control of Time in the Universe. The Rani's chameleon circuit might have been broken by the type of these events.  
          His first mission for Time is
to find Dorothy Gale McShane, but he avoids undertaking the Mission pretending to have a whimsical personality to hide his darker thoughts.   By this point his greatest fears center on the Old Time and the Times of  Chaos and Night in Gallifrey's distant past.  Whenever things are at their worst the Doctor remindes himself that "somewhere the tea is getting cold."

953~         (shortly after the Doctor's regeneration)
            Unregenerate: Fearing that the number of time traveling species will increase until Normal Space is full of TT Capsules the CIA decides to place secret operatives who will be able to influence species who are attempting to become (already are) Time Active. The first attempt to created these agents involved Daleks but it failed rather spectacularly. For the second attempt the Klyst Institute was set up on CIA Station 7.   Professor Klyst and others attempt to place newly birthed TARDIS sentiences into the the minds of aliens. The aliens were promised several lifetimes of success in return for donating their bodies the day before they were due to die. Subjects were acquired from almost 50 planets, but this time none of them were Daleks. The Time Lady Professor Klyst oversaw the implantation of the TARDIS sentients but in most cases the resulting being was insane. This was due to incompatibilities between the neural configuration. While investigating the Doctor is accidentally bonded with a TARDIS Sentient which almost destroys his mind. After having the sentient removed the Doctor helped two sentients to achieve a stable union with the human Johannes Rausch and Professor Klyst. With the aid of another TARDIS the two of them renegaded against the Time Lords and when in search of a cure for the other victims of the experiment. The Doctor makes numerous violations to the First Law of Time by returning the unbonded subjects to a point in time after they were supposed to die.

953~         (probably shortly after Time and the Rani)
            Paradise Towers: Fenric arranges events to try to get the Doctor killed, but he escapes.  

?                (after Time’s Champion) 
            The Valeyard watches the Doctor travel the universe.  The Valeyard considers permanently changing his name to Ripper

?                (the 7th Doctor)
            The Doctor is terrified of anyone learning that his TARDIS, and thus his connection with the Power of Creation, might be capable of losing power.  He shared this information on one occasion and others used it to gain power over him.  This incident has haunted him ever since.

?             (by the time of Revelation)
            The Doctor dreams of an afterlife (not the Matrix) but doesn't know if it exists.

??           (after all the Kate Omara Rani stories / not to far after the 6th Doctor Era)
            Chemical Imbalance: The Rani regenerates into her 2nd incarnation and takes control of the human business the Better Future Corporation.  She begins developing a mutagen named A-17 that will hyper-evolve humanity.  The Doctor stops her.  

??            (Probably during season 24)
            The Doctor makes the Galactic Record books when he plays the spoons for 67 hours straight.

            Bang Bang a Boom: Mel reminds the Doctor that he has been celibate for several centuries by this point. The Doctor has always wanted to write a great galactic novel.

            Delta and the Banner Man:  By this point the Confederation has set up automated Temporal Toll Ports at major hyper-passes in some galaxies.   They collect ships from hyperspace and the vortex and place them in a bay until the 5 credit fee if paid.  Even the Time Lords must pay these fees.  There are also refueling facilities available at each Toll Port.  Because there was never a consistent 3-dimensional planning policy some galaxies have numerous toll-ports (some built in the exact same time zones) and some (like Mutter's Stellian Spiral Galaxy) appear to have almost none.  The fees from the toll-ports allowed the Confederation to create barriers at dangerous hyper-passes.  
Fenric arranges events to try to get the Doctor killed, but he escapes.  

            Uranus: The 7th Dr and Mel meet the Time Lord Merculite.  The Doctor knows who she is and knew her cousin.  She’s here to watch the asteroid Maleficent collide with Uranus.  He floods the ship with a mix of strange tachyons and charmed anti-quarks, which are harmless to most people but react with Merculite's time ring and cause her to dematerialize.

            Red: By this point the Doctor has destroyed entire species and whole worlds, and, sometimes, he enjoyed doing it.  

            Dragonfire: Fenric lures the Doctor to Iceworld with a tracking signal (this might be the temporal flicker in Sector 13 mentioned in Time and the Rani).
The Doctor finally stops avoiding his Mission as Time's Champion and hypnotizes Mel into leaving with Glitz.  Recognizing that Dorothy Gale McShane (Ace) arrival by a time storm can't be and accident, the Doctor allows her to travel with him. He doesn't tell her of his suspicions this however and treats her like a normal companion. Fenric's opponent, Weyland has been watching Ace since before she left Perivale.  

?                 (the seventh Doctor)
            The Doctor's conscience (and the personality of his 5th body) is restrained to prevent him from interfering with the actions the Doctor feels he must take to safeguard the Universe.  He will become obsessed with his roll as Time's Champion, spending almost every waking moment trying to accomplish his goals.  

            As Time's Champion the Doctor begins traveling back in time to leave notes for younger self and to arrange circumstance to benefit himself.  He also begins making use of his knowledge of his future gleaned from Trial of a Time Lord.  
The Doctor sets up networks of funds through-out time and space so that he always has as much money as he needs in almost any time-zone.

954-987     Season 25 probably occurs in this range.

            Remembrance of the Daleks: The Daleks set ambush in I.M. Foreman's Junkyard to obtain the Hand of Omega.
Feeling guilty about failing to prevent the Daleks from ever being created the Doctor sets a trap to destroy them utterly. The Doctor believes he has destroyed Skaro. It is a crucial moment in the Doctor's life. The Doctor sends the Hand of Omega heads towards Gallifrey but sets it so it won't arrive till he's made sure that the Last Great Time War has been averted.  It doesn't arrive until Romana is President. The Doctor appears to be unconcerned about what the Time Lords might do when they learned he destroyed Skaro. By this point the Daleks have named the Doctor Ka Faraq Gatri ("Bringer of Darkness" or "Nice guy -- if you're a biped"). The removal of the Daleks as a major temporal power should allowed new enemies to develop and threaten the Time Lords - however the Daleks manage to secretly save their world.   This becomes known as the Skaro Devastation after the ‘Hand Of Omega Paradox.   Davros' belief that he has destroyed Skaro will lead to him focus his efforts on challenging the Time Lords in a Time War.   The Doctor claims to be President Elect of the High Council of the Time Lords - is there some missing adventure on Gallifrey that would explain this claim?

            The Greatest Show in the Galaxy: The Doctor appears to be able to use his ability to predict the way the universe will unfold to predict exactly when and where a medallion will be thrown through a dimensional portal. This is one of his more amazing demonstrations of this ability

955-987        (the Doctor spends over a year, probably almost 2 years)
            1963: The Assassination Games: The Doctor is elected as an MP.  

The Validium Nemesis Statue

956-987     (sometime after Ace gets the earring from The Greatest show in the Galaxy)
            Silver Nemesis: The Doctor realizes Fenric is manipulating him.   Lady Peinforte is one of Fenric's wolves, and Fenric gives her many of the Doctor's secrets.  But she fails to defeat him.  The Validium asks for its freedom but the Doctor thinks he might have need of it in the future
(during the Time War??). He relaunches the complete Validium weapon into space and commands it to return to Gallifrey. From Peinfrote's POV this story occurs only a few months from when she lost the Nemesis in a meeting with the first Doctor. 

956-987     (after Remembrance of the Daleks but early in Ace’s travels)
            Ripple Effect: The Doctor gets trapped in a temporal plexus and detonates a nearby star to escape.  This creates a new alternate universe where everything is different.  Most noticeably, the Daleks are now a force for good.  But this universe is flawed and starts to fall apart, so the Doctor alters his younger self’s escape from the plexus so that the new timeline is never created. 

957-989     Season 26 probably occurs in this range.

957-988     (The Doctor and Ace are traveling together)
            The Assassination Games: The Doctor spend several months runing and then serves as an MP for England for over a year in 1963-1964

957-989      (1999 AD)
            Battlefield: The Doctor meets and defeats Morgaine from the Side-Ways Dimension. He discovers that he will live for at least two future incarnations who will become the Merlin of the Arthurian legends.
Given that both consume life energy the Destroyer might have been an alternate universe form of the Fendahl.

            Ghost Light: The Doctor
manufactures a new key for the TARDIS. By this point the Doctor is no uncertain whether all of his family is dead or alive. He finds this uncertainty upsetting.     Fenric aranges events to try to get the Doctor killed, but he escapes.  

957-989     (1943 AD)
            The Curse of Fenric: The Doctor defeats Fenric
(aka Hastur the Unspeakable).
        NOTE: It would appear the something in the Time War alter history so that the Doctor never faces the Great Old One known as Fenric, since he claims in "The Satan Pit" not believe there was life before the Big Bang and Fenric is from before the Big Bang.

            The Hollow Men: By this point the Doctor now has a notebook with lists of things to do in the future to make his past and present easier.

            Survival: The Master is infected with the Cheetah Virus.  He also acquires a kitling
named Shadow. This kitling will stay bonded with him until the TV Movie. By this point the Master's powers of hypnotism are powerful enough that he can use those he has dominated a puppet which he can see, hear, and speak through. He can even use the victim to hypnotize others.

??                 (Right after Survival)
            Citadel of Dreams: By this point the Doctor only believes in magic on even numbered days.

??                 (some time before Taking of Planet 5 / probably before Timewyrm Apocalypse)
            A soldier offers some aliens The Secret of the Universe in exchange for a weapon.  The aliens refused but the Doctor learned the Secret.  The Secret of the Universe is partly a state of mind, an openness to reality.  It involves the knowledge that the Universe is just a tiny drop in the Ur-Universe, which is inhabited by Swimmers.  
Unlike other Time Lords, the Doctor has embraced the Omniverse’s place in the Great Sea of universes, embraced it in a way that most Time Lords can’t deal with.  By this point the Doctor knows that the Universe has a purpose, and that after completing that purpose, and proved itself, then it will be time for the Universe to pass away to make way for something new. 

??                 (shortly after Survival)
            Thin Ice: The Doctor files an application to the Prydon Academy for Ace to be the first human to be admitted.  The Adjudication Panel provisionally accepts the application but insists on testing her.  After the testing, the Adjudicator judges that she is too unconventional and rejects her application.   

958-989     The BBC 7th Past Doctor books probably occur in this range.

958             (months after Survival)
            Matrix: The Valeyard discovers the Dark Matrix beneath the Citadel and feels horrified for the trapped consciousness.  He plans to release it so that it can finally have peace.  The Valeyard stores the Dark Matrix inside the Heart of his TARDIS (the Doctor’s old Type 40).  He transports it to Earth.  The Doctor becomes the Ripper and kills 5 women.  He might have done this because the Valeyard was controlling him.  But it was also possible that it was History itself using Time’s Champion to reset history back on track by insuring that the people who were supposed to die did die.  The effect of the Dark Matrix begins to distort and kill the TARDIS.  It destroyed the ship’s engines.  The Valeyard then begins corrupting History.  The TARDIS begins to break up.  Eventually it collapses upon itself destroying the Dark Matrix.  The TARDIS (somehow) survives this and departs on its own.  

958              (1 year before Timewyrm Revelation)
            Algebra of Ice: The Doctor swears that he will never destroy another race.  By this point the Doctor claims to be from another Galaxy.

?                 (before Genocide Machine)
            Type 70 TARDISes are use. Type 70s are very well designed (with more capabilities and better telepathic circuits than the Type 40) and are still considered "new" at this point.

?                 (before Prime Time)
            The Genocide Machine: The Library of Kar-Charrat is destroyed by the Daleks. Time Lords probably collect the some of the remains. 

?                (months after Genocide Machine)        
            Dust Breeding: The Master tries to use the Warp Core to power his TARDIS and ends up destroying his body Trakenite body.

??                 (probably before Prime Time)
            Destiny of the Doctors: The Master captures all the incarnations of the Doctor but they are freed by a telepathic extension of the Doctor's will named Grakk.

?                 (after Storm Harvest)
            Prime Time: By this point the Cheetah virus has caused the Master such damage he has less then a year to live. The Master’s TARDIS suffers extreme damage at the hands of the Zzinbriizi but the Doctor makes partial repairs.

959-990        The Virgin novels produced in 1991 could have occurred in this range.

??                 (before Timewyrm Exodus)
            Magnus (The War Chief) convinces the War Lord Aliens to try to take over the galaxy again by ensuring Hitler never loses WWII and the Nazis become massive military force that (with the addition of advanced technology) could challenge even the Time Lords.

959-990                 (after Survival)
                 Timewyrm Genesys: The Doctor spends some time removing and archiving his memories inside the TARDIS Memory Store. The Doctor inadvertently creates the Timewyrm. The Timewyrm might have created the Inferno universe. The Daleks know the Timewyrm as Golyan Ak Tana [twister of paths]. The Daleks once sent a task-force to destroy the Timewyrm but she absorbed them. The appearance of the Timewyrm fulfills an ancient Time Lords prophecy that a coming conflict, a time of darkness, and the end of the Time Lords (and perhaps the Universe) is not far off.
This prophecy might refer to the Time War and the Final Sanction that Rassilon tried to enact in The End of Time.

959-990       Timewyrm Exodus: Magnus (The War Chief) is probably killed.

959-990       Timewyrm Revelation: The Doctor's conscience (and the personality of his 5th body) is freed again. The Doctor confronts the Gallifreyan God, Death.

960-991     The Virgin novels produced in 1992 could have occurred in this range.

            Cat's Cradle incident

960-991     The Doctor could take a side trip between Time's Crucible and Warhead. Given the damage to the TARDIS it would probably be a short one.

            One of the Doctor's plant/animal experiments takes up residence in the kitchen of the House of Lungbarrow.

            The Doctor meets Iris Wildthyme again.

            The Doctor builds the
Mark Three Sonic Screwdriver.

            The Doctor spends decades trying to get his Time-Space Visualizer to tune in all the episodes of The Golden Girls.

??            (the 7th Doctor / 16 years after Susan and David adopt Barbara from Susan's POV)
                A Time & a Place: The 7th Dr returns the shoes that he said he would mend for Susan.  He does not meet Susan but does meet her adopted grandaughter, Barbara.  By this point, Susan is quite happy on Earth with David, and hates to travel.  She feels she has found her niche time zone.

982-988?    (20 years before The House of Blue Fire)
            The Mi’en Kalarash of Gallifreyan mythology detects the temporal trace of the Doctor’s frequent appearances on Earth, it spends over two decades preparing a trap for the Doctor in the hopes of feeding on all the nightmares of humanity.  It then plans to move on to other worlds.  In occupies the mind of 
Eve Pritchard as i prepares its plans.  

            At some point after War Games (and probably after Time and the Rani give that the Doctor still seems synced at that point) the Doctor gains 41 years of age that doesn't count to the Gallifrey dating systems. He might be that he gained these years earlier but only decided to start counting them recently. Robert Scarrit often allowed himself to slip out of sync like this. 

989?          (10 years before the story Master)
            The Doctor makes a deal with the Gallifreyan God Death that she will give the Master 10 years of freedom from her influence and in return the Doctor will kill the Master at the end of the decade. 
 Freed for even a few minutes from subconscious pressure of his other selves and the drumming in their heads, the Master quickly revert to a kind hearted and even heroic nature.   Free from Death's influence e John Smith (the Master) becomes a truly good and noble man.


??                (before “No Future”)
            The Monk (Mortimus) regenerates.

989?          (probably 10 years before the story Master)
            Mortimus becomes Death's Champion when he takes the blood of an Eternal named Vain Beauty. He takes his TARDIS to the edge of the Universe and captures the Chronivore, Artemis. Mortimus creates the Garvond (aka Garavond, Garivont, all of its names are the Gallifreyan words for 'of darkest thought') out of the minds in the Matrix. Mortimus rescues the Vardans from a time loop.

996-997?         (2570 AD / months after Nightshade / about 3 years before Sky Pirates from Benny's POV / at least 4 years before Happy Endings / Ace claims the Doctor is 783 years old, possibly she meant 983??)
            Love and War: the Doctor meets Bernice Surprise Summerfield. The Hoothi return and attempt to raise an army of billions to conquer Gallifrey.  This is stopped by the Doctor.  The Doctor confronts the Eternal named Death again. The Doctor strives to always defy Death no matter the consequences.  
            The Doctor could take a side trip at the very end of Love and War.  
Given the remorse the Doctor feels in Transit it this side trip would probably be a short one.

?                (The 7th Doctor / possibly after meeting Ace)
            The Doctor starts collecting small pins or badges with all sorts of images on them.   

?                 (before Master)
            The Doctor doesn't play the spoons, or mix his metaphors anymore.

997?-999     The Virgin novels produced in 1993 could have occurred in this range.

            The Highest Science: A Fortean Flicker occurs.

997              (154 years before the war)
            TARDISes begin developing systems in an almost evolutionary fashion.

998?             (at least 3 years before Romana becomes president)
            The Type 88 TARDIS is in use by this time.

997?-999      (the Doctor claims to be over 1000 / before Set Piece)
            The Pit: Kopyion Liall a Mahajetsu returns and repels the Yssgaroth again.

999?              (a few months before Blood Heat from Ace's POV / 3 years after Love and War from Ace's POV)
The Doctor visits Arcadia during a War with the Daleks. Either because of this incident or a later incident Arcadia will be considered to have been on of the frontlines in the Time War. Ace rejoins the Doctor. By this point the Doctor believes that the Master is still alive and that there was nothing he could to stop him from turning into a megalomaniac. By this point the TARDIS has re-grown a new Zero Room - which the Doctor jettisons into the Vortex to get rid of the computer AI Pool.

999?             (the Doctor claims to be 943)
            Lucifer Rising: By this point the Doctor has invented a type of spray paint made up of magnetically aligned molecules that hold universally compatible software.  By spraying it on any computer that isn’t air tight the software gains access to the computer.  The cans (and the paint) are color coded so he knows which paint carries which type of software.  The Doctor can actually levitate several inches off the ground when he induces a deep enough level of meditation.  Even gentle movements are likely to disrupt this power. 

Two Doctors

999             (the Doctor is approaching his 1000th birthday)
            Birthright/Iceberg: The Doctor meets his future self called Muldwych (Merlin).

959-999     (before First Frontier?)
            Dimensions in Time:
the Doctor has a nightmare about meeting all his previous selves on the set of a soap opera.

            By this point
a minor revolution in TARDIS accessories that results in an influx of new Types including the Type 104, Type 128b, Type 161.55, Type delta 216 delta, Type n+x and Type pi R 760, and Type 1056771z.

999?         (350 years after looming / a long time after Trial of a Time Lord / before the Doctor turns 1000)
            The President (Epsilon Delta) steals a Type 102 TARDIS and becomes a renegade. He discovers the Garvond in the TARDIS and makes a deal with it. By this time the Doctor, the Master, and the Rani are legendary (but still living) renegades.

999                 (a few months after Deceit)
            Blood Heat: the Doctor loses his TARDIS and acquires the TARDIS from a parallel universe (created by Mortimus). He also acquires the Mark One Sonic Screwdriver from a parallel universe.

??             (Before the 8th Doctor)
            The Doctor meets with Professor Chronotis in 1958 AD.

            The Dimension Riders: A renegade Time Lord named the President collaborates with the Garvond to take over Gallifrey.

?             (After Dimension Riders)
            The Doctor breaks into the APC Net, avoiding the inoculation programs, and erases his biodata print. He leaves a "poor copy."

999          (1993 AD / possibly eight years before Head Games)
            Conundrum: Jason is requited by Mortimus as the new Master of the Land of Fiction. The Doctor defeats him and alerts the Time Lords. The Time Lords return Jason to the Earth and dismantle the land leaving it a Void once more. The Doctor finally finishes fixing the TARDIS Chameleon Circuit. But, after a bit of experimentation, the TARDIS chooses to remain as a Police Box,
because the Doctor prefers that shape.

999          (probably about a year before Parasite)
            No Future: Mortimus is captured by Artemis. The Doctor stops nipping back in time and leaving notes for himself.  The Doctor deliberatly sabotages the TARDIS's chameleon circuit. The Doctor believes the Master is dead.
This could refer to the fact that he has become a good and honorable man.

999         The Virgin novels produced in 1994 could have occurred in this range.

999         (500 years after his first incarnation)
           All Consuming Fire

999         (after All Consuming Fire)
            Shadow of the Scourge     

999         (probably after Shadow of the Scourge)
            The Dark Flame    

999          (from the 7th Doctor's POV)
            Blood Harvest: 
The Doctor and Romana deal with Vampires. The Committee of Three try to kill Rassilon, rescue Borusa and take over the Galaxy. The Committee is executed. President Flavia gets Romana a seat on the High Council. 

??        (during the 7th Doctor era) 
            The Doctor probably had the TARDIS properly tuned by Gallifreyan Engineers.

            Strange England:
After living most of her long life on Gallifrey, Galah ends up merging with one of the block-transfer created life-forms she created, forming a symbiotic link and created a stable human female as her last work of art.  

??              (while traveling with Ace and Benny)           
            Time and Time Again: The Black Guardian tries to change History to prevent the Doctor from ever leaving Gallifrey. The Doctor and crew must collect the Key to Time prevent this from happening.

??            (before Shadows of Avalon)
            The Type 98 TTC is invented. It has a holographic scanner.

            The Prydonian Parjtesa-Kalayethzor Rodan becomes Chancellor of Gallifrey.

            Master: Free from Death's influence John Smith (the Master) becomes a truly good and noble man. He falls in love with Jacqueline Schaeffer After 10 years of freedom Death returns and John Smith resumes his identity as the Master in order to save Jacqueline. He becomes Death's Champion again. Death reminds the Doctor that he killed Torvic when they were students at the Academy. The Doctor cheats Death again and she swears she will have her revenge.

999?         (probably after Master / centuries after Keeper of Traken)
            First Frontier: The Master has the Trakenite DNA removed from his body and obtains a new life cycle from the Tzun. He regenerates into his 15th body.

            To prevent confusion, all TARDISs of the current new generation are re-named Type 89.

999.9~          (about a year after No Future)

1000         The Virgin novels produced in 1995 probably occur in this range.

The 1000 year old Doctor and his new diary.

1000         (Otherstide / 10 years after Dragon Fire from Ace's POV)
            Set Piece: the Doctor celebrates his loomday, finishes his second 500 year diary, and starts on a 900 year one.

1002-1008?    (7th Doctor)
Time's Vigilante

            Dorothee McShane (Ace) becomes Time's Vigilante.

            Infinite Requiem: By this point the Doctor has recently fixed the TARDIS's Stattenheim Remote Control.

            Human Nature
originally would have occurred at this point in the Doctors travels - but interference from the Foreman Universe in a Bottle has shifted it to after the Time War.

1000             (probably right after Human Nature / after Set Peice / the Doctor is over 1000 years old / at least 2 years before Room with no Doors / 500 years after The Invasion from the Doctor's POV)
            Original Sin: By this point the Doctor half-heartedly believes that the White Guardian's interest in his life justifies the deaths he causes.

1000             (about 3 years after Love and War from Benny's POV)
            Sky Pirates

            Head Games: The Fictional Energies that powered the Land of Fiction begin to leak into N-Space due to damaged cause by Kadiatu's time machine. The Doctor seals the breach. He also fights and defeats the mental pattern of his insane sixth self. The personalities of his other incarnations keep his sixth personality imprisoned in a room with no doors. The Master of the Land, Jason, has his memory of the events erased and he is returned home.

1000             (2586 AD)
            The Also People: the Doctor visits the People of the Worldsphere.

1000              ( 2280 AD )
            Shakedown: By this point the CIA still feeds the Doctor occasional tidbit of information, knowing that the Doctor will investigate the situation.  In this case the CIA notified the Doctor that the Rutan Kane was still alive.  This allowed the Doctor to ensure that the Rutans continued to keep the Sontarans in check.  
By this point, the Sontarans have all ready experienced Invasion of Time and The Two Doctors.

1001-1002     The Virgin novels produced in 1996 probably occur in this range.

            The Doctor sues the Terileptils for destroying his Mark 1 Sonic Screwdriver and wins. He is provided with a new
Mark ? Sonic Screwdriver.

            Sleepy: The Doctor breaks the First Law of Time (changing history as he knows it) by saving a colony from destruction. At this point the Doctor's name has 38 syllables.

1001             (251 years after Deadly Assassin / Day 140~ / 150 years before the War begins / One year after the Feast of Omega)
            Romana invokes the Right of Challenge against Flavia. This is the first time the Right has been used in 2,000,000 years. After the coup, Romana is appointed to the office of Lady President of the Time Lords despite never having held any government position. Cardinal Braxiatel assists Romana in her campaign Romana becomes the 413th Lord President of Gallifrey by a 53% vote. She has many changes she wants to make to Gallifrey including ending isolationism.
The constant changes in the Presidency (every few decades) start rumors on Gallifrey that a catastrophe is imminent.

1001             (One year after the Feast of Omega / 4 years after Love and War from Benny's POV / right after the election of Romana)
            Happy Endings: The Land of Fiction is still a void. Romana considers changing history so that the Land was always annexed to the Matrix but decides that its not worth the trouble. Another Fortean Flicker occurs. The Master attempts to grow a new body using the Loom of Rassilon's Mouse but fails. The Loom is returned to Gallifrey.

            President Romana begins instituting lots of reforms on Gallifrey.

?                    (before Zagreus)
            By this point Braxiatel is head of Watchtower Command on Gallifrey.

1001~             (about 150 years before the War)
            The Time Lord lift the restriction on the construction on socially interactive robots.

Grandfather Paradox

1001                 (251 years after Deadly Assassin / very soon after Romana is elected / less than 20 years before Alien Bodies / 2000 AD)
            Christmas on a Rational Planet: Cacophony attempts to recreate the Universe. 600 Time Lords claim to be possessed by the ghost of Morbius. 300 prisoners were accidentally released from Shada by President Romana. Grandfather Paradox escapes at this time and cuts off his right arm with a rusty knife to remove the tattoo the Time Lords gave him. By this point the High Council has so many other problems to deal with that no attempt to recapture him is made.

"Because there are Monsters in this world, Justine. They can walk the earth without seeming any more real then fairy stories. They make their plans while everyone else is asleep. They can move the walls of a maze without anybody every knowing. And sometimes one has to be those monsters."
                            -Godfather Morlock outlining Faction Paradox's mission profile

1001                 (251 years after Deadly Assassin / 2000 AD?)
            The Grandfather redefines the House of Paradox into the Faction Paradox and the Grandfather and his four lieutenants are exiled from Gallifrey.   The High Council forbid any member of Faction Paradox from visiting Gallifrey.   The moment the 5 of them left Gallifrey all of time and space 'skipped a beat' as history was changed.  All of them lose their shadows.  The Grandfather and his Lieutenants begin experiments to try to recover their shadows.  They learn how to attach new shadows to themselves, and how to attach weapons to their shadows.  The four lieutenants probably had shadows with multiple weapons and shadow armor.  All 4 lieutenants conceive Shuncucker, the last scion of the Faction homeworld. 
            Grandfather Paradox and his
House Paradox spiritualists found a group of Time Lord voodoo cultists called the Faction Paradox. These spiritualist believe in the power of biodata over the Laws of Time. They call Time Grandmother Time.   They rally around symbols that go against Gallifreyan Culture. The Faction claims to endorse all freedoms (though some members of the family like to restrict who can enjoy those freedoms).   They glorify in death and scientific paradoxes.   Faction Paradox’s attempts to change history are often designed to restructure the Web of Time – creating small-scale alterations to the work done by Rassilon. They could be trying to alter the biodata of the Time Lords making them “racially” similar to Faction Paradox. The Faction’s chief goal is to overturn the Laws of Time and rebel against and corrupt the Time Lords. The only way to do this would be to erase Gallifrey from history. Their official purpose in doing so is a shame of pseudo-religious mandates.  There real reasons remain unknown.  Cousins of the Faction’s can Vortex Walk through time, but it takes a very long time from the traveler's POV.  Little Brothers, and Sisters of the Faction are trained in 4 dimensional guerrilla warfare.  Members of Faction Paradox are sterile    
            The elders read
The Book of Lies. They use stolen Time Lord technology to emulate TARDISes. They use biomass in their Shrines. The Faction has pen-like weapons that can turn one into fiction by retro-writing them into the past as an urban myth. The Faction Paradox calls a Paradox Machine a Frame, because it holds an alternate timeline in place.  Within the Frame is the nexus where all the alternate timelines join.  The Frame stabilizes a time paradox allowing it to coexist and perpetually overwrite the original timeline.  

1001?                (before the Grandfather erased himself from history)
        Grandfather Paradox erased the amoeba-like Hrgrhrgrtrt from history, but the Time Lords records of their existence remain.  

1001                 (251 years after Deadly Assassin)
            The Voodoo Priest of Lungbarrow kills his own ancestors to prove that you can violate the Laws of Time and becomes Grandfather Paradox.
He then erases himself from history, vanishing from space-time as if he never existed.

1001                 (Before Lungbarrow and Apocalypse Element)
            Romana opens diplomatic relationships with the Temporal Powers of the Universe.

            Cold Fusion: the Doctor meets Patience and his fifth incarnation on the planet Salomon. He fights a short Time War with the Ferutu.  The Ferutu, who are potential Time Lords from a parallel universe.  In that timeline, Gallifrey was destroyed at the time of Rassilon and the Ferutu become the first Lords of Time around 1 billion AD.  The Ferutu did their best to optimize their history, ensuring that the Daleks and Cybermen both worked to create a Utopian universe.
  Patience is killed, but Omega brings her back to life.

            Most of the rebels from the Universe of the Ferutu travel back in time and set themselves up as “gods” in the Worldsphere of the People. The Gods (Ferutu) can break the laws of physics. The Gods take over and replace cultures. The Time Lords are aware of the Gods (Ferutu) but ignore them. The Gods continue to appear from time to time.

1002-1008     The Virgin novels produced in 1997 probably occur in this range.

            Damaged Goods: The Doctor destroys an N-Form

1002-1009.5      (this story covers 18 months)
            So Vile a Sin: Roz destroys and N-Form and the Doctor destroys the old War TARDIS (aka Cassandra) that has been trapped in the Agamemnon System for 10,000,000 years. The Doctor suffers a single heart attack due to the death of his companion Roz. The Doctor's name still has 38 syllables.

            Eternity Weeps: The Doctor deletes the TARDIS swimming pool to the TARDIS from becoming contaminated.  The TARDIS will keep creating better and better swimming pools in the hopes that the Doctor will use one of them – but he never does.

?                     (between Christmas on a Rational Planet and Room with No Doors)
            It is my supposition that after the loss of two of his friends in short succession the Doctor takes a 5 year side trip without Chris.   The Doctor goes to visit Ace.  The Doctor gets involved in a series of adventures that last several years and make up the bulk of her adventures in the Big Finish audio line.

1003.5-1008?  (after Ace meets Benny / probably after Set Peice)
            The Prisoner’s Dilemma: Ace loses all of her memory.  The Doctor restores most of her memories but she is still missing the last several years of her life (including her time as a Space Marine and meeting Benny).  Ace believes that she is still the Doctor's companion and the Doctor doesn't try to persuade her otherwise.   This gap probably occurs becuse the Doctor uses the copy of Ace's memories that he acquired at the start of Timewyrm Genesis.  

1003.5 -1008?    (probably takes place after Prisoner’s Dilemma)
            The Harvest:  The Doctor and Ace begin travelling with Hex.  

1003.5-1008?    (probably takes place after Prisoner’s Dilemma)
           Enemy of the Daleks: By this point is appears that Ace has recovered most of her memories of being a space marine
(and possibly the rest of her memories as well).

1003.5-1008?    (shortly before The Dark Husband)
            The TARDIS performs an automatic architectural reconfiguration. 

1003.5 -1008?    (7th Doctor, Ace, and Hex)
            The Dark Husband

1003.5 -1008?    (while traveling with Ace and Hex)
            The Magic Mousetrap: The Toymaker willingly allows himself to lose a game of cards to see what its like.  The Doctor traps him in Holbruk for almost four weeks.

1003.5 -1008?    (7th Doctor)
            The House of Blue Fire: The Mi’en Kalarash of Gallifreyan mythology springs a trap on the Doctor and tries to get him to bring about Armageddon.  The Doctor defeated the creature. 

1003.5 -1008?   (7th Doctor claims to be 900 years old) 
            Mask of Tragedy

??             (after travelling with Hex)
            Return of the Daleks: The Doctor spends 20 years as a prisoner of the Daleks.

??                   (before Neverland / 6803.8 Rassilon Era)
            The book Tales from the Matrix - True Stories from TARDIS Logs Retold for Time Tots is written and published by Loom Auntie Flavia.

??                     (Previous Incarnation to the 8th??)
            Qixotl meets the Doctor and sees him escape an entire flotilla of Antiridean organ-eaters.

??                     (over a year before Lungbarrow)
            One of the Cousins of the House of Redlooms dies.

??                 (between Invasion of Time and Torvald's death)
            Andred becomes a Time Lord.

1007?             (over a year before Lungbarrow)
            The Ordinal Andred becomes Castellan. By now most of the Inner Council is female.

??                 (before Lungbarrow)
            Jomdek becomes Captain of the Watch.

??                (After Apocalypse Element / Before the TV Movie)
            The Time Lords and the Daleks work out a peace treaty. This 30,000 page treaty states that no representative of the High Council can approach Skaro and no Daleks ship can approach Gallifrey. It also requires that individual violators of treaty receive a trial at the hands of the victim In short both sides promise to stay out of each others business.

?                (during his 7th incarnation / probably near the end of that incarnation's life)
            The Doctor feels that he had finished the job Time set for him by adverting the Last Great Time War.  

            Parjtesa-Kalayethzor Rodan is sent on a Cross-Cultural Liaison Course, and the Patraxian Theorasdavoramilonithene(Theora) becomes Chancellor of Time Present.

??                     (During the 7th Doctor era / during the 28th century AD)
            Companion Piece: The Doctor builds an android companion named Catherine Broome. A damaged TARDIS explodes on Haven killing several of the inhabitants. The Time Lord survives but is dissected by the Holy Inquisition. The Church declares Time Lords to be witches and stores the remains of his TARDIS in the Vatican vaults.

?                  (near the end of the Doctor's 7th incarnation for the Doctor / after Ace starts working for the Time Lords from Gallifrey and the Master's POV)
            UNIT Dominion:  Using Chancellor Goth's TARDIS the Master acquires the technology of the Dimensioneers and attempts to ensnare the Doctor.  

?                  (between Christmas on a Rational Planet and Room with No Doors)
            The Doctor returns from his 5 year side trip and picks Chris (who doesn't realize how long the Doctor has been gone).

1008             (one year before Lungbarrow from the Docs POV / Otherstide)
            Benny throws a surprise birthday for the Doctor.

??                 (possibly at the same time as Bullet Time)
            A Time Lord (probably not the Doctor) is working for MI6 as an scientific advisor.

1009             (The Doctor has aged at least 3 years since Set Piece / shortly before the TV Movie / Bullet Time occurs during Room with no Doors)
            The Room with No Doors /
Bullet Time : the Doctor meets Penelope Gate.  The Doctor leaves Chris in Japan while taking Penelope Gate back to 1883 AD (Penelope is the Doctor's Mother).  By this point the Doctor claims that he never sleeps because people die when he's asleep. What little time he does spend sleeping is often filled with shouts and screams. He doesn't believe that he will continue to be Time's Champion after his regeneration.

1008             (right before Lungbarrow)
            Leela is pregnant with Andred's child.

1008.5         (right before Lungbarrow / 2008 AD?)
            Romana hosts a state visit from the current Chairman of Argolis.

The Master's Deathworm

??                 (Shortly before the TV Movie)
            Master gets a Deathworm from the Morgs.

1008.5~?     (shortly before The Enemy Within / Shortly after the Daleks acquire the Spheria Galaxy / After Evil of the Daleks / Right before the TV Movie / centuries after Frontier in Space)
            Valediction: The Master's TARDIS is captured by the Daleks on Skaro. Now in his final incarnation (having wasted his lives because of the Doctor) the Master absorbs the Morg Deathworm. The Master allows himself to be captured by the Daleks and put on trial. This is the first time a Time Lord has been tried by the Daleks, and the trial is probably observed by the Time Lords.   The Master was framed for the Deliavatsud Intervention (the events of Genesis of the Daleks) by the Time Lords.  The Master is found guilty of 157 offenses against the Dalek Empire and his execution is planned. His last request is that the Doctor take his remains back to Gallifrey. Because of the Time Lord's helped provide evidence, the Daleks are willing to turn the Master's remains over to Gallifrey.  This request might have been granted by the Daleks as part of a trap by the Daleks.  After his trial the Daleks exterminate the Master. Romana receives the request and summons the Doctor's TARDIS to have the Doctor collect his mortal remains in a cinerary urn.

1009.0         (Probably ~5725.2 Rassilon Era / Otherstide / at least 3 years after Original Sin / 252 years after Deadly Assassin / The Doctor was away from Gallifrey for 673 as of Lungbarrow / 1009   years after the Doctor's birth according to the NAs and the 8DA / 968 years after the Doctor's birth according to The Gallifrey Chronicles / 2008 AD?)
            Lungbarrow: Responding to Romana's summons, the TARDIS returns to Gallifrey. The CIA finds the Doctor's human DNA and tries to find out who he really was/is.   The TARDIS's interior is re-structured due to having the Time Vector Generator removed and reinstalled.   Innocet becomes the new housekeeper for Lungbarrow though few of the original 45 cousins have survived. The Doctor takes a 3 day side trip from these events and returns to Gallifrey minutes after he left. Leela promises to name her child after the Doctor. Leela and Andred's child is half human on his mother's side. Romana gives the Doctor her Mark Five Sonic Screwdriver. The Doctor departs to collect the Master's remains, leaving Chris Cwej behind.  Romana opens up diplomatic talks with Priestess Charkesta from the Sisterhood of Karn.

?         (probably before the Doctor Who: The Enemy Within)
            The Doctor rescued the colony of bat-like fledershrews from Gallifrey where they were near extinction.  The 
fledershrews live under the control room and can be seen in the cloister room.   

1009             (right before the TV Movie)
            The Doctor undergoes a midlife crisis and begins moping about the TARDIS for extended periods.
  The Doctor makes several attempts a changing the desktop theme.  The 7th Doctor finds he prefers the default roundel theme to the new Gothic one (though the Coral theme is his favorite).  He scatters many of his everlasting candles (some of which are quite massive) around the TARDIS interior.   The Doctor feels that these modifications have made the TARDIS positively mercurial.

1009?              (after Lungbarrow)
            The Time Lords offer Chris Cwej the chance to stay with them, or they will wipe his memory and send him home. Christopher Rodonante Cwej joins the House Military and becomes. The Time Lords modify Chris Cwej's memories so that hates the Doctor, believing him to be the Evil Renegade. They also give him the Rassilon Imprimatur, healing machines that allowed him to regenerate, and install several other "Biological Advantages" in his body.

??                     (after Lungbarrow)
            Chris begins working as an agent for the Time Lords (probably not the CIA)

1009~             (After Leela’s child / 200 years before The Year of the Cat)
            The law prohibiting interbreeding between Gallifreyans and Lesser Species is revoked. Officially this was done so that creation of the Regen-Inf units could begin. By this point the idea of cross breeding of both Gallifreyans and TARDISes is accepted as long as its supports preparations for the coming War.

Naturally born Gallifreyan Children

1009~             (about 149 years before the War / after Lungbarrow / 2008 AD?)
            The Ice age on Gallifrey that started at the fall of the 508th Pythia might be ending. The Curse of the Pythia (which was supposed to last until the end of Gallifrey's days) fades away and vanishes.
The Laws against breeding with lesser species is repealed. Interest in the opposite sex becomes much more prevalent and courtship rituals become popular. The first natural childbirth takes place on Gallifrey as a result of the deliberately-engineered mating of Ordinal Andred of the House of Redloom and Leela of the Sevateam. The first generation of natural births arrives. Natural born children become common on Gallifrey as do terms such as Father and Mother. These natural births are supported by the High Council. Rassilon might object to this and made a deal with the Faction Paradox. The Faction Paradox might rewrite Samantha Jones's biodata so that she wouldn't have the Doctor's children.

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